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Popularity Of Escape Games

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Escape game has been around from the nineties and is a point and click adventure game which requires a player to try to get out or escape from a locked room through clues placed in different locations The earliest known game is the little known Planet Mephiua, created by Eiji Yokoyama which was available only in Japan in the year 1983. From this emerged the escape room genre of games and one of the most popular games was of Crimson Room by Toshimitsu Takagi, Japan.The game is played trying to locate hidden clues or through secret compartments. Interaction happens when objects are identified and as correct solutions are clicked, the way is revealed to escape.

The game has become so popular that many gaming companies have come up with real-life escape rooms and games for individuals, groups and even corporates all around the world.The popularity of these initial video and later software games became the inspiration for real life escape room adventures. Mostly games are played by a single player, who clicks on objects to interact with them and get clues. Very simple plots are offered. These games have a minimalistic interface, simplistic music and static player characters thus making sure that escape room games increases the players intensity to win. Games provides new type of experience both for the young and the old, it is exciting, brainy and gives a high, like in a roller coaster and brings in repeat playing customers.

Escape room games helps individuals to interact physically and socially and provides intellectual stimulation. It is an escape from the mundane and paves way for thrill highs. It has also become a belief for many that they can become sociable and get a life away from the regular by playing online games. Escape games are fun, creative and challenging. Puzzles that appeal to different skill set including maths, verbal and visual reasoning, while also encouraging teamwork in a team game. It would improve player's ability to think out of the box and help develop various skill sets. Escape games enables improved practicing skills and players have recorded faster reaction times and better hand eye coordination in the gaming world and in real life too.

There seems to be no end in sight to the growing popularity of this fun and engaging activity. The best part of real escape games is that the player is the main character instead of just watching a character do the rounds. Escape games makes individuals smarter and improves his discerning capability. The experience of playing an interesting escape game is not only for young children, but older people can maintain their memory power through intelligent gaming. The challenge in the clues and games keeps their brains active and sprightly.

Escape game is also said to be bonding, stimulating and challenging. It will awaken the smart and thinking player in every individual.


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