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Medieval Cop 8 - Deathwish - Part IIIn the previous part of this episode, our slightly sadistic hero Dregg Moriss found out that he was, well, dead. And not only that, but he was stuck between a melted rock and a very hot place - it turns out he has gone to hell. However, Dregg is not happy to resign himself to this conclusion, and demands a way out. He was consequently awarded a Court Case, a type of trial, set up by the Devil, but before they can really get going, they were rudely interrupted.

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Medieval Cop 8 - Deathwish - Part IWhen the author kills off a main character (spoiler alert!), it is typically not a move endorsed or adored by their fans. But despite VasantJ's Medieval Cop series being constructed from RPGMaker's layout, typically is the one adjective that this very series defies, the latest installment making no exception. But before I delve further into the world of these very odd kingdoms, a slightly obvious disclaimer: this game has many parts, and if you've never heard of it or it has been a while, you may wish to play the previous ones first. We reviewed the previous game in the series, Medieval Cop 7 - Adam and Eva here on JiG, and you can find more details and links to play the other games on VasantJ's Patreon page here.

Weekday Escape RetroThis week the Weekday Escape presents three games from the past. It's Retro Edition time!

Magical Esklavos takes you to the blue foggy forest where wild calla flowers grow and shining gemstones can be found in the grass. With Petithima you get into some forgotten and abandoned garden - well, forgotten by mankind, nature is doing fine here, everything is green and birds are chirping merrily. Finally, Gatamari gives you a chance to get one step closer to the Holy Grail!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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KatabasisFirst of January, 2213. Citizens of the so-called "Global Union:" Your system no longer works toward defending the rights and liberties of the common man. Even as you all stood and watched, the mechanisms of power became further removed and obfuscated until there was nothing but a memory of democracy left. They took away your privacy, for fear of fake news and hate speech. They took away your wealth, for fear of inequality and privilege. They took away your freedoms, for fear of enemies created and puppeteered by the very institutions that claim to keep you safe. It is time to make a stand. If you have received this tape, you are invited to join us on the oldNet network. Look for the last four digits in today's GovNews.

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String Theory2If you've played TeamSemiColon's String Theory and been entranced by the gameplay, you'll be pleased to hear of a second installment in the series. With parts a little bit charm and others a little bit strange, String Theory 2 picks up on where the narrative left off, with the scientists traversing the strange dimensional area. Playing as Eva, you have to delve in to try and liberate your friends to bring them back into your world, the Upper Plane.

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String Theory If someone has ever quipped "It's not quantum mechanics!" at you, well, this game sure comes pretty darn close. Wandering somewhere between the second and third dimension, trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, it appears that you may have made a wrong turn somewhere. Now that you're somewhat stuck, the only way to progress is via solving some sort of puzzles. Imagine if you will characters represented by shapes, a square and a circle. Your goal is to guide them through a sequence of levels and hopefully find the exit so they can escape!

Weekday EscapeWelcome back after a week, welcome to the new Weekday Escape!

This week is in the name of comebacks - Neat Escape remade two older games and takes you to a bank after opening hours, Sarameya is back with game full of codes, all hints scrammed on one wall and Kotorinosu is back too, after longer pause, with awesome game!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Exit/CornersIt is no secret that the fans of JayIsGames quite enjoy a good escape game. Indeed, the weekly weekday escapes are some of the most popular entries on the site. And today for all escape lovers out there, we want to show you a special treat in the one-of-a-kind Exit/Corners, as well, a different sort of escape game. The danger and claustrophobia is no less real, though. Did I mention that there are puzzles and an (implicit, at least) time limit as well?

Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday, it's time for a short break - luckily, Weekday Escape is here!

