geeeez I finally finished it! About time..
this game can be a real drag at moments can't it?!


im stuck on the part where the bear with the glasses is on the main computer and im stuck on lucas because i dont knowee have to go because there is onlya question mark could u help me?


I dont know if anyone noticed this or not, but when agent Kla (The computer person) first hacks into the system the thing he uses and charges in the bathroom is a Nintendo DS. When the little window pops up when you first hack, it zooms into the top screen of a DS.

D. Bouldin February 25, 2006 8:54 PM

It's a little funny that people are posting problems that have already been answered in previous posts. There's a walkthrough posted for heaven's sakes. I think the walkthrough has an extra grenade thrown?

The grenade to get the guy on the roof nudges the chair just as well and none of this has to do with the cameras being on.

Anyway, great game. I'm off to search for the flower bonuses and try to attain better than my "B" ranking.

Good Luck Bear.


OH MY GOD lol this is so impossible i am where lucas is unlocking the last puzzle and it is absolutely impossible someone tell me right now or i will scream oh yeah and the links some people have done to tell it the links dont work so it doesnt help at all ARRRGH lol

Twittermonkey February 25, 2006 11:28 PM

woot! rank A! :D


Agent KLA can now turn
on the main computer and view what the bears are doing underground. NOW Agent Lucas (who is still on the roof) can use the lift to do gown to the second floor. Open the door to the bathroom that's fallen through the floor. Have him jump down and first open the big safe door by clicking the blue button. Then click the red button, and finish this frustrating puzzle

I can't Agent Lucas let jump down and obpen the big safe door. Why? What have i forgotten?

McMondongo February 26, 2006 3:23 PM

How do you get the final bonus? I've done it getting perfect in all jobs and watering the two flowers


Yeah. I can't get it either


tis was a very nice game



I can't figure out how to unlock the last two bonuses. I got an A Ranking and beat it in under ten minutes. Does anybody know what I might be missing?

I got the flower brings happiness thing, and have gotten perfects on all my fights/target shootings.

Any thoughts?


I got the scooter in to the basement but the two bears just sat on it and did nothing while the bad guys kept throwing bags of money into the drill. What am i supposed to do

Barban Crush February 27, 2006 4:58 AM


the puzzel to get the basement elevator is not as difficult as it may seem.
It is a simple circuit, you must connect each bottom color to the same color up top. The side pieces just connect to the same height on the opposite side. Don't remember where they go exactly but there is one cross and then you use one turning piece twice.

Have any of you gotten the last two bonuses? I messed up on one shot and didn't do the pot flower, but that doesn't seem like enough points anyway? Is it possible to get points for the puzzels or time, or something?

Michaelas10 February 27, 2006 10:01 AM

Secrets nobody said by now:

Ok, I'll tell you one secret (The easiest one after the flower one) before making the last move in the game and turn that drilling machine off, move him back and forward there until you'll get the bonus points (100). Ok, ok, I'll tell you another secret: Right after you kill the first guy on the roof press on the restart button before the "That was perfect" message goes away. After you'll press restart that message should disapear after a bit and give you the points. Ok, another one (I can't help myself) when that guy (Whatever his name is) goes on the tree and shoots the bad bear and the window, move you mouse immediately to that bear on the tree, you'll have the shoot bad bear option, press it, shoot nowhere and get the points. The same after killing the bears that eat the pizza.

McMondongo February 27, 2006 5:10 PM

Variation on the second secret:

you can do the same with the "got in the building" bonus instead of the "this was perfect" one. It earns you 100 points instead of 50 :D


:3 Aww it's cute


to get into the building you strike the wall with the drill bit and you stand on it with the bear with the grenade, and then you click on the nerdy bear and he will stand on it and sclimb into the bathroom


Well, i was doing so well! The water had broken the ceiling/floor, i had gotten the keypad and everything else. I just wasnt sure what the venting system was all about. So i tried to make the guy jump up onto the roof. and the sign wasnt down... cuz the samurai guy didnt knock it down... and so the guy died :(


Opened the door to the "water room" and couldn't get down to the elevator, before you ho down to the basement! DO'H!!!

