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Cake Mania

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Rating: 4.1/5 (28 votes)
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JohnBCake Mania is a fast-paced arcade game where you play the role of Jill, a new graduate from culinary school, who returns home to discover her grandparents' bakery is closed. Business fell when the new Mega-Mart opened and not even their special recipes could help them compete. Jill decides to open her own old fashioned bakery to earn money and re-open her grandparents' store. Through nearly 50 levels and four different locations you'll help Jill serve customers as efficiently as possible. Along the way you'll buy new appliances for your kitchen, set up a bakery at the circus, and serve pink frosted cakes to vampires.

cake3.jpgCake Mania's simple formula is very easy to learn, but when customers start swarming the shop those simplicities start to get a little more complex. Each time someone comes in your first step is to give them a menu. When they select their cake shape, hop over to the oven and bake it, ice it with the correct flavor, add any decorations, then serve it up hot. Each customer has a set of hearts that shows how happy they are. Wait too long and the customer will get angry and might leave the store. The happier your customers, the more money you'll make. Which, of course, is a good thing.

Cake Mania plays out in rounds, each one lasting approximately five minutes. At the end of each round you can use some of your cash to buy new equipment or upgrade existing appliances. Add more icing stations, extra ovens, or even upgrade Jill's shoes to give her a little extra spring in her step. You can even buy things that will help keep customers happy while waiting in line, such as a television set.

cake3.jpgThere's a good variety of locations and types of customers in Cake Mania, enough to give each round a unique feel. Depending on what month it is different people will visit your store. For example, in February Cupid will stop by the bakery. As you can imagine he's quite busy this time of year, so you'll need to work fast to fill his order before he gets upset. In December Santa Claus will pay you a visit, bringing with him holiday cheer that perks up everyone in the room.

Cake Mania has the wonderful ability to draw you in and keep you wanting more, kind of like real cake. The fast-paced gameplay doesn't sacrifice overall progression, giving you more reasons to stick around for "just" one more round. It blends action and strategy together in a game that's easy to learn and very easy to enjoy.

Analysis: As I type this, I'm thinking about my kitchen. Well, Jill's kitchen. Should we upgrade the other frosting stations or save and upgrade the third oven? Maybe I'll go and play just one round and see what happens. Only one, I promise... Cake Mania is one of those rare games I just can't stop playing. The blend of short spurts of action with long term goals captures me and I'm helpless to resist. Or maybe it's that I really like cake?

What's so engaging about Cake Mania is how the initially simple formula grows and evolves as customers' demands become more intricate. While you play, your brain is keeping track of four unique orders, trying to figure out the best way to fill them, and monitoring their happiness levels. It sounds like a full plate, but it feels like just the right amount of information to keep you interested without becoming frustrated. Rounds last around 5 minutes, so time never drags, but each level brings new customers and a chance to try out my new kitchen upgrades.

Cake Mania is a superb rendition of a classic action/arcade formula. It wraps almost everything a gamer needs from a good casual title into one nice little package. With frosting on top.

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ProfessorZ89 September 22, 2006 8:34 PM

I've played this before on a laptop, and this game does not work on one of those pad... thingies. What are they called?


Gosh golly...I've already bought this game. :/ On a side note, I love PlayFirst. ^^


I have a touchpad, it works just fine! My computer never works with downloadable games, but there is a limeted game that you can play online at grab.com.





This game plays just like Diner Dash!


I find it quite chilling that this site keeps recommending the most childish games to play. Yes, this would be great for your 10-year old sister, but an adult? This game is - to put it bluntly - repetitively dull, cloyingly sweet, and exactly like eating a massive iced bun.

This game does not represent casual fun. It represents mouse-clicking, the following of simplistic procedures, and unvarying gameplay. You might as well just play a game where you keep clicking on a series of coloured boxes in order forever and ever and ever.


I am a kid at heart, and I do enjoy games like this. Moreover, there are many young people that visit this site primarily because we work hard to maintain an environment here that is safe and acceptable to peeps of all ages.

If it's not your cup of tea, then please move along to the next game and leave this one for those that do find enjoyment with it.

Not every game will appeal to everyone.


Yes, this is a Diner Dash clone, right down to the art style. However, it's also a great way to keep a site that we love on the internets. Sure, it's charity, but I challange you to find a more deserving recipient. And, let's face it, Jay wouldn't be posting games like this if he didn't need the dough. I'm buying it.


Correction: we would not post a game like this if it didn't deserve a recommendation.

