Ball Revamped IV: Amplitude

grant0The latest and, in my opinion, greatest of the Ball Revamped series has been released! Ball Revamped IV: Amplitude is now available on John Cooney's website,

Ball Revamped IVJohn has returned to the original stationary playing field from his previous scrolling version in both parts of III, and added plenty of new obstacles and power-ups in 100 new levels to keep you satisfied for a good half an hour or so. Controls are the usual arrow keys, and [P] for pause.

Although some of the obstacles are recycled from past versions of the game, there is plenty of new material to keep you satisfied. The level design is great, and as always, every ten levels introduces a new stage. This means the music and background change, and new power-ups are often added, too. My only complaint would be the looping music clips are incredibly short and get annoying quickly. Even more annoyingly, there does not seem to be a mute button, so you'll need to mute the main volume control of your computer. However, this is more than made up for by the great physics and amazing level design. Overall, an excellent addition to a great series of games.

Play Ball Revamped IV: Amplitude

Cheers to Shang and DooMerPS for suggesting this one. =)

Update: Sound can in fact be turned off from the pause menu. Thanks, Role!


I've never been first before. any way, the game won't load. I have no idea why...

Hi Gryph. Oh, wait! I'm getting a vision! A psychic vision!: you have Flash. . . .version. . .I'm getting a number. . .it's. . .it looks like an upside down L. . .it's too small! It's a 7! Oh no! Go get Flash 8! Quick!

I bet you that's the problem. If not, what browser/OS/version of Flash do you have?

That took...around 1200 seconds of my life.

Wow good game! I love the ball Series! First time through and I got 718 Seconds and 118 Deaths... Haha hopefully next time will be better!

I wondered when this game would show up here. = P

Another great addition to the Ball Revamped games.

the level codes are nice too. if I could ever remember them. ;)

Actually, the game music can be turned off in the pause menu! So I guess this game doesn't have flaws ;).

The final boss was annoying and stupid. Jeez, after all that I just quit.

I got through to the "gathered" level (25 or so?) and had to stop after that. Does the difficulty ramp up?

I'm with you harukio. up until the last boss, i was thinking this was the best ball revamped game so far. I love the new additions and the half-way boss was great. But the end was just terrible. I quit after a few tries.

argh, on the last boss it plays fine but when it gets to the hand slapping the screen bit it goes really jumpy until it gets back to the begining of the cycle again, which makes it quite the impossible to actually hit the exit door, i managed to hit it 4 times and finish the game but it took ages and about 400 deaths on top of the 20 i had in the game... very very frustrating

Anyone else's game freeze on Level 50? Or is that just me? If so, it'd be nice to have a level code for level 51. If anyone's willing to play through two levels for me, then 49's password is


Hi Wulfo, i had no problem with L50.
So heres the code for L51:



Level 55



That is lvl 52 tho'. Forgot to look at 51, sorry.

51s PW is


also, the game seems to freeze right before lvl 50 for me also, it may be loading the boss fight, or something. Did you give it time to see if it gets better?

Mostly the game was quite enjoyable, but I agree that the final boss fight wasn't up to par. Having to dodge around for 20 seconds waiting for the one second when you can hurt it is just ...sorta an MMORPG-ish time sink. It doesn't make the game more challenging or fun, just take longer.

Up until that though, quite good.

Wow, what a game.

100 levels... the final battle makes me want to go play Super Smash Brothers

I feel honored, all because I had to go out to eat in the middle of the game.

whats the password for 56 and the last level?
i cant get past those darn lasers

The game has a problem...why won't it load at the start?!

Hi Tyler, the game loaded just fine for me. Do you have Flash 8 installed? From the looks of the comments above, I'm thinking that it's a requirement for this game.

Phew. Finally finished it. I have to say in all my gaming experience, the two bosses in this game are by far the most annoying I've ever seen. The first one because it rotates (I'm so glad it didn't change colours) and the second one because of that brain thing with three stick parts coming out of it. What is that thing anyway? It just kills you every time and it takes ages. Well, either way I got time:1009 and lives:171 though about 65 of them were waiting for The Creator to actually do something constructive (ie. make himself vulnerable), but other than that its a solid game with quite good game play.

Have you guys even played Ball Revamped III: Gemini? Now THAT was an SoB of a final boss. The battle just went on and on and on, million shapes, million patterns.. this final boss you complain about is as easy as a pancake. Learn the pattern, it's really not that hard.

omg! i can not get passed level 91.... anyone got the code for 92? pwease....

if you give the password of lvl 91 i will do it for you

LEVEL 101!!!
Final destination... I cant beat it!

Actually, there are flaws. The main problem is there's no way to pause or change options during that last boss battle (which frustrated me so badly I cried. I still haven't gotten it.) I had it running on Best Quality, which our DSL can take, but right around when it shows the square in the first level of the second boss (the Creator) the frames run so fast I don't even see anything, and will therefore probably never get past that level. In addition, the level codes are so small I can't even read them.

