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A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk

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Rating: 4.4/5 (238 votes)
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ChiktionaryA Knight's Quest: Quest for MilkWhat's more important than going to the store to buy milk for your mother, especially when she's cooking your favourite meal? And how do you go about getting that milk when the only store in the village sells everything but milk? When you're a young Knight it's all about quests, and A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk by Juice Tin will lead you on a sweet, kid-friendly journey of exploration and adventure to get that milk for your mother, and achieve the ultimate prize of a steaming bowl of freshly made turtle soup.

The controls are simple; use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys to move around the village, and the [spacebar] to interact with objects and each of the characters you encounter along the way. There's no inventory, as items you collect will automatically be used when needed. You'll be more concerned about the tasks that are set before you, and you can easily access the task list by clicking on the icon in the bottom right of the screen. Your goal is to get milk but to do this you will need to engage in dialogue with villagers, ask the right questions, and complete tasks to aid your progress... and of course there are a whole bunch of characters just waiting to tell you all about themselves.

As an adventure, the bulk of the gameplay in A Knights Quest lies in the exploration and interaction with characters. The actual gameplay of solving puzzles and completing tasks would be quite brief if not for the amount of clicking and ground you have to cover. Luckily, there's a lot of lovely detail in the graphics, and the conversations your Knight will have with each character are unique, with plenty of humour thrown into the mix. As a treat, you might encounter the occasional (albeit subtle) references to some well-known games. What's also nice is that on completion of your quest you can replay the game by accessing the 'Secrets' menu which will literally present you with easter eggs, in the form of... well, easter eggs.

Some may be familiar with Juice Tin's platform game, That Gravity Game, but this is totally different. With smooth, easy to use controls, sumptuous detail and pop-culture style humour, A Knight's Quest is a lovely diversion that won't necessarily extend your cerebral capacities, but rather will entertain, amuse and remind you of the importance of respecting your mother and helping others, even if it's simply in the pursuit of milk... that costs well over $650.00. And that's the low-fat variety. Without diamonds in it.

Play A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk

Walkthrough Guide

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A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk Walkthrough

General Information

  • Use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys to move around the village and the spacebar to interact with other characters.

  • The menu options include:

    1. New Game

    2. Continue

    3. Options

    4. Credits

  • To start a new game, stand near the character and hit the spacebar.

  • To finish the game, a number of mini-quests need to be successfully completed.

  • Activate quests by talking to key characters.

  • Talk to characters by standing near them and hitting the spacebar.

  • There will be a lot of useless and often funny dialogue.

  • When a list of dialogue options appears in your speech bubble use the [up] and [down] arrow keys to scroll through them and the spacebar to select.

  • Use the spacebar to cycle through each conversation.

  • There are items to be collected along the way, which will automatically be added to the inventory and automatically used when needed.

  • When you've completed the game a new option of Secrets will be available and this will enable Easter Eggs.


Mini-quest 1 - Getting money to buy Milk

  1. Wake up and have the conversation with your Mother.

  2. Head downstairs and go to your Mother to ask what's cooking and she'll ask you to get milk.

  3. Head towards the exit and realise that money is needed.

  4. Go back to your Mother and she'll tell you there's money upstairs.

  5. Go back upstairs and head right to the dresser drawers at top right.

  6. Click the spacebar at the dresser to get the bag of money.

Mini-quest 2 - Getting the Power Bar

  1. Go south to the beach and find the Surfer showing off his biceps.

  2. Talk to the Surfer and he will tell you that there's a power bar in his tent in the forest.

  3. Head back North and then West, going up into the forest just before the bridge.

  4. Locate the tent and enter, heading upstairs.

  5. You can talk to the Surfer on the second floor who'll tell you about his brother who died, and where to find the Power Bar.

  6. Go upstairs to the attic and talk to the Ghost Surfer, who'll challenge you to a quiz.

  7. All the answers to the quiz are in this room, so you may want to explore, checking everything out.

  8. The quiz will ask you about the contents of the room. There are 17 questions, none of which are repeated.

  9. The answers to the questions are:

  1. Old Milk

  2. Bugs

  3. A pyramid

  4. Soup

  5. It's locked

  6. Lemons

  7. More Barrels

  8. A beach ball

  9. A needle

  10. 12:17

  11. Pumpkin Seeds

  12. Coolaid

  13. Very Sharp

  14. A moth

  15. Rusted Lock

  16. Worn Out

  17. Chipped

Mini-quest 3 - Becoming a Woman

  1. You need to become a woman to be able to enter the Boogie Box club.

  2. To activate this quest, you need to try and get into the Club that's North in the game screen, and West of the Surfer's Tent.

