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Eye for Design

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Eye for Design

JohnBDecorating your home is loads of fun. Assuming you have a huge budget, unlimited resources, and all the time in the world. Sandlot's new casual game Eye for Design drops you into the interior design chair with near total control over the inside of each house. You play Halle, the top grad from a prestigious design school in Paris, working with clients looking to spruce up their abodes. Choose and arrange nearly every element in each room to make the customer happy and earn respect in the interior design world.

eyefordesign.jpgAt the outset Halle gets simple decorating jobs that involve little more than dropping a few pieces of furniture and calling it a day. Your goals for each room are listed to the left, furniture inventory at the bottom, and an isometric view of the room fills the rest of the screen. Simply drag and drop items onto the floor. Most rooms display helpful guide marks to show you where the furniture can be placed. You earn points for fulfilling listed goals and bonus points for completing "secret goals" and hitting color combinations with your selections.

Each job usually consists of several rooms in a home, and groups of homes create a neighborhood. As you progress through the stages you move on to bigger and posher areas where the customers' tastes are bigger, more expensive, and more difficult to satisfy.

eyefordesign2.jpgAnalysis: Eye for Design takes itself a lot less seriously than Home Sweet Home, dropping the concept of a budget, loosening the design guidelines, and foregoing the arcade-style building sequences entirely. Instead, what we get is a super-stylish game that focuses on simple goals and color coordination. Sure, you won't get points deducted if you cover that beautiful painting with a lamp, but if we wanted stringent decorating rules, we'd try moving furniture at aunt Agatha's house.

A drawback to this freer approach is a game that is lighter on actual design and heavier on furniture placement. At times you'll feel more like you're playing a warped version of Tetris trying to pack furniture in limited spaces within the room's four walls.

The best thing going for Eye for Design is its presentation, which has more attitude than you might expect. The visuals are good, the interface works well, and the game is as enjoyable as any casual game should be. Walk in expecting only a minimal amount of actual design and you'll walk away a very happy gamer.

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Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Here is a complete walkthrough with screenshots and Secret Goals. I don't have the Secret Goal for all levels. If anyone has the missing ones, post them here and I'll add them to the walkthrough. Also, please post here if you find any errors and I'll correct them.

Levels 1.1 to 1.4

Levels 2.1 to 2.8

Level 2.1 - Mr. Masters

Level 2.2 - Paper Boy

Paper Boy Secret Goal -


Paper Boy Master Bedroom -

Level 2.3 - Peter Isaacs

Level 2.4 - Funhouse Kid

Level 2.5 - Billy Lee and Bobby Jim

Billy Lee and Bobby Jim Secret Goal -

2 pictures in living room; 2 mirrors in bedroom

Living Room -

Bedroom -

Level 2.6 - Hickmann Family

Level 2.7 - Murdock

Level 2.8 - Monster Family

Levels 3.1 to 3.8

Level 3.1 - Monsieur Anders

Level 3.2 - Madame Frick

Level 3.3 - Likes the Cabinet Maker

Level 3.4 - Mademoiselle Pruitt

Level 3.5 - Ahna

Level 3.6 - August Pace

Level 3.7 - Madame Cline

Level 3.8 - Harris Pilton

Levels 4.1 to 4.8

Level 4.1 - Claire

Level 4.2 - Sharon

Level 4.3 - Lilly

Level 4.4 - Amy

Level 4.5 - Erma

Level 4.6 - Maximilian

Level 4.7 - Bennett

Level 4.8 - Von Stratten

Levels 5.1 to 5.8

Level 5.1 - Jacki Carerac

Level 5.2 - Ronnie Victor

Level 5.3 - Ford

Level 5.4 - Cowboy

Level 5.5 - Welches

Level 5.6 - Six Children

Secret Goal -

Minimal moves and move quickly; ignore optional items in Sanity's retreat. Note: The secret goal won't show up as accomplished on the roomn screen, but it will show up on the summary that comes next.

Bedroom -

Sanity Retreat -

Study Room -

Level 5.7 - Gracie

Level 5.8 - Takashi Yamoto

Levels 6.1 to 6.10

Level 6.1 - Mason

Level 6.2 - Bert Renoir

Level 6.3 - Mu Omega Omega

Level 6.4 - Maxine and Colin Kent

Level 6.5 - Hint, Tip, Lead

Level 6.6 Madhouse

Level 6.7 - Mademoiselle McNeil

Level 6.8 - Blossom Rainwater

Level 6.9 - Afraid of the Dark

Level 6.10 - Oswald's House

Level 7.1 - Schmedley

Level 8.1 - Super Granny

Level 9.1 - River and Raindrop Flower

Level 10.1 - The Mad Russian

Level 11.1 - Jill Evans' Bakery


smjjames May 10, 2008 2:13 AM

I already downloaded this a while ago.