Michaelas10 February 28, 2006 11:08 AM

STOP ASKING THE SAME QUESTIONS!! ATTENTION TO ALL THE N00BS: there is a walkthrough here already and if you want to get more then the B rank, read my post about secrets (But that's not all).


gaaaaaa cant figure it out i got the smoke bomb to go off and the bear opend the window but when i tryed to get Agent Ryoh down he got stuck and i cant move him


Truly there are three secret objectives (not the glotchy ones)
1. Outside Flower
2. Inside Flower
3. Friendship (I don't know how to get this one)


Got a B 1150 points. Great game!


man,I love this game,I've beaten it 4 times now. Don't know why,it just seems fun to replay because it had so much diversity


I got Rank A 2000points, you must shoot everything on first shot with agent steve. And there is a little romance with the hostage on top floor


I've been playing for three days now, and have gotten an A ranking, but can't get the final two bonuses. I got:

File 01 Aware of danger, and ready to act...
File 02 Prepared to face every situation...
File 03 Always fighting injustice...
File 04 Trained to be perfect killing machines...
File 05 Knowing the value of courage and friendship.

Can anybody help me on the last two?


Hi, everyone. I have solved this game with a star rating (requiring 1800 points), 1800 points (although I can only remember how I got 1750 of those points), and all bonuses unlocked. I do not know how to get the romance thing going with the hostages on the top floor. There are a couple of things I've noticed about the hostages - first, the hostages on the top floor sometimes are still coughing after the smoke has cleared. This is probably a glitch in the game, as sometimes they are happy again when the smoke clears. Sometimes one of them is asleep when I rescue them. Also, one of the hostages on the second floor sometimes has a tear running down his cheek. Another glitch in the game is that sometimes the elevator door on the first floor appears to be open, although it is actually closed. This doesn't always happen, but it usually does. I am posting my own walkthrough, which will get you 1750 points. Maybe if we put our heads together, we will figure out a way to earn all available rank points (I will refer to rank points simply as points from now on) without cheating, as someone mentioned earlier. It is possible that I got 50 of those points by accidentally cheating. I already figured out one of these cheats by accident, and I'm the kind of guy who wants to win legit. So anyway, here's the walkthrough:

Part 1 - Introduction to the walkthrough

There are 4 Warbears whose actions you control - I will not refer to them simply as "the grenadey guy" or "the nerdy guy" or "the girl" or "the mouse" (Kla is not not a girl or a mouse anyway - he's a book-smart but not street-smart bear with glasses). The computer guy's name is Kla, the grenade guy's name is Lucas, the sword guy's name is Ryoh, and the gun guy's name is Steve. Henceforth I will refer to them as Kla, Lucas, Ryoh, and Steve. If I give an instruction like "Lucas takes the drill", I will assume that you understand that in order to do so, you must hold the mouse pointer over Lucas and then click the drill icon that appears directly beneath him. Sometimes it is possible to have two or three warbears doing stuff at the same time in order to save time - for example, while Kla is walking up the staircase, Ryoh can walk across the roof to cut down the sign on the right side of the roof.

Part 2 - Get Kla and Lucas inside the building.

