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Clear your way through the dungeon in this unique Sokoban-like puzzle game by carefully selecting which swords to shove into which monsters to vanquish them all. The Rogue Puzzle Game was picked as one of only three finalists in the Game Nomad competition and is set to be presented at Gamer's Day, Arabia's largest gaming event.

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I really enjoyed this: there's a clear logic to be followed in each level if you wish to complete it without losing any health. A sword with a single target is obvious, as are spears with only one or two. An arrow's target can be identified if it only has a target in one direction, and you can pair up certain weapons with monsters by identifying a monster that can only be hit by one weapon on the board.

The "Life" mechanic gives you a little leeway if you make a mistake, and on a few puzzles serves to make the player identify the monster that can't be hit with a weapon.

The concept could easily be expanded with more types of monsters (eg, monsters that are only vulnerable to certain weapons, monsters that must be killed in order, large monsters that can be hit in multiple places) without changing the underlying logic of the game. More weapons (spears that hit two in a row, weapons that deal more than one point of damage per hit) could also be used.

The game could really use an undo function for even just one move, as there were a few places where that would have saved me from starting a level over from scratch.

I'd gladly play more levels of this, or buy it as a standalone title with some better music and more variety to the graphics.


This is pretty cool.


Good ideas. I second implementing all those ideas.


What does "Alpha Ended" mean?


Rygar - I'm going to assume that it means that the alpha version (the game you just played, and it's status) just finished.

It seems that the author intends on continuing / expanding this game. Just an assumption though.

marshalljpeters October 19, 2014 10:29 PM replied to Rygar

I would assume there's maybe an expanded version of the game in the works, with more levels, and maybe more types of weapons, etc. Maybe something you'd have to pay for, and maybe not.


This is how you do a puzzle game. Keep the premise simple, add new elements gradually, then layer them together. The graphics are take-it-or-leave-it, as is the music, but those don't detract from the fun of planning out where to move and attack.

This would make an excellent mobile game, especially on mid-sized tablets. It might even work on the smaller display on phones, depending on how the controls are done.


Would love to see more of this


@SirNiko, SHA
Thirded, this definitely has potential. Some ideas I'd like to add:

1) Something that blocks arrows but lets you pass through (shields?).
2) Diagonal movement, possibly restricted to X turns after a pickup, which would make new attack angles possible.
3) Monster infighting, perhaps by somehow moving them onto one tile and having the one with more health remain, injured appropriately.
4) Doors or gates, and special monsters that carry a key but those would typically be in a difficult spot and immune to walking into them.

Not saying those are all good ideas, just something that came to mind while I was playing.


I am quite reminded of WonderQuest and DROD by this game, it's got the good puzzler spark I like in those games of simple mechanics being layered on to great effect even though it's only scratching the surface of what can be done with them.


Neat ideas. 5/5. The only thing that would ruin this game is if it were ignored forever, just like "Help! It's The Unfinished Shadow Game!" The problem with THAT game is the term Unfinished, which naturally implies that a finished version will be released in one month, two years tops. I think it has been about 7 years since it was released.....


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