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Rating: 4.6/5 (34 votes)
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BugsA brand new game was just added to Ferry Halim's inimitable Orisinal site, a simply sublime collection of casual Web games made in Flash. Bugs is a gorgeous addition that fits in perfectly with the others, and it offers light-hearted gameplay that will tickle your funny bone with delight.

The object of the game is to send as many bugs flying as you can by making the little girl jump up and down. First, make a bubble by pressing and holding the mouse button. The longer you hold the button down the larger the bubble will grow, but don't let any bugs touch the bubble or it will pop! Release the mouse button to send the girl jumping in the air, and then use the mouse to make sure she doesn't land on any bugs. When she lands, all bugs within the area around the girl—and relative to the size of the bubble—will fly away. Bonus points are awarded based on the number of bugs released with each jump.

Occasionally a special blinking bug will make an appearance. If you manage to include this special bug in the jump area it will leave behind a special green power-up that will soon disappear. Grab it before it disappears to make a special green invincible bubble that the bugs cannot pop, but be careful. Although the green bubble is impervious, the girl is still vulnerable to being bitten by a bug.

To attain higher scores, you should always try to make as large a bubble as possible before sending the girl jumping. Beware of the special blinking bugs, as they move quite a bit faster than the other bugs and can sneak up and pop the bubble before you realize it.

Like a finely crafted, collector's edition boxed set, no other site comes close to matching the variety or harmonious style of interactive experiences that Ferry has so lovingly created with his Orisinal games collection. Casual games par excellence. Click.


It looks like a great game Jay!


These games are probably my favorite on the internet. And that's saying a lot!


Lots of fun like all of those games


I love Ferry's games, amazing style, and good fun.


The unique style of this game and the easy-to-pick up-and-play-ness (I'm frantically flipping the pages of my dictionary in search of a better way to say that) makes this truly enjoyable. Another great game made known to me by Jay!


Hi Joseph, good points. I generally use the word 'accessible' to describe that quality in a game. Thanks for your assessment. =)


As always, a beautifully made game.

However, this one falls short on the game part of it. There's absolutely no challenge to it, which kinda makes making the high score list more of an endurance challenge than anything else.


I always wind up losing all 3 of my lives before ever reaching anything close to a high score. So, for me, it does offer a challenge.

But then again, I find myself challenged simply when trying to get up in the morning. ;)


Ferry's games are peices of art, and well worth linking when a new one comes in. I think the criticism is fair, though. There isn't that much to the game play. It is because of that the high scores are so unreachable. A simple game leaves people topping each other to new levels of perfection, often doing the same repetitive task for hours, like a marathon. But I think that Ferry likes to write a game that adults and children can enjoy equally which should mostly forgive the simple gameplay.

Floats remains my favorite Orisinal game.


The way I see it, each of the Orisinal games is based on simple game play wrapped in a gorgeous package. Virtually all of them are fun to play, and yet none of them, by itself, will be entertaining for long periods. If you're playing for hours, like a marathon, to get on the high score list then you're missing the point: the games are supposed to be fun.

The Orisinal games are very good at what they do best: provide a captivating, non-violent, casual game experience accessible to people of all ages.

If you're looking for a more challenging game play experience, then go find your way through Kafkamesto, or earn your place among the Hall of Heroes for The Dark Complex. (oh, that's right, Keith, you already have. congrats! ;)

Criticising an Orisinal game for its simple game play is like criticising Emeril for kicking it up a notch ...it's what he does best.


This is an excellent game, and actually has a fair amount of depth to it. I was able to play for quarter of an hour before getting bored.

That said, it does suffer from what all of Ferry's other games suffer from - ridiculously high scores. There's basically nothing to try and aim for, since the top 10 are all so unattainable.

PS. Loving the new site colours Jay.


What's up with the red background??? I want the purple back!!!


do you know what nationality ferry is? just wondering since i'm in egypt, and halim sounds like an arab name.


Hey jay!!! I love the game but more importantly I LOVE THE SITE!!!! I hated the halloween colours and i'm still a fan of the original but these colours rock


Thanks, Bryan, I'm thinking you're a lot of fun to have around here, too. =)

And Clairey - use the stylesheet switcher to choose your preferred color scheme. Your choice will be overridden when I introduce a new stylesheet, but you're always free to reselect a favorite once I do.


I like the new Christmas theme, but it would be much better if you photoshopped a Santa hat onto your picture. I unfortunately, don't have that kind of skill, or else I would help you out.


Thanks, Zengief. Good idea. ;)


>>If you're playing for hours, like a marathon, to get on the high score list then you're missing the point: the games are supposed to be fun.

Well, I wasn't playing to get on the high score list. I was just playing to see if the game got remotely challenging or at the very least came to end. It didn't, I got bored, I quit. Kind of the anti-thesis of fun to me. I'd say maybe about 1 out of 5 of his games are that way for me, beatiful but pointless. His best games are absolutely brilliant, though.


John - Agreed, some are definitely better than others, and to each his or her own. =)



I loooooooooove this game. An instant favorite. So cute and easy to pick up and play.....and addictive!!


Yeup yeup. I loooove games that are easy to pick up and play [for my lil' brain] cuz I can't take too much instructions... heh! Ferry is awesome! Tho one of Ferry's games which you have to click on these houses to 'pass out' Xmas presents - that one gave me a boinkin' headache! oy!

Bugs is simply gorgeous and great!


Only just realised it was the christmas theme *duh* How stupid can you get :P
Now I feel all christmassy, and I'm keeping it :D


lol, no worries Clairey. I am glad that you like it, but feel free to change the style any time you like! =)

Robert - yes, Ferry has come a long way with his game design, and yet has kept them elegantly simple.


Another amazing Orisinal game.

Took me a while to realise the green line given by the white bug was actually green chewing gum. Silly me !


On a seperate note... where's the snow? Surely it's not Christmas unless you have snow ? Don't suppose you could change the banner at the top to have a giant close up of a snowflake? {instead of the green and purple stripes}


When I get the green gem, it still seems to be able to pop my bubble???

What gives?? What exactly does the green gem do?


When you get the green chewing gum the bugs can't burst the bubble, but they can touch you. This still results in you losing a life.
Hope that helps. :)

Armageddon May 26, 2008 7:15 PM

I got 95,000


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