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Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2

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4.5/5 (119 votes)

Tiny ninjas keep popping up everywhere, and another mysterious puzzle box has appeared! Find the 30 mini monkey ninjas hidden in each stage of this point-and-click puzzle game from PencilKids to figure out how to unlock the final one once again!

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Coffeeteamix April 8, 2016 1:14 PM

Yay, PencilKids listened to our feedback last time and made the end-of-stage clues more accessible!

My monkey's happy and I'm happy ^___^


Just because both my sister and I got stuck a few times, here's a Walkthrough

Stage 1

Scene 1 (tower, Frankenstein's monster)

Ninjas: remove tree branch on left; on ground to the left; behind rock on left side of road; behind bush on right side of road; remove tree branch on right; on tree branch on right; top window of tower; doorway of tower (after unlocking the door).
Items: black key (top window of tower), ladder (on the right)
Clues: stars in sky

Upper level of tower (go inside and use ladder)

Ninjas: top left; top right; solve dial puzzle for two more

Clue = stars (large = east, medium = west, small = south)

Items: screw; shovel
Clues: window panes

Lower level of tower

Ninjas: behind stone on left; bottom left; bottom right; behind stone on right; open box for two more

Clue = upstairs window: OXO

Scene 1, reprise

Give the bolt to the monster; get one more ninja.

Scene 2 (graveyard; go left from scene 1)

Ninjas: bushes bottom left; on top of gravestone; bushes between gravestone and tree; remove tree branch on right; at base of tree; behind rock on right; bottom right corner; two in left grave (use shovel); two in right gravestone (use clue from left gravestone)
Clues: left gravestone (simple arithmetic; don't think too hard though, 'cause it's actually rather sad)

Stage 2

Scene 1 (left end of ship)

Ninjas: move block at left end of railing; top left; behind barrel on top left; in water; behind barrel on right; move sail to get two more
Items: gaff (next to ladder)

Scene 2 (right end of ship)

Ninjas: move barrel; on top deck; in the water; move block on right end of bottom railing; move sail to get two more; get pirate to move to get another one
Items: hat (use gaff to fish it out of the water); pistol (give hat to pirate)
Clues: 243 on the side of the top deck

Hold of ship (use gaff to remove grating in scene 2)

Ninjas: behind panel on left; move barrel; solve lever puzzle for two more

Clue = numbers on side of top deck (bottom = 1, top = 4)

Items: torch; scarf (solve lever puzzle)
Clues: drawings on wall (hand, foot, eye, foot)

Scene 1 revisited

Give the scarf to the pirate; get silver key and one ninja; open door on the left to get one more ninja

Captain's quarters

Ninjas: panel on left; move table for two more; open chest for two more; give pistol to pirate for one more

Clue = drawings on wall in the hold (hand = hook, foot = peg leg, eye = eyepatch)

Items: map (back wall); cannonball (open chest)

Ship's hold, take 2

Ninjas: give treasure map to pirate; put cannonball in cannon and light the fuse with the torch for three more

Stage 3

Scene 1 (train station)

Ninjas: under front two pine trees; under two rocks; behind HOUBYPRSK sign
Clues: sign with HOUBYPRSK, of which the U, Y, R, and K are red

Scene 2 (railway crossing; go right from scene 1)

Ninjas: bushes on left; tree next to bush; on side of road; behind rock next to tracks
Items: axe (from tree stump next to road); sign (from next to tracks)
Clues: CAB on railway crossing sign

Scene 3 (tunnel; go left from scene 1)

Ninjas: move two rocks next to tunnel entrance; under tree; under stone near tracks; behind tunnel wall
Remove fallen log (use axe) so that the train cab comes forward, then find more ninjas: one behind the train; one behind each door; one behind each side window
Items: lever (inside tunnel after train leaves)

Scene 1, part deux

Click the kid to get him to get on the train; get black key. Give the green sign to the conductor and click him; get a ninja

Inside station

Ninjas: bottom left; move stones in left wall; move table; move stones in back wall; move crate on right; solve KRUYK panel on left wall for two more

Clue: sign above (well, next to, by now) the door outside, where K is the 9th letter, R is the 7th letter, U is the 3rd letter, and Y is the 5th letter. The number pad is like a phone: 1 is the top left corner, 9 is the bottom right.

