The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 preview

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The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Preview

JohnBBy now, everyone has heard of The Fancy Pants Adventure. If you haven't, it's only one of the most polished, whimsical and entertaining Flash-based platforming games released in the last few years. Creator Brad Borne has been hard at work on a sequel for some time. A demo was released earlier this year, teasing us rabid fans with new moves and stages in store for the next installment. But we can never get enough!

fancypants22.jpgJust a few days ago Brad was kind enough to furnish us with the latest build of The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2. As soon as we stopped clapping our hands and salivating with glee, we dove right in. The game isn't 100% complete yet, but from what we played it's well worth the wait. Here's a little preview info to get you revved up for The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2!

The game begins innocently enough with a round of snail shell golf. After running and bouncing the little guy to the goal, the mayor of Squiggleville appears to give you your prize: an ice cream cone! That was great. Game over, right? Nah. Just when you're about to enjoy your tasty treat, a rabbit appears and snatches the cone from your hands. It's either give up now and go home, or jump after the rabbit and start the game. Which do you think we'll choose?

The overall layout of The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 is essentially the same as before with the old familiar doors making a triumphant return. Geier Arnold's music is back as well and it's as catchy as ever. Of course it wouldn't be a Fancy Pants game without boatloads of hidden secrets, including Brad's fun little easter eggs stashed around every corner. Even though you'll want to blaze through the levels as fast as you can, stopping to smell the roses has its charm, too.

fancypants2.jpgThe Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 remains the same game at its core but features loads of tweaks, improvements and additions to make it even better than the original. For starters, Fancy Pants Man seems to move a bit quicker and his jumps are higher than before. Looks like somebody has been hitting the gym in-between games. Some of the new moves that were featured in the World 2 demo, such as hanging from ledges and grabbing onto wires, are back, and the wall jump power-up is now a default move.

Probably the most obvious improvement in the new game are the visuals. Everything jumps right off the screen with personality, even the backgrounds have fun little pictures that will make you smile. The animations are more detailed and the frame rate looks like its been given a boost, lending a much smoother look to the entire game.

Content-wise, expect even more worlds to explore than in the original. And what's this? What are those strange doors with names above them? Could it be, are there levels designed by other people just waiting to be played?

Nearly everything in The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 has been tweaked and refined up a notch. Same great Fancy Pants flavor, only now with more punch. You can be sure we'll make a huge announcement when the final game is released. Until then, play the original The Fancy Pants Adventure game, the demo of World 2 that's been up for a while, you can even play a beta of World 2 that Brad has up at his site, Borne Games.

Lots of Fancy Pants available to get psyched for the imminent release, hopefully due out before Christmas!

Update: Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 is HERE!


Uh. You guys got to play the near-finished build? No fair! Is the beta similar to what you got to play?

Also, any hint as to when the full game will be released?

I'm enjoying the beta but the moving background is so incredibly disorienting. :( I got a minor headache after a while.

I was just thinking about this game the other day, wondering if it was EVER going to come out! Seems like the demo has been up for years, but it looks like it's almost here!


I am not sure what to do with the snail shell, I had it nearly to the "end" of the first level, but there is no goal as such, and the level only seems to have 4 doors, 2 leading back to the beginning, and 2 leading to the same bonus room.

how do you jump

Deadl0ck: yeah, I couldn't find any level advancement anywhere... just the same level over and over again.

Is it just me or is it pretty much harder than no.1?
I remember running like sonic the hedgehog all the time in no.1, now I have to concentrate, which is surely not a bad thing :)

Oh. Hell. YES! FPA's been one of my first and favourite game that I discovered via this site, and I've been waiting in eager, if long anticipation for this. Game looks awesome, a vast improvement on the demo (though I'm dubious about the two-shot spiders and the removal of the hyperspeed roll), but thusfar, it looks awesome!

You can juggle the snail shell (or the dead spiders for that matter) by hitting it before it hits the ground. The number of times will be displayed.

You can juggle the snail shell (or the dead spiders for that matter) by hitting it before it hits the ground. The number of times will be displayed.

Snail shell golf? And where's the goal? Why can't there be like this flag saying goal somewhere? >_>

@Deadl0ck & Larry T: Yep, the build on my site is just a 1 level beta I was running to hammer the last bugs out of the code. Jayisgames played a nearly complete preview build that's not online.

@slyy: there will be, heh.

I'm supposed to get the snail shell all the way up to the top? You've got to be kidding.


lol, that is just a beta. There is only one level of the game in it, so the door just brings you back to the beginning of it. :/ Can't wait for the final game!

how do you get the shell to a platform other then the ones hanging above the hill?

