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EetsEets is an amazingly addictive action/puzzle game from Klei Entertainment. Your goal is to guide Eets to a shiny puzzle piece by placing different (and often wacky) items that affect his mood or behavior. The game has an undeniable charm and will easily get you hooked with its huge set of levels and online community complete with user-made level downloads.

Why we picked it: Eets yanks elements from Lemmings and The Incredible Machine, adds a dash of wacky fun, a helping of artistic flair, and creates a refreshing 2D puzzle game like no other. Eets takes the best of the best and makes it shiny, cute, and adds marshmallows. Place items on the screen to guide the ever-hungry Eets to the puzzle piece at the end. When he eats marshmallows his mood changes, altering his behavior and causing some crazy things to happen. An extraordinarily active Eets community is constantly churning out new puzzles created with the in-game level editor, so there's always something new to play. Simple and stylish, Eets is easily one of the most creative games and well-executed games of 2006.

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