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Rating: 4.2/5 (145 votes)
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JohnBNew from puzzle maestro Bart Bonte, furiosity is a puzzle game designed to challenge your ability to recognize patterns then turn around and put them to use. The screen is filled with a deceptively simple grid of colored squares. Your job is to toggle them to the target color. Should be easy, right? If you've ever played a Bart Bonte game, you know that figuring out how to solve the puzzle is just as challenging as actually solving it!

Here's our misleading casual game instruction of the day: tap a square to change its color. Really, it's more like "tap a square and something happens". Maybe a block across the grid changes color. Maybe half a dozen seemingly unrelated squares shift. Or maybe nothing happens and you have to tap again. The rules change for each of the 144 levels, meaning you never get to take a mental vacation.

This new incarnation of furiosity is a redesigned mobile version of the older browser game, below. For the full furious experience, check out the iOS, Android and Amazon versions.

Play furiosity (browser demo)

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 3. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.



lvl 22 of the web demo has me stumped.


I've never found the change 1 tile several others also change puzzles fun. Oh well, looking forward to his next game.


Bart Is A GENIUS!!!!! I LOVE his Games!!!!!


Took 22 levels before the difficulty actually ramped up. Not very good pacing.

For level 22, if you click on the same square multiple times, the other squares change in a cycle, that will eventually get every other square in the same row and column colored (assuming the row and column are symmetrical). So click in a diagonal from top left to bottom right, then click the top right. This should give you a diagonal line of uncolored tiles. Click repeatedly each square from top right to bottom left, one at a time, until they're all colored.


oh wow level 28 is killing me
it's not like i can't see the pattern, i just don't know what to do with it
also wish there was a reset button


woo! finally got level 28! So simple in the end

go diagonally from a corner until it's all checkerboarded, repeat with an adjacent corner


I like how on the H level (31) the best i've managed to do is make a giant H -.-

Bobin Hood November 23, 2013 2:27 PM

There is a reset button but I do not think it says it anywhere:

Pressing the letter 'r' on the keyboard instantly restarts the current level

This is typical of some games I've played.


Level 30 is

based on where the "30" scrolling at the bottom is. It mirrors which tile is clickable.



for level 30 you actually jsut have to click the tiles three times, whoops.


Actually, it's

for the first row, click one, for the second, twice, for the third, thrice, etc.


Anybody playing this? I'm stuck at level 108 and could use some help. I don 't see a pattern and haven't managed to stumble into a solution. Wish there was at least the option to skip a level.


Nevermind, got it.


Some of the more challenging levels were so bad I wrote code to solve them.


- Some of the solutions are symmetrical top to bottom (others left to right), so the solution space is 2^18 large, not 2^36 (which makes it easily computable, as opposed to near-impossible - but for this reason I haven't computed any non-symmetrical ones)
- One of the solutions is symmetrical top bottom and around the 3rd column (6th column is empty)

If you really want to know:




among others


- I believe there is only one solution
- It is symmetrical top/bottom and left/right

Here is a way you could solve it by hand

- There are a lot of set squares
- So start by touching all the squares and work back from there

If you really want to know:



Can you help with Level 140? I'm STUCK!!!!!!!!


Krista: I've identified two "mini-rules" for level 140, but not how to generalize them to affect all the squares.

If you tap a square in the top row twice, it toggles a square in its column: first square/itself, 2nd square/2nd row, 3d square/3d row, etc.

Again in the top row, tap squares 1&2, 1&3, 1&4, etc. to toggle squares 2, 3, 4….


Maybe I'm just over thinking it but I'm stumped on level 95....can anyone help?

cheesecheese April 10, 2015 5:37 AM replied to MrsRavoon

To complete level 140 each block requires 2 taps to activate.

All rows behave in the same way. 1,r 1,c where r is the row and c is the column. This means you are only tapping blocks in the first row to manipulate the whole screen.

Row 1: the first tap is block 1,1 then 1,c where c is the column. 1,1 1,1 then 1,1 1,2 then 1,1 1,3 then 1,1 1,4 then 1,1 1,5 then 1,1 1,6.

To activate row two change the 1,1 tap at the start of each pair of taps for 2,1 and the second tap is the same as row 1's sequence. Rinse and repeat.


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