Diner Dash was not the first game of its kind, nor will Cake Mania be the last. Resource management games like this exist because many people find them fun to play, John and I included.

ProfessorZ89 September 23, 2006 6:19 PM

Sasha- I mean that it is really hard to play with a touchpad, at least for me.


I've played Cake Mania before and loved it. It *is* very very sweet, but that's more of a flavor than anything to do with gameplay: it gets quite challenging in higher levels! I only wish there were more options to decorate your shop and cakes.
Jay, note that there is a sequel out but it's quite an unworthy one: just a rehash of the original game with a different story and settings. Everything else is exactly the same. :(

Glazius Falconar September 25, 2006 7:52 AM

Couple of irritating little design flaws:

If you misclick on a cake type or frosting type, you can correct it before your intrepid baker arrives at the station. Not so with decorations, so be careful there.

Also, it's a little too easy to accidentally stick one cake on top of another. This is also something that can't be undone.

Thank goodness for the display case, though.



Well, a kid at heart I must be as well. Tried it, loved it, bought the full version.

Jay, you just keep bringing us so many wonderful ways to 'get away' from our everyday stresses...and I for one, thank you very much!

Now, back to slaving over a hot stove. ;)

pinguino_ann September 29, 2006 1:19 AM

I've been considering buying this one for a few months. When I found out it'll help your site out, and since you posted it just a few days before my birthday, I finally caved in and treated myself to it. Yeah, it's mindless fun, but it's perfect for that sleepy time right before I go to bed and can't think about escape games anymore!! :)


Hey! I like this. If it ran on a Mac, I would probably buy it. And I agree with Jay. If it doesn't interest you, wait a day or so until another is posted. Or go through the MASSIVE archives.


there is a way to play the whole thing without buying it - probably a flaw


I have a question: I'm considering buying this game because I really like it, but I'm worried about how this game saves. Can you save your game, quit, and come back to keep playing later? It would suck if each time you had to stop playing you had to re-start from the begining. I didn't want to assume that it would save, because I know that in the demo you can't save, so....
If someone knows, I'd love an answer.


Maya: Yes, you can save after each round, so don't worry about having to start all over! Rounds only last a few minutes so the opportunities come quite frequently. You can even use multiple save slots in case you don't like your upgrade and want to buy something else.


wow. doesn't this just make you wanna go bake a cake? ;)


Am loving this game and diner dash - any similar free games that you can play online for longer than 60 mins?


I like the game cake mania a lot. But if only they had it on mac computers!!!! I have only played the whimpy first 6 levels or so and really like it and then I go to download it and its for pc only. I have spent time googling for the mac version to download and maybe even buy. I think they are missing out on some custemers and if hey jay, if you could put a word in to MAKE THIS A MAC GAME TOO that would be great.


I can't figure out for the life of me how to save my progress in the game, retarded i know, as it seems no one else i having that problem. Please help! thanks


Kara: After you complete a round, one of the options that appears is "save and continue". Click it!


I'm not sure if this is considered a spoiler???
Its more of a question about a certain level I can't get past. When at the Vegas Bakery, the second level is serving cupid and businessmen. No matter what different methods I try I can't get past it. It's very frustrating. Is there a way to make cupid happy? The t.v. doesn't seem to work nor the cupcakes. I can't figure it out. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.


ive played this game on a pc before but im kinda upset that they dont have a version available for macs! i think that if they created a mac version there would be many more downloads and more people purchusing the full version ... i dunno maybe its just me but i think there should be a MAC version too!

StormProphet November 17, 2006 3:40 PM

Hokay, I love the premise of the game, but my husband does all the cooking in the house, and I want to be able to play a boi! I know it sounds terribly cliche' PC, but watching a cute little guy icon scurry back and forth between the different stations would be far more satisfying to me personally. If you would be willing to include a guy option, then you have me sold, but until then I'm going to hold out on buying it ^_^.


spoiler Nadine, I am having the same problem. Ugh, that cupid. Spoiler


I loved this game while it lasted....I cant believe how fun it was and how fast it was over. pretty depressing actually. I bought it on saturday and here I sit on monday night looking for a possible hidden level. $20 bux is not bad but for 2 days crap...hmm I think diner dash is next on my list.

whoajonesss December 14, 2006 8:51 PM

Has anyone played cake mania 2 yet


Please help. I just got cake mania and can't get past December. Any clues?


