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3D-SF Cave

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3D-SF Cave3D-SF Cave is a fun little Java applet game that can be played quickly and easily in any Java-enabled browser. Although there is not much to the gameplay, the game's no-frills presentation cuts right to the chase.

The game is played from a first-person perspective, flying through a cave. Walls of the cave are all around, and you control how high or low you travel by clicking the mouse. Click and hold the mouse button to ascend, release to descend. Alternatively, you can use the space bar instead of the mouse button for control. Gravity is added to the formula thus creating a bit of inertia that must be overcome and stabilized to the best of your ability. Hit a wall and the game is over.

Analysis: 3D-SF Cave is a pseudo-3D implementation of a smaller 2D version: SF Cave. Both games were created by Japanese developer Sunflat, and feature just one button control. It is believed that one-button games will herald a revolution in games on mobile devices. I believe that one-button casual games on any platform are among the most successful games at reaching the largest audience possible.

Simple and accessible, no frills, just gameplay. Click.


1179 - beat that. =)


Got it: 1374. (Previously I got 1170 and I was like ARGH.)

This is a great game, and I get the feeling I'll keep coming back to it. My only complaint is that because of randomness in generating the levels, some games are far easier than others, making score a misleading statistic. One's score is a measure of their skill at the game (my score increased linearly for the first five or so plays) but once a certain level of skill, randomness determines how well they do, to some degree. A game that is mostly descending or staying level and fewer gates is far easier than a game with a lot of ascension or quickly alternating levels and a lot of gates or just horribly placed ones (like just beyond the top of a ridge).

Beyond that, though, this is a great and gorgeous game.

Question: My Favorites got wiped somehow this morning, and I'm wondering if you made any changes to the site or anything, or if my browser just had a minor cookie accident. One of my friend's favorites is fine, so it's probably the latter.


wow. such simplistic graphics and gameplay, and yet, it's fun. great find.


Good analysis, ACLS.

And as for the Favorites feature, I have not made any changes to that code in quite some time, though I need to revisit it sometime soon to get it working for those still using that annoying internet explorer browser.

Capuchin May 29, 2005 5:03 AM

My best is 2989, or something around there, I cant remember it was a few days ago. I know it was above 2500. When you get to 2500, the graphics start messing with your brain i found, and you kind of go into a trance. Pretty fun


3646 woohoo... I'm the current champ !!



I remember getting addicted to the original 2D version of this game. My friend found a 2-player version as well, but i could never remember the site.

The 1st person perspective adds to a really claustrophobic feeling. It makes the game a lot more personal, and even quite intense. I keep gasping at every close call! Maybe i'm just addicted to these games, but it's still great. A good job.


834 cant go no more!


I encountered this same type of gameplay in a game called Kya: Dark Lineage on the PS2, except you also had left/right control. The concept in that game was that there were air currents threatening to push you into the ceiling, and pressing the X button put you into a dive. Simple idea but very fun.

Katherine June 13, 2005 7:45 PM

it's surprisingly difficult, considering the concept, but rather enjoyable. ^_^. Not too bad at all. I forgot how to work the controls a couple times[- _-sheepish] but still...engaging. :) Brava to Sunflat


i hit 4000 flat. i hate kya. dumb game, but fun minigames. this was a fun game though, kinda like helidrop, only better.


My highscrose is 617. :( i am not so good at this game.But i am still proud of myself! YAY!! :D


3999! beat that!!!


this game is so addictive.
cant seem to beat 2000 though

btw - this is one of my favorite websites
nice goin' jay



I BROKE 2000!


2047!!! yess!!! I was supprissed i did that well personally!


I got 4784. Oh what now? I'm the best! (I might add that was on my first day of playing, one of the first tries) I will try to get higher


I got 1318! Yay, I beat Jay!!!!!! (Hey, that rhymes)


Drat. Just got 1157. I'll leave it there before my eyes burn out from the graphics...


5074! Ha-ha. And may I add... ha.


56,798! Beat that!!! (I'm not saying i actually got that score. I'm just saying to beat that.)


People probably aren't here anymore, but on the offchance someone reads this,

Is there any way that I can download this game?

crazypuzzler811 October 4, 2008 5:06 PM

Aiden-not sure. but then again, how should I know?


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