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Bustabrain 2

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Joshbustabrain2.jpgIt appears that your brain is more or less intact after Ninjadoodle's last clever attempt to bust it. You removed matchsticks, thought outside the box, and conserved your precious mouse clicks to get a low score in their puzzle minigame title, Bustabrain. But tell me, dear reader, are you ready to face the new terror known as "the Dice of Doom?" Can the grey squishy stuff between your ears handle even more puzzly challenges? If so, behold as Ninjadoodle returns with another helping of stylized minigames in Bustabrain 2.

Ninjadoodle's latest offering consists of 30 new minigames based on the same type of challenges in the previous title. Familiar brainbusters include dragging puzzles, matchstick removals, code breakers, comic panels, and rebuses (rebii?) to name a few. Simply follow each level's instructions and use the mouse to click or drag various items. Keep in mind that every mouse click is tracked, with bonuses awarded for a lower number of clicks. What's new this time around are the "Dice of Doom," a series of small black-and-white dice hidden on every level of the game. Completionists and those trying for a low score will want to seek these out, as they remove two mouse clicks when found and give players a -20 click bonus for finding all 30.

Bustabrain 2 is a fun break game, with none of the challenges too tricky to keep you stumped for long. While it would have been nice to have seen more original level content breaking from the mold of the first game, what is there is entertaining and should satisfy most casual players. Up for another round? Then put those running shorts on your head and start exercising your brain once again!

Play Bustabrain 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Bustabrain2 Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you get through all 30 levels in as few mouse clicks as possible while earning all 30 Dice of Doom.

Don't forget to collect each level's die before completing the level! There's no backtracking once you begin.

  1. Full Moon

  2. Die of Doom:

    Visible in lower-right corner.

    Level Solution:

    Click and drag the man onto the moon.

  3. Click a Ninja! Level 1

  4. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the upper-left corner.

    Level Solution:

    Click and hold until the Pirate outfit falls to the ground. Click the ninja.

  5. Find Luck!

  6. Die of Doom:

    Visible in the "0" of "+20 clicks."

    Level Solution:

    Pass your mouse over the clovers until you find the 4 leaf one. This is random every game.

  7. Help the Ninja to the Star!

  8. Die of Doom:

    Click and drag the upper-left rock down to reveal the die.

    Level Solution:

    Click and drag each rock so they're in front of the spikes to the left and right. Click the ninja to walk safely to the star.

  9. Take 4 Out 2 Tee Off!

  10. Die of Doom:

    Click the middle matchstick to reveal the die. Hit reset to complete the level.

    Level Solution:

    Click the outer and bottom matches to form a "T" out of the remaining matchsticks.

  11. Remember the Eyes!

  12. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the bottom of the second screen.

    Level Solution:

    Remember the open eyes of the monster. Click the same eyes on the second screen to open them.

  13. Dice Level

  14. Die of Doom:

    Click the "A" to reveal the die.

    Level Solution:

    Click the two "?" spaces until "4" and "3" appear.

  15. Organize! Level 1

  16. Die of Doom:

    Move the mouse to the right part of the screen to scroll right. The die is peeking out of the lower-right portion of the comic strip.

    Level Solution:

    Click the first panel once, the second panel twice, the third panel three times, and the last panel four times, then click OK.

  17. Rebus Level 1

  18. Die of Doom:

    Click the 2 to make it bounce up. Quickly click the die behind the 2.

    Level Solution:

    Click and drag the letters to form TUBA.

  19. Codebreaker Level 1

  20. Die of Doom:

    Visible behind the "C" in Codebreaker.

    Level Solution:

    Click the black pixel art on the wall so each area is a mixture of colors between the top two pictures. The two pictures' colors are random each game. Keep in mind that Red + Blue = Pink, Red + Yellow = Orange, and Black + White = Gray

  21. Family Tree

  22. Die of Doom:

    Click the picnic area sign three times to shake loose the die.

