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!Ben Chandler is at it again with another bite-sized adventure game. This one is put together in a rather whimsical way, not only because the story and music are zany, but because the game takes place in six locations, each displayed on the screen at once. Didn't see that one coming, did ya? You play a robot investigating Count Can't's theft of the town exclamation mark. Didn't see that coming either, right? Anyway, go play, it's fun! Also check out some of Ben's other adventure games: Featherweight, Awakener, Heed, and Annie Android.

AbandonedA simple game of exploration that brings back fond memories of Super Metroid. You play a creature who is the result of a failed genetic experiment trying to escape the lab. You have a limited supply of air and must move quickly to find the right power-ups to clear the way to freedom.

AlpinistA short platform adventure game by Superbrothers that reminds me of Knytt Stories or Seiklus combined with a little Out of this World/Another World. Explore the snowy summits of the Alpine mountains with the [arrow] keys, holding [shift] to build running/long jumping momentum and tapping [ctrl] to leap. You are very much limited in how you move (hence the Another World reference), but that limitation is what sets the pace and allows you to drink the game in. The artwork and atmosphere are beyond stunning, and even without sound, you'll experience a great deal of immersion. It's painfully short, however, and after less than three minutes, you'll be done. More is in the works, however! Another build of the game is available at Artsy Games Incubator.

Annie AndroidA short 2D adventure in the style of classic LucasArts and Sierra games. Living in a world full of emotionless robots, Annie wants nothing more than to ask the handsome Mailbot out on a date. Unfortunately she has been assigned to be another bot's partner. That just won't do! Annie sets out to win his heart and defeat RoboHQ, you know, while she's out and about. Created by Ben Chandler, the entire game is drawn using a six-color palette as a self-imposed artistic limitation.

AwakenerA short adventure game by Ben Chandler, creator of Annie Android. You play as Fadi, a young boy who fancies himself an adventurer, helping his aunt just outside of her tavern. Everything takes place in this one area and you'll spend most of your time talking to characters and making use of the items they offer up. Short, simple and sweet.

Broken Cave RobotYou have fallen into a cave. Maybe the fall erased your memory? Maybe you're a newborn. All you know is your batteries are running low and you have five minutes to get out of here alive. Explore the darkened cave and find a number of power-ups (wall climb, high jump boots, bigger flashlight, etc.) in this excellent minimalistic sidescrolling adventure by Matt Thorson. Great music, a surprisingly intriguing environment, but I'm not a big fan of the pressure to explore with such a restricted time limit.

ButaVX: Justice FighterA short but wholly enjoyable RPG that plays out with comic-style cutscenes and action sequences. ButaVX's favorite ball has ended up in the wrong hands. In order to retrieve it, he has to go on an adventure to find the Sword of Justice. Explore the village, head out into the wilderness where you'll encounter discarded cell phones as enemies, and return to complete your quest. Although the setup is standard RPG fare, the manga-influenced action shots and overall art style really pull you in to this pencil drawn world. You'll be sad when it's over!

FeatherweightAnother bite-sized release from adventure game creator Ben Chandler. You play as Thadd, a scout for a rebel group fighting against not-so-nice robots. One of your fellow non-robots has been captured by the machines, and he sets out to rescue her. The game is set up like most adventure games with a point and click interface, and any shortcomings in the puzzles or story are minimized because the game is so short. It's an excellent way to get a casual taste of adventuring without settling in for a marathon gaming session. Also check out some of Ben's other adventure games: Awakener, Heed, and Annie Android.

HeedA short adventure game created using the AGS engine by Ben Chandler, author of Annie Android. The unnamed protagonist is in a bit of a philosophical mood, questioning the purpose of his existence from the beginning of the game. A curious-looking fly initiates a series of events that both answers his questions and raises more. Great scenery, an intriguing plot and a delicious soundtrack make up for the easy puzzles.

Tanaka's Friendly AdventureTanaka is having a birthday party, but first he must gather his friends. Walk in any of the four directions and a friend will appear each time you enter a new screen. When you've found a bunch of them you can return to the menu and visit the party, checking out a few bits of info about each pal. The game consists of nothing but walking and random friends, but something about that simplicity made me come back to play again and again. Must find all 72 friends!!!

The MarionetteA first person adventure game that puts you in the role of Martin, a sculptor about to complete his latest work when he receives a mysterious package. After opening it he loses consciousness, waking up later to find himself outside an unfamiliar house. Point and click your way through this dark game, gathering items and answers as you do. It's a full length game, so expect to drop a few hours into it and do a fair amount of reading and exploration. The payoff is a rich atmosphere and intriguing puzzles.

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