Lucas climbs onto the van. Ryoh picks a fight with the first bad guy. There is a technique to getting a perfect kill every time. You can predict what the bad guy will do next based on how he is holding his drill. If he is holding it behind his head, he is about to strike high, so you must block high. If he is holding it low and leaning back slightly, he is about to strike low, so you must block low. If he is holding it at about a 45° angle, he is blocking high, and you can strike him low. If he is holding his drill low but not leaning back, he is blocking low so you can strike him high. If you strike him and he blocks your attack, he will probably attempt to strike you back, so you must block quickly before you even think about striking him again. The bad guy can't block when he is about to strike, so you can strike him low when he is about to strike high, and this will defuse his attack. However, this approach is risky and should only be attempted if you are attempting to break a time record, not if you are simply playing for points. You get 50 points for a perfect kill. Lucas picks up the drill. Ryoh attempts to break into the computer system, but finds that it's locked. Lucas climbs down from the van. Lucas puts the drill into the building. Lucas climbs up on the drill (use the arrow to do this, not the drill icon). Kla climbs up the drill and Lucas lifts Kla into the open window. You get 100 points for getting Kla into the building. Ryoh talks to the second bad guy and ends up fighting him. Use the same technique on this guy as you used on the first guy. You get 50 points for a perfect kill. Kla plugs the computer into the socket in the bathroom to recharge the battery, but finds that he still can't use it because there is no signal. To correct this, Ryoh must open the signal box on the roof and solve the puzzle so that all the lights will be green. Pressing a button changes the button that you pressed as well as all buttons that are immediately adjacent to it (not diagonal, as someone erroneously stated in a previous post). I have not yet discovered a way to do this in 3 moves, but here is a way to do it in 4: Numbering the buttons 123 456 789, where 1, 2, and 4 start off green, press the numbers 3, 5, 7, and 9. It actually doesn't matter which order you press them in, all 24 permutations will work. Kla turns on the faucet, then fiddles with the faucet twice more until it breaks. As the bathroom fills with water, Kla uses his computer to hack into the system. You will see 4 coloured flashing lights and you will hear tones corresponding to each light. When an exclamation mark appears in the bottom right corner of Kla's computer screen, pay attention to which lights are flashing and in what order. You must copy the order exactly as soon as the exclamation mark turns into a question mark. You will have to do this three times - first with 3 lights, then with 4, then with 5. If you do it without making any mistakes, you get 50 points. Now that you have accessed the bank's computer, turn off the venting system (this is necessary to get Lucas up on the roof later, and also prevents the hostage from being killed by the falling metal ball from the aerial), turn on the lift power (though you won't need this until much later), and turn off the camera system (so Kla can get into other parts of the bank). By now, the water level in the bathroom has risen to window level, and the water poured out and a flower grew on the ground outside. You get 100 points for this. Now Kla goes back to the window, but don't close it yet - if the room fills up with water, Kla might drown. Lucas removes the drill from the side of the building and throws it away - it is no longer needed. This is necessary to prevent losing points due to damage to the van later on. Ryoh destroys the aerial and the ball knocks down the sign and lands on the ground near where Lucas is standing. If you just killed a hostage, you forgot to turn off the venting system. If you just damaged the van, you forgot to get rid of the drill. Lucas throws a grenade onto the ground near where he's standing, then he climbs up the van and prepares to jump up to the roof as soon as the grenade blows up. You'll notice that the explosion also dislodged the chair that was blocking the bathroom door. If you did everything right, Lucas will be on the roof. You get 100 points for this.

You should now have 550 points. Moving right along...
Part 3 - Getting Steve into the game and Ryoh down from the roof.

Kla closes the window. Kla goes to open the door. He can no longer use his computer, because Ryoh broke the aerial, but guess what! Now he has direct access to the bank's computer. Kla hacks into the computer, using the same technique as before, except this time there are 5 coloured lights instead of 4. If you do it perfectly, you get 50 points. Kla turns the venting system back on. Kla walks up the staircase. Lucas throws a smoke bomb (looks like a grenade) into the venting system which prompts a bad guy to open the window (this can only be done when the venting system is on). Kla uses the phone to order a pizza, then he opens the window and goes back downstairs and waits for Steve to show up. Ryoh goes over to the right side of the roof and takes down the bank sign, then uses his sword to get ready to enter the building. Steve shows up on the scooter he stole from the pizza guy, and you get 100 points. Steve climbs the tree and shoots the doorknob to the photocopier room. You must wait until the crosshairs are directly aligned with the black bullseye. If your aim is inaccurate, you may lose points. If your aim is perfect, you get 50 points. Kla enters the room and makes a photocopy of his own face. Kla closes the bathroom door, then he goes upstairs. Steve shoots the bad guy that is standing by the window. If there is no bad guy by the window, you forgot to use the smoke bomb earlier. If your aim is perfect, you get 50 points. Ryoh descends from his perch and enters through a window, and is immediately confronted by a bad guy. Kill him using the same technique as earlier, and if you do it perfectly, you get 50 points. Kla slides the photocopy of his face under the door and the bad guy sees it and begins to attack (I think somebody posted earlier that Kla could use the photocopier more than once, but I haven't discovered a way to do that - Kla doesn't want to make another photocopy). Kla goes back downstairs. The bad guy upstairs falls out the window and dies. If he does not fall out the window, you forgot to open the window earlier. By now, the bathroom should be full of water, so Kla opens the bathroom door, and the water floods the hallway and a flower appears in the pot in the photocopier room. You get 100 points for this. Ryoh uses his sword to free the hostages. You get 100 points for this.

By now, you should have 1050 points.
Part 4 - Steve to the rescue, and Kla gets control of the lift.