    Level Solution:

    Click the clouds three times to bring out the sun and the family. Click and drag each family member into the tree.

  23. Click a Ninja! Level 2

  24. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the upper-left corner.

    Level Solution:

    Click the middle part and tip of each antenna to extend it fully. Click the bottom part of each antenna to adjust its position. Click the TV power button to reveal the ninja, then click it.

  25. Find the Twins

  26. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the left portion of the "+20 Clicks" title at the bottom.

    Level Solution:

    Move your mouse over the bins to reveal the cats. Find two that are identical. Note the color of the eyes, the closeness of the ears, and the direction of the nose.

  27. Ninja Trap Level 1

  28. Die of Doom:

    When you click the ninja to move him toward the goal, he leaves the die behind him. Be sure to click it before he reaches the star!

    Level Solution:

    Click the red circles to form a clear path to the star. Each circle affects the rotation of a different circle - just watch after each click. Once the path is clear, click the ninja to get the star.

  29. Takes 4 to Catch Dinner!

  30. Die of Doom:

    Visible behind the "O" in "TAKES 4 TO."

    Level Solution:

    Form a fish by clicking the two upper right matchsticks and the two lower right matchsticks.

  31. Remember the Invaders

  32. Die of Doom:

    Visible in the lower-left corner.

    Level Solution:

    Remember the color and number of eyes of the invaders on the first screen, then repeat the sequence on the second screen.

  33. Discs

  34. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the "D" in the lower disc.

    Level Solution:

    Follow the sequence from upper-left to bottom right. Click the center disc six times. Click the middle disc two times. Click the outer disc three times.

  35. Organize! Level 2

  36. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the top of the third panel. Move the mouse to the right until the scene scrolls to find it.

    Level Solution:

    Click the first panel four times. Click the second panel twice. Click the third panel three times. Click the last panel once. Click OK.

  37. Rebus Level 2

  38. Die of Doom:

    Click the ship to rock it back and forth. The die is hidden behind the mast. Click quickly to get it.

    Level Solution:

    Rearrange the letters to form EYE LINER.

  39. Codebreaker Level 2

  40. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out of the upper-right corner of the door.

    Level Solution:

    Click the four bells and note their tones. Replicate the postion of the switches below the bells to match the tones (ie: Highest tone in the highest position, lowest in the lowest position).

  41. Hardboiled!

  42. Die of Doom:

    Visible in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    Level Solution:

    Click and drag the pot to the left burner. Click and drag the water into the pot. Click the left burner dial seven times. Click and drag the egg into the pot.

  43. Click a Ninja! Level 3

  44. Die of Doom:

    The die is rolling at the bottom of the screen. Carefully move the mouse toward it and click.

    Level Solution:

    After collecting the die of doom, don't move the mouse. Eventually the ninja will appear. Click him before he leaves.

  45. Find Five Differences!

  46. Die of Doom:

    Click and drag the instruction bar that says "+20 Clicks for the wrong answer!" to the left, revealing the die on the right.

    Level Solution:

    Click the five differences:

    1. Antenna.

    2. Upper-left dot around the middle eye.

    3. Upper-left tentacle.

    4. Upper middle teeth.

    5. Grey tooth on bottom.

  47. Ninja Trap Level 2

  48. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out above the "N" in "Help the Ninja to the star!"

    Level Solution:

    Make the ninja hit the colored blocks in order to release the gate.

    1. Click the yellow block three times.

    2. Click the upper-right block once. Click the blue block once.

    3. Click the lower-right block two times.

    4. Click the red block three times.

    5. Click the ninja to start him moving. After he passes the blue block, click it three times to help him reach the star.

  49. To Infinity and Beyond

  50. Die of Doom:

    Hidden to the upper-right of the matchsticks. Move the mouse until it changes to a hand, then click to reveal the die.

    Level Solution:

    Form an infinity symbol by clicking the top two and bottom two matchsticks.

  51. Remember the Order

  52. Die of Doom:

    When you make the middle robot fly off, he will leave behind the die.

