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Within a Deep ForestWhy are so many of the most difficult video games also the cutest? Maybe my brain just automatically forgets games that are both ugly and frustrating. Added to the "cute but evil" list comes Within a Deep Forest, a completely free downloadable game for Windows that casts you as a little blue ball, bouncing around a delightfully whimsical little world filled with the most frustrating jumping puzzles known to man.

Why we picked it: One of the most infuriating games of the year just happens to be one of the best. Within A Deep Forest immerses you in a simply beautiful atmosphere and delivers a challenging platforming experience involving the simplest of characters, a ball. Explore a multitude of worlds within a forest made of pixelated goodness, while saving the world from the unseen Dr. Cliche. With the sweet feeling of satisfaction that comes from completing a level, Within a Deep Forest is unanimously among the Best of 2006.

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