I'm stuck atm with swarley

it's the pirate themed house, the last one for the level it's on

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong or there is a bug because I've arranged the available stuff all over but I'm missing at least one part every time. It's usually one of the counters or the parts that go towards the

color goal

, and I'm extremely stuck with no idea as to what to do.

I've been working on this for hours, although the previous rooms weren't too bad, once you found the right places for the pieces.


I wasn't overly impressed with the game.. (was one of the beta testers..) it was fun.. but I got bored pretty easily.. The visuals are nice though..


I've tried this, the graphics are nice, but I really don't see the attraction. It's like a rip-off of the Sims 2 portion of the game where you buy and place things for your house... only there it kinda has a purpose and it's really a tiny portion of the game experience, while here it's, well, the whole game.

Lauren O'Malley May 10, 2008 2:33 PM

I'm also stuck on the last level of Swarley, has anyone managed to do it? I could really use some help.


People thinking about buying this should try the Home Sweet Home demo first. Unless you absolutely hate the arcade levels in that one (or you're actually looking for a furniture-themed tangram puzzle), it's an all-around better game.

smjjames May 10, 2008 3:59 PM

no it was the previous one, and I found the answers to that on the sandlot community forums and the one you have a pic for.

Now I'm stuck on the guy who is having trouble staying awake (I forget the name, but it's the one Armand calls a cowboy), the second room I think.

Also I couldn't find the secret goal for a few others on that level.


I cant find the secret of the second room of Mon canard the cowboy items lover?

smjjames May 10, 2008 9:31 PM

well, look at the word cow. At first I thought it was the hat, but then I figured it out.

It's the cow-print style furniture.


Anyone figured out how to get the Secret Score in Jacki Courack's house? I've tried every combo I can think of.



Help...i`m stuck at the 4`th level of swarley...the one with the kitchen...please help me... !! Kiss


I can't figure out the final room of the colour room place. The first two took me hours and however many combos I try on the final room, I just can't get it. The house I'm talking about is in the final town, bottom left house on the street and its the guy that fired his designer! Someone please help!


Jackie Carerac secret:

Just finish in the fewest amount of moves you can.



am stuck on the pruitt kitchen level every time i am left with something over been trying for ages now


stuck on the musical chairs room help


I`m stuck at the 3'th level of monsieur takashi yamoto....the one with the kitchen !! :(((( who could help me??Thanx :X:X kiss


I can't figure out the last room with all the crazy colors...it's the kitchen of hope and wonder...I'm missing one piece. Trying for hours now!!


i'm also stuck on the level kitchen of land and wonder.Help,Help,Help!

redgirl214 May 26, 2008 10:41 AM

I am stuck in the yoga instructor's house on the last board (the living room) no matter how i try i cannot get everything in the room. can any one help Pleeezzz?
oh yeah it's 6.8


I'm stuck on the house with the guy whos wife is moving in (Can't remember the exact level number).

I'm stuck on the kitchen. I've tried everything! This is with the secret

of having one piece of old furniture.

Help please! I hope you get which level I mean..


i'm stuck on harris pilton's industrial kitchen. i can get everything in but one lone piece! Help!


can someone tell me how to do the claire house in the where the magic happens room?


I'm also stuck on the kitchen of hope and wonder (the one with all the colours) I think it's on level 6.6. Help, I've been working on it for hours!

Anonymous May 27, 2008 1:11 AM

Please help I am having kitchen trouble

it is the last kitchen on the bonus level of the baker lady the one where the extra hill comes up

The complete graphical walk through will not work, I can't get in to it. Will someone please help me understand how

I can fit the eight colored pieces with all the other furniture? I can only seem to fit six.


does anybody know how to do the 2nd room in the creepy family?
(im stuck there)


secret - The 2nd room of the creepy house:

Three chairs next to each other on the front, left wall. Buffet on the wall next to the wooden door with a lamp on each side. Table and chairs between the buffet and chairs, front right. Clock on back wall (with the open doorway) with china cabinet on each side.

hope this helps!

miranda June 16, 2008 9:06 PM

Can anyone help me with the room in the captians house where all the crates are i have been trying for about 2 weeks and still can't get everything to fit..help me please..


Miranda - Can you tell me the number of the level and house? I'm not sure which one you're talking about...


I'm stuck on the musical chairs room...please help


Tara - is this the one you're talking about?

On the wall to the left, put 2 office shelves, a clock, then 2 more office shelves.

In front of those, 6 chairs, then 2 end tables right behind them.
Next row, 6 more chairs.
Last row, 2 couches, end table, 2 more couches.

Hope this helps!


I'm stuck on Mr Pilton's office. need help!

