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Line RiderThis simple and strangely compelling toy was just released onto Web featuring a primitive drawing interface with which to create a track for a little character to slide upon. Save and load tracks and even try to attain objectives to increase the enjoyment from this creative little sandbox webtoy.

Why we picked it: It's not a game, it's a phenomenon. Line Rider exploded onto the Internet and boldly told everyone to sit and draw lines for fun. And we did. Using an extremely basic set of tools, the purpose of Line Rider is to draw lines to let a chap on a sled slide safely across the terrain. You set the stage, you place the decorations, all Line Rider does is provide the tools. The webtoy tapped the collective imagination of the world and sent an avalanche of creativity across the Web. These videos show just how captivating this toy is, earning it a rightful spot in our Best of 2006.

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