and the box can still shoot out the right
and he can still take the shield
and the little black squiggly line at the bottom
if only that mine would just DIE

Apauling March 26, 2006 7:17 PM

The black squiggly line at the bottom is a stick. It's just another way of killing the bug on the UFO switch but you'd have to drop the platform guy into the cave to do that. Not a good idea.

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 7:20 PM

I'm never gonna get my papers done that are due tomorrow. We have GOT to get this finished so i can!:) The sequence is key still because you have to use the crow to lower the ladder yet dont put too many carrots in the basket otherwise it drops too early. I have no friggin clue!


he can drop the shield by grabbing it and shooting the platform with the gun aimed lower, but I haven't seen any use for that yet.


i just found out that the right side of the box can be clicked on TWICE. It opens with a wider angle in that case...

Apauling March 26, 2006 7:22 PM

Several people have mentioned that you can get the platform guy abducted by the UFO and use him to destroy the mine, and thus get the machanic guy to burn the vine, but I haven't seen a good description of the sequence. Can someone maybe post a step by step?


what we need is another way to break the right hand pad, so we can use the fruit on the bomb
then we are home free

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 7:23 PM

ANYONE else feel like smashing something closeby? I know I wanna break something! GRRRRRRRR!

Apauling March 26, 2006 7:24 PM

nCn - good find but it looks like a bug. The platform guy can still get across the cave opening by walking in mid air! But who knows...

mikesf78 March 26, 2006 7:26 PM

the only thing way we've discovered so far to get a character up the vine is to have the UFO active AND sacrifice the platform guy. Neither of these work with the solution we're currently working through.


yes, i know, it acts as if it is still there. The right rolling rock blasts out the door so you can blow the paper wads in the toilet house... How all this is usefull - i do not know ;)

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 7:28 PM

Hey apauling. To detonate the mine with the guy (kinda funny actually): ignoring any other uses we need the guy for, first you need to get the UFO working properly, then you move the items til u get the arrow, open the right side of teh box, and move him like you are going to use the toilet. Once he is on that island, click on the UFO and it picks him up before going to the right, it drops him on that ledge (on the mine). If you destroy the mine with the melon THEN try this sequence after it drops him on the missing mine the UFO ends up zapping him anyways. Aliens are pricks arent they?


The UFO get desrtoyed in the process of getting the mechanic up to the vine but you need it to freeze the lake!


The UFO get's destroyed when you freeze the lake and you need it to get the mechanic up to the vine!

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 7:31 PM

How about after freezing the lake, and putting the water bomb in the basket, break down the door with the snail, then keep shooting paper wads into the toilet to clog it, THEN use the guy togo to the bathroom and maybe it overflows/explodes? Haven't tried personally.


OK, now that everyone has gotten this far, someone needs to write up what we have so far. Starting from the begining, all the way up to draining the lake. Try to keep the typos to a minimum. :-P This could help everyone having trouble with this get this far and help with the brainstorming. (Me included) If you are going to write this begining to the walkthrough, post that are going to do so here, so a lot of people don't end up wasting their time doing the same thing. GET TO WORK!!


lol :) i like the way you're thinking, an anarchist cookbook approach ;) But i suspect that in order to finish the game we must get both of those blob things in the cart, si destroying the lower right machine that produces one would NOT be a good idea.

Besides, nothing indicates that the rocks (or paper wads) are doing anything in the toilet. maybe theyre of no relevance. Well. If in doubt - test!

Let see.


ill do it
or attempt to


I wonder if the Hapland's creator is watching us comment right now, laughing at our pitiful attempts... >_>


Awesome, sami. In the meantime, I will test the toilet clogging idea and some other basic ones in the begining, so I don't have to get the lake drained and lose my progress. :-0 Also, does anyone know what making the arrow (the one by the mine, by tilting the branch and makign the fruit form the tree blow the mine up and mess up the arrow) point upwards does? May have been posted ahead of me, maybe I missed it...


toilet clogging does nothing, I was thinking that you could use the mechanic as a platform guy after he torches the vine, but I can only get him to walk across the circle thing he wont go on the platform.....


No luck with sabotaging the toilet.


Under hints & tips: "Just how long do alien abductions take, anyway?"



Yeah there has got to be some timing involved with the abduction... hmmm... Well I have over 250 pages of reading to do, so I wont be posting as much, until I get bored anyway, so, bon chance! (sami, keep that basic walkthrough coming :-P, it would be awesome if you could get that out tonight!)


Well, I tried dropping the fruit on the UFO before it drops the guy, but it doesn't work.