Anonymous July 2, 2008 8:10 AM

Can anyone help with level 4.1? The girls home theater?


JIGuest - You mean the first room in 4.1?

Two TVs on the NW wall, two couches facing them in the middle of the room. Two more couches next to the TVs (on the adjacent walls), facing each other, with chairs next to them. One chair each in the south and east corners. Each has an end table in front of it, and next to it.

Hope this makes sense...


I am stuck on capitaine swarly von stratten's pirate house the first room i cannot figure out how to get everything in the room and get 4 sea green items in im stuck at only getting 3 can any one please help me :D

Anonymous July 6, 2008 1:07 PM

ok so, i'm stuck in 5.1 i think... the second room, i don't know, it doesen't seem to make sense


Okay, so i need help on the Pilton guys living room...help anyone? :]

Anonymous July 7, 2008 3:18 PM

Help with kitchen of hope and wonder PLEASE.

helpeeez July 7, 2008 3:26 PM

has anybody got past the Pilton Industrial Sized Kitchen? Do you have an answer or if you have just solved it let me know so I know it can be done??


I believe the kitchen of hope and wonder is

Far wall starting from left: microwave, oven, bakers rack, sink, sideboard, fridge.

Center: 2 tables and 6 chairs behind them (between the tables and the appliances). Two chairs on each side of the tables, then 6 vases lined up in front.

Does this help?


Helpeeez - for the Pilton industrial sized kitchen,

Starting from the left:

Bakers rack, oven, oven, cooktop, cooktop, Buffet, buffet, buffet, fridge, fridge. In the middle of the room put 4 islands.

Let me know if this works for you!


-mademoiselle pruitt's house
3rd neighbor hood or level
4th house on the left

-im stuck on the kitchen (2nd room)

-i've tried every arrangement i can think of, and still i cannot fit all of the items into the room



Thatswhatshesaid - Is this the right one?

From left to right: counter, sink, counter, stove, counter, counter, pantry, fridge. In the center, breakfast bar.

Hope this helps!


hi i'm stuck at a jamaican looking guys house he don't say which furniture he likes to have in his house, he only tells you which colors (4greens,4pinks,4purples,4yellows,...) 24 colors in total i think anyway it's the second third level i think with the kitchen furnitures i just can't do it i tried everything does anybody have a picture of it for how to do it??


Selena - Can you tell me what neighborhood and house it is you're stuck on?


my Name is Cariona, I am on the pirate ship house captain swarley. i'm having trouble arranging the room and get four sea green items in there, does anyone know how to arrange the room correctly?


btw for captain swarly its the forth neighborhood last house


Am stuck on the first level of the girl who likes to look at herself in the mirror. Help?

Also, anyone know why the Graphical Walkthrough isn't working?


I am also stuk on Yoga instructors living romm. PLease help!!!!


Yes i'm Stuck On mr. Yamoto basment can anyone PLEASE.. help me thank you .


Tonya - Is this the level you're talking about?

Starting at the far left - shelf, fridge, shelf, fridge and a shelf. Continuing clockwise, two desks with stools in front of them. Couch, table and couch with another table in front of the couches. In the front corner, a table with a couch on each side and another table in front of the couches. The meeting table went in the remaining spot.


Janet - For yoga instructor's living room,

Starting at the door, two couches, clock, two chairs, two couches, two sideboards, then two chairs. In the center of the room put two end tables and two red rugs.

Heather July 17, 2008 1:19 PM

Ok, completely stumped on the "Where the Magic Happens" level (bedroom for girl who looks at herself in mirrors). Help?


Heather - for Where the Magic Happens:

From left to right on the back wall, couch, night stand, shelf, shelf, shelf. From left to right on the front wall, couch, couch, couch, night stand, shelf. One table for each set of couches. Two beds in the middle between the shelves. Three mirrors, and a rug in the remaining floor space.

Hope this makes sense.


yes thats it thank you soooo much that helps a bunch i couldnt figure it out lol

Heather July 17, 2008 5:29 PM

That was a huge help. Thanks, Eileen!


Eilleen : Thank you iwas able to get past the basment thank's to you.Now I'm stuck on the last room of Monsieur Takashi Yamoto's house It Is the Room : (Kitchen from year 2000)
Thank you for all of your help....


ok now I am past all of that 7 in A new neighborhood. stuck in the 1 st house the room is called: Mom & Dads room PLEASE..HELP..


does anyone know anything about
"maxine & colin kent"? i'm stuck in the colosseum kitchen



Maxine & Colin kent - colosseum kitchen

The kitchen is set up as two L shapes. From left Fridge, Pantry, Baker. in front of baker Stove top, sideboard, sink, sideboard. Duplicate this the other side. secret is a clock i think

Hope this helps/makes sense


I'm having trouble placing everything in the Forward Hold/Living Room. Has anyone gotten past this room that can help?


