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A puzzle game about information and how it gets from point A to point Z. Click and drag to create shimmering strands of info that crisscross space, from transmitting circles to receiving squares. Bonus points for more efficient webs of connections.

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This game feels very carelessly made. The factoids at the beginning of each series of levels contribute nothing to the game and seem like they were thrown in as an afterthought. Similarly, the animations feel tacked on and serve no purpose except to waste the player's time. There is no way to mute the repetitive soundtrack. The mechanism of clicking on edges to remove them is buggy and doesn't always reset the state properly. As noted by the reviewer, the difficulty curve is very uneven, suggesting a lack of effective play testing. And there doesn't seem to be any "logical" way to solve the puzzles other than trial and error.

All in all, a thoroughly mediocre game.


It has a "sciency" feel, but you should take care not to actually learn anything from the game. While the transmission types are correct, such as broadcast spreading information to many targets, the actual notion of "information" is totally wrong. In particular, there's no way for information to go in a loop to produce more information. If I tell you I have $30, and you tell Alice I have $30, and Alice tells me I have $30, have I gained information? Of course not; I already knew I had $30. Sending the information around in a circle does nothing.

So the idea of information is fundamentally misunderstood here. Play this game as a puzzle game, and not as edutainment.


Also, I don't believe it's always possible to get all the achievements for a level using a single configuration. In 3-12, two runs may be necessary (but I could be wrong).

gatesda October 27, 2014 6:03 AM replied to augurar

Muting options are on the menu. Also, you can solve the puzzles logically; you just have to understand the consequences of the mechanics.


which plugin does this game require


That just supports my point. I had that solution too (plus another one, just like in the video).

retepaskab October 30, 2014 7:43 AM

These puzzles get very hard very quick, one level is easy, the next one is click-n-try.


Walkthrough video made by JiG available on this page (above) or directly from youtube:

All levels 1-70 - 145/146 stars.

tytheslyzam November 11, 2014 2:30 PM

The solution for Dont cross signals for level 5-9 is:

Left - Top - Middle - Upper Right - Top
Middle - Bottom - Left
Bottom - Right


@QRjroQ: Technically, in terms of computer networking, the concept of information is still correct. In your example, the information is still sent and received, but the final recipient (you) discards it. You have to receive it in order to make that decision, though.

In any of these network types, 'information' would be broken down to binary for transmission. For telephones, either a charge is sent or no charge is sent down the line, multiple times. It's only when the binary is reconstituted - into sound for example - that it makes sense, so you can decide how to react.


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