Geekazoid March 26, 2006 8:07 PM

Tried hitting Ufo as Taking Platform man but didn't hit

Lets try doing something to the Ufo as it moves


Heres my approach so far:

1. bend the pipe thing

2. move the top guy to tight

3. get carrot

4. quickly open the top lid of the box to send carrot in the mine

5. quickly kill the two flies

6. turn on the power to the both teleporters

7. have the lower guy switch the item to shield

8. turn off the switch near him , and have him pull the lever

9. send the ufo to teleporter 2 by clicking on it

10. move the platform guy to the right

11. click on the UFO
12. when the ufo dissapears on the right side, have the platform guy take the shield and quickly have the lower guy pull the lever. If timed correctly, the ufo should explod and freeze the lake.
13. have the platform guy take the shiled and the lower guy pull the lever two more times in order to get the rock and the water mine in the basket.

14. Click on the nut thingie in the middle of the wooden box. It should start spinning.

15. Click on the left yellow circle under the box.

16. Turn on the light thats over the door on the lower left.

17. switch the clothesline item to bomb

18. have the platform guy get the bomb (he should be standing on the right) - the bomb thaws the lake.

19. click on the top left window

20. click on the spiderweb thats over the bird.

21. click on the spider and instantly click on the bird, if timed correctly, the bird should drop the carrot & fire a laser (?) which releases the ladder.

22. the carrot should trigger the container release, which then falls on the rolling ball thing and gets knocked in the water - the water mine explodes and empties the lake.

Other stuff:

Clicking on the right side of the tree top releases a fruit which can be used either to wreck the teleporter 2 or, to disarm the bomb, depending on whether you click on the branch beneath the tree top

The mechanic is brought down by wrecking the teleporter 2, ringing the bell, and then closing the door behind him when he leaves his house.

If the fruit disarms the landmine, or if you have the UFO abduct the platform man, the arrows get pointed upward, allowing the mechanic to climb the ladder (if it has been released) - you just click on the mechanic when he is standing next to it. He willl climb it and set fire to the vine (maybe you have to click on him again for him to torch it)

You can order the mechanic aroud with the use of the right arrow. Mechanic can also fall thru to the mine if you click on the flap located just right of the teleporter 2, but you should have the big box opened BEFORE you send him down, otherwise he gets crushed when you open it.

After you eat the second carrot from the clothesline (you must also open the right side of the box beforehand), you can send the platfrom guy to the toilet house where he uses the which reveals a strange machine which bears one of the markings diagrammed in the help.

And finally, after you have drained the lake, you can have the lower guy jump in it and operate the lever which bears the second marking from the help, which triggers another blob thingie to emerge, but you cant get him out of the lake, so i suspect that this is the fone the things that needs to be done.

whew. I know i forgot something so you just fill in the rest. Feel free to copy what ive written here ;)

Lets finish this beast!


okay i have the whole walk thru done that we are sure is right, and i know more at the end but I'm not gonna put it cuz we don't know the order
anyway, it wont post
cuz its so long, i dunno its not loading
maybe ill do sections
just hold on




nCn you were supposed to say if you were gonna make a walk thru
cuz i just wasted my time
typing up practically the same thing


maybe instead of focusing on burning the vine... we should get the mechanic in the cart while the lake drains or something


Ugh, but we need the vine burned so that we can get that other thing into the cart.


HEy what happens if the Mechanic is already down there when the teleporter breaks a second time
Once fruit second Ufo Falling in

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 8:18 PM

Two separate walkthroughs to get 3 parts we know we need done!

Draining Lake

WE'RE ONLY DRAINING THE LAKE! Click guy on top platform to move right, then click on carrot to pick it BEFORE HE EATS IT click on the top of the box below the top platform. This will cause him to drop it into the cave. Once the two flies come out click on them QUICK or you are screwed, the bug should come out of the fusebox to eat the carrot. Then turn both fuseboxes for the UFO landings on. Click on the top platform guy to move him to the left. Click on the guy below the platform to scroll the items. Click to the other carrot and click on the carrot and the top guy will eat it. Scroll the item another time and stay on the shield. Then click the fusebox next to the scrolling items guy. Click on him to scroll, but this time he will swim across the lake. Click on the tube above where he stops to angle it upwards. NEXT PART TAKES GREAT TIMING! Click the UFO so it goes to the 2nd landing site. Then click on it again and it will go right to offscreen. ABOUT ONE SECOND AFTER IT LEAVES SCREEN click on the shield guy, then quickly on the guy below the tube on the very left of the screen. This should shoot a rock/paperwad and bounce OFF the shield and HIT the UFO. It will explode and drop blue drops into the lake FREEZING IT! Click the shield guy then the shooting guy once more to put a rock/paperwad into the basket hanging from the tree. Do this ANOTHER time only notice the rock/paperwad is black (actually a water bomb). Turn on the light above the shooting guy and he will be kicked onto the ice and walk back to his lever across the lake. Turn back on the item swapping fusebox then scroll to the bomb. Before using the bomb though, click on the bolt in the middle of the box below the platform, then click on the left yellow button below the box, shooting out a snail-shell across the lake and stopping in front of the house. Then click on the bomb to have the top platform guy use it (he should be on the left side of the platform still). The flames will melt the lake. Click on the window in the very top left corner of the screen to let out a carrot. Click on the crow and it will knock it into the basket which is full and drops onto the snail-shell, which is kicked into the lake by the boot from the house. It lands on the right corner of the lake, then explodes and drains the lake. You can then open the fusebox on the item swapper then click on the guy who swaps items and he will get in the lake and can use the switch that was before underwater. This releases ONE OF THE 2 COMPONENTS OF THE POTION, but it is stuck on the vine

