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Who hasn't wanted to fly? I'll tell you: penguins. They're perfectly okay with staying on land. You'll never see a penguin in an airplane, that's for sure. For all the rest of us who'd love to take to the skies, though, there's Wings of Ge.Ne.Sis, the new side-scrolling shooter from An Lieu. While the original Ge.Ne.Sis was a console-style RPG, this spinoff takes things in a whole new direction; namely, up and above!

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What about "learn to fly", the penguin seemed offended by a wikipedia-parody to try and fly.


Surprisingly dull. The storyline and content are generic anime blather, but at least the effort was put forth - however, once you get into the game you'll find a sidescrolling shooter without any intelligent put into it. There's no visual or audial feedback for a kill, and very little ingame sound in general beyond the background music - killing creatures feels more like deleting sprites from the screen using sparkles.

No weight, no heft, no noise, no impact. I couldn't find it in me to care about any given moment of gameplay, and turned it off after a few minutes.

Presentation is important, in flash gaming. It's all you've got, in a game this initially shallow.


should have stuck to RPG gameplay, its what made me love Ge.Ne.Sis. I was so excited to finally see a new one come out, and to find out what happened to our characters (and their summons) after the last game, but was sadly disappointed to see a shooting game with no real link (aside from characters and a mediocre plot) to the previous game.

Im left confused and regretting I ever clicked start...


A good friend of mine regularly bugged me about when a sequel would hit, and was really disappointed when she got a rather uninteresting shooter game instead.

Jakkar really hit upon it - there's just no feedback to the player. No sounds, no effects, I didn't really feel like I was playing the game so much as moving sprites around to make them disappear. The levels also seemed really bland, with nice backgrounds but not much else. While it doesn't need to be as great as Hydorah, a little more variety in the levels would have really helped.

I played two stages and lost interest, as did my friend.

The Logical Ghost October 19, 2010 4:00 AM

I'm attempting to play through for the sake of the Kongregate badges and getting very frustrated. I'm adding my vote to the other disappointed sentiments here.

fuzzyface October 20, 2010 9:49 AM

Am I the only one that constantly has to think of the powerpuff girls? And why as a grown up man do I know them?


Why does everyone hate this game? Because their is now sound when you kill an enemy? This game is great.

Reply lover November 2, 2010 9:10 PM

I'm disapointed. I was sooo looking forward to the sequel. I was checking this website contantly to find if the new is out. And what I get? A lame shooter game? I loved genesis because of the RPG. If you remove the RPG there is no genesis.

If this was a separate game I`d probably have given it a better rating. But this is not what I was anticipating as a sequel. The first was so GREAT and AMAZING. But this one is just a regular shooting game. Nothing special.


This is NOT a regular shooting game. It is an rpg, look around the game before you post. HATERS GONNA HATE!


with neraine max out power and agility and even RAM THE BOSS!!!!!!!
she DODGES!! the raming and dices him this and the fact that ramming means you avoid the posion and other effects is even awesomer


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