Hi Keith. Thanks for the "hint" on 401. Ummm. How is that a hint? ;-))

obviously thats the hard part, but how do you want to use a pet on an enclosed 2x3? to be able to move any cubicle at all (and make it disappear) with a pet, you'd at least have to clear the two oranges, to be able to BOTH get "behind" (next to) a cube (the blue middle) AND have it somewhere to push to.
But if you do that, the blue disappears and you don't need a pet, because it'll align with a blue anyway, PLUS you wont be able to bring two "puzzled" oranges from the other side, from the arrow, because you cannot get behind two of them, just behind one by destroying the other 2 of the 3.

Just by looking at this (and I did consider pet possibilities) I concluded that the level has no solution.

OBviously, I must be wrong.
All I am saying that a little hint about the use of pets would be nice, hopefully not really spoiling the whole thing...


Emerald 104

Bottom purple joker down one (this doesn't remove anything)
Plain orange down (removes another plain orange and an orange joker)
Right orange joker up (removes blue and purple jokers)
Top blue joker up (removes plain blue and purple joker)
Purple Joker left X2 (removes remaining jokers)


Bagr, for 401:

You're right about the puzzle blocks at the bottom... obviously the only one that a pet does any good on is the bottom orange one in the middle, and then only after all the others are out of the way.
At the top, is there a way to clear just ONE of the orange puzzle blocks and nothing else?

Use and orange pet to push the center orange paw block up and clear it, then you can get behind both of the others to move them all the way down.
Obviously, then, the trick to to get rid of the anchor and the middle plain orange piece.
How to use the pets:

- blue pet to get rid of the plain blue on the left next to the blue puzzle
- orange pet to get rid of the middle puzzle block at the top
- blue pet, not to clear anything, but only to allow you to move around orange blocks again
- orange pet to get rid of the final puzzle piece at the bottom.


Emerald 301 hints:

Like all the puzzles, the best way to do it is to work backwards. What is going to be the last thing to clear? What do you need out of the way to make that possible?

For this level, all the pairings of blocks are obvious, the trick is figuring out which to clear in the top half, and which to clear in the bottom. If the last thing you're going to clear is the set of 3 puzzle blocks, where is it going to be easiest to clear those?

To bring the top puzzle block down, you can't bring the orange piece down, so obviously the orange joker has to go up.

You don't want the orange joker to clear the blue and purple one, so get rid of those first.

- you'll clear the purples first, in the bottom right

- then the blues (the joker and the plain). Clear these in the top

- now bring up the orange joker and clear the plain orange. The top puzzle piece should be free to move now.


401 stuff

OK, it's official. Keith should get an award for writing good hints. (eventually ;-))

And that stuff with nested spoilers - neat... everyone should do that... Didn't even notice them at first, but didn't need to, the first one was just the right amount of hint to retain the challenge, though for others - a little correction of Keith's nested-in hint follows.

Keith writes "Use and orange pet to push the center orange paw block up and clear it" but what he means is "Use an orange pet to push the center *puzzle* block up to clear it". (Obviously, you have to somehow clear the paw block below it first, to get to the center top puzzle)

thanks again.


I'm not quite sure that I understood the walkthrough for Emerald 204. I've been working on it for a while and I'm quite confused.

Any help would be appreciated.



Emerald 202

Move the far right plain cube down.
Move the clear cube left
Go all the way around and move the pet cube right
Move pet cube up, to take out two anchors

(This fact that it's a pet cube doesn't really effect the game, each plain cube will take out one anchor, just as it would without a pet sprite.
Full solution

Move bottom plain cube left
Move right plain cube down
Move bottom plain cube right\
Move remaining plain cube up


Keith: thanks for trying to help on 301, but I just can't see how to move anything without getting at least one block stuck on the side. For example, how can I clear the purples first without moving either orange or blue jokers to the wall, and thereby taking them out of the picture? Doing this makes it impossible to move the clear blue or clear purple without moving the blue puzzles, and thus making the whole thing impossible to solve. Some more explicit hints would be most appreciated -- I really hope you see this before my brain explodes!



Bagr - thanks for the compliment :) And the correction. I'm afraid my hints have been plagued with typos here.

Rob K, for 301:

Yes, you have to stick some blocks to get at others. As long as you still have a free block on the other half of the board (to move to the stuck one), it's not a problem

- Start by moving the purple block right. It's stuck, but as long as the purple jocker isn't wedged against a wall, you'll be fine.
- Then move the left blue puzzle to the left.
** At this point I realized I messed up in my hints. You can do it the way I said (purples first), but it requires a lot of shuffling around with the blue regular and the orange joker. It's easier to clear the blues before the purples. Sorry. **

- you should have access to the regular blue now that the puzzle is out of the way. Move it up to clear it

- then clear the purples by moving down the joker
- then clear the oranges by moving up that joker.
- only the bottom left puzzle is stuck, so you can manuever the other two where they need to be for all three to clear.


also - At one point in that last hint I said "move it up" ... I meant manuever it all the way to the top, not push it up one space. Hopefully that's understood when you see the layout at that point.


