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Rubicon Rubicon is an amazing machine-building puzzle game, level editor, and sandbox toy. Gameplay consists of moving crates to one or more targets for each level. Each crate must come to rest on its corresponding target for a green light to appear. Use the component materials provided to construct any machine that will succeed at the task.

Funny Farm Ah, the rural life. Nothing but vast expanses of farmland, the occasional sounds of the barnyard animals, and life-shortening, back-breaking manual labor. But Funny Farm, by Igor Naverniouk, is distinctly different than the farmer lifestyle. This word association game starts on the farm, but quickly branches out into greener pastures.


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Categories: blog, chat, community, irc, java, pg13

Casual Gameplay Chat We've just launched our own IRC channel, which you can get to by clicking "Chat" in the menu above. That will take you to an open source Java client and automatically log you onto the chat server being hosted at Casual Gameplay. If you prefer to use your own IRC client, then point it to irc.jayisgames.com and join channel #casualgameplay. See ya there!


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Today we are proud to announce the Audience Prize, to be awarded to the game designer of the competition entry that receives the most votes from the JIG community. This award will be a cash prize of at least $100(!)


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Categories: browser, community, flash, free, game, greenaway, linux, mac, narrative, newmedia, original, puzzle, rating-o, unique, windows

This game is rated :S for content, click through for an explanation
The Tulse Luper Journey In the last century, an extraordinary man called Tulse Luper archived his entire life in 92 suitcases. It seems he was a witness to several key events in the 20th century. The Tulse Luper Journey is a game that is part of an ambitious series of multi-media projects initiated by film director Peter Greenaway and based on the adventures of this mysterious lead character. Discover new research material that appears each week.


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Categories: community, dhtml, free, linux, mac, newmedia, pg13, windows

Jayisgames on Frappr! Frappr, which is short for Friend Mapper, is a new Google Maps powered site that lets you map the zip codes for locations of anything you like, even a group of people such as the visitors of this site. So, why don't you add your zip code, and a nickname that you go by here, to the Jayisgames map and we'll see how many different countries are represented and where everyone who visits is from, hmm?

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