what if?

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What if?

Check out the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7 announcement for details.


Uhhhmmmmm.... I'm intrigued?

Got me. I'll bite. What if... ?

omg wtf


They have a what-if? machine! :O

why not?

Coming soon to a theater near you...

not gonna bite. sounds dumb

What if...you let us know? Please? Now you have me curious...

Ohhhh, the suspense.

Also, there was an ad for life insurance right underneath it, which is kinda funny.

Then something about a game.

Really. This incredibly vague teaser isn't going to make me nearly as exited for whatever game its advertising as that simple VVVVVV video did for VVVVVV.

That would all depend on who with!?



What if? you gave us more information on this...whatever?

It Boggles The Mind!

*Attempts to figure out what this is* *Head explodes* What if? you handed me the medkits?

Yeah I'm gonna go with StephenM3 on this one, when it is this vague with not even the slightest hint of what it could be, it's just not interesting.

Haha... the home loan advert is great.

"What if?"

"If you want home financing from a company you can trust..."

hmmmm about time JIG came up with a game, like how Kongregate made their card game

This better be about The Dream Machine,

Its already about 6 months overdue (unless I missed the release :s)

What if we knew what this was an advertisement for?
What if 'if' actually meant interactive fiction?

But then why?


Read the header: "what if? November 16"

Read the comments page.

Make a comment.

Wait until November 16, I guess?

Congratulations, you're done!



Oh, vacuity ! I'm in !

Best. Walkthrough. Ever.
But I don't want to use all the spoilers, and I'm stuck on step 4 now.


Yeah, this could be interesting. I like vague teasers.

What if what?

November 16... I'll wait then.

Woo, a freaky thing!

Hopefully it's a contest or something. Or an interactive thingamajig. Or just a reveal of what what if is if what if is it. :D

Ok, I'm stuck at the part there I have to figure out what this is all about.
I have

read the banner

read the comments

wrote a comment

November 16th is sooooo far away from today...


Here I am! This is my first comment, and I'm following you for more than a year!

I suck at these.

what happens on november 16th? do we get prizes? i want a prize!

Why not?

What if someone made a feature film of The Ultimate Showdown?

What if I only read half the comments? Or I only half care what this is about?

I am doing the second to last step

I'm excited now. I hope there actually is some sort of game :)

What if this is some sort of conspiracy? A test to see how we react to the question "what if?" How far down the rabbit hole will we go?

I've been following JiG for a while now, and I've never seen anything this ambiguous. I'm very intrigued. November 16th it is.

Oh great, what if the apocalypse happens before Nov. 16th? I haven't been worried about missing out due to world catastrophe since Deathly Hallows came out, now I am on the hook again. Thanks alot JIG!

What if...I already lost interest?

wtf!?! that's so strange

This is intriguing me. I've never been so brought in by an ad before in my life. No! I Must Not Let It Take Me! MUST NOT GIVE IN!!!!!!!!! Nah. It's probably not that bad.

It must be something pretty big though. I don't recall JiG ever advertising anything in this fashion before. I just hope that I don't have to pay for anything.

Hmm. Can't see any clues. This might involve some pixel hunting.

Hmm, what if... Oh, I don't know... Wait... It's not April First! ... What gives? Hmm... So cryptic... Oh, yeah, uh... What if 'dog' was actually spelled 'c-a-t'...?

Hmm, What If Not? If "it" isn't would it be? Hmmmmmm

Almost 16th November!
Wonder what it is!

I think it's some kind of conspiricy to drive us all mad, or a spooky/kooky halloween prank. Either way, I don't think there actually is any game or interactive material coming November 16. I mean, why would they post about it so far ahead? Then again, they might post a an update on the What if? thing every day or every few days with a just a tiny bit more information to keep us hooked, before finally giving us the full answer on November 16. Anyway,thanks for listening/reading my long ramble/debate,and for putting up with my many "something/something"s. Oh, a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Halloween to you!!!!

Ook. Seeing something like that in my google reader got my attention. Had to follow the link.

Oh, the excitement!

Has anyone tried setting their computer clock to November 16th? It might be worth a try...

Alright... I'm in, but this better not be a waste of time. Who am I kidding? I don't care if it wastes time.

I know, I know...wait no I don't. BEST WALKTHROUGH EVER, I loved it. What if we all set our computer clocks to November 16, that would work, right?

I'm with KGummy, I'll bet the 'if' is for interactive fiction.

I believe this is an accurate summary of everyone's feelings about this blog post thus far.

There's an easy solution to step four:

Set your PC's system date to November 16.

The walkthrough is incomplete. You forgot the last step:

Come back to jayisgames.com on November 16.