Burning Vine

WE'RE ONLY BURNING THE VINE! Click on the top platform man to move him to right side of platform, have him click on the carrot then immediately click on the top of the box below the platform, the carrot will drop into the cave. Kill the two flies before they eat the carrot by clicking on them, then the bug will leave the fusebox and eat the carrot. Click both fuseboxes for the UFO landings. Click on the guy below the platform and he scrolls items for the top platform guy. Go to the arrow item. Click on the right side of the box below the platform to have it open out. Then click on the arrow and the man will land on the opening, then jump to the island. Click on the UFO hovering next to the man and it will abduct the man and drop him on top of the mine, ridding us of the mine. Now click on the very top left window on the screen to release a carrot. Click on the spiderweb above the crow ONCE. NEXT PART TAKES GOOD TIMING! Click on the spider then IMMEDIATELY click on the crow. The crow will go for the carrot, but turn in time to see the spider. If timed right the spider will climb out of the way of the crow's laser and the laser will hit the tree midscreen, releasing the ladder. Click on the UFO at the right landing site to make it come back to its starting position. Then click on the leaves of the tree at top of screen above the right landing pad. A melon will fall out and break the landing pad. Ring the bell on the right side of the screen to make the mechanic come out and try to fix the landing pad. As he exits his home CLOSE HIS DOOR BEHIND HIM locking him out. After fixing the pad he will try to get back in, but then go left, spring off the covering of the cave, and land where the mine used to be. Click on him and he will climb up the ladder to the branch. Click him again and he will burn the vine

Releasing the plumbing AND bowl

WE'RE ONLY DOING THE AFOREMENTIONED! Click on the carrot dangling in front of the man on top of the platform. Then click on the man below the platform to scroll through the items. Come to the other carrot and eat that as well. Then scroll items to the arrow. Click on the right side of the box below the platform to open it. Then click on the arrow so the man jumps on the opening then onto the island. Click on the arrow above the middle of the island next to the mine and it will change directions. Click on the man and he will enter the house/toilet and use the bathroom, dislodging the rocks guarding the red-donut-bomb thingy below. Next click on the leaves of the tree at the top of the screen above the right landing platform. A melon will fall on the landing pad and break it. Before calling the mechanic, raise the covering of the cave below which is just left of the broken landing pad AND CLICK ON THE BOX IN THE CAVE TO OPEN THE LID. Then click on the bell to call the mechanic and after he comes out to fix the landing pad, close his door behind him locking him out. Then he will try to go inside, then instead turn left and fall into the cave. THIS PART TAKES GOOD TIMING! Click on the man and he will enter the box and come out riding a bowl contraption. CLICK ON THE RED PLUMBING TO RELEASE A RED DONUT-THING RIGHT as he passes it so it lands in the bowl. The bowl will continue left and once it reaches the lightbulb will disappear

SOO! Our problem now is we need to kill the mine some other way so we can get the guy to burn the vine so we can drop the GREEN-DONUT-THING into the bowl, yet we can't get rid of the top platform guy or the UFO (for freezing the lake) to do so.


nCn, I have got the rock to hit the UFO directly through it, but it didn't explode it... help please? sami, did u try putting it in tags to shorten it?

srobertb March 26, 2006 8:21 PM

What I'm trying to work on right now is the timing of the abduction - trying to shoot a paper wad toward the alien after it moves to abduct, and moving the guy away at the same moment. It's tricky, I haven't pulled it off - it might even be impossible.


lmok, The timing on the UFO is a little odd. What I did was to hit the shield just before the UFO left the right side of the screen, then immediately the lever. Hope that works for you.


mine was nicely typed with *GASP* periods and capital letters
and numbers
and seperate lines
so it was easy to read
but two other people already posted nastily formatted walk thrus
so im not gonna bother

srobertb March 26, 2006 8:24 PM

I tried to get the alien ship to abduct a paper wad, but that doesn't work. Maybe if it picks up something else, it will drop that on the mine instead?


dunno lmok, everytime i did the sequence in order, the ufo exploded.

just try it again. and pay attention to the location of the ufo when you do different actions. you will hone it down soon.


dont get cross. You are free to post your walkthru too, Its not like you have exclusive rights for it ...
and questioning my literacy and formatting skills is really not nice of you, considering that this is HTML and JAVAcode and god knows what else, and i really tried to make it look acceptable.