Hi, even if i completed the 2nd room in the Crrepy House, it doesnt let me go on, all furniture in the right places no spot left. anyone can help? Score at 678 (and all paintings on the walls)


Hi Rox,

I cant remember that special level, but made the same expierence with some levels.

Try to play around with colors, maybe only one, or you need two colors or something like this

Greetings, Kayleigh

Heather July 19, 2008 3:02 PM

Well, now I'm stuck on the studio apartment level...hints?


hi Kayleigh,
it was like that. I went on in changing colors...now i am stucked on the banquet hall of the "mirror girl". I ll see how much time i ll need to go through this level :-)

Heather July 19, 2008 7:51 PM


Going around the wall from left to right: sideboard, sideboard, sideboard, clock (in the corner), end table, chair, china cabinet, chair, end table. The four tables go in the remaining spaces in the middle. Add a few mirrors and you should be set.

Let me know if that works-- I'm working from memory right now. :)


I'm stuck on 6.6. That's the musicl chairs room. I can't seem to get the last 2 pieces to fit in. Anyone have a solution?


I Want to thank everyone that has helped me.
To so how greatful I'm I would like to let everyone know that I'm working on a Full walkthrough that I will post for everyone ..But first I have to finish the game I'm almost there ....Yah..Yah..


Thanks for the tips. I need some help, please!!
I am stuck in the Forward Hold/Living Room (the captain guy)


I am stuck in the kitchen of the Russian home, I'm always one item short, if anyone has gotten here, help would be greatly appreciated!


I'm stuck on 6.7 ( Mood: Angry & Irritated )
can any one PLEASE HELP.... As soon as I get through with all of the game i'll post a complete Walkthrough working on it now but need to finish the game ...


Here is a walkthrough that works.
I'm still adding more to it as I get further along in the game.This is on my personal web page. And yes it does work


[Edit 8/25/08: Tonya's personal website with photos of the rooms is no longer available. -Pam]


I'm stuck on the guy who thinks zombies are going to attack...the room is called bunker down. I can't get the secret. Please Help!! Thank You.


There is a link right above you to my personal web page that has photo of all most all of the rooms.. I'll add more as i get futher in the game.


Anyone know the secret goal for (both in Sutter's Mill)

-- the woman with 6 children
-- the female poet

Also, I've figured out that the secret goal for the woman decorating for the holidays is

adding an extra chair to the room

but I can't figure out how to do it for the second room (converting living room to dining room). Ideas?


Ok, hit a stumbling block-- completely stuck on the Musical Chairs level (1st room). Help!


can someone please help me with lord schmedly's 1st room can seem to fi it all.....

VoguePose July 23, 2008 9:46 AM

i am stuck on The Bakery, Where she has to have a kitchen in every room. Please help


Can anyone help me? I'm stuck in the kitchen of maximilan on lvl 4. it's really bugging me that i cant do this. Please help if you can.

Makrone July 26, 2008 8:36 AM

Just finished the game with a platinum trophy for all rooms. I can help, but need description of characters and rooms; the gallery only has names for the "towns". Also, the final house of every town does not show up in the gallery for some reson.

Danette July 28, 2008 9:40 AM

To Makrone, if you have finished the game, could you help me? On the last house which is the player's house, is anything suppose to happen. I've done all the houses, gotten Gold on some of them. Do I need to go back and get Platinum on all of them before the game ends? If you could help me I would appreciate it. I don't know if I need to do anything else or not. When I do the last room in my house, nothing happens, no credits or anything so I'm not sure if that's the end of the game or not. Thanks for your help.


Yes Please help me i'm stuck on the house after super granny : River & Flower Raindrop
The 3rd room " living room " can you help me?
Thank You.

Makrone July 28, 2008 5:05 PM

As far as I know, nothing happens after you finish the rooms in your own house. I haven't done them, so I'm not sure.

I'm guessing you're on the "summer of 69". From left corner clockwise I have:

shelf, cabinet, chair, table, chair, lamp, chair, table, chair, cabinet, shelf, lamp, sofa, table, sofa, lamp, sofa, table, sofa, lamp. I have two rugs in the middle. Maybe you already know, but their secret is four light greens.


Thank you so much. You have helped me a great deal..


To Ashley:

This may be too late, but here's a screenshot of Maximilian's kitchen.


On the left wall, put refrigerator, counter, sink, counter, counter. On the right wall, counter, stove. Breakfast table in the middle. The secret on this level is to leave a piece of the old furniture.

