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The Flowering NoseThis Java applet game impressed me with the old-school charm of its scrolling tile-based worlds, its quirky characters and dialog, and its addictive gameplay. And yet the moment the game begins you realize that this is no ordinary Web game. Immediately you are teleporting back to the glory days of the SNES, and from there your task is to seek out the one last sprout, which is the one item you need to open the final gate.

Why we picked it: To remark about the old-school visual appeal of the Flowering Nose would be just scratching the surface of the many virtues the game has to offer adventure game aficionados. For those brave enough to take on the challenge, the game delivers the gameplay goods with style in a classical sense. Eschewing random acts of violence for tossing daisies to combat enemies, there is no lack of humor or sarcasm to be discovered within the colorful game's many varied levels. Soon the player discovers an intricate puzzle woven throughout and beneath the surface, like an epiphany that illuminates the game's brilliance. And while the Flowering Nose is not a new game, its 2006 review coincided with the tragic passing of its game designer, Seth Fisher, last January. Therefore we not only name the Flowering Nose as the Best Adventure game of 2006, we do so in Seth's memory. With special thanks to Seth's development partner, Omar Waly, for continuing to support this fantastic game.

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