We're trying to get this thing finished, not writing a book on it.


But i apologise if i upset you.


DangerDoom March 26, 2006 8:29 PM

Mine was NOT nasty Sami:) It wasnt separated into lines because it would have taken up like 500 lines. And there are periods in mine!:)


can we get the UFO to abduct rolling rock?


I already have a walkthrough all written up. Just no point in posting it until it's finished, IMO.


Yes you can I tried it and that how you win! I'm writing a complete walkthrough right now!

DANGERDOOM! March 26, 2006 8:33 PM

I HAVE FOUND IT OUT MWAHAHAHAHAHH YESSSSSS! When the plattform guy is on the island and the UFO is running, click on the UFO to abduct him, then CLICK QUICKLY ON THE RIGHT SNAIL SHELL button and it will chase the guy, but the UFO will pick up the shell iNSTEAD!!!!!!! BOO-FREAKING-YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey sami, post your walkthrough because some people might find a different take on it easier to understand and perhaps appreciate your careful editing. Also, to the two other people who posted the walthroughs, very nice! I got the UFO down with the approximate timeing of DangerDoom. This is coming along well. Now, my next personal problem was gettign the falling basket(on the snail's shell)to push the shell into the lake. Also, has anyone considered that the fact that the pipe above the door with light can fall off when it is moved enough? Maybe this is useful, I don't see how but... ty for all the walkthrough peoples, keep them coming, the more points of view we have on the situation, the better!


!!! W00T !!!

srobertb March 26, 2006 8:36 PM

Did you both get that from my post? I'd like to think that I helped


I can't believe I figured it out on my own!!!! yay


srobertb, lol ;), yes you helped!


What do you mean by the right snail shell button



Make the platform man stand on the right,
grab the carrot and before he eats it, click the top of the crate to make it bump him.
He'll drop the carrot into the cave.
Get ready because you have to click/kill the two flies before they carry off the carrot or your screwed
Click the lever man. Now eat a carrot and go into the house by using the carrot and arrow the lever man makes appear
switch the right-most arrow so that's it's facing the house.
Activate both hover pads
This require TIMING:
Click the UFO Click the right button on the crate, this will deactivate the land mina and will cause platform man to run into the house and create a bomb machine
Ring the door Bell
Once he's on the platform you want him standing on the left with the shield above his head
Click the switch on the platform to disconnect the circuit. Pull the lever and the man will swim across the lake.
Bend the Pipe
Click the UFO, once it's off the screen wait for it to appear on the other side the moment you see it click the shield the click the lever man.
The UFO should blow up and the lake should freeze
Click the shield the click the lever man two more times to get a rock and a black spiky bomb into the bucket.
Turn on the light above the door to get the man back to the other side.
Click on the gear on the crate the click the remaining yellow button to launch an wheel to the other side of the lake.
Click the circuit box so that the laver works again and switch it to the bomb
(keep the man on the left side) Click the bomb to thaw the lake.
Click on the leaves above the crow to make a spider come out.
Click on the window to drop the carrot
Click the spider then quickly click the crow. If you timed it correctly then the crow should shoot down a ladder and drain the lake.
Click the circuit again and make the lever man go down to the bottom of the lake
Click the to of the tree to make a fruit break the hover pad. Click the bell, when the mechanic leaves shut the door. Open the large crate
Click the mechanic then click him again to burn down the vine, click the arrow so it faces the mechanics house. Click the trap door beside the hover pad, click the mechanic
Once the mechanic is down click him
While the buggy passes under the bomb machine drop a bomb, click the lever man so that a green ball rolls out of the platform and falls in to the cart as well
Once the two blobs fall and merge in the cart it will go all spirally and trun into a beast that will chase you.
The wall with the wierd '?' on it will crumble and reveal a room with a sign and a button.
Do not bush the button or you will die. Instead, click on the right gear to turn the sign around.
Now push the button Like it tells you to.
The Wheel will light up and the screen will start changing colors.
CONGRATULATIONS you won make sure you check out the concept art!


Yeah My day Was Very productive, i finnished my lab and got caught up on all my other assignments while I was stuck!


Woops. I guess it DOES kill the eyes >_

1. Click the man over to the right, then the carrot. As he grabs it, but before he eats it, click the top of the crate below him. Quickly click the two flies before they get the carrot.

2. Click the lever guy until you get the red arrow. Now click the right opening of the crate. Click the red arrow above the guy.

3. Click the two connectors to those portal thingies that the UFOs have.

4. Click the UFO, then quickly click the right yellow circle under the crate. The UFO should abduct the boulder.

5. Click the guy who was almost abducted, so he climbs back up. Click the bottom lever guy until the shield appears. Now click the connecter by the green arrow, then the bottom lever guy again

6. Click the UFO again, so it flies off the right of the screen. Just as it's about to go off, click the shield (make sure the guy is on the left), then immediately after, the bottom guy. This should destroy the UFO.

