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PenthosArceusI'd like to introduce you to Penthos, a game that somehow pulls of the feat of being endearing and heartbreaking in the same story. This game is a hybrid of a visual novel and exploration-driven genres, where you play as a narrator mostly in the scope of their home. As the game description itself hints, something feels off. You start to look around, entranced, trying to discover what exactly feels so wrong.

Weekday Escape RetroHi! It's time to travel to the past - the Retro Weekday Escape has arrived!

Weekday Escape starts slowly with simple Jan's Room's room, and after the successful escape you get trapped in another room of theirs. Well ballanced puzzles and eye-pleasing graphics guarantee good playability in both. Masa then locks you in botanical garden in tropical plants greenhouse. The gardener left in the middle of replanting succulents and the firm door slam shut behind him...and all you can find are small wooden blocks. What they are for isn't clear...will you figure out? The last pinkish, soft and fluffy game by Usawanhouse is truly relaxing.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi! The week is behind us and you can play again! The new Weekday Escape arrived!

Diligent Nicolet ported another cute cube for PC full of apples and codes, and after you escape it, you may connect with your inner pyromaniac in tomoLaSiDo's room and then unleash the passion for fire in KaboKabo's late Christmas game. Beautiful Rinnogogo's creation starts in perfectly equipped tree trunk apartment - who would expect a bathroom and a kitchenette inside a tree - and takes you for a flight at the end!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape Hello escapers! I'd like to inform you that the new WE is out!

Nicolet released the second game for PC, and it's very enjoyable indeed. And clever. Also good looking! After escaping their "cube", tomoLaSiDo locks you in the room with view on endless green field. Then you accept an invitation from Neat Escape's friend, again, and end up trapped in their house. Again. It's your fault, you should've known better. Now you must try hard to get out of here!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi! Let me welcome you to the new Weekday Escape!

Again you start in cosy Amajeto's room, and after you fight your way through all the codes you will find yourself in nice small room by Nicolet. Hopefully we'll see more from them, such a game with clean and polished graphics and clever puzzles is a pleasure to play. No1game tricks you (not for the first time) and what should have been a quick shopping trip turned into much more - into hunt for green sneaky guys. Bonus game by InkaGames is purebred adventure in nineties style.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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