Summer is over in the Northern Hemisphere and it's more time for indoor activities. The first and the shortest game by Vitamin Hana takes us to the theater, or more precisely, in front of the theater. Riddle Escape's game to another traditional Japanese room and Bianco-Bianco's game to a three starred Italien Restaurant. What a treat!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Sara is MissingOne day, you find a stranger's phone and pick it up to examine it. As you start to dig through it, though, it isn't long before the phone's built-in software, IRIS, senses something is amiss. "Where is Sara?" it demands of you, asking for its owner. It becomes clear that you're going to need to help find Sara, and that this knock-off intelligence system is quite capable. You interact with it in a realistic mockup of a smartphone interface, inputting commands, flipping through apps, and typing in questions or comments with a prefilled palette of options.

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A Tale of Caos: OvertureLife is full of adventures, and in A Tale of Caos: Overture, you dive straight into a particularly fantastic one. Playing as female protagonist Terribilia Van Quinn (or Terry, for short) under the direction of your master Albion McMaster and alongside your trusty mechanical avian friend Heimlich, you set off on a dangerous mission to obtain a dangerous artifact. But things are not as simple as they seem, with McMaster shrouding himself in mystery, secrecy, and cunning, compounded by the naivety and impulsive, whimsical nature of Terry.

Weekday Escape
It's escape time again! It's Wednesday with a new Weekday Escape!

This week are games vacation themed (again). Game by Funkyland takes us to a beautiful historical city, though all we can see is a hotel room, in fact. But top hotel it is, for sure! Ichima's vacation is a different kind, beach and sea and relaxing sunbathing. The last Riddle Escape's game offers a trip to an unusual place under starry sky with strong magic feeling!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Weekday EscapeHi! Three little big adventures are waiting for you this week on Weekday Escape!

With Lutaru you visit lonely rock island, maybe artificial, maybe in another world, with strange devices around. You can take a break in Yonashi's room then, pet some cats and play with them (but also feed them and care for them). The last game is comeback in a great style, Factory.112 returned after few years with excellent game!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Monkey GO Happy - WitchcraftPencilKids is out with another stage of the beloved Monkey GO Happy games, and you won't believe witch predicament the monkeys have gotten themselves into this time! Our orange, pint-sized hero must gather cards for a witchcraft ritual. Along the way, you'll need to crack several codes and help a few characters to find them all. And as usual, there are ten mini-monkeys scattered throughout the game that you will need to keep your eyes peeled for.

The controls are simple - use your mouse to click objects and interact with the scenery - but some of the puzzles are far from it and quite tricky, which is all part of the series' charm. Click on the yellow arrows to move from room to room, and access your backpack in the top-right corner to use objects you have collected to unlock others and advance the story. Help the monkey find all 24 cards and see if the witch has a spell that will successfully make the monkey GO happy!

Play Monkey GO Happy - Witchcraft

Weekday Escape RetroIt's Retro Weekday Escape time and four atmospheric and magic games are waiting for you!

We start in enchanting and tidy room by 10 Color Dots, full of lavender smell. After we leave it, Kiterescu takes us first to the laboratory apparently researching teddy bears and also a cactus, and then to Japanese style room. Our journey continues with Gatamari in another room full of strange devices, one of them shooting ninja stars, threatening innocent escapists!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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YellowThe new game from Bart Bonte is sharp yellow and black. The first-signal system activates! Wasps! Hornets! Caution Bio-Hazard! Caution Wet Floor! Slow Down! The last one is correct, no need to hurry anywhere, we've got awesome relaxing game with 25 levels (PC) or 50 levels (Android/iOS), with beautiful graphics, vivid music and great puzzles. Well, you may played the game already as Bart Bonte on his blog says that it passed one million downloads on Google Play recently...
The goal of each level is make your screen yellow without a trace of black. Use your mouse or finger to move with objects. Some puzzles require tilting of your device and that's probably why PC version is shorter.

So, in case you are not one from the million of happy players, there is an awesome game waiting for you! And in case you played the game earlier, why not replay it? Have a good time and enjoy!

Also, a big congratulations to Bart Bonte on his success!

Google PlayYellow (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreYellow (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

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