How do I get to the door above the entrance?

yeah, I couldn't figure out how to jump. it just pauses the game.

"s" to jump


nobody: the s key jumps.

Brad: Thanks for the heads up... the article/review sorta implied that what they linked to is what they played. Thought I was missing something there :)

Ooh, so there's gonna be a plotline? More things to jump on or slide into?

I had some trouble wall jumping at first: seems I thought I had to hold down an arrow key when I was jumping at a wall, and another after I jumped away. I'm glad that no arrow-key-holdery was necessary, but putting a warning about that into the tutorials might save lives later.

Something like, "You don't need to hold down arrow keys to do a wall jump," and fewer holes will be fallen down.

Down-down-down-down-down-down- (try it!)

The game looks excellent, and I can't wait to play the finished version. The only thing that was bothering me was the wall jumping. It seemed really unintuitive and annoying -- I tried to avoid it wherever possible. I think a system where by jumping at the wall you stick to it automatically, and then press the arrow key to jump off, would be much better.

Differ, that's awesome.
Rock out Fancy Pants dude!

Brad: Cheers for the heads up, I was wondering what was going on. The game is coming along great, and I can't wait to see more. Is there any kind of ETA?

*shakes fist at JayisGames staff* How dare you get our hopes up that it'd be more then just the beta level with those fancy pants screenshots and comments! Of course... a carefull read does show it is a preview, but excitement gets the best of me! And others too, I bet. Still, keep up the good work!

I really ought to get an account.

But by the way, I seem to always encounter lag whenever I jump/wall jump/fall for a second/hit the snail. Has this been happening to anyone?

My system should be up to anything a flash game might pose.
Q6600 @ stock
DDR2 2x1GB
Integrated Video (ehe) @ X3000
Vista Home Premium

I'm running FF, not IE. I have no idea what could be hurting, except for this fact, and the Home Premium noted above. If you want extra info, I'll be happy to supply.

On a side note, your physics engine is superb. I had no idea something like that could even be implemented in Flash.

Sorry for any confusion, guys! There will definitely be in game instructions on the intricacies of the game. For instance, the wall jump can be started at any speed by holding the arrow at the wall, or by running quickly into a wall, but once it's been started, you don't have to press the other direction to keep wall jumping.

And credit actually goes to my girlfriend for the idea of the 'rock out' clip, hehe.

Ok. this is just annoying. I got the shell all the way up to the final area with the sets of springs to the top left.

*hard as heck by the way*

Tried to jump on top of the stop shell, to pop it up in the air. And... i broke the game.

The shell went DOWN... and there is no physical way to get out of that area.

i've gotten the shell stuck up where the spiders are *aka the area right before the springs* i've lost the snail shell, i actually got it outside of the map once. Real annoying.

But aside from this, the games fun... i miss the wall jump wall climb that was possible in the first one.

great game

I keep feeling like he should use Jonathon Coulton's Mr. Fancy Pants as some sort of theme song. Though now it's making me imagine an end boss who turned evil because he was jealous that your pants were fancier than his...

deadl0ck: that happened to me. Rawr!

Wow, that song is nuts, I'm tempted to ask the guy if he's ever played the game... someone even ends up mentioning my game in the comments on the blog post for the song...

...Xava, that song was...strange, if not slightly disturbing... 0.o'

....WHOAH!!! I just realized that you CAN still roll, and not ALWAYS slide! Yay! :) :) :)

I do have to say that while it's a great game, I also had trouble with the background. It made me somewhat dizzy/nauseous, the background sliding around like that. I had to stop playing because of it.

Brad, I had never played a game so polished and "silky" going like this beta version (Further more, its a FLASH game... unbelievable ) . It is so fun and the artwork is awesome !!! You must be a very gifted programmer... I would DIE to put my hand on parts of your source code.

Put up the good work. Can't wait for more :)

A little cheat... Press shift!

I. Am. So. EXCITED! Brad, you totally rule. Can't wait to see the complete version!

For those who are having problems with the scrolling background, I suppose I can add an option to the final to keep the backgrounds still...

the shift is a cheat? i thought it just highlighted objects.

As amazing as this game is, it's the little things in it that made me smile. Such as being able to headbang (tap down repetitively), sliding (down while running), rolling down hills (down while on a hill), spinning when shot out of the cannon, and the comical things in the background. I eagerly await the final release of the game. If it's taken this long, it will definitely be one of the best, if not the best, flash games ever made.

Brad, I like the scrolling backgrounds a lot!

What does shift do anyways?

ok, I finally got the shell to the very end of the level. No ice cream cone in sight. It it just not in this version?