  3. From the tent, go back down to the wooden bridge and cross it heading West.

  4. Go south until you find a wooden pier.

  5. Keep heading south on the pier until you encounter a couple having a conversation.

  6. Try to converse with them and they'll move off to the beach.

  7. Go back up off the pier and head East back over the bridge and then South to the beach until you find the couple.

  8. Do a little eavesdropping and find out about the Witch.

  9. Head back to the pier and all the way down until you find the Witch's glowing house.

  10. Go into the house and the Witch will tell you she needs 3 frogs to help you become a woman.

  11. The frogs are located:

    The purple frog

    Go North to the Club and talk to the purple frog who will challenge you to a staring contest. There will be a pause, and then you win the contest and can take the frog.

    The blue frog

    Go all the way to the East and you'll find the blue frog somewhere near the beach. The blue frog will challenge you to catch it, so it's a matter of trying to get close to the frog and hitting the spacebar to catch it.

    The green frog

    The green frog is south of the wooden bridge on the Western side. The green frog will ask you 3 questions. Answer them to catch the frog.

  12. Take the frogs to the Witch and she will give you a blonde wig.

Mini-quest 4 - Entering the Hair Club for Men

  1. Now that you're a woman, you can enter the Boogie Box.

  2. Inside the club, go to the table that's top right and approach the fat blonde guy who'll tell you that you can join the Hair Club if you beat him in an eating contest.

  3. When the Fat Man looks at the food for the contest, take note of which plate he says is his portion.

  4. Sit through the first round of the eating contest and lose.

  5. Go to the plate of food belonging to the Fat Man, and add the Power Bar.

  6. Sit through another eating contest round and win.

  7. You'll get a VIP pass for the Hair Club.

Mini-quest 5 - Getting 3 flowers

  1. Go to the Hair Club for Men and enter using the VIP pass.

  2. Go through the door that is at the top right of the screen.

  3. In the outdoor area, try to cross the bridge and the Little Girl will tell you to stop treading on her flowers.

  4. Approach the Little Girl and talk to her to activate the flower seeking objective.

  5. The flowers' locations:

  6. The blue flower

    Go back into the Hair Club, go left and up the stairs. On the next floor, take the southern exit and there will be a Blue Flower for the taking.

    The orange flower

    Head back through the village going West, and there are some paths near the Milk Depot guard. Take the paths until you find the Orange flower.

    The red flower

    The prettiest flower of them all is just outside the door of the Witch's house on the pier.

  7. Take the flowers back to the Little Girl and she will let you cross the bridge.

Final Quest - Getting the Milk!

  1. After giving the flowers to the Little Girl and crossing the bridge you'll meet the Mighty Psychic Plant.

  2. Talk to the plant and you'll have to pick another body.

  3. There are three choices of body:

    • If you wish to be a man again - Old Man

    • If you wish to be good looking - the Dancing Lady from the club.

    • If you wish to be very fast - a Frog.

  4. You will be magically transported to the Milk Depot when the Plant grants your second wish.

  5. Get the milk and take it back to your Mother.

  6. Congratulations! You've earned your turtle soup!

Easter Eggs

The Easter Eggs will change the Knight's appearance, just for a little fun.
As no cheats have really been discovered, we can possibly safely assume that the Easter Eggs are the cheats themselves.

  • Boogie Box Bouncer - Near the Boogie Box club.

  • Dancing Lady - Inside the Boogie Box near the DJ.

  • Butterfly - Near the Milk Depot Guard.

  • Witch - In the Witch's House.

  • Woodchuck Guy - Up near the forest.

  • Small Child - On the table in the tent.

  • Surfer Dude - On the second floor of the tent.

  • Knight's Ghost - In the attic of the tent.

  • The male half of the talking couple - On the beach near the talking couple.

  • Juice-Tin and/or Krutz - In the house where the frog wants to kiss the girl.

  • Hair Club for Men Member - On the second floor of the Hair Club.

  • Old Man - Old Man's rose garden.

  • Original Knight - Bedroom where you started the game.

  • Knight's Armour - Everything But Milk store.

  • Young Peaches - On the bottom right table in the Boogie Box club.

  • Flower - The outdoor area of the Hair Club for Men.

  • Knight's Mother - In kitchen where the mother is making turtle soup.


one of the NPCs says "damn". and thats a bad word. This game should be rated M for mature.