Danette July 29, 2008 5:28 AM

Thanks Makrone for your help. I wasn't sure if something else was to happen or not. The game was fun if not challenging at times. Again Thanks for your help.


stuck on jill evans the baker lady room:3
the room is called:
"grans & grampas room "can anyone please help me?
thank you

Makrone July 29, 2008 8:51 AM


From left: clock, nightstand, bed, nightstand, counter, counter, sink, counter, cooktop, counter, oven. Sideboard in front of bed, desk in front of sideboard, chair by desk. Cabinets on each side of desk.

By the way, thanks for your walkthrough, it was a lot of help.


thanks that was what i needed. & you are welcome i was begining to wander it anyone was useing it i have it so that you can leave messages & so far noone has let anything. took me along time to make glad to know that some is getting use of it.


help with jill eveans personal kitchen. Always seem to have one that won't fit. Help please!.

Makrone July 29, 2008 9:16 PM

Jills personal kitchen:

From left: pantry x 4, clock, oven, oven, counter, sink, sink, freezer, fridge. The table and chairs go in the only now possible space, then the island and the stool.

Your walkthrough in the only decent one I've seen out there, I'm quite sure many people have been using it. So I hope you'll finish it!


Hi Tonya,

I've been using your walkthrough and am on the Mr. Cerulean in the Hall level. I tried what you have on your walkthrough without any extra steps and still cannot get platinum. I tried the level after that too and it does not work. I can only get gold. Am I doing something wrong or do you think I might have a bug?

Thank you for all your help


i finished the game with all platinum if anyone needs help ask!

bansheemourning August 9, 2008 1:57 PM

for carrie i'm stuck on the mad russian lev 2 the bedroom. ia there i have all the required items in, but it wont go the next room.please help

PenguinGirl August 15, 2008 12:32 AM

Carrie: (Or any other very helpful person out there :) )

I'm so close to finishing with all platinum. I just cant understand how to get platinum in Oxbow Bend, the old lady's house. Can you help me please?

anonymous August 15, 2008 9:58 PM

how do you beat the last room in Jill's bakery, not the bonus room, the last room before the bonus room?

PenguinGirl August 16, 2008 12:39 PM

Can anyone help me on Marceline? I think it's 4.3, You have to do the professor's lab. I can get all items in except the secret (I know what it is, it just won't fit). I've rearranged all the furniture so many times and I'm getting frustrated!


To PenguinGirl:

Here is a screenshot of level 4.3 professor's lab.



Woo hoo! Thank you. That was it!!
Got all platinums so far.


Many thanks, Lindsey. I've updated the walkthrough.



For level 6.1 the secret goal is blue items (bed in parent's bed room, rug in boy's room, 4 pieces of furniture in kitchen).

[Edit: Thanks! I've added this to the walkthrough. -Pam]

mrpeepers October 2, 2008 12:46 PM

I've tried to download the walkthrough for EFD, but it won't download. How do i do this?


To Mrpeepers:

The walkthrough is at the very top of the comments. You don't have to download it. Just click on the spoiler for the level you need help with.

Player 18 October 5, 2008 1:52 AM

How do I get the platinum on Peter Isaacs' 3rd room? (it's the extra room you get after completing the first 2 bedrooms: a kitchen)


Level 5.2 - Ronnie Victor

Your picture for the office is wrong because you put the same picture for the living room.


To darche:

Thank you. The walkthrough has been corrected.


To Player 18:

I believe you are referring to one of the Bonus Rooms. They don't get scores and don't count toward your trophy. They are just for fun.

Anonymous October 5, 2008 5:22 PM

I can't figure out how to get platinum on super granny's kitchen. I know you are supposed to put in an extra chair, but there doesn't seem to be anyplace to put it. Does anyone know?

Player 18 October 5, 2008 5:41 PM

I know they are optional, but I have platinum on both of the bedrooms, yet my overall trophy is gold (which is what I got in the bonus room).


To Player 18:

If you skip the Bonus Room, you'll probably have a platinum trophy for the level. I'm still not sure how you are getting a trophy at all for a Bonus Room. On my game, nothing happens at all no matter what I put in the Bonus Room.


I think for level 2.5 in the bedroom is having all the horn objects. Like the bed, side table and mirror. I did that and got the secret goal message to pop up


Hi everyone, I just finish all the game but i'm stuk with gold in two room. I'm not able to get platinum in 5.7 living room to dining and in 2.5 the bedroom. Can someone help me? Thanks!


To MaM:

Did you try the walkthrough at the top of this page?


Dear Pam, The bedroom in the 2.5 level is not in the walkthrough. I've try all the object with the horn and it simply won't work!
Thanks for your help

Player 18 October 9, 2008 2:53 PM

Dear MaM, here is 2.5 bedroom -

Left wall: Green cow nightstand, White bed w/ horns & quilt w/ squares, Green cow nightstand.
In front of bed: White cow sideboard.
Right Wall: White cow print closet.
On Walls: 3 pictures and 2 mirrors, (the secret goal in the bedroom is the mirrors).