7. Next, repeat the shield-then-immediately-bottom guy thing twice more, to get two things in the basket.

8. Click the light above the left door. Once the guy is back over, click the gear in the middle of the crate next to him, then the yellow circle under that crate.

9. Click the connector by the green arrow again, then click the lever guy until the bomb appears. Making sure the top guy is on the left, click the bomb.

10. Now, click the spider's web above the crow, and the window next to it. Click the spider, the immediately after, the crow.

11. Click the lever guy until the red arrow appears. Then click the lever connector, and click the lever guy again.

12. Click the far right leaves. Now click the mechanic. After he leaves the door open, click it closed.

13. Click the mechanic, so he burns the vine. Click the arrow directing him back to the right, the big crate in the cave under him so it falls open and the metal thing he walked on so it falls open.

14. Click the mechanic, then again once he reaches the bottom. Now, click the red thing that had been covered by rock, so that it produced a blob into his cart. Also click the green-blob-producer that you uncovered when you pulled the underwater lever. Now (I hope!) you're done.


So about that T Shirt, What do I need to do


Well done peeps! =)

Joel, since you were the first to post a complete walkthrough, and you have been working on it for most of the day, I've credited you in the post. Please send me your shirt size and shipping info via email and I'll get one out to you right away.

If there is anyone else that you feel deserves one too, please let me know. =)


LOL! Has anyone clicked on the DO NOT CLICK sign? I would have been pretty pissed off if I had to go thru all that again jsut because i didnt LISTEN hahahaha.

Well, off to sleep - I saved Hapland, and now im exhausted. Thanks for help everyone!!


Sami ;)
We prolly ruined half an hour of work. I say he (she?) gets one too.


...posted by: Kyle | March 26, 2006 05:46 PM
Who, I just realized, dicovered the carrot flies before I did

bytesmythe | March 26, 2006 06:58 PM
Who found out how to drain the lake 1 min before I did.


Great walkthrough nCn. You have a mistake, though! (minor thing you forgot to put in :-P) You have to bend the pipe upwards so it can hit the shield, otherwise it just hits the platform and bounces off, and, also, you need to have the platform guy eat the other carrot so he will use the toilet! (I think) Well, again, awesome walkthrough. Now, time to start some homework over here!

DangerDoom March 26, 2006 9:00 PM

Man finally did it! Even knowing exactly what i had to do was crap cuz i had to do the thing like 20 more times to get different timings working. Sometimes i would forget a step then have to start ALLL over i was like: GAHHHH! But man gotta love hapland!


"Heres my approach so far:
1. bend the pipe thing"

"...After you eat the second carrot from the clothesline (you must also open the right side of the box beforehand), you can send the platfrom guy to the toilet house..."

Excerpts from my semi-crawlthru...


DangerDoom March 26, 2006 9:02 PM

I figured things out but when i went and posted them i read just recent new posts and someone said the rock abduction like 1 minute before me... DAMN!:(


Haha, very nice. Now, I approve. If no one else gets one out, tomorrow I'll fix yours up with more spoiler tags for each step, fix the typos, clear some timing issues up etc. Just for the future readers of your legacy!


I might be persuaded to award a T-shirt to the prettiest AND most precise walkthrough =P


Oh my goodness. Jay... how could you. Now homework has to wait longer. Nooo! Well, what the hell! Here we go!


OMG i can't believe Hapland 3 is out! This is the first time i play any of the hapland games on their release!... although i think its gonna have to wait for tomorrow coz it's 4 am now :(
Thanx Jay for this!


yeah its cool ncn and whoever posted walk thrus
i was just mad cuz i said "ill do it" after someone asked for the walk thru
and whoever asked for it also said "say you are gonna do it so others dont waste time"
oh well
mine wont post anyway
and its practically the same
although, probably the most precise
i dont need a tshirt, its cool

Magic Carpet March 26, 2006 9:52 PM

It is written above to not press the DO NOT CLICK sign. It is true you will die, BUT....

Unless I am overlooking it I don't see a walkthrough that finishes the game. When you see the DO NOT CLICK sign you need to click the cog wheel in the lower right part of that cave. The sign will turn telling you to click. You don't complete the game until you click the sign.

Am I overlooking this in the above walkthrough?


Congrats to Joel. I understand how both you and Jay feel with the need to finish papers because I am working on a couple of dooseys today and totally got sucked into the game.
Jay, you rock my procrastinating world!


This walkthrough should cover every single click needed to win...

Goal 1:


1 - Click on the carrot to eat it.

2 - Click on the guy who ate the carrot and he'll move to the right.

3 - Click the bottom lever guy 3 times.

4 - Click on the carrot and then click on top of box below him. Two flys come out. You need to click on both of them before they get to the carrot.

