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Combat HeavenMegatons of action packed into a tight little Flash package that features appealing graphics and effects, and a dynamite soundtrack. Combat Heaven is an insanely great shooter with periods of non-stop over-the-top action that is intense and gratifying. Amazing fun awaits just beyond the learning curve.

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TriLinksA brand new game from Tonypa just launched along with a new version of his games page. TriLinks is a strategy puzzler in which the player must connect each set of three (3) same-colored links by moving the mouse over adjacent points on the game grid. It is a game in which caution and restraint must be exercised throughout the game.

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Dice WarsDice Wars is a unique new turn-based strategy game from Japan. Using nothing but dice and a randomly generated territory map made of hexagons, the game is similar in gameplay to that of the board game, Risk, though much simpler and quicker to play. The objective is to conquer all territories and eliminate all your opponents by attacking them with dice.

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BowMaster PreludeAs a casual gamer, you have certainly come across titles that fall into the defend-your-castle category. BowMaster Prelude fits that description as well, but certain aspects elevate it above other candidates, such as earning experience points and gold to recruit an army, the ability to upgrade and buy different arrows, and a unique feature that lets the hero leave the castle.
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