I love this game it's so yummy!!! It makes you hungry for cake and it's so addicting!!! :))))


I can get passed the first two levels , but the scores are so low, how come I see some players with 64 thousand and I only have 8000


hi every one i am having the same problem as Nadine and becky
"I can't get past. When at the Vegas Bakery, the second level is serving cupid and businessmen. No matter what different methods I try I can't get past it. It's very frustrating. Is there a way to make cupid happy? The t.v. doesn't seem to work nor the cupcakes. I can't figure it out. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it"


I agree with some posts above. Cake Mania's gameplay is very frustrating and mechanical. It becomes uninteresting very quickly.
Also the game could use better graphics, but granted, the casual crowd won't bother.


This is a reply to Beef's comment...

I'm a 23 year old law student, and I happen to love this game precisely because it engages me without forcing me to use my already exhausted brain cells to think deep thoughts!! Out of all the Dinner Dash style games I've tried, this one is my favorite. It's cheerful, challenging enough to keep my interest, and a great way to get my mind off of things.

I'm seriously considering buying it, and the only thing stopping me is the fact that it's so addicting that I'll be playing this game 24/7 instead of studying. Oh well... maybe I'll just wait until after exams are over and the game will be my reward. :)


ok... for all the people having problems with cupid, the brides and bunnies...here's what you do:

SERVE THEM FIRST!! that's right, you don't have to serve people in the order they came in the store! Serve the impatient ones first and get them out of the way. Also learn what TV channels everyone likes. Give people (esp. kids, cupids and bunnies) cupcakes. Upgrade your shoes to the highest possible level ASAP. Leave the money on the counter until you've served everyone, then pick up the money all at once and start on the next batch.

Now, here's my question:
What is the heart on the counter in the later levels? There is a heart that shows up in the corner of the counter, why is it there? It looks like its embossed onto the counter. Does it do anything? I've finished the game, but can't get a high score, does that heart thing have anything to do with that?>


Please make this for MAC!!!


Why don't they have it for mac users its just not fare!!

Berecia May 5, 2007 7:57 PM

May you please help me get through may level which is 1300 goal and i have been trying so hard it's just getting on my nerves already?

Thank you !!!


Ugh. I'm having trouble in the Casino level. Has anyone been able to beat the October level? I seem to become 90-120 dollars shy each time. It's so frustrating!


can someone please help me.... I am in the second month of february. The cupids keep freaking out. No matter how I work I can't beat the level. any tips? please?


does anyone know how to get past December on the second year? I can't get past that level! I get the goal but it still goes lower. I get so mad! It's almost impossible!


I have some tips for you Steph. Upgrade the cake oven and get another oven and serve the cupids first. Tose tips will help alot! They helped me so they'll help you too.


Waiting to collect $$$ and serving the impatient ones first---best tips ever!

FYI--Diner Dash was way easier for me!


I find this game very addictive. Once you play just a few rounds you cant stop. I have gotten to the casino and I cant get past where I am. All of the customers were getting very impatient and some of them left before I could get 3 cakes done. I mean you only have like 10 seconds to get their cakes ready. I am giving them cupcakes and changing the tv channel often. I have tried getting a trainer but it doesnt work. I am just getting frustrated at this point. I however love this game!! I only need to upgrade the ovens and that will cost 3000 an oven, everything else is upgraded. So this is the next thing I am gonna do.


I just finished Cake Mania! I concur with the other disappointed Mac users--this game should be made for Macs--thank God for Parallel Desktop though! Now I'm looking for another game like it--Not into Diner Dash--they do have a Beauty Parlor game like it, but I forgot the name of it.

Tips: 1. Buy more ovens and frosters and upgrade them--and the decorators
2. Buy all of the decorators--feed everyone cupcakes--and turn the TV channel to: (news channel for businessmen, cartoon for kids, Sant and bunnies and the cooking show for all of the ladies. Serve the kids, cupid, bunnies, brides businessmen and critics first. Grandma, college kids, truck drivers and Santa are very patient.
3. While the first customer is waiting, make a cake for the display table--usually someone buys it, as is---usually Dracula, the college kids and the truck drivers.


yeah except diner dash doesn't make me wanna go to sleep.... and are those guys making a move on that girl?! O.o


I play two months of the game, and then the whole thing freezes and turns off my computer! I need help, cause I just bought Cake Mania Deluxe.


EVERYONE: the tv works for everyone, you need to click the button several times in a row to change channels. Find the best channel for each customer!


a couple of points:

1. this game is so not long enough. i was sorely disappointed when i reached the end.