Post any other rooms you are stuck on that are not in the walk through and I can try to help you.


To MaM:

I'm sorry about the missing screenshot. It has been added to the walkthrough. I also updated the spoiler for the Secret Goal on that level.


May I make a correction to one of the Secret Goals?

Level 5.2 Ronnie and Victor... the two brothers who like Red and Blue

Secret Goal

What do you get if you mix red and blue?


I was going through the walkthroughs and thought I would let you know the secret goal for 1.4 is 2 or 3 red items. And the secret goal for the trailer guy is the blue sideboard with the horns on it in each room. Still having trouble getting platinum with old Ms.Frick but I'll keep trying.


I am stuck on 5.1 with jackie carerack i am on the level titled bedroom but I cant get higher than silver.


I tried the screen shot for level 5.1 the bedroom but it would only get me silver I am no sure why.


Sorry RachelT.

I wasn't able to get all of the secret goals, so some levels aren't gold or platinum. But the screenshots will get you out of the room to continue the game.


Found the way to get platinum for the bedroom on the Jackie level.

[Edit: Ashlee, you don't need spoiler tags on a screenshot link, but the link itself seems to be bad. -Pam]


Has anyone managed to get platinum on Super Granny's Kitchen? There doesn't seem to be room for that extra chair.


How do you get platinum in 5.1 (Jacki)?


I have a screenshot of level 5.4 Cowboy - office (i noticed you didnt have that one on your website yet) so if your interested let me know and ill mail it to you. Its with the secret goal.



Hi Debby!

I meant to add the office screenshot to the walkthrough and then forgot! Yikes! Thanks for the reminder. It should be up now.


I cant get platinum on the kitchen for 5.5 can any one help


I figured it out


I found the secret goal for 3.2 (Madame Frick)

It says she lives alone, so every piece of furniture must stand alone. They can't match at all. Meaning everything must be in different designs and colors. That will give you platinum.


To Alec:

I tried your suggestion for 3.2 Frick, but I can't get it give me the secret goal. Do you have a screenshot?


To Pam,
Not at the moment.
But what I did was

I just took every piece of furniture in different shapes and different colors.

I'll make a screen shot of all the rooms in a sec :)

SomebodysBaby November 11, 2008 11:14 AM

level 5.1 Secret goal

is minimal moves. Once placed, don't move anything and change as few colors to make the room look right as possible.

Following the spoiler guideline I got all platinums on Jackie's house

serenhybrid November 18, 2008 7:42 PM

I finally worked out Mrs Frick's secret! I was trying other suggestions, but nothing was working...

You have to put the items in the room in reverse order. E.G. If the goals list is Night Stand, Wardrobe, Bed you should place the bed first, then the wardrobe etc. It doesn't matter about the colours or styles, but you do have to use the fewest moves.

It's worked for every level, so I hope it's the same for everyone! Good luck.

[Edit: The bad news is that this isn't the correct secret goal. The good news is that I finally figured it out! I will update the walkthrough momentarily. -Pam]


Thanks to everyone who took a shot at figuring out Madame Frick's Secret Goal. I tested all of the suggestions, but they just didn't work.

However, I was finally able to figure it out and I have updated the walkthrough with new screenshots and the real true Secret Goal. I got all platinum when I did it.

Madame Frick's Secret Goal is (*drum roll*)...

Don't put anything on the walls.


5.5, the kitchen for the couple that likes old and new? Does anyone have a platinum solution for it? I can get to gold, especially thanks to PAM'S SCREENSHOTS!, but I can't see anyway to add one more piece of furniture to get platinum.


Nevermind on 5.5 kitchen--

For platinum:

Beginning from left and going clockwise-- Microwave, Refrigerator, Sideboard, Oven; next wall-- Sideboard, Sink, Sideboard, Baker. The Breakfast bar stands in the center of the room.


Platinum 6.7 I think.

It seems to be fewest moves. I had trouble with the Emo room so I checked the screenshot and copied it. When I did it in eight moves (eight pieces of furniture), I got the platinum.

Anonymous December 1, 2008 1:42 PM

To get platinium at level 6.7 - Mademoiselle McNeil, just do it with the less moves possible.

