Little Phobia

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A nighttime trip to the bathroom turns freaky in this fast-paced platformer by Deqaf Studios, where you must run and jump and climb past ghoulish dangers as a little boy.

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That's okay. I didn't want to sleep anyway. ;)


I've found a couple of the achievements, if anyone's curious:


Right after getting out of bed, use E to kick the beach ball.

Through the Looking Glass

Press E in front of every mirror.

Reply September 18, 2014 7:26 AM

Forget getting past that (swearword) witch, it's pretty much impossible as she seems to randomly appear from nowhere.

It would have been nice of the game to tell us you can sit down to avoid objects from above, wouldn't it? Instead of finding out by mere chance.

Press down to sit.


The secret with her is that

she appears with the train noise. You need to close your eyes when you hear that noise.


Controls are just too terrible. It might be a good game, but I can't play it like that. So 1/5, Sorry.


A few more achievements:

First Time: Get to the bathroom.
Wrong Way: Walk to the left at the beginning.
Fear of Sound: Mute the game. (The button is in the upper-right corner.)
Curiosity: Hit the E key in front of the first picture frame. (Must climb on dresser.)
Comfort: Sit down. (Hit S key or down arrow key.)


Bit too short but fun nonetheless.

I was half-expecting some full-screen scary face to pop out every time I opened my eyes. There wasn't really but that's the effect of playing horror games continuously for the past week.


Anyone know how to get the achievements "View All" and "Researcher"?


view all press E in front of every mirror. Researcher climb on the first dresser in your room (you need to jump on the left side of the screen on top your bed will be invisible platforms)


Someone found the last trohpy? PErfect Passage? is the last one i need.


I got "Through the Looking Glass" by

pressing the "E" key in front of every mirror. I thought maybe "View All" was accomplished through "dying" by every scary thing possible, but so far no go.

For "Perfect Passage"

Just complete the game in one go without "dying"


for view all

turn on the lamp in your room


I just discovered the Magic Box achievement:

When you get to the dresser that says "If you are afraid, close your eyes," press E on the third drawer from the top in the second column from the left.

minstrelofmoria September 19, 2014 5:06 AM

I got Look Into the Eyes of Fear.

You know that long mirror where eyes appear as you walk past it? If you drag a stool all the way back to it, then stand on it so your head is level with the eyes, you get the achievement.

That's every achievement found by someone, but no one yet who got all achievements. I'm not invested enough to try for Perfect Passage, but I'm curious if anything happens if you get all achievements.


I have gotten all of the achievements and I did not notice anything new show up. Would have been cool to get something extra for doing so.

shjack180 September 19, 2014 4:35 PM replied to Kevsion

Thank you!!! That was the last achievement I needed :)


Got all of them!!!


press E over the beach ball in the first room

First time

win the game

View all

press E over the lamp in the first room


get on top of the closet in the first room

you need to go left and jump over the ivisible platforms

Wrong way

after the door closes go left

Fear of sound

mute sound while in-game


press E over the first paint

Through the looking glass

press E over all the mirrors through the whole game


press S at any moment while in-game

Look into the eyes of fear

at the mirror with scary eyes get at the same level as them

pull the stool back to where the mirror is and stand over it

Magic box

at the part where you can read If you are afraid, close your eyes press E over the second column of drawers

Perfect passage

win the game without dying

Loved this game!!!


I've already got all the achievements, and nothing happend but the satisfaction as a gamer to get all the achievements.!


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