Can a VPN increase Ad Revenue?

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Internet marketing has become one of the latest trends in the online world. Lots of people use their favorite social media sites. Some big companies are using this to promote their products and services.
However, the use of VPN technology might worry some marketers. Some people believe that using a VPN would have a negative impact on their ad revenue.

One of the best ways to confirm this is to download surfshark apk here and open a new browser window. Now turn on incognito mode and see whether you are seeing ads from your own country or not.
Most experts think that it doesn't affect the ad revenue, while some of them think it actually does. Let's see what happens when users with VPN active browse the internet.

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Types of Virtual Private Networks
Before investigating the impact of a VPN on the ad revenue of a user, let's look at some basic information about VPN technology. There are two types of VPNs available.
The first one encrypts all traffic through the connection. It means once you have activated the app, all of your traffic will be encrypted as a whole, and your IP address will be masked completely.
In contrast to this, there's another type of VPN that allows you to encrypt only specific traffic. For example, if you are using a browser on your device, then only browsing activities will be encrypted, while all other things will work normally.

Effect of VPN on Advertisement
Many of the top brands are using location-based advertising services. This is one of the best ways to target people in a specific region.
This greatly reduces the risk of an ad being seen by users who are not relevant to it. However, some studies suggest that around 48% of ads are clicked on accidentally because users don't realize their actions.
As a result, almost all companies make their ads clickable to minimize this risk. This is also one of the reasons that users see many targeted ads even when they don't want them.
In case if you are using a VPN service, it can mask your true location because you will be assigned an IP address from another country.
This will show the ad to users who are not supposed to see it. As a result, it is likely that you will lose some money if you are running an online advertisement campaign.

How are Ads Shown to the User?
When you open a website, the first thing that the browser does is to request the page from the server. This usually contains all of the contents that are needed for the page to be displayed properly.
The server then sends back the requested content along with any ads that are associated with it.
If you are using a VPN, the server will see your IP address as being from a different country. This will cause it to send the ads that are meant for that region.
This can be a major issue if you are running an online ad campaign because you won't be targeting the right users. As a result, your conversion rate and ad revenue will both go down significantly.

VPNs and Ad Revenue - The Conclusion
Do VPNs affect your ad revenue negatively? It depends on the case, as some VPNs provide only limited traffic encryption. However, if the user is using an app with full encryption, then location-based ads may not work on them.
Under such conditions, the wrong ad will be shown to the wrong person, and this will result in a loss of revenue.
On the other hand, a VPN that allows you to encrypt specific traffic, then it is likely that you will see some targeted ads. These may be relevant to your interests, and this could result in increased revenue.
Overall, it can be said that the use of VPN technology has mixed effects on ad revenue. Some people may lose money because their ads are not being shown to the right people.
However, others may see an increase in ad revenue because the ads are more relevant to them.

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