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ProfessorZ89 October 26, 2006 6:22 PM



Why in "latin"? And now I'm going to spend hours working on the first bit. Good thing I was bored.


Pretty creepy!

I usually suck at this kind of game. I'm surprised I finished it without help.


It's lorem ipsum


"Some now donibh , first principle life notvolutpat eget , a race clicknec , was. Pellentesque thisodio equity feugiat iftempus , according to reason transitory youeuismod nibh. For areurna dui , a thrower tooid , dust volutpat youngfermentum bed. Up to the time when region skirmish when havearcu always condimentum , era. Sickness fringilla weakmassa or ninth stomachvolutpat."

well ain't that lovely.


I solved the word puzzle, but there was no reaction at first.

Then after I went back to page again, it did change

and went to the creepy point and click - which took quite some time (I thought the credits were for the word game).

Btw, the words at the top of this page are not latin, it's in code.

Happy Halloween!


*chews on mouse cord*

I like word puzzles, so I don't like that I have no idea if I'm anywhere near being right with the word puzzle. Can anyone give me a hint at all? Pretty please?


To get through the word puzzle:

The solution is a latin word

If you were dead, where might you be?

This should be clear from the mood, but if you don't like horrific visuals, skip this game!


Yes, the game (beyond the word game 'intro') was created by Ben Leffler, author of Exmortis and Exmortis 2. If either of those games were a bit much for you, then you should probably skip this one, too.

However, by completing the word game you do get a spiffy new stylesheet, so you might want to play through that anyway. =)


Thank You! I felt dumb once I got it. Very, very dumb.


If you mouse over with a mac the hover explain has a hint to what it says


Hmm, I don't mind stuff that looks nasty, but I really really can't cope with things that jump out - I get nervous for a while afterwards - so would someone be able to say (in spoiler tags if need be!) whether the "horrific visuals" are just static pictures or are gonna leap out screaming at me?

Thanks :o)


I can't believe it - I've got two years of college Latin under my belt - but the word puzzle has got me lost. I know it's some form of

purgatory, like purgatim or something, but no matter which permutation of letters I try to that effect...nothing happens.

Can someone please spell it out for me?




Sorry, I couldn't resist. =) No, you might be better off not playing this one if you get bothered by jumpy things. There is one scare like that in this game.


Hi Jay and gamers :)

First of all, I want to thank you for making my brain wake up every day. I love having coffee in front of my computer and play a game so that my mind starts to work. I think I'm more addicted to Jay is Games than caffeine :P

Having said that, I have absolutely no clue on what to do here. Any more hints will be greatly appreciated.

Happy Halloween to all


This was neat :) I have to admit that I turned the sound down to avoid getting scared by whatever was going to jump out. Luckily, there are less scary things to see here, too. Unlocking the stylesheet was a nice touch.


After you have spelled the word correctly, you have to click on it to get onto the next part.


No further clicking is necessary if you have all the letters in the correct position.


Ok, so i figured it out... here's a hint:

you need to use some of the letters twice somehow

...and then the letters faded away, and the screen went black for a second and then flashed white, then it just brought me back to the beginning with the tiles scrambled... where's this scary stuff and new stylesheet?

Marka Ragnos October 26, 2006 9:27 PM

I know what the word is, I just can't get the dumb thing to write it! help?


Oh yes, about that, you need to have Javascript enabled or the cookie for the stylesheet won't be saved, and the game page will think you haven't gone through the proper channels.

If you're having trouble with that part, please tell me what OS and browser version you're using. I've tested everything on both Mac and PC, in browsers: Firefox, Opera, IE and Camino.


never start a game like this when you know you don't have the time to finish it. i had to leave the computer for an hour, and the entire time, i just kept thinking about what was going to happen next. dang!

props on a very nice game. weird thing was, i think i got the stylesheet, even before i completed the game... i somehow managed to get it after the tile puzzle. awkward. anyway, thanks for the game, and happy halibut!


The answer to the "scrabble" part of the game is



I love the new skin! I hope this stays on!

Are you sure this isn't Italian?

The game has horrific pcitures... stay away if you don't like blood and violence and scary-ence!

