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Rating: 4.5/5 (148 votes)
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Kyhkyh_acceleration_screen.pngNot all games need to have monsters to fight or an end to achieve. Sometimes it's all about going fast and getting far. This is the premise behind Tenebrous' arcade game Accelerator. A deceivingly simple game, you only need a mouse for the controls. The game is in first person perspective where you careen around and through obstacles following the circle in the center, which represents your heading, towards a non-existent finish line. But dodging 3D shapes isn't enough; the longer you play, the faster you go. At first it may be disorienting as you would expect having to account for the bulk of whatever it is you are, but the first time you crash, you'll find that you're just a small, silver sphere, so you can skim the sides of the course all you like, just not too closely.

The menu offers many options in the controls to assist in your avoidance through these randomly generated corridors. For example, for those of you who enjoy flight simulations, you may want inverted vertical controls. Or instead of adjusting your heading to fly through a rotating slit, maybe you'd rather roll to the left/right. That's fine, just use [Q] and [E], respectively. This game's a trip, so roll your computer chair real close, flex that mouse hand and dive into a world of soft sound effects in Accelerator. Zoom, zoom!

If you want to play with high-scores enabled, you can play over at Kongregate so you can see how you did in comparison to your old pal QWERTZUI153.

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Anonymous October 5, 2011 4:30 PM

YAY! Missile Game 3D...in 3D!

Like all Unity games, a little spongy in the controls, but very cool to play with.

chibidani October 5, 2011 7:47 PM

omg its crazy!

Heresiarch WIthout A Hope October 5, 2011 9:36 PM

I wish this game could run as a demo just so I could listen to the sound effects as white noise.

And it would be a godsend to have this run at full-screen.

Anonymous October 5, 2011 11:44 PM

Someone else already mentioned Missile Game 3D, but I remember someone complaining that that game caused a seizure. Is there a possibility of this game doing the same?


Wish I could use my gamepad on this one.

Very cool, I might enjoy this better watching someone good play.


Heresiarch: It's Unity! right-click->Go fullscreen!

This is pretty fun! I can't seem to break past 850ish speed though, that's when my reflexes utterly desert me.


Hmm, actually - switching to fullscreen, boosting the mouse sensitivity and inverting the Y-axis (old-school gamer here) got me into the 1100s, but the 1200 marker is as yet unattained after several tries. Managed 1186 on my best run...

I love that it lets you start from the last multiple of 100, redoing the early game every time would be faaar too boring.

zbeeblebrox October 6, 2011 2:50 AM

Haha, are you QWERTZUI153, kyh? I could totally see that being your username somewhere :p


This is awesome! :D My only complaint is that everytime I crash is because my mouse ran out of table :P and that feels unfair! lol


if you are going slow enough you can turn around
i did and it said NO ESCAPING :D


I don't know about anyone else, but I just seem to veer up and to the left as soon as I start. I've tried both here and Kongregate, refreshed several times, but it still rams me into a wall. Anybody else have this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[It's mouse controlled, so make sure the mouse cursor is centered. You might also try clicking on the game window to be sure it has focus. -Jay]


My computer isn't good enough to play this game effectively :(



That's nice to know :)


I can control it fine, it just acts as if i'm moving up and to the left no matter what I do. I can go straight by moving my mouse down and to the right really fast, and it seems fullscreen makes it so bad I go in circles for a while.


Odd.. sounds like the applet is having a hard time knowing where the mouse cursor is. Have you tried different browsers?


I turned around right at the beginning and found an obstacle right behind me. Then I went past the obstacle and turned around again - it'd gone and been replaced by a completely different obstacle (like a set of red circles replaced by a corner or something). Trippy.

Then I turned around again and must have glitched out of the gamefield or something, because it told me No Escaping, like ufo2222 up there.


Unity games are macwin, not macwinlinux, unless there's a brand new Linux version of the Unity player I haven't managed to find yet.

[Sorry about that! My fault for not knowing. We'll get that tagged fixed. -Kyh]


Just tried Firefox, had been using Chrome, same thing. ???


This is a simple but different game.I loved it!


Months later, it works! I guess they fixed it. Anyway, wow, this game is hard, my best so far is 894.


Thanks very much for the really positive review :)

Note that the latest version over on Kongregate is much improved over this one :)

[Thanks for the note! I've just uploaded the latest version from Kongregate so we should be all current now here at JIG. :) -Jay]


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