2. it is available for mac, you can download it here: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/games/action_adventure/cakemania.html

3. to beat february in vegas, and the months after that,

serve the first four customers but only collect the money from two of them. this way, you will only have two customers at a time and you can serve them before they get angry.

i love this game! but, again, i really wish it was longer.


umm. the cupids like the kids tv channel. AGE GROUPS, PEOPLE! and the sequel is way better. Three tiered cakes, no lives so you don't have to worry, autosaves, and more upgrades. *drools on "The Fourth Element" oven* and what's the ending? all happy, yay the bakery is saved kinda deal? Love the second, but the first is where it all began. YAY for CAKE MANIA!!! *confetti and horns* yeeeeey!


hey i bought the game and it doesnt work i installed it but it says it cannot open and it says launch hta something like that. and my computer is a windows xp if anyone knows whats wrong and how to fix it please let me know.thanks.


kelly - where did you purchase your game from?


I am on the next level of Cake Mania Back to the Bakery and had a cake order with a lightning bolt on it. What does that mean since there is not a decoration like that.


I loved this game so much that I bought it for the Nintendo DS-now I am stuck on the Casino round that everyone else is!AHHHHHHHHH!!! But I still Love it!


I need help with the second October level. I have no idea what I have to get to deal with those vamps! I've flown through the other levels without much trouble, but I'm not sure what to do about this one. :( Help me?


I think these games are great stress relief. I have a very stressful and brain taxing real life career and i love to play this game or the diner dash series or nancy drew or a number of very simple and fun games to sort of unwind.. in a generation of people brought up with a keyboard and mouse instead of a top and a wagon constantly in front of them.. it can be kind comforting to just click around and make things happen in a game where you never really have to stress over shooting imaginary people, stealing cars, or stabbing aliens..

better than a stress ball, for sure. I own about 25 of these type games and keep them on tap.. wedding dash is also cute and sally's salon, posh shop and jojo's fashion show - if you like cake mania.

Also, they make much better diversions on a long play ride than solitaire and mine sweeper...

Anonymous July 29, 2008 6:01 AM

what is the lightening bolt on top of the cake. it keeps coming up and then i lose that level.


same problem


To Amy and JIGuest:

I've played this game dozens of times and haven't seen a lightning bolt above a cake. I'm sorry that's not much help. Maybe if you describe it a little more or post a screenshot?



Ok, here's the trick for the vegas level, the cupids, bunnies and Santa LOVE the cartoon channel. The business men like the news channel, it's the last one you can choose.

As for the hearts above the people, that is how satisfied they are with you. If you can get them served with all 5 hearts you will get the best tips. I have squeeked through some levels with just $19 over goal even after leaving everybody happy. THe best upgrades to have is the fastest cupcake baker oven, and fast shoes. Upgrade to the greem ones at least.

I'm stuck on Cake Mania, Back to the Bakery, Year 3 where she finds out that uncle sam is the rater for the hawaiian cruise contest. I cannot for the life of me beat this level. I have all 3 ovens, 1 is upgraded as high as it can go with the lightning bolt and purple color. All my icing machines are the fastest ones, my cup cake oven is the best one, and I have made no mistake cakes that had to be thrown away but I cannot meet the 2100 goal. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Hi Laura,

for me it sounds, you are pretty good prepared. So maybe you have to take care about who is your customer. I found a list of tips and tricks and what which customer prefers. Maybe it helps

* Kid: Very impatient and will calm down when given cupcakes. Keep an eye on him as he will storm out of the shop if ignored.

* Businessman: There are two types of businessmen, one regular and one on vacation. The regular businessman is somewhat patient and will wait a little longer for his order. The businessman on vacation is very impatient and will need lots of attention.

* Granny: She may look sweet and kind, but this granny can be a real handful. She also appears in two different outfits, as a regular granny and as a granny on vacation. The vacation granny is much more impatient than the regular one.

* College coed: This is the girl who shows up in the shop wearing the green skirt and purple top. She is an average customer who just needs her cake made in a timely manner.

* Bride: This customer must be late for her wedding as she is one of the most demanding customers in the game. Make sure to give her free samples and tune the TV to her favorite channel or she will run out the door.

* Delivery man: The delivery man is the first customer you will see in your shop. He is not demanding as long as he gets his order.

* Food critic: All food critics look for the best possible service. Make sure not to ignore her or you will get bad reviews.

* Easter bunny: An odd looking man in a bunny suit. He can become ornery if ignored for too long. Make sure you take care of him before he hops away.