I got the word because of a hunch, not because it made sense, but I wont go in to further details because it might give it away


That spooked me out!
Great game Jay! :D


Art - The stylesheet comes following the completion of the first anagram part, so you got it at the appropriate point in time. I wanted to frame Ben's new game within the new stylee. =)

Cheers, RedKlonoa! Ben will be pleased to hear that, in fact I'm sure he's watching. ;)


ok,in this fantastically done game, how do i get to my bbq fork? i cant get into my stuff at all


... alright nevermind now i just feel like an idiot


My "Italian" comment was an obscure hint to the answer to the scrabble, pay it no heed.


ah, so my computer's not broken, but the guy sitting at it is. gotcha. :D


It keeps repeating for me.
Mac, Safari :(
maybe I'll try Firefox


That was scary!



It works just fine on my Safari here. Try updating.


*Waits patiently for Clubhouse review*


I got the same problem as Harukio i solve the scrabble thing then after the letters fade away it goes back to the scrabble =(


Which OS and browser are you using, Sean?


Im using Firefox


Sean - if you reload the page do you see the new stylesheet? (It's brownish and orangish in color).

Do you have Javascript enabled? Javascript is necessary for the cookie to be saved. Do you have cookies enabled for this site? You must have cookies enabled for it to work.

Short of those things, I have tested this successfully in Firefox on both Mac and PC.


ughh I had the volume all the way up and at the part when

the face pops up in the end, through the bricks man that scared the sh*t out of me cause my lights flickered and went out a second before it happend


I just tried the game again, and it is working now =D.
Thanks the help jay =)

nice stylesheet


\o/ woohoo! =D

Thanks, Sean!


I solved the word puzzle and got the new sytle, but i don't like scary games so i didn't play the game afterwards....

so what if i'm a wimp

(p.s. nice sytle)


Hmm... I think I'm stuck here.

I've done the following:

Got the BBQ Fork, looked at the doll, saw a ghost in the chair and a dead man trying to scare me through the window :) I tried jamming the power outlet.. doesn't seem to help. Oh yes, the music box has stopped playing the tune as well.

Any ideas what I should do now?




Oh well.. the tab button helped me find what I was missing


How do I use objects I've picked up? I can't for the life of me figure it out.


That was great!!! Need more games like that, scary or not. I love the format. Long time player, addicted to JIG, first time posting.



Love the stylesheet, and it's giving me this strange craving for pumpkin pie...odd.

That creepy game was just the right thing for my spooky mood today! And I only dropped the laptop once! (note: don't play freaky games with the computer on your lap)

@ everyone who can't see the gorgeous new stylesheet after playing through the game:

Reloading the page worked for me, it's all about the cookies, folks!

Thanks, Jay!


Great stuff! Love the attention to detail like switching the stylesheet at the appropriate time. Awesome game...


Very nice. A little jump here and there, and the fact that it messes with your head at the end and

you wind up being the person behind it.

Also, Jay, I'd reccomend re-linking "the house" on the firt page for the other community members who have yet to play that. That'll provide a nice little holiday scare.


It's still not moving from the scrabble page after entering the answer and hearing the creepy music. Is it possible some of the content may be blocked? I'm using a library computer right now.


Nevermind, I got it >_


Oh Jay! That was scary indeed!

Hope you have a happy Halloween and cheers to the creators from Argentina.


Can someone help please? I have the

lights on and the door opened, and I checked under the bed... but I can't do anything else.

This is really



Never mind! Happy Halloween!


When I get to the end of the game, my browser crashes. I have tried both Safari and Firefox. Please help! I want to finish reading it!


Imok - I cannot reproduce the problem you describe using Safari or Firefox with my PowerPC-based Mac. Maybe it's an Intel thing? I'll try it later on my mum's MacBook.


Thanks, I ended up just taking a few screenshot before it closes, so I could read it. So, no worries if you can't find the problem. Fun, if short and bloody, game!


How wonderful! I nearly jumped a mile out of my seat. (I'm glad I didn't read spoilers until after I finished the game).

If more click and point Flash games were like this one (with the descriptions on the objects and not having to find the "ONE PIXEL" which you need to click), I'd play a lot more of them.


insane! my heart is pounding a bit from the ending lol...if your stuck why not try

opening the door and the try the lights


For those of you having problems with Firefox: Be sure and disable the Adblock extension, if you have it. Otherwise, it blocks the script and you'll be stuck in...um...you know, for eternity!


