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A Game About Game Literacy

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Rating: 4.4/5 (203 votes)
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JayA Game About Game LiteracyDamian Sommer created this short, no-frills little puzzle platformer, A Game About Game Literacy, to throw the player into a series of one-screen, "extremely distilled metroidvanias." He accomplishes this by first teaching the player some rudimentary game mechanics and then builds upon those rules incrementally while increasing the difficulty and complexity of each level's design. And it works quite nicely for a game made in just a day and a half.

Follow the hints provided in the title text and note the use of the symbols introduced in each level as you make your way to the happy little green and yellow critter that marks the exit. Use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys for control, [M] to mute. There is no save feature or level select screen, you'll have to play through the game in one sitting. Forgivable when you consider the extremely short development period.

It starts out pretty basic, but keep with it: It'll get interesting, don't worry.

Seizure Warning: Strobe effects used in a couple of levels.

Play A Game About Game Literacy

Thanks to Blue and Redmug for suggesting this one!


Anonymous October 21, 2011 9:49 AM

oops this link appears to be broken....

[Oops, thanks! Fixed. -Jay]


I can't beat crosstrianglecross


That was pretty great. Very smooth and refined feel for something made in such a small time frame - excellent way to spend five minutes.

Patreon Crew SonicLover October 21, 2011 11:13 AM

I can't beat Mini Story. I can get everything, but the last jump is just impossible.

MmeTurbulence October 21, 2011 11:57 AM


I'm having the same problem. Played it four times; still couldn't make that last jump.


On "Mini Story", the trick for the final jump(s) seems to be the extra boost given by...

wall-jumping, perhaps specifically jumping back and forth between walls on the way up.


Are you on about the crosscrosscross level?

If so:

When you jump back across to the left, pick up the blue speedup arrow and land on the small ledge below the platform with the "thing" your're supposed to reach. Then it's just a case of hopping slightly to the right and up to the platform

winfrith_279 October 21, 2011 12:51 PM

I beat the game! When you reach the end:

There are more levels after you complete it. To beat it:

Hold the right arrow key and jump after you fall off the platform.


To reach the goal from the platform:

Jump to a little ledge sticking out under the goal and with some luck of jumping curve onto the final platform

hothotpot October 21, 2011 1:43 PM

I am with Fippe! CrossTriangleCross is KILLING ME.


CROSSCROSSCROSS....how do I get unstuck from upper left hand corner?

Also, for those of you having jumping issues....remember you can jump at any point in your fall, you don't have to jump at the end of a platform.


Never mind on my previous question, apparently what I tried several times before my post didn't work until after I posted it.


Yep. I was enjoying the game until crosstrianglecross. Now I'm angry at it. Am I missing something? I just can't jump far enough to reach him.


Ah, thanks username. Should have occurred to me since that's how you had to beat a previous level.

fuzzyface October 21, 2011 2:07 PM

Game literacy is the moment you mind stopped thinking about how by the love of air a double jump actually works.


Also stuck on the last jump of crosscrosscross. I don't like having to replay the first half of it to get back to the tough jump.


My definition of game literacy: when I realize that I'm tired of playing the game because the design of a 10-second death-if-you-make-1-mistake works, but a 30-second version is a bad idea.

P.S. I hate you CROSSCROSSCROSS. CROSSTRIANGLECROSS and I have been seeing each other behind your back for weeks!


Finally finished, CROSSCROSSCROSS is the last level. In case you doubt me:



I... can't make much sense of this game. For the most part, I got though every level... except CROSSCROSSCROSS (where EVERY second counts). I can make it up to the last speed powerup, but I can't reach the ONE ledge, just end up dropping to my death.

Anonymous October 21, 2011 6:24 PM

crosstrianglecross can't be done.



You need to get the items in this order: the jump boost on the starting platform, the speed boost on the top platform, the time boost on the bottom platform, then the jump boost on the middle platform.

To clear the final jump, you need to run off the top platform without jumping, then use your jumps around the 1/3 and 2/3 points.


Rats, Username beat me to the end by half an hour. :[


I've been able to beat CROSSTRIANGLECROSS by

working from bottom to top,

if it matters.
Also, the game became officially win when there was a Cave Story remix for Mini Story's BGM. (The original song being Geothermal, for those that know their names)


I cleared CTC same way that JDGA did.

Must say, excellent music choices in this. Kraid's Lair was my personal favorite.


Ragequit on crosscrosscross.
There needs to be a checkpoint on that level. Or the ability to pause (it lags my computer when I must leave it up for a quick errand). Or a level select.


Seems more like a game about literacy in game frustration.

Difficult jumps with high precision requirements with less than perfect controls with beeping complaining that you're running out of time? This pushes all my dislike buttons.

I think I failed at the rave level about 50 times in a row. Way to reward the player? I did manage to finish that one, but the game just kept cranking it up after that, and I gave up.

CatzCradle October 22, 2011 8:44 AM

F***!!! I hate CROSSCROSSCROSS, especially the horrid flashing background that's obviously a cheap ploy to give you a headache while playing the game >:(

Anyway, tips for getting the stupid last power-up in CROSSCROSSCROSS:

try to time your jump length and distance so that when you use 2 (or 1.5) jump to get the last powerup, you're still close enough to jump back to your original platform midair.

Then use up all three jumps towards the tiny platform under the platform where your 'Goal' is standing. Before jumping right-up, up and left towards the platform above you.


A little hint for CROSSCROSSCROSS

The final jump is easier if split into 2 jumps

There is a small lip below the ledge you need to reach. You can easily triple jump to this and just as easy triple jump to the ledge above.


This could do with a warning for those of us with epilepsy! Two points where strobing caught me off guard!

[I added a note above the play button in the review. -Jay]

not bad kinda fun October 30, 2011 9:43 PM

not sure what the point of that was. i think the title is misleading, because surely for a made-in-one-and-a-half-days game, it's more a feat of what he could accomplish with basic mechanics in such time, than either a test of skill in physics-knowledge or as an exposition on rudiment of observation and adaptation. i lol'd at 'tiny troid', and skill-gap jump on last level is somewhat disproportionate, making it inconsistent and out-of-character in progression, though i personally enjoy that if done well. when it comes down to it, though, s'all good 'cuz everyday i'm shufflin'.


Love the game, loved it twice as much when I got to Mini Story and heard the music. What was the music on the Metroid level, anyway? I've heard it, but I'm not sure what it's called.


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