Cheers Keith, you're a star! On to 302!


Ok I am really stuck on Emerald 103...any help?


So, I've been chugging along since my last post and 303 has me frustrated! Of course, I will probably figure it out in the next 10 minutes or so...


Ergghhh im seriiously considering throwing my keyboard across the room...............I need help BAD on Emerald 103................


Sure, why not. I'll try to proofread this one. haha

Emerald 103:

Work backwards. How can you clear the anchor? To get in position for that, you HAVE to wedge a block in a corner, so go ahead and do it.

clear the purple joker on top by pushing the orange joker left

...I think that might be enough for you to get the rest.

Here's a walkthrough:

- push the purple left

- push the top blue left

- push the orange joker left

- push the purple paw left

- push the orange joker right

- clean up the mess

Emerald 303:

This one's hard to give a subtle hint for... hmmm

In the top right, you've got a cluster of three blocks (purple, purple joker, and blue puzzle). Is it possible to get one of those out of there without clearing them?

You can get out the purple joker by pushing the other two to the right.

How can you make use of it? Oh, but you need to keep that plain purple on the bottom to clear out the two wedged in above.

To clear JUST the purple anchor, you'll need to get rid of the blue anchor. There aren't many options for that. Which is most do-able? Now choose whether you want to keep that lower plain blue one around or if you should clear it...

Bring the blue joker down to clear JUST the anchor. Now you can bring the purple joker down and push it right over the top of the purple anchor. That frees up the blue puzzle piece now.

If you made it this far, the rest is fairly straightforward.

supermommy April 21, 2006 6:49 PM

OK please some one tell me how to get rid of the six blocks at the top, including the anchor. This puzzle is diving me nuts. I've made itt through all of t hem with no help, but this one has got me stuck!!!!

supermommy22 April 21, 2006 6:50 PM

OK that's on emerald 402 that I can't get.
Thanks for the help.


someone please help me with advanced training 5 the other hint from keith didnt work out thanks


Emrald 201 walk though plz


ok wow i figured out the rest of adv training 5 and dont i feel stupid

SuperWam April 22, 2006 4:46 PM

Hello everybody, i really need help to clear the Emerald 303. The best I can do, is finish with 1 cubes!!! So pleaaaaaaaase, HELP ME!!!


WOW I can't get 203 please help


plz someone help me with training 2!

Sephiroth April 24, 2006 11:55 AM

Solution Emerald 201:

1) Move the top orange right
2) Move the top purple left
3) Move the left gray block down
4) Move the top blue right
5) Move the left purple block up
6) Move the left orange block to the right so the 3 orange blocks disapper
7) Move the gray block (the one that is down the purple block) to the right
8) Move the purple block up to disapper the 3 purples
9) Move the top blue to the left
10) Move the left blue to the right ... finish


i really........
got stuck at emerald 404 for a few days!
with the hints. idiot me still cant figure out! how to get rid of that blue block at the right bottom!


Sephiroth April 24, 2006 12:22 PM

Emerald 203

1) Move the bottom orange joker left
-- the anchor and the joker disapper
2)Go to the other side, and move the orage joker to the place where the orange anchor was, next to the purple anchor.
3) Move the orange joker up, so the 2 orange jokers disapper.
4) Move the Blue joker left, then right, so the blue anchor, the blue joker and 1 purple joker disapper.
5)Move the bottom joker up, so the anchor and the joker disapper.
6) Move the orange joker to the right
7) Move the purple joker to the left, then down so the anchor and the joker disapper.
8) Move the orange joker down--- finish

Beth, aka kidlitfan April 24, 2006 1:31 PM

I got a totally different solution to Emerald 403. I couldn't get the previously posted solution; no matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of the right-wall orange hats without removing the all-important blue hat, so I got rid of the blue hat ASAP.


Start by moving the purple blank up.
Then move to the square just right of the blue blank, and push that orange hat down. This will erase a purple hat, but not the purple pet.

Then, go to the other side of the blue blank and push it to the square below the blue hat.

You need to get an orange hat up to the orange anchor without accidentally removing the orange hat too soon, so

move the lowest and farthest right purple hat to just left of the lowest and farthest right ORANGE hat.