The word 'Purgatorium' on the title screen of the main game is mis-spelled 'Pergatorium'.


Holy shyte! That was freaky and it didnt take long to do!


Well Jay...Let me be first to say I know this game will be good (considering how EX and EX2 were). The only problem is I have spyware so your site is redirected to a search site in IE and in the Yahoo! browser its just not working. Got any ideas other then deleting the spyware which I'm running a search and destroy program now?


Well Jay a few things now...I found out that it wasnt really spyware (I got rid of it the last time for good). It turned out to be an add-on in the browser. Anyways...Typekey was down so no dice logging in or maybe my connection just doesnt like them or something. So if you don't post this its ok just wanted to let you know about Typekey not working in case its not just me.


Hey justin/Naymlis - sorry about the Typekey thing, but thank you for alerting me to the trouble. It should be fixed now. I was editing some scripts on the site.

Glad to hear you got your trouble sorted! =)


Hehe, if you right click+play on the scrabble thing it just adds on the letters again. Anyhoo, i can't even do the scrabble thing so i can't get onto the game :P.


Thanks for that, the right-click menu shouldn't appear anymore. =p

There is a spoiler above with the word you need to spell. As a last resort. ;)


how on earth (or wherever) do I excess the inventory?


to figure out the description code....

you read every italic word.

it says....

do not click this if you are too young or have a weak stomach


Jay its fine now but after i posted that i got rid of the add-on causing problems...I found out that there was another problem. Whatever I'm supposed to see after the stylesheet comes up isn't coming up unless it takes a long while to load. I have Javascript enabled (90% sure) and I know my computer will accept cookies.

roboninja October 28, 2006 3:42 PM

" faints at sight of the horrific babie"


ya thanks so much for spoiling it roboninja
no use playing now
but, really, thanks (no sarcasm) because creepy bloody babies would just freak me out!



PapaChabre October 28, 2006 6:51 PM

Oh my. I haven't been that creeped out by a game in a long time.

Happy Halloween everyone!


The game is pretty good, but please tell the guy who wrote it that he needs to check up on the difference between "its" and "it's." One is possessive, the other is a conjunction for "it is."

(Yes, I'm an English major; however did you guess? ;) )


Knowing Ben, I am sure he knows the difference between it's and its. It's likely due to the many late nights and long hours he spent trying to finish this game up in time for Halloween, apart from his normal everyday job.


Thanks for sticking up for me Jay! lol! I've got to say, it's (note the apostrophe) always funny to read the comments from people nitpicking the most minor errors and gramatical short-comings yet ignoring the biggest question of them all... "What the hell was all that about?" hahaha...

Now time to catch up on some sleep before work tomorrow... lol! zzzzzzzzz.......


I couldn't even stick through it to the end! I'm such a wuss! I got to the

bit where you look out of the brick wall through the hole and see the tombstone, but I just closed the window after that because I was too freaked out.

Someone tell me what happens next! I'm too scared to do it myself lol


How do I use letters twice? If I

drag the U and the R from one side of the screen to the other it will duplicate itself, but then when I click on the letter to use it the other one disappears!


You bastards!

I was expecting the pop-up at the end and still squawked like a chicken. I hope my neighbours didn't hear that!

Also I worked out my own problem, for anyone else who is stuck:

You have to drag the letters to the middle of the screen (I was lining them up at the top of the screen). The repeated letters replicate themselves, you don't need to do anything special except put the others in the right order.

One last whinge:

Mentally ill people aren't particularly dangerous - they're usually more of a pain in the arse, and I say this as someone who has tasted the joys of modern medicine. You can sneer at me for being politically correct, but given that every other person seems to be On Medication these days, surely something like demonic possession would be more appropriate - the last time I looked demons didn't have very effective lobby groups or PR.


Aliquam nunc donibh, elementum vitae, notvolutpat eget, cursus clicknec, erat. Pellentesque thisodio justo, feugiat iftempus, consequat tempor, youeuismod nibh. Nam areurna dui, iaculis tooid, pulvinar volutpat, youngfermentum lectus. Donec ora velit ut havearcu semper condimentum, aerat. Morbi fringilla, weakmassa vel nonummy stomachvolutpat.


awwwp. it was only really short.
and with the word problem you just have to put them in the right place. and wow. if that was longer i would have liked it a fair bit.

crazy man.