Thanks for the walkthrough, I enjoy going mad and try to figure them out by myself, but I come here when I am about to throw my laptop through the window :)



for the second bedroom under blossom rainwater the secret goal is a blue rug


Secret goals for

Level 2.2

3 pictures

Level 5.1

minimum amount of moves

Level 6.2

minimum amount of moves

Level 6.7

minimum amount of moves


hey Pam, the secret for 2.2 paper boy is 3 pictures


For Ronnie and Victor's rooms in 5.2

Put a purple rug under each brother's bed. You have to have something purple on each side (since they don't like sharing) to get the secret bonus



I can't design the room for mademoiselle Gracie. She needs a bed and 3 old things.

How can I design?
Please help with a picture...

[Edit: Check the walkthrough at the top of the comments. Pictures for all solved rooms are listed there. -Pam]


I have found the platinum solution for 5.5

Instead of having the bench between the two red couches, move it to the bottom right corner of the room and then put the old chair between the two red couches instead


For real platinum with Frick granny you should put furniture at right places without moving them after. I've replayed every level (sometimes twice or triple) because any replacement turns room to gold status. It's not a problem of secret goal, it's an overall problem of granny I think.))
Sorry for typos,I'm rus.


This Game is Great, I'm Loving the puzzle challenges. Only Problem is, I'm great at puzzles. I only got stuck once, on level 6.7 trying to find the secret goal. So I came on here, but it was listed as unknown.. Well I figured it out!!

only put one item from the accessories on the wall


I'm not sure if anyone has already posted this or not, butt I believe the secret for level 5.1 is a brown piece of furniture. Seems to work every time.


I think I know what the spoiler is for 6.2

do it all in as little moves as possible. also try placing the clocks first.

Danielle March 19, 2009 3:17 AM

here's the platinum living room version of 5.5 the one you have doesn't have the secret item/s in it

taktoooka April 8, 2009 8:46 AM

Thanks very much for this useful information.

About 8.1 granny's kitchen
We have to put 1 extra chair for the cat in each room, so I did the arrangment for the kitchen to gain the secret goal, but I don't know how I can upload the pic.

Can you help me please?

[Edit: We do not currently have the ability for visitors to upload images directly to the JIG site. You would need to upload the image to an outside image hosting service such as Photobucket, then paste the URL of the uploaded image here in the comments section. -Pam]

taktoooka April 8, 2009 12:23 PM

Ok, thank you Pam.
here is the link for 8.1 granny's kitchen secret goal

[Thank you! I've added your image to the walkthrough. -Pam]


Level 3.2 - Madame Frick
Her secret goal isn't just nothing on the walls, it's NO accessories at all including rugs.


I need help. I'm stuck at re-education center, something like that..in the 6th neighbourhood, the 6th house. It is the one with all those colors.


level 3.4 mademoiselle pruitt's secret goal!

to reach it you have to use the purple furniture... 4 items or more...
that's the solution!

and btw: thx sooooo much for this walkthrough!!

RazorbladeAngel May 9, 2009 3:51 AM

Level 3.4: Mademoiselle Pruitt's Secret Goal!
To reach it, you have to use the purple furniture! 4 items or more!
That's the solution!

BTW: thx sooooooooooo much 4 the walkthrough!!


RazorbladeAngel May 9, 2009 5:09 AM

Could anyone tell me, how to reach the secret goal for Harris Pilton in 3.8?
It's making me so aggressive... I want to see Platinum, but it's always Gold...

RazorbladeAngel May 9, 2009 10:20 AM

Well, it's me again...
Somehow I reached the Secret Goal for level 3.8, that one with Harris Pilton!

You have to use 4 yellow items (or more)!

RazorbladeAngel May 10, 2009 10:59 AM

Maybe I found the solution for the Secret Goal in 4.4...
I'm not sure, but you could try it... Oh and sorry for my English... Sometimes it's horrible...

you need to have 2 or more items which have the same colour like the wall

Anonymous July 1, 2009 7:54 PM

I think the secret goal for 5.2 is

one purple thing

Tiffany July 8, 2009 1:36 AM

The secret goal for the Paper Boy level is to have the pictures that look like a couple kissing. His notes say something about his parents' anniversary and using these rather than the ones you have in your pic made my secret goal words pop up.


level 5.5 livingroom

at the livingroom, you need to put the old loveseat behind the sofa and the old chair between the sofas to get a platinum score

larie ling July 21, 2009 5:17 PM

I love this site!!

The only problem so far is the 4.3 level for the professor's lab will not come up, I get a broken connection message. Is this a temporary thing?



for level 6.2 I'm pretty sure the secret goal is finish in the least amount of steps/really quickly.

Kristy Uttaro September 1, 2009 10:00 PM

I just wanted to say that this site has been very helpful! Also, the secret goal for Jacki Carerac is to get the rooms finished in as few moves as possible.


kiath i do what you do. I check here because the game makes me mad when i cant do it.



madame frick use half the allowed moves plus the nothing on the walls thing to get the secret score


Level 5.5 (Welches) Kitchen Platinum Solution

Starting in the left corner along the wall:
microwave, refrigerator, sideboard, stove
Turn corner:
sideboard, sink, sideboard, baker's rack

Breakfast bar goes in the middle. That meets the secret goal of keeping two old pieces of furniture.