I really really enjoyed this demo of the game, beautiful polish, but my only comment that that it lacks the flawless handling of the first game.

Someone commented that in the first world you could run like sonic; that is, hold forwards and occasionally jump or roll to smoosh enemies. This game feels a little more like mario, the ground being less sticky going over hills and such.

Asides from that, this is absolutely beautiful, and the smoothest game I've ever played.

Oh, yeah, the snail shell should have a little more mass; way too bouncy.

press shift and it makes wider platforms
what is brads e-mail

Great game Brad. I especially like how if you slide towards the end of a ledge, you then grab the edge of the ledge. Little touches like that make it really impressive.

Just stopping by to report a bug. I keep getting a message that a script on the page is causing Flash to run slowly. No matter which choice I make, I get crazy-Flash-on-crack animation. I use a Mac, so none of my software is out of date. Sounds like a good game...I look forward to being able to play!

hey, i use vista with core 2 duo and the game sort of freezes every few seconds T.T anyone else have the problem?

Myself, I would very much like to have the option to keep the background still- thank you! BTW I don't know if there is any speech in the new game, but please remember to include speech captioning (at least optional) for our Deaf players- Thanks!

Try aiming the cannon all the way to the left.

Thank you Brad for this wonderful game! Its one of the only games I really love to play on the internet. (And thank you Jay for bringing it to me!)

I agree with Gar, though, that the jumping into walls requires some thought. It feels different than the first world to me. Its pretty easy to pick up on though, but I think I'd prefer to use an arrow key instead of the s key when I'm ready to jump off of the wall.

All I want for Christmas is some Fancy Pants, some Facy Pants, yes, some Fancy Pants...

bounce the snail on your head alot

I broke the game. literally. Take a look. its stuck in there, tight and nothing got it out.

easter eggs:

- press Shift. Press shift again to return to normal.
- keep hitting the down key (not too fast though)

how to roll:

jump so you land on a slope. Right before you land, press the arrow key opposite of the one you were using (if you are jumping left onto a slope, press the right, and vice versa) as well as hitting the down key. This allows you to roll.


jumping to the left onto a slope, you would release the left arrow key and hold down the right and down arrow keys

EEEAAAAAGH! I can't get the snail up higher then the platforms above the grass.

tom: that's my problem, only I'm using a quad core. Post system specs? (mostly graphics card)

For the love of all the cute puppies in the world, I have no idea where, or how to get to it, the goal is for the snail shell, can anyone please help!?

Heheheh. If you tap down repeatedly at a certain rate while running, you can slide indefinitely. Whee.

Also, walls that are blackened (they show up as yellow when you hit SHIFT for debug mode) are slightly different than normal walls because the black stuff is oil. Doing the wall slide trick on it (hold down the direction facing the wall to not fall off of it) will not slow your fall down, but oddly enough, hitting the wall at full speed and doing the wall slide makes you shoot straight up the wall, allowing you to get those four swirly thingies up there, in that place that largely irritates you.

There is now a new beta out:, (Beta .1)

which is little different than, (Beta .09)

However, there are some bug fixes

Also, final release date: January 8th, 2008

i already beat the first 3 levels of world 1 and got all five trofies but i cant seem to get to world 2 any advice plz help me im stuck

can anyone plese tell me what to do with this annoying snail.
i cant find the goal

what do i do with this stupid snail!!
help me please

Oh, and the reason you can't get the snail shell up is because it's not possible. Its just a beta. It will be possible, and there will be a goal, and something will happen - in the final game. And if you didn't notice likephilshead's post, the final game's going to be released on JANUARY 8th

YAYAYAYAY~ Wow I just love this game. So cool... so fancy...

The Game Is Out !!!

I just love how he does a spiral off a spring.

The snail shell can pick up spiral powerups

John B. could you keep the snail golf?

Fancy Pants world 2 is out!
will somebody give a walkthrough on the trophys?
I still need two more, and how to get the colors,
ive already got three of the colors but i need the other three.

Yes, the game is OUT!!! Check out our review, and the comments page for hints and tips:

im up to level four and its hard plz help

Thanks for the new game brad, do you do it on flash 8 or game maker or something better because you have inspired me to try and make my own game please answer me on either this if you read it, my msn or you can answer me on myspace, if you can ty ;)

you kill the rabbit by kicking the snail he drops later in the air at him while he jumps then he falls and you jump on him while he is confused. i hope my stuff helped you :)-l--<

if this helps comment me ;0

hey, uh, how do you get to afroninja's level? I think that weird candle lying on the ground is the sign for an invisible underground door like that one in fpa 1, but then how do you get underground to open the door itself?

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ok austin here is is

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