Complete walkthrough of the rest, step by step

Move the free orange hat to the square below the orange anchor.

Move the orange hat that is between a purple hat and another orange hat UP, to activate the orange pet.

Move the far right orange hat either up or down.

Move the top right purple hat up to activate the highest purple pet.

Move the remaining (lower) purple pet DOWN.


Move the top right orange hat down, then two left, to remove all remaining hats!


Hi,here's the solution for emerald 404,I hope that's serves to you

-Blue Blanck Left
-Push the other blue blank right x2
-Then,push the purple pet right x2
-Orange joker up
-Orang blank right(Anchor and orange pet are eliminated)
-Then return the purple pet back
-And down the joker(this and the pet are eliminated)
-Now move to the right the blue blank near the corner
-Push the purple blank to the left to eliminate the anchor
-Move the blue blank up to eliminate the joker
-Move the purple pet to the left x2
-And then push the orange joker to eliminate the purple joker
Then move the blue pet to the left
-Move the blue puzzle to the left and up and eliminate the other piece of the puzzle
-Push the blue pet down x3
-And finally eliminate the last blue blank piece

Bye and good luck

corncobman April 24, 2006 3:32 PM

404 was easy for me.

The blue block you pushed to the left at the start is the last block you remove.

Start the way outlined above.

Push the blue hat down and push the far right blue block to remove it.

Then push the purple paw left.

Push the blank purple block left to remove the anchor

Push the blue blank up to remove it and the blue hat

Push the orange hat all the way left

Push the blue paw left and then get rid of the puzzle blocks

Push the blue paw to remove the right blue blank

Push the last blue blank to remove it


Hey, if anyone else bought the full versoin and wants to trade hints for those, email me or send an instant message to gregpdotcc on AIM.


Please full solution emerald 303


I really can't get emerald 304... help !

all resolves April 25, 2006 9:34 AM

whahah :) you cehaters.. downloading the clues of the puzzle thats not fair :) I know completed the full starter pack I think the bonus lvl was the hardest (final exam 2 though)
Ill put on some spoilers for you guys , theres no sorrow in helping ^^


ohmygod..i didnt thought of using the blue pet to clear the bottom most right blue blank in 404.. thanks people. now i have completed all levels i feel great~ kee


How much more do you get if you buy the game?


someone has got to give me some help for emerald 304...this is wasting my life!!! HELP ME!!!! thanks!

BlahBlah April 25, 2006 8:24 PM

I need a REAL solution to Advance Training 4. I read Sephiron's but his is a different one.


Full solution to ADVANCED TRAINING 4:


Please I need full to solution emerald 303


Full solution to ADVANCED TRAINING 4:


Please I need full to solution emerald 303


Emerald 303 full solution:

Clear up 3, left 1, blue blank left, blue joker left into both, purple blank right, purple joker up, push away both blue puzzles, purple blank left, purple joker into anchor, blue blank into anchor, push away blue bank, purple blank into other two.

Emerald 304 full solution:

Clear left and back right all the way, left purple blank into paw, orange blank into paw, push away puzzle, right purple paw into blank and paw, push away remaining blanks, blue blank into other two, puzzles into eachother.

As for the pay version, you get the downloadable client, the Starter and Emerald packs to keep, the Masters pack (15 puzzles, most of which are VERY VERY hard - I'm currently stuck on Master 201 and accepting hints), and a Sapphire pack that he just added a few days ago (15 puzzles, only blue pieces, varying difficulty - I finished all of them, but was stuck on a few for quite a while). Presumably he will release more packs later on, although there's no guarantee. If there's at least three more packs I think I'll consider it a worthwhile purchase.


I need help on emerald 204! Please, Someone!


I can't figure out emerald 204, and that walkthrough really doesn't work for me. Cab someone please post a walkthrough or just a few tips for EMERALD 204? Please...


i got the solution of emarald 204 this is it sorry for my very bad english

1.you got 3 high blue block and 3 low blue block from the 3 high one's push the lowest to the right 2 times.
2. push the middele of the high blue block to the right.
3. Push the rights purple 1 down
4. Now the blue one who's stil the middle from the 3 highest ones do this: down, right, down
5. push the rightest purple 2 up
6. the rightest blue one do this: down, left
7. from the lowest 3 blue ones push the one which is the highest from this three to the left so the 2 most left ones from that 3 are away
8. now clear the 2 other blue ones at the bottem
9. push the lowest purple one left
10. now you have to clear the 3 purple ones at on time: with the rightest purple do this: 3x down and 2 left
11. now clear the 3 orange one at one time like this: the lowest one 1 right now the middle 1 up , the rightest 1 up and the middle down.

