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A Pretty Odd Bunny

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Rating: 4/5 (127 votes)
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A Pretty Odd Bunny

AJ Ordaz's puzzle platformer A Pretty Odd Bunny is about a little rabbit with... unusual dietary needs. Specifically, while every other bunny happily chomps down on carrots, our fluffy-tailed friend craves meat. As you might imagine, being a red-eyed carnivore in a species of soft, defenseless herbivores doesn't go over very well, so our bunny is going to have to learn to be stealthy if he wants to indulge his appetite without getting caught. Use the [arrow] keys to move and jump, and hold the down [arrow] to sneak. In each level, your goal is to reach that sweet, sweet piggy dinner without being spotted, so you'll want to hide from the bunnies who are awake by ducking into bushes and waiting until they look away to move past them. When dealing with snoring rabbits, you'll need to sneak so you don't wake them up. Eventually, you'll also need to avoid carrots, since those nasty things make you break out into a rash. A Pretty Odd Bunny is a simple but extremely quirky little game, turning a morbid premise into something surprisingly cute thanks to the pixel presentation and the way the bunnies emote. It feels like it needs a little polish, since having to hold down the key to sneak instead of using a toggle is tedious, and some jumps require perplexingly pixel-perfect positioning (as well as apparently alliteration) compared to others. The increasing demand for reflexes may put off some players who were initially sucked in by the stealthier initial stages, but A Pretty Odd Bunny's ghoulish charm and clever premise makes it worth checking out.

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Not bad, but nothing special... and goriness barely enough for "yellow" rating.

barbara March 6, 2015 7:37 AM

Are we really supposed to be able to move a boxes by sort of sliding on top of it over and over? That was the only way I could find to get past the level where two bunnies were guarding the pig at the bottom. But I vaguely felt like I was cheating.

I finally rage-quit at the level with all the carrots that need jumping past. I wish games that are mainly about solving puzzles would avoid requiring insane levels of physical skill.



For that level

Your bunny can move left and right while jumping down, so you can jump down the "outside" and move left/right while falling to come at the box from the other side

Also I am probably about to quit on that jumping carrots level, controls are too slippy for it, making the whole thing more luck than judgement in my opinion.


Actually, I carried on - it was really easy after that.


@yaddab, I thought I tried moving the bunny while jumping down, but I couldn't get it to work. Now that I know it's supposed to work, it works fine ...

I decided to retry the row of carrots, and thanks to your example :-) I managed to get past them, yay.

I was going to say "too bad there's no way to return to the levels" but it turns out that hitting L works. Level 10 is the one where I was having trouble jumping sideways, and level 13 is the one with too many carrots to jump over.


I can figure out what I'm supposed to do in Carrot Festival, level 24.

I'm on a balloon, and I can bounce the carrot bunches around without dying, but I don't see any piggy.


POP! (Whoo hoo, I think that might be the first time I experienced the power!)

The bunnies holding up the sign can be knocked down.

BillNyeTheRussianSpy March 11, 2015 1:30 AM

I don't know whether this is my browser's fault, but the game "hiccups" a lot, and this seems to cause a variety of glitches:
-Jump height is inconsistent; sometimes, I jump 3 blocks high, which is enough to skip a lot of levels.
-I've fallen through platforms more than once - including solid blocks.

-Carrots that are being tossed back and forth are dropped half the time.


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