    Level Solution:

    Remember the order the robots fly off, then repeat it on the second screen. Don't forget to grab the die!

  53. Buildings

  54. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from the lower-right portion of the screen.

    Level Solution:

    In the D building, click the upper left window, then skip three windows and click again (the middle one), then skip three windows and click again (the lower-right one).

  55. Organize! Level 3

  56. Die of Doom:

    Peeks out from left side of the first panel.

    Level Solution:

    Click the first panel twice. Click the second panel once. Click the third panel four times. Click the last panel three times. Click OK.

  57. Rebus Level 3

  58. Die of Doom:

    Click the party hat to make it bounce and reveal the die. Quickly click to collect it.

    Level Solution:

    Rearrange the letters to form PARTY POOPER.

  59. Codebreaker Level 3

  60. Die of Doom:

    The die only appears when the door opens, in the bottom-right corner of the doorframe. Quickly click it before the level ends!

    Level Solution:

    Read the sign for a hint. It features the words ENVY, SADNESS, ANGER, and COWARDLINESS, randomly arranged each game. Click the corresponding lights to match the order. Remember that ENVY=Green, SADNESS=Blue, ANGER=Red, and COWARDLINESS=Yellow.


Level 20 help?

I put the levers under each bell at their pitch level--highest pitch has highest lever position--but nothing happens. And I'm just about going nuts listening to that music!


Level 20

Either there's a mistake, or they chose really bad bell sound effects. There's a lot of overtones in each pitch and what sounds like the third highest (to my ears) is actually the second highest.

I suspect the order changes each time, but my solution was 3,1,4,2 (1 lowest, 4 highest). What it sounded like to me was 2,1,4,3.


It looked extremely happyfuntime so thought I'd try the first bustabrain. It is not obvious what the player is supposed to do. Random clicking with no idea what the goal is, is just frustrating -- and I'm really not in the mood to be frustrated by a stupid game, life is already frustrating enough.


A simple one-liner would have made all the difference. "The object of this game is _______".

Cutsey crap like "Take two to get down" makes no sense.

Night Stryke March 2, 2011 7:05 AM

Can anyone explain level 27? I used the walkthrough to get past it, but even with the answer I can't make sense of it.

explanation27 March 2, 2011 1:04 PM

> Can anyone explain level 27? I used the walkthrough to get past it, but even with the answer I can't make sense of it.

In the first example 1 light is on, 0 are off:
Second example 1 light is on, 1 is off:
Third example, 1 light is on, 2 off:
4th the one you need to do 1 light on, 3 off:

Anonymous March 2, 2011 3:34 PM

explanation27 is of course correct, but I thought it was a bit unclear; so here's another explanation:

0 spaces between lights; 1 space between lights; 2 spaces between lights; 3 spaces between lights

Night Stryke March 2, 2011 4:45 PM

Oh, I get it now. I was looking for patterns in completely wrong ways. Thanks.

Bustabrain 2 gamer March 2, 2011 4:54 PM

How the heck do you do level 10?


level 13??


Does anyone else have a problem with the bells in level 20? I have the switches in the right order, and it's not working, and I've tried just about every other order that could be close...


Wow, after wasting about 300 clicks trying every conceivable antenna position, I threw in the towel on level 12 and just closed the damn game.

The walkthrough didn't offer much help either as it just told me to do what I'd already tried to do about 250 clicks ago.
Is this a bug or am I still missing something? Should I turn on the sound maybe?

It didn't so much bust my brain, as it busted my patience. Pity ...


Nice game.

I had problems in level 20 the

bells code

I beated it up in the end but not with the game's hint :(

What I did was trying combinations till it worked.

Etc: there are 4 bells, I used letters to define them (A,B,C,D) and numbers for the 4 switch positions (1,2,3,4)

So I tried:




till it worked, because the sounds didn't match :(

Chromestone August 14, 2011 3:57 PM

Level 12 anyone?


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