* Santa Claus: If Santa's here, it must be December. He is a busy man, with many people to see. Make sure he isn't kept waiting.

* Dracula: Halloween comes once a year, like our friend Dracula. He can become impatient and steal hearts from other players, making them even more impatient.

* Cupid: He may be a symbol of love, but this little guy is pretty impatient. It is best to put on cartoons, give him a cupcake and get his order done quickly. The good thing about Cupid is that he orders one layer cakes, making it a bit easier to serve him.

Customer Favorites

Behind the customer you find first the favorite topping and then the favorite TV channel:

Kid: Slyder,Cartoons

Granny:Candle, News

College Coed:Strawberries,Food Network

Bride:Wedding, Food Network

Delivery Man:Tradewinds Ship, News

Food Critic:Roses, Food Network

Easter Bunny:Snail Mail, Cartoons

Santa Claus:Snail Mail, Cartoons

Dracula:Roses, Food Network

Cupid:Snail Mail,Cartoons

* TV: A television keeps customers happily distracted, buying Jill more time to cook. There are three channels to choose from: Cartoons, News, and Food network.

* Make sure you know what character likes which channel as it is helpful with the more impatient customers (See chart above).

* The display case is not as necessary as some of the other items available for purchase. If you don't plan on making mistakes, your money is much better spent elsewhere. If you would like to display a cake, or have a backup, this could be a good purchase.

* Make sure you upgrade Jill's shoes when you reach the beach. It will help you move faster to get orders out to your customers.

* When upgrading equipment, make sure to spread your money out. It is much better to slowly build two topping stations than one station quickly.

* Leave money on the counter rather than collecting it quickly. This allows you to focus on fewer customers at once, making it less likely to make mistakes in the later levels.

Greetings, Kayleigh


Was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I upgraded to two new purple ovens and two purple frosters and saved the game. When I came back to it my upgrades had gone. This has happened three times now. Am I not saving it properly? The money was still there just not the ovens and frosters. It was in the middle of the year.


To Lala:

I've had that same thing happen. I don't think you're saving it wrong. The game probably just hiccups sometimes. :)


I can play one round of cake mania, and my computer restarts..does anyone know what I can do to stop this? Thanks.

Miranda May 20, 2009 8:01 PM

I just got this game and I already love it! ^_^ I'm 20 and I honestly DON'T think it is a childish game, it's just AMAZING! ^_^ Like some of you I'm also stuck at the month of February in the Casino, but I guess I'll try some of your tips and let's see how it works. Good luck to you solving your problems guys! ^_^


hey does anyone know how to get past round two when your in the casino? i totally stuck. in fact last time i played this i got all the way over there and got stuck too. is there any sort of way to get past it?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I think that Cake Mania is a great game and is a lot like Diner dash and Belle's beauty Boutique.

It's an addicting game that's good for everyone who needs a fun escape. Keep up the good work!! :) 1 more tip is for Kara....click on the save and continue button! If your "save and continued" gets full, click on one you have already done and it will save your more current progress! :) Good luck!!! :)


I played the last version of Cake Mania, but after I finished all the levels and upgraded all the locations the game did not stop, what else should I do?


How can I beat October in the Casino part. I have no more up grades, my people never get mad and they leave happy. Plus, I don't screw up. I don't know what I am doing wrong ?


please help me!! im on the casino in the month of february... i have tried everyting but no matter what i do, i always lose. Has someone passed this level? if so, please tell me how on earth did you pass? Because Cupid and the bussinessman make it impossible for me to pass! im desperate please help me!!


Try changing the TV channels to their favourite.

Also can anybody help me?? I've always had to restart this level because the Granny has requested a square cake with purple icing and it has a lightning bolt on it? I've got the fastest icing machine although i dont have the fastest baker, could that have anything to do with it? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!


PLEASE HELP! I'm in the month of August at the Circus level, but nearly all of the characters are all so impatient and leave before I can serve them that I CAN NOT get past this level. I've got all three upgraded ovens, two faster frosters and upgraded cupcake oven. About to rip my hair out over this one. Goal is $1,050, but I can't seem to make it past about $450 and I'm normally pretty good at this game. Eeeeek. Any hints, ideas? Thanks for all of your help to all of us!!

someone somewhere April 16, 2011 1:11 PM

The only way I found to pass thru the game is to NOT buy the T.V.!!!!!! Also, at the end, I let the money on the table to let me the chance to serve one people at the time or at the very end, 2 people at the time!!!!lol have fun!


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