clear the blue ones

ualuealuealeuale April 28, 2006 5:30 PM

i dont know what your talking about in the 204 walkthrough xander theres not enough room t5o do the moves


can you tel me where you get stuckt


i'm really stuck on normal training 5!! someone help plzplzplzplz!!!!!!

ualuealuealeuale April 29, 2006 7:52 PM

never mind it was just me being stupid

ualuealuealeuale April 29, 2006 7:56 PM

solution to training 5

green pet left once purple petleft once push purple block blue pet left push blue block green pet down then right push green cube

andrei May 1, 2006 3:13 AM

greg, you were stuck on Masters 201 the other day. What's your solution for the previous puzzle - combo Madness (master pack). Cracked everythign else so far so might be able to help you....

ualuealuealeuale May 1, 2006 3:29 PM

i need a walkthrough not hints a walkthrough for emerald 401 the hints are misleading and i dont know what to do



Here's some general hints for Combo Masters:

Obviously you're going to have to use the middle orange joker to "open" the orange side, and then use the 2nd orange joker with the blue joker to "open" the blue side. The trick it just clear enough of the orange side away that you can open up the blue side. Once all the blue is gone, you will need the extra space to clear out the rest of the orange.

..and if you're still stuck, an abbreviated walkthrough:

Joker left one, down one; orange down (no choice); orange left (no choice); orange blank left; joker into joker; blue up; (now to symentrical blue sides) blue right (only one that can); freed blue up one, right two; middle blue up; remaining side blues together; repeat for left half of blues; orange near middle left one, up three, left four, down one; orange left; orange down (left side should be clear); repeat on right side.

Feel free to email me, greg patterson at gmail.


i can't do emerald 403 also with helps!
i'm disperate! help me again pleeeeaseeeeee!!!


Hey i need some help with the bonus stage...Please


Can someone tell me how to do advanced training 2....PLEASE!


Emerald 204: Corrected walkthrough

Xander's almost worked, it just had one mistake. Here it is, hopefully in a more comprehensive fashion, with the mistake fixed.

You have 3 high blue blocks and 3 low blue blocks. From the 3 high ones, push the lowest to the LEFT 2 times.
Push the middle block from the high blue blocks right 1, down 1, right 1, down 1.
Push the right-most purple up 1.
Push the right-most blue down 1, left 1.
From the lower group of 3 blues, push the middle top one to the left to clear it and the left blue pet block.
Now clear the 2 other blue ones at the bottom by pushing the top block down 1.
Push the lowest purple left 1.
Now clear the 3 purple ones at once: move the right-most purple down 3 and left 2.
Now clear the 3 oranges at one time like this: the lowest one right 1, now the middle up 1, the right-most orange up 1 and the middle down 1.
Finally, clear the blue ones. (Bottom blue right 1, up 1)

I hope this helps (And thanks to Xander for the initial explanation)!

Ja Rule May 6, 2006 11:24 AM

hey i can't get emerald 204 cansomeone post a clear walkthrough?

Amanda May 6, 2006 4:45 PM

I need more help with bonus stage!


walkthrough for training 1 PLEASE


advanced training 2


I really need help with the bonus stage


need help with that first final exam


can some one help with 402 really stuck been trying for 2 days just can't get it at all
please please please


can not get past the bonus stage any body got a clear walk through and i am still stuck on emerald 402 not far of quiting cos my brain is hurting me now thanks

jamolay May 7, 2006 6:14 PM

FINALLY!! I got Emerald 402
Here is the Solution... no stinking spoilers

Push the center regular block down one square.
Push the left paw one square left.
Push the left most regular block down one to clear two regular blocks.
Push the two BOTTOM-MOST blocks together (horizontally) to clear.
Push the right block near the corner up into the topmost right regular block to clear it.
Now... this is the tricky part:
Push the original center block down one square and right one square to place it diagonally one square below the right most paw.
Move the left most regular block down one and right one to the center.
Move that new center block up into the regular block at the top.
Go back to your last regular block at the bottom and move it left one then up into the ANCHOR block to clear remaining regular blocks.
NOW move the Right most paw into the center of the top two paw blocks and use the pet to remove the final two paw blocks.

This took me forever and I was very frustrated because previous hints said nothing about the anchor block!!!
Sam I hope this helped.

jamolay May 7, 2006 6:15 PM

On to 403... at last!!