Solve lever puzzle to turn on the railway crossing sign (scene 2)

First, put the third lever in place. Then, note the symbols and letters on the sign on the wall and combine with the CAB from the railway crossing sign to get X, circle, and square. Set the levers to those symbols.

Scene 2 revisited

Open the car's hood to get a cowbell. Put the bell on the cow so she'll leave the tracks (no, I don't know how that works, either).
Ninjas: in front of rock after the train leaves, inside car's hood, on tracks after the cow leaves

Accessing final stage

Translate the roman numerals from each stage into dots on the purple box (first column = stage 1 = 1, 4; 2nd column = 3, 2; 3rd column = 4, 3). Turn the dial when you're done.

Final stage

Scene 1 (steps)

Ninjas: floor on left; move brick on left rail of stairs; left side of third step; right side of second step; up high above right side of steps; floor on right
Items: token on floor on left; lever in front of steps on right
Clues: symbols on columns and door at top of stairs; squares in front of steps (black white white black)
Opening the door: combine symbols on columns with symbols on the door and set the levers on the back wall accordingly

1st symbol (kinda looks like a 5) is on the bottom of the left column, 2nd symbol (downward-pointing triangle) is at position 2, 3rd symbol (upward-pointing triangle) is at the bottom of the right column, and 4th symbol (looks like a 2) is at position 3.
Put the lever into the slot on the right of the steps and pull it down.

Scene 2 (bottom of ladder)

Ninjas: move stone next to wall sconce; move big block front right
Items: token underneath stone you removed on wall; ladder (since it says "TAKE THE LADDER" rather definitively)

Scene 3 (statue - go left from base of ladder)

Ninjas: move stone on the right
Items: machete (front left); stone idol 1 (use machete on vines on back wall); stone idol 3 (back right corner); token on left; token or right

Scene 4 (go right from scene 2 by using machete on vines)

Items: stone idol 2 (use machete on vines); token on left; token on right; stone eye (solve stone idol puzzle)

Match the arrow on the idol to the arrow on the pedestal. Or you can just put them on pedestals in the order they appear in your inventory.

Ninja: solve idol puzzle to open the panel on the right

Scene 3 again

Put eye ornament into statue; get gray key. Open the door on the left and get a ninja.

Scene 5 (rockfall and urn)

Ninjas: behind rock in foreground; behind urn
Items: pyramid rock back left; pyramid rock front right; token along back wall
Clues: painting on wall (urn, pediment, snake, cat)

Scene 6 (use ladder in scene 5)

Ninjas: left side; right side; solve sarcophagus puzzle (remember the black white white black clue from scene 1?); solve the 4 symbols panel
Items: pyramid stone on left; pyramid stone on right; token toward the right; token inside sarcophagus; token behind panel; apple behind panel
Clues: pattern on upper back wall (X = dark, _ = light:_X_X_

Scene 1, part II

Give the 10 tokens to the guard. Get the pickaxe.

Scene 5 returns

Use the pickaxe on the rockfall; get a ninja

Scene oh lordy, I haven't clue, call it 7 (top of cliffs)

Ninjas: on pulley; behind brick at base of pulley; behind rock at cave entrance; get monster to leave (use the apple)
Items: pyramid stones at cave entrance, next to brick, at base of pulley; crank (get monster to leave)

Scene 8 (use crank on pulley in previous scene)

Ninjas: top of pulley; behind rock in foreground (this might be behind your monkey, depending on which avatar you chose); 3 after you get stone monster to leave (give him 10 pyramid rocks); last three after you solve 4x5 grid puzzle (use clue from next to sarcophagus)
Items: 2 pyramid rocks on the left; pyramid rock next to base of pulley


thank you, Reka! the sarcophagus puzzle had me stumped... too subtle of a clue... but aside from that, it was fun! :)


Thanks Reka! Couldn't have done it without your walkthrough!


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