Samantha May 11, 2010 11:28 PM

I think Jackie Careracs secret goal is each item should come in a color pair. It doesn't notify you but it will give you points. For her I did not accessorize unless she specifically asked for it. All items came in color pairs. If I had six Items I had three color pairs. I got all platinum's for her following these guidelines. I hope this helps

Michele July 6, 2010 1:11 AM

For Dooms Kitchen if you put the stove in front of the hutch then the bakers rack next to it then the sink you can place one buffet against the wall then one across from it and that way you will be able to use all the furniture listed and can gain more point's.

Michele July 6, 2010 1:38 AM

madame fricks secret goal is 2 of some color doesn't matter as long you have 2 matching pieces of furniture for example 2 blue chairs & 2 purple couches in the livingroom or something like that if more than 3 pieces of furniture there must be 2 different sets of colors only 1 set of color in just a 3 piece room she likes matching furniture but only in pairs.


5.1 to 5.8
i've got one more secret goal of Jack carerac

: you have to take the brown double bed and color it in this yellow-green
the nightstand are right, but they have to be colored in the same color like the bed.

the wardrobes are right too,but you have to color the left one in "yellow-green" and the other bed is okay but the nightstand have to be colored in red!
I put the walllamp over the red bed and colored it red too.
i hope you can understand it, because i'm from germany ^^


I didn't read all 4 pages of the comments, but I noticed that the secret goal for level 5.1 is unknown. I got platinum on this level after finding the secret goal on another website. To get platinum on 5.1 you have to place all the items in the room in one try..no moving stuff around, so you may have to repeat the level a couple times. But again, to get platinum on level 5.1, just place all the items in one try.

[Thanks, Brandy. I've updated the walkthrough. -Jay]

George T SLC August 31, 2010 12:31 AM

Level 1.4 Secret Goal

It's not just what was mentioned in the walkthrough above (FAR above), the

Shelf TV.

I didn't get "Secret Goal Completed until I placed the


I don't know why, but that's the way it worked for me.

Anonymous November 1, 2010 6:49 PM

I am stuck on 3.3 at the kitchen. How do i get platinum on it? I know the secret goal is to add an extra cabinet, but there it no room? Help!


Level 6.2 - Bert Renoir

i think the secret goal is to do it really fast and not to add extras.i'm not sure but i got platinum from going fast twice.


The secret goal for level 6.7 is to complete each room as fast as possible.


Thanks for all the tips and hints! I'm not able to get any pics to load starting from 3.1 and on though. Maybe it's just my pc.

[All the screenshots are there and loading for me. Try reloading the page. If that doesn't work, perhaps your PC is low on memory? -Jay]


hello,I am stuck on level 4.8(Von Stratten)on the Crew's Cabin.I can see 3 greens and you need 4 to pass the level.


Platinum on 5.7 Gracie

An Extra Chair


I am stuck on the kitchen 3.3 with the guy who likes cabinets...I arranged everything just like the spoiler image, get a higher score, but do not get the secret and only a silver rating...lost...thx


the secret goal on level 6.2 is to do things in one try only.


Level 6.2 (Bert Reinor)
His secret goal is minimal moves which means no extra decor. He only wants the necessities.

Michele Smith July 4, 2011 10:20 AM

The level 6-1 if you do the bonus room and use the secret goal for it too it will give you a platinum trophy I think some of the levels require you to do the bonus room if you want the level to be platinum

Michele Smith July 19, 2011 9:09 PM

6-7 Madame McNeil to get platinum you have to be fast hint is in the description when she asks if they are done.


Well, it really helps me a lot, but one room is missing... When I click on the link of professor's lab, there's no picture... so, I'm stuck and I can't find a way out... Does anyone knows the solution? Please, if you do, can you tell me?

Thanks a lot, Mony.


I found the secret goal for the paperboy level 2.2

Hang at least 3 pictures on the wall in the bedroom.

gcsdragon July 17, 2012 6:33 PM

Spoiler for 3.8 is green items.


Please , I need help , Level 5.8 - Takashi Yamoto , just want to know the secret goal for it , i can get only silver or even gold , but i need to get platinum , if there is any one can help will be very thankful for you .
Note : the screenshoot here give only silver .


Thanks for this amazing walkthrough!

I found one of the secrets that you have not found yet in your walkthrough.
It is the secret condition for level 2.2 (Paperboy).
It is in the spoiler tag below.

Level 2.2 secret: place 3 (three) paintings on the wall.


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