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Tags: flash free game kidsafe macpclinux pointandclick puzzle

Click Drag TypeLike eating the middle of an Oreo first, ClickDragType skips past the plain cookie outside to deliver only the sweet puzzle center in a collection of 10 intriguing, mind-bending puzzles for your pure and uncompromising enjoyment.

Why we picked it: Click Drag Type will confuse you, frustrate you, challenge you, and then make you feel like the most clever person in the world. It's an extraordinarily captivating puzzle game thanks to its sheer simplicity. CDT gathers an assortment of short, unique puzzle mini-games and drops you in the middle with no instructions. All you can do is start playing with what is on the screen until you figure out what you need to do and how to do it. It's this aspect of exploration and discovery the well-crafted puzzles convey that makes Click Drag Type so captivating. It's such a great concept, we were inspired to make it the theme for our game design competition!

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