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AkrasiaAn experimental art-style game based on the abstract concept of addiction, Akrasia was created to make the player think. Set in a maze that represents the mind, you will experience two different states, one normal and one not-so-normal. Collecting pills pushes your life meter to the left, while running into the ghost will trigger the maze's exit. Depending on your behavior the game will have a number of different outcomes, and the meaning of each is entirely up to you. Play through it several times, experimenting with different strategies each time you do, and see just how much the game can make you think.
DysonA game of conquest, colonization and strategy, Dyson is a strangely relaxing game where you plant seeds on asteroids and send self-replicating mining machines out to conquer more. Plant additional Dyson trees on an asteroid to bolster your defenses, and send swarms of machines out to expand your territory. Everything is mouse-driven and remarkably straightforward, but a tutorial session gives you a good overview on how to play.
Floating Islands GameFIG plays a lot like Rob Allen's Hapland series with more action and a distinct Lemmings slant to it. In each level you must guide the main character through the stage, collecting all of the gold stars before reaching the flag at the end. You can only affect his movements indirectly, however, by clicking and changing different parts of the environment at just the right time. It combines quick reflex gameplay with just enough puzzle elements to make it captivating, and the artwork creates a beautiful setting you just can't resist.
GravitationThe latest autobiographical meditation from Jason Rohrer, creator of Passage and Cultivation. Much more of a game than his previous two works, Gravitation has you struggling with the frigid stagnation and flaming mania of the creative process as you jump (with the Space bar) through rabid flights of fancy, pulling down enough ideas to put to work, and recharging with some father-daughter bonding. It uses constriction of jumping ability and field of vision to form the constraints of this cycle, and succeeds both as a game and a work of art, though in different ratio to Passage.
Knytt NanoNo, it's not an Apple-endorsed Knytt game for a certain music player we may or may not be familiar with. Knytt Nano is a mini-release from Nifflas with two experimental games that are tiny but, as one would expect, loads of fun. The usual running climbing and jumping Knytt fare is here, but the world is different and story quite unique.
Mubbly TowerThe Mubbly Kingdom has been formed! To celebrate, King Mubbly wants to build a tower. Unfortunately the neighboring Wobblies have the nasty habit of bringing down towers (oh the bad luck!). Drop blocks and try to build the pile above "Teh Line". Spend "Moneh" to defend your tower with special Mubblies that have arrows, spears, and other abilities.
Octave Engine CakeLike webtoys such as Powder Game but also love building games like Armadillo Run? Consider this your downloadable alternative! Play in the sandbox with elements such as rice, mochi, fire, fuel, powder, jet, gas, and much more. Build rudimentary structures using the materials, then set the elements loose on them. You can even drag and drop your own images to play around with or use as textures. There are over 40 pre-made levels to try, some of which are downright hilarious.
PassageArtistic expression is becoming more common in video games, and the Passage is a fine example of using the medium to explore greater issues. The heavily pixelated, 100x16 game takes just five minutes to play and puts you in control of a character that ages as the journey goes by. Every element is packed with possible meaning, and as you move through the screens you explore what may be interpreted as the passage of life. It simply must be experienced to be understood, and even then the discussions (listed at the bottom of the game's homepage) are remarkably insightful and varied.
PhunPhun is a game about having fun with physics. Get it?! Create scenes using a simple set of tools (you can even add water!), then unleash your creation and see what chaos ensues. It's a cross between a World of Sand-style toy and Armadillo Run, and it really is as entertaining as the name implies.
The LakeA creepy, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired game (and entered into the TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition) that's more like a brief story told using interactive media. Use the [left] and [right] arrow keys to control the left and right paddles respectively, alternating both to tread forwards in the water. Explore the lake, take in the sights, enjoy the creepy atmosphere, and see how things turn out in the end...

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