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Battle of TilesA casual war strategy game at its core (but with liberal sprinklings of RPG elements), Battle of Tiles pushes simplicity to the forefront and delivers a captivating turn-based tactics experience that only gets better as you play. You control a party of knights, archers, mages and priests, each represented by a single tile. Advance through wave after wave of enemy tiles while you arrange your fighters in the best possible formation. Level-up units, swap them with weaker soldiers, bribe enemy units to join your side, and amass a glorious army that can be as many as 70 strong. Bosses are a particular high point in the game, requiring a delightful mix of puzzle solving and strategizing to conquer. It's impressive that a game manages to take tactical combat and strip it to its essentials without losing the fun, but Battle of Tiles has done it well.

Broken BrothersA unique type of real-time strategy game created by Michael Todd for the Experimental Gameplay Project. The tagline "Gather, Survive, Expand, Unlock" serves this minimalist game quite well, as it's stripped of most elements that make RTS games inaccessible to casual players. At the start you meet Malakai, a strange sort of being who has lost his brothers. In order to build units you need to harvest Hope that springs from wells along the side of the land. As your units gather Hope, you can build stronger fighters to defend the bug onslaught and eventually head out to save his friends. Each brother you find gives you new units to build, but be careful, as the enemy bugs get those units as well!

Cuba LetraAthough its not the most visually appealing game ever made, this highly addictive word game rests comfortably on the attributes it does have, namely the ability to encourage you to create longer words. Imagine Bookworm meets Bust-a-Move, where letters snake around a path heading towards the game-ending black hole at the other side. Use those letters to spell words and you'll stay in the game. The creation of extended words such as "meanwhile" "creation" and "extended" will earn you extra lives, bonus points, multipliers and special letters. Attempting to use simple words like "use" "words" and "like" will gain you points, but they also create glowing red letters that drop more letters onto the track, forcing everything along at a faster pace.

DinYou are Billy, a casually-dressed guy walking down the street. You cross paths with friend after friend, each starting a conversation with you. At certain points, each person will ask you to press a key. Press it within a few seconds and you score a point. The challenge is to filter out the pointless chatter and focus on which keys to press and in what order. Oh, and just one more thing. Could you just press the nine key for me?

Skull DaddyA preview build of Christopher Mathes' physics-based puzzle game. Similar to Eets in design, you are given a number of tools to put in place while the action is on hold. Once you build a path to the goal, click the skull and it starts rolling, hopefully along the safe and sturdy road you so carefully constructed. Just ten levels are available right now, with only a few materials with which to build, but the game shows a lot of promise!

StormThis is one of those unique puzzle games that comes along every once in a while that makes you sit back and think, "Is it genius or is it just odd?" Using the "powers" of the storm, namely wind, water, and lightning, complete each level by getting the small white balls to fall down various holes and off the screen. The physics are well done, the levels are challenging, and the background graphics are beautiful, invoking a feeling of playing in a painting by Monet.

Tag: The Power of PaintA first-person puzzle platformer that gives you an amazing ability: the power to paint. The grayscale world around you is quite bland, but load up a paint can in your gun and suddenly everything comes alive. Paint some green on the floor, for example, walk across it and like magic, you jump! Soon you start to see colors not as decoration but as functions, making Tag an absolutely mind-bending experience.

The Balloon Bros Tumble-Top Sideshow Spectacular!Here's something you don't see every day: a match-3 that's actually worth playing! From Charlie Dog Games, creator of the word game Cuba Letra, comes a whimsical take on the familiar genre. Remember how Bejeweled Twist allowed you to rotate gems to make matches? Balloon Bros goes to the next level and lets you rotate the entire playing field! Click balloons to pop them, creating a space that other balloons float up to fill. To create matches, simply make it so three or more like-colored balloons meet. Rotating the screen changes which balloons move where, giving you a ton of freedom in creating strategies and building up chain reactions. A very well-made game that's unique, charming, and great for an afternoon of gaming!

The GutterA very short and experimental art game similar to The Graveyard in nature. You play a drunken hobo wandering down a dark alleyway. Stop for a moment to admire the ever-swaying viewpoint, take a sip of booze, and maybe even vomit on the pavement. Oh, and is that a cat? If you got a kick out of the free version, donating $5 unlocks a new feature: death!

The Illusory Persistance of LOVEA great single-button arcade game starring two little orbs of opposing properties. Mint and Periwinkle, bound by a rigid link of love, are destined to forever spin and bounce around each other. Mint doesn't like moving and clings to anything he touches, but Periwinkle's rather more excitable and can't stand still. With just a single button press you can swap Mint and Periwinkle's position, using force and gravity to move through each stage toward the pulsating heart at the end.

WhereA short but beautiful first person maze game where your goal is to walk to the balloon. Use the [arrow] keys to move and the mouse to look around (which is admittedly a bit awkward). Tap the right mouse button while moving to run. No enemies, no puzzles, just walking around in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

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