Kla closes the bathroom door and waits for the bathroom to fill with water. While you're waiting, Steve comes down from the tree and the pizza guy shows up, so Steve goes back up the tree. The bad guys take the pizza, and Steve comes down from the tree again and shoots the bad guys. If your aim is perfect, you get 50 points for each bad guy. Steve goes inside and rescues the hostages. You get 100 points. Steve goes back outside. Ryoh walks to the left but is scared by a spider, so he climbs out the window and goes around the spider, only to find that the door is locked from the other side. So Kla goes back upstairs to open the door for Ryoh. Ryoh goes up the elevator and rescues the hostages. You get 100 points. Kla goes up the elevator and you get 100 points for getting Kla to the mainframe. Kla can't use the computer because it's in standby mode, so Ryoh unlocks the cabinet and pulls the switch. Kla uses the computer and discovers that there are more bad guys in the basement. Kla sends the elevator up to the roof so Lucas can get inside the building. Lucas goes down and enters the bathroom door and jumps down to the basement. If you find that Lucas can't go down, and all you get when you hover your mouse over him is a question mark, it is because you forgot to flood the bathroom earlier. Lucas uses his elevator bomb. The idea is to match orange to orange, blue to blue, and yellow to yellow. On the sides, the wires go around to the other side. This can be accomplished by putting the cross wires in the right space, and the wires that go left-to-top and bottom-to-right in the other 2 spaces. Kla sends the safe elevator down to the basement and the bad guys in that room all freeze. Then the elevator breaks, so Lucas opens the door and Steve comes in on the pizza guy's scooter (why didn't he take his scooter with him when he left?).

Before you continue, just double check to make sure all of the hostages are rescued.
You should have 1450 points now.
Part 5 - Lucas and Steve's big finish.

I have no idea how this works, but Lucas and Steve use the scooter to get down into the basement. I would think if they tried this in real life, they would have a broken scooter and a lot of broken bones. Lucas and Steve follow the bad guys underground and through the underground tunnel they are creating. You will shoot 4 bad guys, and get 50 points for each perfect shot. Don't worry too much about the things they are throwing at you. They do not kill you; they merely slow you down. Then you will shoot the ramp mechanism on their underground vehicle. The scooter comes to a stop inside the underground vehicle, and Lucas goes to pull the switch. But wait! Before he pulls the switch, he goes back to talk to Steve a few times. Eventually, Steve turns around and you get 100 points because friendship brings joy too. Lucas pulls the switch, and that is the end of the game.

So that brings us to 1750 points, right? Where's the other 50? What did I miss?
So what are the bonuses?

1. Aware of danger, and ready to act. Kla falls asleep as 6 bad guys walk by.
2. Prepared to face every situation. Ryoh enters the women's washroom when the men's washroom is out of order. A woman chases him out.
3. Always fighting injustice. A man drops his ice cream, so Lucas throws a grenade at him.
4. Trained to be perfect killing machines. Steve shoots down a roof ornament.
5. Knowing the value of courage and friendship. Ryoh is petrified of spiders. Steve will fix it later.
6. Skilled in everything. Kla takes the van for a spin and hits a mailbox, the pizza guy, Steve, a bad guy, the mayor (he was going to die anyway), and Super Mario. Lucas is not impressed.
7. The truth. The shocking, horrible truth. Could it be that fried bananas covered with ketchup is fattening? Or is it something worse? Try clicking on the warbears in this thing to see what happens.

If you want to discuss this or other games with me, you can reach me at my site.

Wiseguy March 1, 2006 9:33 PM

Did you get both the flowers?

m shadows March 2, 2006 4:42 PM

i beat the game in 29:20 rank 1300 B im suicidal bear


I know were you went wrong! In the part were you have to slide the photocopy under the door you need to make sure the window is open and just open the door for him. you'll get 100 points for a clever kill


Hi, it's me, Jimmy Vermeer again, to inform you that I have now cleared the game with 1850 points. In addition to the stuff I posted before, you can also get 100 points for

a clever kill. When Kla slides the photocopy under the door, he can then open the door and the bad guy will fly out the window without killing Kla.