5 - Click both "launch pad" switches so the UFO floats up.

6 - Click the bottom lever guy 3 times so a right red arrow appears.

7 - Click the other arrow so it turns to the right.

8 - Click on the right side of the box so the right flap comes down.

9 - Click on the red arrow directly above the guy on the platform, and he will move down.

10 - Click on the UFO and then very quickly click the yellow button below the box on the right. Several things happen here. The UFO tries to abduct the guy, but gets the boulder instead. It drops the boulder on that mine which explodes and turns the red arrow up. The guy runs into the bathroom and flushes which causes pipes underneith to fall away exposing a red blob that we'll use later.

Goal 2:


1 - Click the doorbell on the bathroom.

2 - Click the guy that comes out of the bathroom.

3 - Click on the same guy again so he moves left.

4 - Click the bottom lever guy three times so you see a shield.

5 - Click the switch to the left of green arrow.

6 - Click the bottom lever once.

7 - Click on the tube above the door on the far left, so it will bend upwards.

8 - This requires some timing. click on the UFO and it will fly up and to the right. Just before the UFO leaves the screen, click on the shield and then click on the bottom left guy who will pull a lever. This will fire a rock that destroys the UFO and freezes the pond.

9 - Click on the shield then click the left lever guy. This will fire another rock that will bounce off the shield into the yellow basket.

10 - Click on the shield then click the left lever guy. This will fire a water activated bomb that will bounce off the shield into the yellow basket.

11 - Click the light directly above the door on the far left. The guy will move back to his original position.

12 - Click the small gear in the middle of the wood box, it should start to spin.

13 - Click the left yellow button under that box which will shoot out another boulder.

14 - Click the switch to the left of the green arrow.

15 - Click the lever guy 3 times

16 - Click the red bomb. The top guy will throw it over the pond, which will cause it to melt.

17 - Click the window in the top left in the tree. This will drop a carrot.

18 - Click the spider web in the top left in the tree. A spider will come down.

19 - Click the spider and then quickly click the bird. This will cause the bird to get pissed off and shoot a laser out of its head (???) which releases a ladder on the second tree. This will also overload the yellow basket, causing it to fall on the boulder below. It then gets kicked into the pond and the water bomb sinks and blows a hole in the wall, which drains the pond. Whew.

20 - Click the switch to the left of the green arrow.

21 - Click the lever guy once. You should now have the bottom guy waiting at the lever at the bottom of the pond. Leave him for now.

Goal 3:


1 - Click the right leaves on the second tree. A yellow fruit will fall and damage up the second landing pad.

2 - Click the bell on the building to the right. The last guy (a mechanic?) will climb down and repair the landing pad. When he goes outside, close the door bending him by clicking on the door. He will repair the landing pad and eventually end up by the red up arrow.

3 - Click on him and he'll climb the ladder.

4 - Click him again and he'll burn the vine.

5 - Click him again and he'll climb down.

6 - Click the red arrow twice so it points right.

7 - Click the small bridge just between the bathroom window and the landing pad that got repaired. This will open up an entry to the cave below.

8 - Click the left edge of the crate in the cave below, which will open it.

9 - Click the mechanic and he'll fall into the cave.



1 - There is one last sequence, and you have to get the timing right. You must click on the mechanic so he goes into the crate. He will ride out on a cart with a large bowl and arms. Click on the red blob on the ceiling so it drops an orange donut in the cart as it drives by. Click on the guy by the lever in the pond which will release a green donut, too. Both donuts need to land in the cart, which will stop under the light. For the timing on the red blob, click just as the cart is reaches the edge of the side of the crate that we opened. For the timing on the lever, click the lever guy just as the cart reaches the first bump it goes over.

2 - See that button that says "Do not push"?

3 - Don't push it. It will blow up the guy in the cave. You can still finish even if you do, but if you let him leave, you can see some concept art for all 3 Hapland games at the end.

4 - Click the gear at the bottom right to turn that button sign around.

5 - Now you can push the button.


pretty colors at the end
to add to your walk through
at the end, there is a gear on the very far right
click it and the sign says "press" instead of "do no press" then press it for PRETTY COLORS

Magic Carpet March 26, 2006 10:23 PM

So who gets the shirt(s)? I don't see a complete walkthrough until mrgreg's after I pointed out that you need to turn the sign around.


I found the alternate uses for each item really sneaky, and good. I came here for one hint, which was the snail shell being used in the abduction instead of the man - and apart from that I solved it all, and now I'm kicking myself!!

I shouldn't have used a walkthrough. I would have gotten way more enjoyment(frustration?) out of this game if I had have kept going and just thought on it all by myself.

Anyway I wanted to comment on the ending, where you get to see the concept art, I think this is a great reward for finishing the game. Would love to see the concept art from the other haplands.


I liked the concept art too but it was really hard to see, oh well it was cool to see the small changes from concept to creation.


