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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit JayisGames, and learning a little more about how we work. This page is here to hopefully help you understand not only why we have ads, but how important they are, and most importantly, why programs like AdBlocker hurt not only us, but any ad-supported site you visit using it... especially the developers who make the games you play! If you'd like to help support us (and we love you for it!) here is how to disable AdBlocker on JayisGames.com in just a few simple steps.

How to Disable AdBlockerHow to disable AdBlocker on JayisGames.com
Find and click the AdBlocker extension icon, usually an octagon that says ABP, in the upper-right corner of your browser. If the icon is grey, that means ABP is already disabled! If it's red, that means AdBlocker is turned on. Clicking it will drop down a menu like the one in the screenshot here. Click "Disable on JayisGames.com" to turn off AdBlocker for our site. Note that you must choose to "Disable on JayisGames.com", as "Disable on this page only" will only turn off AdBlocker for that single page of our website. If the icon turns grey, that's it! AdBlocker has been disabled, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please consider disabling AdBlocker on any ad-supported site you visit! Many developers and content creators survive primarily off of their ads, and if you feel their site is worth visiting and enjoying, please do them the kindness of helping to support their work. Every visitor makes a difference! For more information on ads and how they work, please keep reading.

Why does JayisGames have ads?
We have ads because they are our sole source of revenue. All of our writers are paid for their time and work, and the cost of hosting the site is in the thousands, which means our monthly operating expenses can be close to (and sometimes over!) $7,000.00USD. Because all of our content is free and we have no plans to put it behind a pay wall, we use ads to cover our costs. While we do get a small percentage of sales from reviews for games on Big Fish Games and Good Old Games, it is literally a very small percentage, and we receive no money from games sold elsewhere.

What about the ads that play while a game loads?
While one of our ads plays when you load a game, often you'll get an extra ad that is put there by the developer. The ads coded into a game's loading screens actually help support the developer, so whenever you play a game with ads, you're helping a developer using that ad network recoup some of the time, money, and effort spent making those free online games!

How do ads work? Don't you only get paid if I click on them?
It's a common misconception that sites only get paid if someone clicks an ad, which is why some people feel justified in blocking them... after all, they don't plan to click anyway. However, while it's true that we do get more return on our ads if you click them, we also get revenue every time an ad loads on a page. That's right... whether you click an ad or not, you're still supporting the site just by viewing it with ads active! When you use programs like AdBlocker, it prevents the ad from loading, and we don't get paid for it. Ads are also important because when they load, they count as "impressions", which helps makes our site attractive to advertisers such as third parties like BuySellAds.com.

Why don't you just comply with AdBlock's "acceptable ad" rules?
Unfortunately, not only are those restrictive enough that we would be unable to support our site by relying solely on them, AdBlock still allows users to override "acceptable" ads and disable them entirely. In other words, even if we had ads the program accepted, and they were enough to support us, we'd still have to rely on the bulk of users choosing to allow ads at all, which sadly is both unlikely, and an enormous financial risk when looking at a site that's responsible for someone's livelihood.

What about the content of the ads?
The content of our ads is served up by Google, which is then tailored to your own browsing habits, and even what you see on other websites. If you were a bird watcher, for instance, you would most likely see a lot of ads for birds, but if you had visited a website that had an article about cars on it, you could see an ad for buying a car even if you had not been searching for cars yourself. We work very hard to ensure the ads in our network are acceptable for everyone, which means we don't allow adult advertising. If you see an ad that you feel is inappropriate, please take a screenshot and send it to us so we can properly address it.

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