By the way... I discovered another weird glitch in the game. If the bathroom doesn't cave in until after Lucas has already gone downstairs, they show you the roof again, the water doesn't clear away when Kla sends down the safe lift, and when you're chasing the bad guys in the underground tunnel, the Warbears commander tells you you screwed up because there is no access to the safe lift. But you can still clear the game with 1850 points.

Courtney March 5, 2006 10:54 AM

ok im stuck. how do u get Agent Ryoh off the roof? i cut down the sign but nothin happened


how do you turn the cam off ?

yargh i be a pirate March 14, 2006 3:21 AM

it took me a while but i finished it

an easy way to finish the thing when u have to activate the elavator bomb deeley is trial and error try all the possible combinations

Michaelas10 March 15, 2006 1:16 PM

Jimmy Vermeer, I salute you. But I managed to finish the game with 1900. Now you feel stupid don't you. I did it by killing the first guy on the roof, restarting before getting the point and killing him again. When you get 1900, you get a personal letter from the author. I'm SOOOOO not going to tell you!


hey, I see a bunch of review about the thing being offline, you have to click on the white bear, kill all the other guys with the sword, get the key, and figure out the key thingy. that's it. and i can't figure out how to get past the part where you untie the girls, it is making me mad, can someone please help?


Cool little game... I finished it rank C, thanx Alynn for the awsome walkthrough!!! I am going to try it again now that I know what to do, to try to get a better ranking.


How the heck do you finish with an A rank and 1800 points, that's impossible. I only got to a B rank 12000


Im funshine bear... and I get stuck on the part where u get the glasses bear to the 4th floor
it says
"maybe the window on the lower level could be used to...."


I cant get it to do anything...what am I doing wrong?


I found "the Warbears Walkthrough"

go to the page.. ALL you need!


Happy easter boys and girls:)

Joel Machin April 19, 2006 6:14 AM

Hello all.....
i am writing this comment to all you people who seem to think that this is some sort of game, i have news for you all its not!! We are the warbear purebloods, we have been chosen to rid the carebear world of terror bears and none of you seem to understand this....
War is our mission.....
War is our life....
we are the warbears....


Hi, i am tom. I am the first of the three pure bloods to save the hostages from the grasps of the evil terror bears. Together we brought our skills of ordering pizzas and driving a scooter and now, ever vigialnt, we came out on top. Now we improve daily, honing our skills, becoming the best of the war bears. THe terror bears flee in terror from our unforgiving wrath. I leave u know on your own train and fight back against the terror bears. WAR BEAR WAR CRY - WAR IS OUR MISSION, WAR IS OUR LIFE WE ARE THE WAR BEARS. WAR BEAR REFLEXES RRRRRAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!


wel....what can 1 say, war bears, incredible!!...but remember its not just a game. I am an emo war bear, different from the others but have the same spirit in me. the terror bears are everywhere, but they are nothing compared to us, i was the second pure blood created. people call me joe, but to you its agent demo, we are on the make of the war bear bible and should be available in shops very soon, keep lookout, and remember..WAR IS OUR MSSION, WAR IS OUR LIFE, WE ARE THE WAR BEARS!!!..WAR BEAR REFLEXES!!...YAAA!!!!


wel....what can 1 say, war bears, incredible!!...but remember its not just a game. I am an emo war bear, different from the others but have the same spirit in me. the terror bears are everywhere, but they are nothing compared to us, i was the second pure blood created. people call me joe, but to you its agent demo, we are on the make of the war bear bible and should be available in shops very soon, keep lookout, and remember..WAR IS OUR MSSION, WAR IS OUR LIFE, WE ARE THE WAR BEARS!!!..WAR BEAR REFLEXES!!...YAAA!!!!


could you please make another level for this game, me and my friends would love it, the game is amazing, you have done a great job.


I did it! get lucas up by throwin a bomb den jump onto it from car . Put your sword into window to get in other way!

I did it with Rank A and !1380

Duckers May 15, 2006 12:18 PM

Whoa... Exceptionally good game, there, and a sequel would be much appreciated!!

Plus, about the care bear thing:

I am a Grumpy Bear... Stupid thing. Never trust these damn web quizzes. Always wrong..