Hapland 3 Walkthrough:

  1. Click the man (the one on the platform), then click the carrot. As he grabs it, but before he eats it, click the top of the crate below him. The carrot should fall down. Quickly click the two flies before they get the carrot.

  2. Click the lever man (on the bottom platform) until the other carrot swings into place above the man on the upper platform. Click the carrot so the (upper platform man) eats it.

  3. Click the lever man (on the bottom platform) until the red arrow swings into place above the man on the upper platform.

  4. Now click the right opening of the crate. Click the red arrow above the guy.

  5. Click the two connectors to those landing pads the UFO have. (The connectors are directly beneath their respective pads, and have [until you click them] a red light on them)

  6. Click on the UFO, then quickly click the right yellow button under the crate. The UFO should abduct the snail-shell, and push the man into the bathroom, where he will flush the toilet after disposing (post-digestion, I assume) of the carrot. This will shake off part of the boulder that is beneath the bathroom. Also, the dropped snail-shell will blow up a mine next to another red arrow, making it point upwards.

  7. Ring the doorbell of the bathroom/house, and the former upper platform man should exit. Click him to make him climb back up onto his platform.

  8. Click the bottom lever guy until the shield appears. Now click the switch (like the ones clicked earlier to activate the UFO pads) by the green arrow above the lower platform guy, then click the bottom lever guy again

  9. Click the pipe that is above the door on the far left of the screen; it should bend upwards. Also, click the upper platform man so he is on the left of his platform.

  10. Click the UFO again, so it flies off to the right of the screen. TIMING IS IMPORTANT HERE: Wait about a second, then click the shield above the upper platform guy, so he grabs the shield. Immediately after clicking him, click the former bottom platform guy, and he should pull a new lever which should fire a rock out of the pipe.

  11. Now the lake should be frozen!

  12. Next, repeat the process of shooting rocks at the shield twice. They should bounce into the basket below the crow. You should stop after the second one, which is more like a spiky ball than a friendly rock.

  13. Now, click the light above the left door where the former lower platform guy is. That man should end up back on his lower platform. Next, click the gear/bolt in the middle of the crate that our snail shell came out of before, then click the yellow button on the left.

  14. Click the switch (you know which one by now) by the green arrow, then click the lever man on the bottom until the bomb (red ball) appears. Making sure the upper platform man is on the left of his platform (if he isn't, click him), click the bomb.

  15. The lake should be melted.

  16. TIMING INVOLVED AGAIN: Now, click the spider's web above the crow, and the window next to it. A carrot should fall out of the window. Click the spider, then, after a split second (sorry for the ambiguous timing) click the crow.

  17. If all went as planned, the crow should have knocked the carrot into the basket which should have fallen on the snail-shell and into the lake which should drain soon after. (Boom.) Also, the angry mother crow should've shot a laser at the spider, missing him, but knocking down a ladder.

  18. Click the bottom platform lever man until the red arrow appears. Then click the lever switch (again), and click the lever man again. He should go down, click him to make him pull that lever revealing a green blob.

  19. In the cave where the blobs have been revealed, click on the door to the crate, making it fall open.

  20. Click the far right leaves on the tree. Now click the bell under the mechanic (the other stickman on the screen, next to the wrench sign). After he leaves to repair the mess you made, he will leave the door open; click it closed.

  21. Click the mechanic, so he burns the vine. Now click the blue trapdoor that leads into the cave, directly to the left of the right-most UFO pad. Click the arrow so it turns to the right, and click the mechanic, directing him back to the right and into the cave.

  22. Click the mechanic so he walks into the crate. He will come out riding on a cart. Now, click the red blob that had been covered by rock, so that it produces a blob that falls into his cart, and then click the lever man (former bottom lever man) to make the green blob fall into the cart.

  23. . Now, click the gear-wheel at the bottom tight and the sign should turn around; press the button now. YAY! Pretty colors! End.


Sorry that I forgot to point out the obvious last choices at the end. I was so Pumped after beating it since I worked at it all day. I didn't even try to click that button to seeewhat happened I just searched around and found that the gear was clickable.

That black shodow beast scared the $#!T out of me I thought I was going to have to start all over!

did anyone else have a seizure at the end?


Ok well, sorry for all those walkthroughs. I had to go through the game again to make sure I got it right, and, sure enough, I has neglected to include a few key steps. Now they are in there, though it looks as though they were covered minutes before I posted mine. The walkthrough is complete though, and, if followed step by step, WILL lead to the end. Just be careful with the timeing!

Jay, again, my most profuse apologies for all those walkthroughs. :-[


No worries, Imok, I just deleted the extra ones. Thanks for your efforts, and if you email me your shirt size and address, I'll send you a shirt as well.