And the step before that.

Ask a monkey/bear to time travel to November 16 to come back and tell you about it.

And I'm sure we forgot other steps. What if we can't finish the walkthrough to What if? November 16? What if we never finish the walkthrough?! What if the whole world blew up before November 16? What if the Interweb is compromised?

I'm stuck. I

Read the banner


posted a comment.

Nothing happened. Is it because I didn't

read all the comments?

Also, how do I

"wait until November 16?"

I guess there's a way to look behind the cabinet or under the bed, but I can't find it.
Wait. What the heck am I talking about? XD

P.S. Any luck with the messing-with-the-clock idea?

@ SonicLover

Hmm... "h-a-i"... Japanese for "yes"...
Oh! The other letters! Sorry.

Bah. loudude beat me to it.

I always do what a walkthrough tells me to do.

I always think these things are interesting, but I generally get sidetracked and forget. At least JIG is something I check near-daily, hopefully I can remember...hmm.
Well, it's on my calender. :B

What if it doesn't come on November 16???

What if the jayisgames team made a vague post entitled "What If?" and people commented on it?

Oh! It's happening!

How on earth did some of you get "Halloween" from "November 16"?

Anyways, I think I'm going to wait to wait for the 16th. That way I can procrastinate my laziness, the perfect plan!


As I am posting this, my computers clock is set to November 16. Nothing seems to be different.

Well okay this is pretty cool I suppose.

'What if'? How about 'Why not'? I'm game for whatever JIG is willing to throw my way! I'll eagerly await the outcome.

'What if'? How about 'Why not'? I'm ready for whatever JIG throws my way. I'll eagerly await the outcome come November 16th.

What If... ...nothing happens on Nov. 16?
What If... ...JIG has turned to using odd posts to peak curiosity and increase the number of viewers?

I DID IT! Its really easy to beat


Follow the walkthrough





Protip: Changing the time on your computer clock does not make it November 16th. It is not a time machine.

I'll give it a try...

I followed the walkthrough and I think I got to the end... but nothing happened!!!
I'm just stuck at the comments page.

Maybe I forgot a step...


Thanks to JIG for posting my first walkthrough, YAAAAY. It took a lot of patience and stamina, but I pulled through without spoilers!


I should have clarified. You can't finish until you've read every comment ever made on this game ever.

This may require some time-travelling and/or Googling, which, as we all know, can make these things frustrating for the casual gamer. Hang in there, though, it's totally worth it!


I think you left out underwear thievery somewhere.



I'm stuck on the part where I have to

wait until Nov 16.

I've been trying that for at least five minutes, but just isn't working.
Any ideas?

Remember, remember, 16th of November
The JayIsGames "What If?" game plot
I see of no reason that vague "What If?" teasin'
Should ever be forgot

What if November 16th was secretly today? Come on JIG!

what if...

the November 16 is actually a clue to some super secret url

What if JayIsGames posted a teaser so devoid of content, that it made me predisposed to dislike the game? I find that good, promising games tend to contain content that's exiting to hear about in advance. What if the apparent lack of anything worth showing us made me assume this game isn't worth caring about?

Not that that's actually the case. But what if?

Ahhh, so suspenseful! :)
I'm sure November 16 will be here before we know it! I forgot about CGDC6 on purpose, and entries came up at a time when I was having a really bad day! It made my day so much better, hehe. :)

I hope this is a "What if" machine.

Peter's comment up here was the best EVER. An appropriate response to the best ever walkthrough :)

Funny how this teaser is making us followers chat a lot more on the comment sections :)

double smile to you guys!

Okay... I'm teased... Now, as the great Monty Python would say:


*Rolls up in a ball and waits...*

What if... there was a giant marshmallow monster attacking New York City?

what if this is a joke?

This game is hard... I don't get it :(


what if I was made a member without having to pay?

worth a try

*waits patiently*

Long time player, first time comment...so, will ?omeone now knock on my door and tell me that I've won the Clearinghouse Sweepstakes (perhaps on Nov. 16)?


I'm stuck there too. :( I've waited like ten minutes and -nothing-. Maybe theres some item we missed that we can combine with our other items to make a time machine?

I found the

pen on my desk

and the

dog sleeping under my couch

Maybe I'm missing something? D:

It's obviously part of the 5 conditional W's of journalism, along with who if, where if, when if, and why if. Right?

ooh, the waiting game? I know this game! Not particularly difficult or fun, but I'll bite!

Heh, this prompted me to FINALLY sign up and comment. Ooh, this is mysterious, indeed! What happens next?

What if? What an interesting question this is. Anyone care to answer it?

What if... what?

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