GreenPeace May 26, 2006 5:17 PM

ok ok... you all passed the game happily. now i have a new challange:
try killing all the warbears in one game.
i don't think it's possible... i mean... how do you kill steve?


hmmm i think this game is funny...i done it yay but i got a rank b hmph im not happy, lol but at least i got it off my chest. What was the point in playing this game whens theres only 1 lvl...o well at least it's still well played


what is the anwser to the wires puzzle on the first floor?


im stuck after they show you the underground part

CHICKEN BEAR June 5, 2006 12:14 AM

I NEED HELP DESPERATELY, I have followed the walkthrough like 100x and still couldn't go pass the part where PLease offer me the help!

CHICKEN BEAR June 5, 2006 12:37 AM

I'm stucked on the part where ' Please help, thanks.

CHICKEN BEAR June 5, 2006 2:35 PM

I'm stucked on the part where Agent Lucas just got off the roof from the elevator. When I point at him, there is only a QUESTION MARK sign,which you cannot do anything. I can't do anything else with other agents, I thought there suppose to be a jump sign according to the walkthrough. Please Help!


Finally! C rank.

insanity_is_good June 22, 2006 2:07 AM

To get a bonus as soon as the geek bear to charge her talk thingi, turn on the water three times and DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW. After, take the swerly thing out of the wall bellow the flooding room. Let the water hit the ground and just wait. Soon enuf a flower will apear and u get the bonus!!!!XD


32 minutes 26 seconds beat that!!!!!! was very entertaining.


I dont know what 2 do..... I got agent ryon to kill the 2 guys on the the antenna box all green.... got agent kla in the bathroom place.....what do i do next (ohh......i already got the flower?


Haha... hard but very cool. I'll have to finish this when I have more time.


I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got rank b!


I have finally done it. it took me about 10 trials to get it right, but this time I did it in 10 (TEN) minutes and I got my self an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got it and finished it. Finally... but one question: how do you score more than 1450 points? I did everything right and got an A, but I still miss two bonuses.


warbears walk-through

so make ryoh kill the driller and then check the panel. now talk to the guy, they`re stupider than now he gives you the key (as i said,they`re DUMB)then he realizes it. kill him and do the panel thingamajig. click top left,center,top right,top left, bottom left then b.r. now slice the "bank" sign .now to kla and lucas. make lucas get the drill in the truck. now use it on the bank. lucas hops onto it and kla after him and cartwheels in the bathroom. charge up,break the tap and leave the window open. eventually, a flower appears under lucas. play the simon game and press all 3 of the choices. now click the door twice. walk out and go up. order the pizza and steve will appear on a motorcycle. now climb the tree and shoot the window. make kla photocopy his face and go back the window and slide it under then go down FAST! but put lucas on the truck first. now make lucas throw a grenade first and go back on the truck. click the curved arrow but before that make ryoh slice the antenna and let `er rip! now for elevator action. now have ryoh slice the window and have steven shoot the driller. have kla go to the mainframe and ryoh climbs in and make him push the switch and let kla see the basement (by the way ryoh comes in and walks on the ledge) now lucas goes in the elevator (make sure that the bathroom door is closed) open it and go down the broken floor. take the ellie to underground and kill the guy(s) and stop the machine. its sooo easy. just walk to the machine and lucas shuts it down automatically. now for the semi-dumb hitler. kill him and thats about it...


I have ordered the pizza and agent steave came bt now the pizza man wont come and when I clik on the phone it says I have all ready orderd a pizza cen you help me? please!!!

love poppy


poppy,when steve gets the pizza,make him climb the tree and shoot the window.



they should make a second warbears cuz that game is awesome


B rank. Thank you to everyone who posted tips on here.


OK so I got the star ranking doing everything perfect, the two flowerpots, the clever kill on the third floor, and the friendship points in the drill at the end. I had 1850 points. I did this WITHOUT cheating. it is possible


I need to find out how to get past when agent Lucas gets to the bathroom. There is just a question mark and no other agents can do anything

alex & harry December 17, 2006 10:10 PM

hey i finished it!!!! at last.... good luck for those
who are still stuck


Visited Lazylaces today and found out Warbears 2 =)


I was using a walkthrough,and I must've messed up somewhere.Because I've done almost everything I can besides having Ryoh jump through the window and kill the last groundhog.

Ca I still make him do it?How?


I got a C because it took me an hour-and-a-half to finish :( I had to eat dinner, and take the dog out, and watch my favorite show, and feed the cat, and actually finish the game itself. Oh well, I got a score of 1000, so...


