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A Weekend in SpaceSome people take weekends at the beach. Here, space = the beach. Although... not really. Stranded on a strange low-gravity planet, this bare-bones exploration game pits you against the environment in a quest to find your stuff. The game was created by Andrew Brophy for Ludum Dare 16, although it missed the submission deadline. A few glitches can be found, but nothing that should ruin your game.

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! <br />A Reckless Disregard for GravityIf you're a fan of first person skydiving games with lots of vowels in the title, Aaaaa! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity by Dejobaan Games is right up your alley. Your goal is to make it from Point A (generally assumed to be somewhere above you) to Point B (somewhere below point A) without crushing every bone in your body. Unfortunately the skies are littered with airborne buildings and architectural oddities. And birds. And cars. And large glass plates with numbers on them.

And Yet It MovesAnd Yet It Moves, the simple but marvelous indie release from Broken Rules, will reignite your love for video games. That, or it will cause you to shake with anger as you replay the same part of the game for the tenth time. It might even do both! The physics-centric platform adventure employs the familiar "world tilting" mechanic that allows you to rotate the entire game environment in 90 degree increments. And Yet It Moves then proceeds to do crazy and wonderful things with this, allowing you to explore a universe as strange as it is satisfying.

Caster Episode 2: <br />The Lydonia ChroniclesCaster is a third-person action-shooter with distinct influences from the glory days of console gaming; it cooks up some of the most-enticing features of high-energy, super-powered shooter action and serves it up on a silver platter.

DustforceA demo for a work-in-progress game by Hitbox Team that shows a ton of promise. Dustforce is a puzzle platformer that places strong emphasis on smooth, flowing acrobatics. Your broom-toting character sweeps up litter as he/she runs by. You can jump, dash, double jump, wall run, wall dash, and everything in-between, giving you a surprising amount of freedom and agility as you navigate the game's crowded levels. Sweeping things gives you points, but some blocks vanish after being swept, while still others give you a bonus jump. The controls take some time to get used to, but once you're in the groove, the game flows smoothly and you can pull off some great stunts. A very fluid game that will hopefully see a successful full release soon!

EmberwindEmberwind is an adventure-themed platform game from indie dev TimeTrap. The city of Grendale has been overrun by gremlins commanded by the evil CandleFinger. As the short, stout gnome Kindle Elderwood, it's your job to comb through the villages and dispatch the evil little buggers from every nook and cranny. Along the way you'll get to learn new abilities and collect a whole lot of loot!

FiNCKFire Nuclear Crocodile Killer (FiNCK for short) is a puzzle platformer, but don't let the title fool you. In fact, out of the four rather unrelated things it suggests, I only encountered one during the whole game. As a Nifflas game, FiNCK must live up to a certain standard of cool relaxation instead of firey, manic arcade action. However, it differs from the author's previous offerings in that it forgoes atmospheric exploration in favor of a puzzle-driven, often hair-pullingly-frustrating experience.

Frogatto & FriendsThe platform adventure will never die. And that's a good thing! Frogatto & Friends injects a little more life into the classic genre, placing great-looking pixel art and a satisfying action/exploration game in front of your eyes for the low low price of free!

GunGirl 2GunGirl was asleep in her giant bed dreaming about puppies when a zombie apocalypse wiped out every human on the planet. When she woke up, she grabbed her pistol and readied herself to take on the hordes. GunGirl 2 plays like Cave Story or Metroid with lots and lots of blood. You work your way through a non-linear world, shooting zombies left and right and gathering tons of items and equipment to play around with. The gameplay is extremely satisfying, and the music by Josh Whelchel is superb. A top-notch freeware exploration shooter zombie game!

Hero CoreExplore the vast cave network inside of an asteroid taken over by the war machines of Tetron armed with little more than a jetpack and a blaster. Hero Core is a very Metroid-esque kind of game ripe with upgrades, enemies, and twisty, connected passageways that can only be fully accessed after defeating certain bosses or tripping generators. It's amazing how atmospheric the game is using no more than two colors and chunky pixel visuals, but you'll get pulled in right from the start. Created by Daniel Remar, author of Iji.

