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Tags: action chainreaction flash free game kidsafe macpclinux mouseplay original simpleidea unique

ARCA delightful game integrating sight and sound, ARC is a game of chain-reactions and music-making that will likely go directly into your Favorites list. The elegant simplicity with which ARC blends audio and visual stimuli with interactivity is like sweets for the senses, and a refreshing change from the usual.

Tags: action flash free game japanese kidsafe macpclinux moai mouseplay simpleidea sktproducts

Nest of MoaiNest of Moai is an online flash game that will take you exactly 90 seconds to beat. Fortunately there's a little more to it than just one run through, and with its quirky sense of humor you'll play it several times in a row.

Tags: arcade flash free game kidsafe macpclinux original simpleidea skill tonypa

GeartakerGeartaker is an arcade action game of skill in which the player jumps from wheel to wheel by clicking the mouse precisely. The author borrows the gameplay from another of his games, High Wheels, but strips it down to just jumping, plain and simple. A charming game with addictive gameplay from one of the best casual game designers there is, Tonypa.

Tags: action flash free game japanese kidsafe macpclinux original simpleidea skill

KodamaKodama is a quirky little ball-toss game that had me quickly hooked, and it wouldn't let me go until I had conquered its final challenge... with extreme prejudice. The gameplay is simple: you toss a little metal coin into a red or blue scoring area, while avoiding the black areas that will cost you one of your four lives.

Tags: arcade dofi flash free game kidsafe macpclinux physics platform simpleidea

Double WiresImagine being like Spiderman and able to shoot sticky strands of web out from your hands. Using those elastic strands you just might be able to attach to surfaces and propel yourself forward. Well, that is just what playing Double Wires is like.
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