I beat the game with a horrific score: time 2987 and 1178 deaths(Due to the last boss battle and went to the bathroom in middle)But hey I beat it. >_I beat the game with a horrific score: time 2987 and 1178 deaths(Due to the last boss battle and went to the bathroom in middle)But hey I beat it. >_

ball revamped and grow games are the best

what's the music in the opening menu?

here is are some hints not spoiler


when you get on fire then be quick before you turn into nothing

if you are having problem loking for the right portal look for stars teyll show you the way

i got more

the codes for the bosses are expansion and undefined

Can someone post all the lvl codes they have? Please and thank you.

The URL for this game has changed. It is now .

Thanks, Justin. I was updating all the ball revamped links today and missed one here. Boy do I dislike it when people change around their website and all the links change with it. grrr.

The links to the game are not working, however, the original site still has the game up.

They're working for me, Maviellas. What link specifically are you having trouble with?

There's a little joke going around the jmtb02 forums were I accedentily called John, Jim so now everyone is calling him Jim

for bob

codes spirit expansion lives readily joke corrsponding juice

I defeated the Hand in like 234 seconds

i finnaly beat lvl 55 the pass for 56 is


ummmmmmmmmm i have a code to lvl 40. it is Spirit
if u use it u can get to the falling spikes area in 4 seconds. i used it at school alot

Ok. One thing, The code for LEVEL 100 is genesis. The final boss is called "The Creator." Practically the creator of the game is John Cooney, so you might be fighting a colored hand drawing of John.

Sorry about that last post. Its register

That is the REAL password for LEVEL 100.

The Miniboss music is the usual Ball revamped boss tone
(for Trianguia and that crazy twin ball) while the Boss tone is the instruction tone on Four Second Fury/Frenzy/Firestorm.

to get to the 95th lvl do lvl code Brand

2nd boss is Creator.
Hit him 5 times when he shows his damn exit.
the cool thing is that the 5 lvls before lvl Genesis(2nd last lvl) is SHAPED AND CALLED 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Genesis is simply go down and hit teleport powerup, then go to exit. See? That easy! OH WAIT! YOU BEAT THE GAME! CONGRAGULATIONS!

great game :)

on the last boss level, my time was 216 and deaths 116.

what is the last lvl code

To tell which portal is real......

......look if stars are going into it. If it's not, it's fake

Geeze!!!!! The hand is impossible to beat. I mean some levels in this game are hard but this is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!!!

i made it to level 50, with 100 deaths

Realms in order of level:
Final Destination
Doxinark (again, you went here in Metaphysik)
Final Destination 2

I finally passed them all and no lives lost.

@I passed all Ball Revampeds: True, but did you pass Ball Revamped 5: Synergy?

If anyone has a slow connection, or processing power don't bother. it's fine until level 101, but on that level the frame rate is too fast. It bounces about and the portal disappears before the frame rate catches up.

Was loving the game, had less than 100 deaths until level 101 and had to give up. Even on the lowest quality. Sort out the ending!!!

i beat final boss time:855 deaths:135

I need codes for level 56 55 50 and 70 if any one could do that for me I'll be very happy oh and the code for 70 is the most important thanks!

Final boss way too difficult - put me off playing the game. Key gameplay problem is the buffeting whenever the hand smashes the screen or the fists punch in from the side. If the exit was always placed on the screen (eg. hovering around the top so it was still targetable but not always accessible) it would relieve some of the frustration and boredom of waiting around for the rest of the boss cycle. Rest of the game was excellent.

AHHH! the boss is so hard!!!!!! i cant touch him!!!!!!

I can't touch that ridiculous hand! The game lags and the frames starting from the slap thing to the beginning goes in just like 10 seconds! This is just maddening! I mean seriously! It's just crazy! I couldn't even get within 3 inches of the exit!
I've died 2,045 times and my time is 3,764! I haven't even touched the target once!

I finally beat the damn game!!!
1482 seconds and 620 deaths. I had like 200 deaths until the final level and then I just gave up trying to dodge and waited for the target.


The Hand Was EASY! Might be cause I have Comcast >:D The only complaint I hive is that it is impossible to dodge the slap and you die 3 times! All of you who want the ending: The hand is shown exploding and the ball vanishes. It shows your grade. F! Beat that!

For some reason, the creator at the end was easier than the first boss.... The second u had to go in about 3 times, first about fifteen or so. ANd it turned and made u dizzy.

The password for 60 is


facts about final boss

the place were you fight the bosses is called final destination.The final boss is called the creator.He is hand.Think super smash brothers.

The Creator isn't that bad once you figure out the pattern it follows. Just stay in the same spot for the majority of it and eventually you win.

The first Ball Revamped is easily the hardest of all the series, once you get up to level 90. It's insane!

Link broken. Please repair. Thank you.

[Edit by Kayleigh ~ Thanks for mentioning ;)), we will take care of it ]

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