Ooh! Jumpy by name, Jumpy by nature now. Thanks Jay!


Wow...I loved it.

There was another guy in the window?
I'd go back and see, but I'm too scared after the one in the door. ^^'

Anyways, Stone of Anamara is my absolute favorite scary game. It rocked.


w w whats d d dat? ive got trouble!
trouble with a capital








Nice hidden message, Jay.

Do not click this if you are young or have a weak stomach.

ProfessorZ89 October 30, 2006 1:41 AM

I am so pathetic. Can somebody please post a walkthrough?


Happy Halloween Jay, the whole CasualGameplay team and folks at Leffler Web Design who gave us this nice Halloween treat =)

I am not sure but I think that quite a many gamers thought that there's nothing else but the small Scrabble game. So do folks wait till the adds are over. For some reason I had some problems to switch the lights out at first. After a while I played it again and managed to get the new stylesheet.

And thanks for shock therapy ;)


yikes! i get to this part...

peeking at the grave stone through the door

and then my browser crashes! it was creepy the first time, but after that it's just annoying.

i'm running firefox 2 on an intel imac.


jay i know your probably sick of me but i finaly got into the game. Man was it horrifying so far. Problem is...i can't seem to figure out what to do after i grab the fork...I shorted the lights but to no avail. I'll look above because I'm sure it's here.


Jay i know your probably sick of me but i finally got into the game. Man was it horrifying Ben has got good taste in games man...making them that is.


To Jay:
You have an awesome site. I've been using it to entertain myself for several weeks now.

To Ben:
I've played Exmortis I and II and now this game.
I have to tell you that you have a MESSED UP MIND! You might want to seek help. BUT, if you choose not to seek help (I hope you don't), then use your talent to keep making these awesomem games. I'll keep playing.
Basically, Ben, you kick ass with your twisted creativity. Keep up the awesome work!


The head remember a game called The ugly...

FreeLancer December 9, 2006 4:59 AM

I expected it to be long(it ended before i knew it), i just put a cynic face on to stiffle my fear, I'm never alone in my room anyhows.


I don't know if anyone still checks this or not, but I found the game and gave it a try...I liked it, but I'm posting this because I found a typo...

"It's just a window, but beyond it's glass is a vast oblivion of darkness."

the second "it's" should be "its," the apostrophe is only used with it's in order to form the conjunction it is, for possession there is no apostrophe.

Macavity June 4, 2007 8:23 PM

(Did anyone else happen to notice that the lullaby playing before you take a look at the baby is Memory, from CATS?)

I've gotten as far as;

Seeing the doll, head, ghost, and man in the window, obtaining the fork and pin, and opening the door.

Help would be extraordinary.

leighguy616 June 17, 2007 4:08 AM

oh god... that was so scary, but then again, what else can we expect from Mr. Leffler?
His plot's pretty good too; a guy who went mental, locked himself up with his wife and child, killed them, then blazed his own home, and now wakes up in hell to be punished for his crimes- hell, that's horror movie quality.
I hope exmortis 3 comes soon... hurry up, everyones DYING for it to come out!


can anyone tell me the website for this game because i really want to go on it. it soundz great!


just click the little brown icon you see above. ^_^

Snowmiddy April 1, 2008 5:52 PM

okay, I'm really confused I feel so stupid but I'm confused. Why is the post for this at the top in latin and isn't this just a repeat of

the purgatorium

?? I played that game before from this site and I'm not playing it again, I played it when my friends were at my house and I screamed at the end. sooo... what's up with this?

Sylocat July 11, 2008 2:49 AM

I'm confused. I solve the Scrabble puzzle


and I know it's right because the letters disappear, but after they disappear, the screen fades to black. I sat there for quite a while waiting for either a new game to load or for something to pop out and scare me, but nothing, still black.

Is it something wrong on my end?

Sylocat July 24, 2008 1:26 AM

Ah, that's better. Thank you!

Whoa, creepy. As per usual from Ben.

chokklatMOOSE January 28, 2009 1:39 PM

Hahaha. That was great.
I jumped at the end.
Great game.

chokklatMOOSE January 28, 2009 1:39 PM

Hahaha. That was great.
I jumped at the end.
Great game.


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