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Have a game you want us to look at, whether it be one you made yourself, or one you stumbled across on the wild interwebs? We want to know about it!

First, please note that we do not provide preview coverage or news articles on incomplete or upcoming games, nor do we cover any Greenlight or funding campaigns. Second, use the site search function to see if we've already reviewed it, especially if it's an older game. Please do not use this page to report site issues or request help with a game. Instead, post your problem on the Support page, or on the review for the game you're having problems with.

Here's the information you need to include:

- What's the name of the game?

- What platform is it for? (Is it a free online game? A free or paid download? Is it for a smartphone or console?)

- What genre is it? (Adventure, escape, etc...)

- Where can it be found? Make sure you supply a link!

- If it's a game you made, and you'd like us to look at potentially reviewing it, please provide us with a review key to redeem a copy whenever possible, or a link to where we can request one.

Are you ready? Great! Then click here to e-mail us and submit the game! Don't be upset or offended if you don't get a response or we choose not to feature a game for any reason... we get many amazing submissions each week, and we do our best to evaluate them all! Unless you specify otherwise, we will include your name (not your e-mail!) at the end of the review to thank you for submitting it.

Do you want to review it yourself? You can do that too, as long as you did not make the game yourself. Just write out what you want to say, and let us know if we can publish it on the site with one of our Reader Review icons, and who we should credit it to. (Note that we may need to edit for clarity or to include any important information that might be left out.)

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