HydorahOriginally featured last year when it was little more than a demo, Hydorah is all grown up and ready to bring you a whole lot of old-school arcade shmup entertainment. Fight against hordes of aliens through a series of short, intense levels, using primary and secondary weapons you can unlock and select as you progress. The difficulty is still pretty high, but developer Locomalito (who also created 8-bit Killer) has incorporated feedback generated by the demo's release to make a number of improvements. When it comes to retro challenge, this game does not fool around, and the pixel art is simply stunning.

L'Abbaye des MortsA tribute to classic ZX Spectrum games such as Manic Miner, L'Abbaye des Morts (The Abbey of the Dead) from Hydorah creator Locomalito is light on everything but challenge. You play a priest who escapes into an abandoned church when the crusaders come marchin', and after finding a few pieces of parchment you begin to seek out the twelve crosses so you can escape to freedom. Each of the two dozen rooms has its own challenges to solve, most of which are reflex-related. It's a short game, but extremely enjoyable for an afternoon of old-school platforming.

Lylian: Episode OneLylian Episode One: Paranoid Friendship is a new horror-themed platform adventure from Pixelpickle Games. You play as the titular Lylian, a girl who may or may not be completely unhinged, as she tries to escape the mental institution she's being held in. Unfortunately for her, it seems like something much more sinister is going on, as nurses, other patients, and even the janitor are working to thwart her moves. Using Lylian's "imagination", you can change the scenery to make your way through the dark and disturbing passageways in and around the twisted hospital.

Nation of ReincarsA game about death, reincarnation, and probably a lot more death afterwards. You start off as an apparently lowly human walking along a stark yellow landscape. A pit of spikes is in your way. You can't jump across. What do you do? Kill yourself and reincarnate as something that CAN. Come back as a turtle, rabbit, worm, monkey, or bird, each with its own unique abilities that will help you make it through the stage. You can only incarnate as each animal once, so a lot of trial and error will be in order. A very thoughtful and challenging game.

STREEMERZ 2: Godspeed Towards OblivionRemember the grappling game from earlier this year called STREEMERZ? Well, if you're clever, you'll note that this is a sequel to said game, only now it's grown up quite a bit. Mr. Podunkian's action game continues the gameplay set up in the original, taking away your ability to jump but giving you a useful grappling hook (I mean, STREEMER) that can attach to most walls and pull you around. It's a bit short, but the action is solid, and the crude humor is so over the top, you'll roll your eyes on more than one occasion. Oh, and because of the crude-like humor, keep this one in reserve for the adults.

Super Crate BoxA shoot-em-up game without guns is like a library without books, or an office chair without wheels. Sure they might have some other purpose, but what fun are they without these essential little elements? Fortunately, Super Crate Box is a retro-styled platform shooter that has more guns than you can shake a stick at in the time it takes to play. (Or a katana.)

Super Meat BoyMeat Boy is back in his first commercial release! When the evil Dr Fetus absconds with Meat Boy's beloved Bandage Girl, he leaps to the rescue across more than 300 levels, braving saw blades, syringes, mutant blood clots, toxic waste, and much, much more. As twisted as it is charming and devious, Super Meat Boy is a fantastic and fantastically hard platformer that is tremendous fun.

Tasty Planet: Back for SecondsFor some reason, everyone loves collecting things that are smaller than they are. We're not so much interesting in gathering buildings as we are looking at them, but if buildings were pint-sized, you can bet they'd fill our pockets like lint-covered jellybeans. Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds plays on this compulsion and puts you in control of a blob of gray goo that can eat anything smaller than it is. As you can guess, this is a dangerous thing to let loose on the Earth, but give it a time machine and all of the past and future could be in quite a pickle.

The BallIn The Ball, a first person 3D adventure/puzzle game, you play an unnamed archaeologist who accidentally falls into an ancient system of ruins during a dig. You discover a gigantic metallic orb that you must use to solve puzzles and destroy underworld enemies, all while working through ancient temples trying to find a way out!

VVVVVVTerry Cavanagh's ambitious and charming little game of platformer-esque exploration contains a lot of fun, but may demand too much from your reflexes for some players. Seek out your missing crew across a sprawling map packed with secrets, symbolism, and a whole lot of challenge that will put all your skills to the test. Buckle up, Captain.

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