HELP ME May 7, 2006 6:24 PM

emerald 401

AHH I NEED HELP ON EMERALD 401!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

help plz May 7, 2006 9:24 PM

can someone help me with training level 2?

help me plz May 8, 2006 1:03 AM

hey i need the spoiler of training 2 plzz help me


thankyou jamolay

now i am on 403 3 days later

that really helped


right ok got through all the levels on emerald
and i am totally stuck on the bonus level can anyone give me a clear walk through i am completly baffled can not see a way around this one nomatter how many different ways i try please help

Deelong May 8, 2006 8:26 PM

i need a real solution to advance training 4, none of those work


whats emerald? i have beat alll the levels.. is their more?


advance training 4 spoiler

push blue puzzle up next to plain blue.
push plain green left and then down to other plain green.
the transparent in between the two puzzles push up to the blue puzzle
the other transparent left on to the wall
green puzzle right 1 then right to the other green puzzle
plain blue up to plain blue
blue puzzle to blue puzzle

any help on bonus level can not get this one at all

help plz May 9, 2006 8:54 AM

now i'm stuck on training lvl 4
help anyone?


stuck on advance 5


totally stuck on ADVANCED TRAINING 5. There's only one post about it and it makes not sense. Anyone? I'm about to go crazy.


emerald 204 SOLUTION. WITH 14250 POINT!!!!

Before you click spoiler, think how to move the top purple one to the left hand side. that's the trick of this one

From top to bottom, A - G.
Left to right, 1-3 A. 1-5 B. etc.You should get it since you get to 204 =)
C4-C2.B3-D6.D5-C5,D6-E5,C6-B3,C2-C6(down,up,---->),b3-d2(down first),c6-b3.
that's the setup.
now, it's time to add up all those effort to 14250 points!

14250 points!! How many do you get???


Anyone please help I am really really stuck on bonus stage I can get as far as having 6 blocks left to clear but thats it I have been stuck on this for 5 days I am in desperate need of some help


Advance 5 solution

Push the left side purple to the left
Push the organge joker to the other orange
Push the plain green the left.
Move down the green joker.
Push the blue one to the left next to the plain green on the top.
Use the joker to hit them all.. BOMB...go to the next level.


PLZ HELP! Im kinda stuck on TRAINING LEVEL 5

help plz May 10, 2006 11:19 PM

i'm still stuck on training lvl 4 can anyone help me?


i completed the bonus stge all by myself. it took me a week but hey i got there in the end my god does it feel good. i had a score of 15040 not sure if its a good or bad score but i did it with lots of frustrating moments


hi i need a walkthrough for emerald 301 its driving me mad cuz hints dont make sence to me and confuzzle me :(

thankies ^_^

jeanette May 13, 2006 5:33 PM

for the last move in advance training level five, you need to get the blocks to be in this position: green, green, blue from left to right
- before you try to position the blocks this way, move the green joker down one space.

Iweetartdead May 14, 2006 9:24 AM


Don't know if it's me, but your walkthru didn't make sense/didn't work for Emerald 402. Could you please repost...or anyone help me with Emerald 402 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO SLEEP AGAIN!

tiffany May 24, 2006 7:07 AM

i need help on emerald 101!!!!!

tiffany May 26, 2006 4:43 PM

does anybody have the full spoiler for advenced training 5??!!!!


so, i really need a walkthrough of emerald 401 before i throw my laptop. please help!


Help with 101! Ready to throw computer at wall!

MatrixFrog June 20, 2006 1:24 PM

This game has changed names, apparently to avoid confusion with "Cubris" so you may want to do a minor update.


14 500 points on 204!!


PLZ help with training 2. i feel dumb


please help with advanced #2!!!!!!


oh my gosh! i got single handed got through all - no help - but now i am stuck on BONUS STAGE pleaszzze help? I tried all [email protected]!#$ possibilities - doing the chess thing does not help, i think my IQ just dropped a notch or twoo!


Is there any online high score table for the induvidual levels?


it seem very stupid to make a game that stops 99% of all players at the training level 1...


Joe - you need to complete the 1st level to unlock the next one. It is designed as a tutorial to gradually introduce the gameplay concepts.


Here is the solution to emerald 401...

/Push rightmost blue blank up.

Push the other blue blank up.

Push the rightmost orange blank to the right.

Push the second orange to the left to eliminate the ornge anchor.

Then push the senter orange one square right, walk around the blue puzzle and push it (orange blank) one up and one left.

Push the topmost orange puzzle one up.

Push the blue paw into the blue blank.

Push the two topmost puzzles all the way down to the other puzzles.

Then push the orange paw to the orange blank.

Push the blue puzzle over the orange puzzle to the left

and push the topmost blue puzzledown to the last blue puzzle and eliminate it.

And finally push the orange puzzle to either left or right.


Need serious help on bonus stage
please post me a spoiler


how works advenced training 3???????????????????
pleas help!!!!!