Menashe May 17, 2011 12:54 PM

I liked it. An RPG town layout but without battles. Just adventuring and puzzles. The dialogue was cute and clever. It seemed a bit amateurish but I don't think it was aiming to be the next Final Fantasy. Definitely worth a play-through.


i don't think the usage of the word "damn" makes this game deserving of a mature rating. just a small mention in the review will do.

very cute game. i loved playing it. i found the dialogue quite amusing, and the Mario Bro reference...loved it!

SkylerF May 17, 2011 2:52 PM

I like the Michael Jackson references.
Hee hee!

SkylerF May 17, 2011 2:58 PM

"Hey! Get outta my flowers!"

Fwahahaha. Reminds me of that tower game with 3 doors...whatever it was called.
"Slashy slashy!"

Night Stryke May 17, 2011 4:55 PM

Anyone find all the easter eggs? If the old man on the main menu was right, finding them all should unlock cheats, so I must be missing some.

Outfits I've found:
Main Character
Old Man
Red Vest Guy
Blue Jeans and White Shirt Guy
Muscle Man
Suit and Shades Guy
Woman in Red
Hair Club VIP Member
Young Boy
Young Girl

I believe that's it. Anyone know what I'm missing?

Dreamer May 18, 2011 6:47 PM

@Night Stryke
Where did you find the

Hair Club VIP member easter egg?

Also, I think that the one you are missing is

the big knight with armor, which is found in

the Everything But Milk store

Anonymous May 18, 2011 10:29 PM

You also seem to be missing

The GOLDEN easter egg, which will transform you into one of the two makers of the game.

It is found

in one of the houses without a door in the main area of the game

Night Stryke May 18, 2011 10:35 PM


The Hair Club VIP Member easter egg is on the second floor of the Hair Club, next to the table and dishes on the left side of the room.

Also, the knight with armor is the outfit that I meant by "guard" (it's what the guard beside the Everything But Milk store is wearing).

Night Stryke May 18, 2011 10:43 PM


I also got that one; it's the one I meant by "Creators".


I found the same easter eggs as Night Stryke, nothing more. Has anyone found them all?


Nice adventure and puzzle game.

Smoothfonzo May 20, 2011 12:23 AM

Is anyone having trouble starting a game? I seem to be able to walk around the menu screen just fine. But I can't seem to select any of the menus. Am I missing something obvious that's staring me right in the face?

Smoothfonzo May 20, 2011 1:36 AM

Oh, nevermind. Go figure. I had to interact the people near the options. You might want to let people know that's what you're supposed to do as it's not immediately obvious.

V2Blast May 21, 2011 2:37 PM

Anyone who's found all the easter eggs, can you post the list in spoiler tags? I don't know where several of those are.

LuckyDee May 24, 2011 2:46 PM

Dag nabbit, I have to agree with Night Stryke - having tried different approaches, I end up with the same eggs, but no cheats or other cool stuff to be found.

Including locations, the eggs are:

Knight - Knight's bedroom
Knight's Mom - Knight's kitchen
Old man - Flower patch (NE)
Guard - Everything But Milk
Sweet red vest - Beach (SE)
Juice-Tin - House SW of Knight's
Krutz - House SW of Knight's
White shirt - Waterfall (N)
Little boy - Chad's tent, ground floor
Chad - Chad's tent, 2nd floor
Ghost - Chad's tent, attic
Butterfly - Milk Depot entrance (NW)
Bouncer - Boogie Box entrance
Witch - Witch's house
Little girl - Boogie Box
Lady in red - Boogie Box
Flower - Hair Club, backyard
Club member - Hair Club, 2nd floor

Very nice game though, I love the sense of humour ("I dieeed affteer beench presssing a trruuuuuckk..."). Having heard of (but sadly never played) Postal, I wonder what the next mission's going to be...


Ahh! Cute game! I thought it was very good and very fun! Double thumbs up.


I love this game, it's so fun playing.

magicmusic June 23, 2011 4:32 AM

I found another extra(and useless) mini quest in the game:

Mini quest1.5-Look for Ted's twin at the beach
Before the mini quest 2 you can talk to Ted(the Surfer on the second floor in the tent)and he will tell you to find his twin - Chads(the Surfer on the beach)

Stinkoman July 21, 2011 6:47 PM

emailed juice-tin about a sequel.

"We did have another game planned, but it's being pushed back for a while, as now I have a very super large project I need to work on first."

- Justin

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnTlokWsdJIEvs5dC61LY09BadoalCIRus January 19, 2014 6:01 PM

there are games rated 10+ that use that word...
i hope you never work for the ESRB.


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