Great game, really enjoyed it, now to try number 2.

evilwumpus January 12, 2007 11:20 AM

Arrgh! I did everything perfectly, except I was unprofessional on ONE FREAKING SHOT so I didn't get the bonus! *cries*


i beated the game :) :D

aaaah i accidently kill all warbears!


hey you guys we pretty much said everything there is about warbears let's change the subjuct anyone need help on warbears secret location???

dub-mass April 1, 2007 1:24 PM

i need help with the secret location. I cant get past level 2-c. Any pointers or hints?


somebody please help me

how do i get into the basement of the shed for the 1st secret location???

pleasssse help :'(


what is the code for the second box on the secret location and every one after that


can someone tell the codes to the scercet location i got :

OPEN (must be capitals)
level 1
thank you (you will get some credits on this level)
8 (not in words)

and thats where i get stuck
so please tell me if you know the rest!!!

sorry if the spoiler didn't work i don't know how to use them.


I' m on level 1-m also. I've found the password to open the second box but I can't enter level 2. Does anyone know how to open the door on the floor?


Whats after Infiniti


can someone tell me all the codes or keys what ever they are

just tell me by posting comment i'll be back on this page


here are the codes in order, including the 1st one


That is all I know of them, I am not sure about the rest


wow thats great im really far now

thanks if i get any more i'll post them on this page

if anyone else has codes/keys for level 2 please post them on this page so i can use them for warbears sceret location


All the codes I know in order:

LEVEL 1: OPEN, level 1, thank you, yes, red, chess, simple, 8, green, infinity, mirror, nothing, W to open the box in the open door in level 1-m and 10 to go through to next level
LEVEL 2: JKL (don't need to do), 12, prime numbers, cube, bear, kram noitseuq (question mark backwards), 2 (opens 2 doors), (going to the bottom left door) 26, next room, 25, water, then go back LEVEL 2.G (the room with 2 doors), go into the other door (the door is now open in that room), h for front row, 2 for middle row and for back row the letter o, at level 2.M theres an open door go through and thers a box say t to open it go back through the door and 22 to go next level (not done yet)
LEVEL 3: doesn't seem to be done

it may not make sense but it does to me ok


What do I need to type to open the second box?(the one you find in the room next to where you enter level 2)

Thanks for the help so far, people!

spiderman April 15, 2007 5:59 PM

warbears mission 2 walkthrough:

as ryoh, slash the washing line, then, slash the tree. when you slash it, make the powerbar between the 2 lines... do this twice. if you do it right a squirrel will jump out and land on the roof. if not keep trying. after that slash the tree at full power and it will fall, DO NOT GO UP IT!
as kla, go right once. he will note the enemies. open the circuit door. he will say he needs a fuse. go right again, you will see the squirrel is asleep, ring the doorbell, he will wake up, quickly cross out of klas speech bubble and press the doorbell before the squirrel falls asleep again. it will start screaming. steve will shoot at it, loosening a hatch in the roof.
go back left and stop there.
as steve, shoot the target, he will note that its glass.
as lucas, go left, go left again, he will run back as a paintball comes towards him. press the speech bubble and watch a quick conversation between lucas and steve. next go left again, and press the head icon. you will headbutt the building.
now steve will run towards you and be trapped in a glass case, good, thatll shut him up.
now, as lucas still, press the speech bubble and select something to say to steve. depending on what you say, you will get different bonuses. try any, because if you want 100% you will need to play the game more than once anyway. next climb the drainpipe. you will fall in and squash a target. open the circuit box and press the second dial, then the third, then the fourth, then the first, then press the red button. next, go along and try the door, it wont open. as ryoh, go up the tree trunk to the roof. as lucas, press the speech bubble. after this a sign that looks like a yellow brick will appear, press it and the door will blow up. go in, dont take any notice of the target, go along, and get the key, exit the door and open the grey door, go down the stairs until your in the basement. a metal ball will hit you, no matter. go along anyway, open the box and grab a fuse.
as kla, go to a small grey square on the building, open it, go along, lift the drainpipe up and open the next one.
as lucas again, align kla with lucas and pass the fuse up. as kla, go to the fuse box and put the fuse in. then press the computer screen and look at the colour squares, match them up, press the 2 yellows first, then the 2 oranges, then blue, then purple, if you fail, no matter, you get 3 tries at a perfect anyway. open the basement door and the front door. go along to the front door and open it then go back to the fusebox.

as steve, shoot the target, he will note that its glass.


the code for the 2nd box is



helper your codes are wrong after the 26 room the next room code ISNT 25 please tell me the real code!

