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Crayons are good for more than just doodling in this adorable but short platformer. Once you pick some up, they can be thrown to create steps to help you scale walls. Just watch out for charging pigs and other dangers!

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Great game! Thought it was a little on the "high difficulty" side in places. Not quite enough to rage quit, though.


ONLY problem I had with the game... aside from not finding the secrets :D was that the game doesn't tell you you can stack crayons... so i was having trouble figuring how to bridge a gap, till I threw a dart... then paused as they stuck togeather.


Really? I beat the whole game without figuring out you could do that...


Alright, I found three of the secrets.


Immediately after finding the double jump, climb over the wall to the left. There's a small alcove when the screen scrolls. Don't jump off of it, it kills you.


Shortly after finding the double jump, after you've left the area, you come out on top of a cliff. Jump off to the left, but be sure save your double jump for near the bottom. After grabbing the secret you can double jump/crayon jump back up. Make sure to not die jumping off the cliff to the right before checkpointing.


Now that you have double jump, go back to where the crayon upgrade was. Above where the pig is trapped is a secret. You can maybe do this without double jump, but it'd be much more tedious.

If anyone can tell me where the fourth secret is, that would be grand.

LouWeed May 12, 2015 9:14 PM

Finally found all the secrets. Great game

I recommend having both abilities before going for the secrets.


After getting the double jump, climb up the left-hand wall here:
...go off the top of the screen, and the secret is on the other side:


After returning from the double jump area, jump off the cliff here:
...and land in the cave at the bottom (watch out for the water):


Return to where you obtained the crayons, and climb up the left-hand wall (easier to climb up the right hand wall first, and then jump across) here:
secret is at the top:


Before going through the door to that area that seems to have no purpose, shoot crayons out to the left:
...and walk over them to get the last secret:


My only complaint about the game is that you respawn with full crayons even though touching a spawn point doesn't restore your crayons. It just seems inconsistent.

Well, that and the fact that it takes 16 shots to kill a pig even though I can only carry 10 and their health resets if I leave the area. It's almost like I'm not supposed to murder innocent creatures.


Ok can someone tell me please where these damn crayons are? is the game stuffing up on me? I can't tell. I have no idea what to do with this pig thing, the red button or anything. To be honest I find it so confusing I'm prepared to rage quit but curious to see the rest of the game. Why the hell doesn't this have a tutorial thing or something???


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