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Funny FarmAh, the rural life. Nothing but vast expanses of farmland, the occasional sounds of the barnyard animals, and life-shortening, back-breaking manual labor. But Funny Farm, by Igor Naverniouk, is distinctly different than the farmer lifestyle. This word association game starts on the farm, but quickly branches out into greener pastures.

Why we picked it: A shockingly large and devious word puzzle that brings together a vast collection of seemingly unrelated words through surprising connections, much like it brought people together to solve it. Its simple collaboration feature allows groups to work together on the puzzle, which is, in fact, necessary due to the varying branches of knowledge needed to complete it. Starting simply from the theme "On the Farm," you must decipher related words with only other connections and the length of the word to guide you. Funny Farm's simple interface, difficult yet captivating puzzle, and penchant for collaboration earn it a spot among the Best of 2006.

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