MrGreg - if you give me your shipping address and shirt size, I'll send along an official Jayisgames T-shirt. =)

Josh Armstrong March 26, 2006 11:39 PM

Am I the only one that can't get the UFO to do anything with the shield and rock and such?

DangerDoom March 27, 2006 12:39 AM

To explode the UFO, it should be on the Right Landing Pad. The top platform guy should be on the left with the shield ready, and the bottom guy should be on the porch ready to shoot the rock gun which should be angled upwards. Click on the UFO and it should exit the screen, about ONE SECOND when it leaves the scree click on the shield then click on the gun lever. Thas how I got it, but someone else described it as saying click on the shield as soon as u see the UFO appear at the top left of screen. Try both ways til it works for u.


Can you get the rock to bounce off the shield? If so, then it's just timing. For me it worked best to click the shield just before the UFO leaves the screen on the right, and then click the lever immediately after.

Daddaluma March 27, 2006 1:00 AM

I find that the more complicated these hapland games become, the less interested I am in beating them legit.

I struggled with the first one for an hour or so before the solution came to me.

With this one it was about 20 minutes before I didn't really feel like trying new combinations and looked at a walkthrough. I'm glad I gave up when I did, too, because the level of intricacy and timing is simply astounding. I doubt I would have gotten even halfway through on my own.

Even after reading the walkthrough I still find this game difficult.

Dr Pangloss March 27, 2006 1:36 AM

Am I absolutely blind??

All this talk of T-shirts makes me want to buy one...and I can't find a link to a Jayisstore anywhere. ;)

Can anyone help me out?


Here's a link to the T-shirt shop, Dr. =)

YoungEmpirer March 27, 2006 4:56 AM

I might've gotten to the walkthrough before him (doubt it) but i gave up... lol. Daddaluma you may have to experiment with the game before you completely understand anybodys walkthrough because it would be dead boring writing a walkthrough if you described everything dead clearly i was close to the solution but gave up as ive said and went to play some uniball


I have to agree with Daddaluma here, even with the walkthroughs this game requires such precise timing and clicks that starting ALL over again just doesnt feel worth it. Hours of trying to time a cannon correctly just for pretty colours and some drawings didn't leave me feeling too satisfied. Still, having a prize at the end does make it a lot better than a game without a prize at the end- that is your motivation

Warbears was just the same- it would be a lot more enjoyable for the casual gamer, yet perhaps less challenging for the point and click fans, if checkpoints were added around halfway when you have done all the correct things and you dont have to repeat the same click sequence 500000 times :(

Still, hapland games are some of the best ones on the web

Dr Pangloss March 27, 2006 10:07 AM

Thanks for the link, Jay...but to my dismay I can't get one. No Credit Card. Evil things, those.

If you ever get a PayPal set up for the store, let us know, eh?


Aw, Jay, my walkthrough gets you through to the end! All the way to those seizure-inducing flashes after which you get to see the concept art. And it is in pretty spoilers within spoilers!


Indeed, Imok20, and cheers for that! You will be receiving a T-shirt as promised. =D


if anyone will write me a plot for a game like this... i will try and make it!


coz i know flash and am bored!


giftedweasel - I'd like to see a game that deals with the topic of global warming. It should explore both the urgency of raising awareness and behaviors that everyone should be considering adopting that would help ease the problem. =)


write me the actual plot and il make it.
(imagination is too hard for me lol)


or i suppose i could just make a game along those lines... but i couldnt do it haplandy...


Jay, or giftedweasel, or any of you programmers: I have always wanted to learn how to program in Flash, eventually (how many years could this take?) make a game like Samorost2 and things of that sort. If you could point me to a resource that could assist me in this endeavour, free or a small fee, I would be much obliged. I have tried to follow some of the everyday tutorials online, but they always leave me with something that is quite usless unless you actually know what the code you're writing means. Right now I only have a very limited knowledge of HTML and those simple web languages.
And Jay, just messing with you about the walkthrough ;-), I'm just happy I'm getting (hopefully) a super-sweet T-Shirt. It would be pretty awesome if you made some mugs too, with that awesome little guy in your logo! I would buy one!


The real way to blow up the land mine.

Eat the first carrot and throw the red bomb over the right side to remove the slug. Eat the second carrot and open the right side of the rolling rock box. activate both space ship pads and move the upper guy next to the ship. click the guy to walk to the right, click the space ship, click the right yellow button under the rolling rock box. Now the space ship picks up the rolling rock and drops it on the landmine leaving the fruit to break the right pad so the repairman can get in his little buggy.


aaron, that appears to be the same way listed in all of the walkthroughs, except you use the bomb which means you cannot later melt the lake.

nosdrahcir March 27, 2006 7:18 PM

Is it just me, or does the ending always say "Imperfect" at the bottom left?

Am I doing something wrong?


It says imperfect if you click the "Do not press" button and kill the mechanic. Keep everyone alive and you'll get the concept art instead of "Imperfect"