Set of whole numbers April 19, 2007 3:40 PM

So the whole ultimate walkthrough for the secret location as a series of hints followed by passwords:

Please try to solve the puzzle alone! Only use these hints if you are really stuck! And even then only have a look at the next hint (there are always at least two hints) and continue thinking hard. It is far more pleasuring to solve the Secret Location than just roaming through it.

0.a: (outside)

["VERBAL AUTHORITY is the key"]

Tell the door LOUDLY what you want it to do...


0.b: (inside)


Where do you want to go?

level 1

1.a: (ladder, box, sign)

["Be polite"]

You were allowed into a house.

The door did you a favor and opened.

thank you

1.b: (sign)

["Are you sure?"]

Answer the question.


1.c: (red carpet)

[Red carpet]

What do you see?

On the floor.

One word.


1.d: (black and white)

[The floor again]

Does the floor reminds you of something?


1.e: (some blue tiles, sign)

["This time the answer is simple"]

The sign told you the answer.


1.f: (a green octogon with a crossed 5)

[Not 5 but...]

Just count.


1.g: (a table on the wall with colored words)

[Do you see something that breaks the pattern?]

Which colour is wrong?


1.h: (a black wall with a double curve)

[Maths signs?]

Which noun does that symbol in mats mean?


1.i: (red tiles with spirals)

[This room could be half of this size]

Did you notice the symmetry?


1.?: (a totally empty room)

[So dull]

What is in the room that is not in others?


1.m: (a door in the floor and another on opened, numbers 1 and 16 in the corners)

[End of L1]

Fill in the numbers


1.?: (a sign and a box)

["The path you walked will show the way"]

Which way did you walk?

Maybe if you had a compass...


2.a: (ladder, lots of plants, sign)

["The missing letters"]

Remember the room letters on L1?


2.b: (some dark tiles)

[Tiles but not in shape]



2.c: (numbers on the floor, note)

[Division No.]

Any pattern in the numbers?

Have you tried dividing them?

prime numbers

2.d: (tall room with long numbers)

[The shape of the room...]

This room is so regular.

Tried the n-th roots of the numbers?


2.e: (tall room, letters on wall, dark tiles)

[What if the wall fell on the floor?]

Try matching the tiles to the letters.


2.f: (a mirrored ?)

[What do you see?]

Have you ever tried reading something backwards?

Perhaps a pronounced and witten ?

kram noitseuq

2.g: (double room)

[We have plenty of everything]

Two doors, two blocks with two twos - maybe a number?


2.h: (5 lines, 4 numbers 1 ?)

[Numeric progressions]

Take the differences.

And their 2-based logarithm.


2.i: (2�-4 blocks with letters)

[OFYU SPPN - semms to be a code]

Perhaps Wikipedia knows more about "cryptography".

B->A, C->B

next room

2.j: (3�-4 numbers one is a ?)

[Simple math]

No more than subtracting and adding is required.


2.k: (a hole in the floor and a note on the wall: 2.L ?)

[Have you solved 2.l?]

Maybe a bit of everyday chemistry.


2.l: (long room with 12 blocks)

[Can you make a connection between numbers and letters?]

A=1 B=2 ...




2.m: (a number and a door on the floor, door on the wall)

[Another number needed]

The distance from the top corner is on the tile - what should stand on the door?

A multiplication might help.


2.?: (empty room, box)

[Remember the second box?]

You came here from an intersection that resembled...


At the time of writing Level 3 is under construction.


Need to be more clear on 2-F.

potatosRcooler April 29, 2007 9:25 AM

Why is level 3 unavailable?

Christina May 2, 2007 6:51 PM

okay about the secret location...i got to L2.L and i got all the blocks down....but the door isnt open..what do i do??

jiimmy23 May 6, 2007 9:20 AM

level 3 of teh secret location is under construction


i cant get lvl 1-m in the secret location

Anonymous May 12, 2007 7:45 PM

Where do I start on these secret locations?

ben sullivan May 25, 2007 10:15 AM

Whats with the sign on the wall on Level 2A that says "headcrabs"?