The sequel is out today! Remember, the people over there live in the future, or just one day ahead...

I'm sad to say I beat it already though, it really IS a trial, but, let me tell you, the gameplay is much better. It's not much of a "normal platformer", like stated, it's more like a "room shooter". Most missions are out in the open, though. Platforming is basic, but easy with the boost.

Blade: Learn to use it, it can deflect attacks, like the red tank's cannon assault, thus rendering it easy. It has a few combos, and a very useful dash attack. Just remember this important note: Every blade swing requires a little portion of your boost.

There are 5 missions, each with a boss appearing if you beat it a second time. This game is a lot harder than its prequel. I got stuck in the second mission (was epic to be back in that desert in the sequel). I didn't like the chibi until I began playing, I like this style better, except the tanks looks too plain.

I'll give some advice:
Level 1: Now this level has a little toughy area for a first timer. There are spike drone things, that launch spikes around them, spin a bit, and shoot them out another angle. First encounter: Best to just wait and boost through it when it closes. Boss Path Encounter: Utilize their pattern, so you can sneak across them.

Level 2: For old times sake, grind everything you see until the red quad tank thing appears... Be prepared to jump. This thing is now smaller, and dashes FAST. Check the radar, it moves a little bit before dashing. This isn't the dangerous part, it will either shoot lots of missiles (shoot them down) or shoot cannons at you. These cannons are BIG trouble this time around. Utilize a pattern to dodge them, they hurt and hurt you continueosly. As soon as you see a lock on you, jump, and find a pattern to dodge the rest.

Level 3: Joke. Keep going right and climbing up, trying to avoid the very annoying mini-helis here, as long as you keep moving, the random blasts coming down on you are no threat. When you reach the top, just go full auto on the big cannon... Easy win.

Level 4: Duel. An easy one, too. Ignore the goons unless they get i nyour way, and shoot the boss while timing dashes and jumps to avoid his cannon. He falls fast. Blade attack blocks his cannon, so do that if you have good timing, to aproach him. You can then combo him, and he'll fail at retaliating since your sword is hitting on his face, as well as cannons he tries to launch. He'll also be immobile. Boss: Can be hard, use pistol if you can, go to one side, bringa missile guy, and shoot him till he drops, since he'll be immobile. Do it again to the other.

Level 5: Ah, another epic mission, Mission 11, but this one is easy. Grind until the mech comes, and he'll go down surprisingly easy, if you're at least okay at dodging.


I have played the game and it sure has some good gameplay. However i noticed that you only described 5 levels, I was playing and noticed that when trying to get a complete on all levels I was able to complete the 5th level and unlock a 6th level. Im not sure how I did it but when I went to the 6th level it had one of those red super tanks that can go very fast. Then there were some large mech robots and I think there was a soldier that looked sorta purple, from level 4 I think. Then even if you completed that part of the level there was another round of enemies that I had to face. ill tell you what will happen if i can win this level. And heres what the armors do.

Fang-one: pretty low stats, the first armor you get in the game. pretty normal and balanced overall.
Fang-neo: higher stats, I think its as balanced as fang-one, leveling up the armor can get you many air boosts.
Fox-tail: just like i thought, this armor is very similar to the character in fox action, created by tonowi, the maker of combat heaven. this armor allows you to regenerate boosting in the air while the other armors dont. you get this armor when the "thanks for playing" message comes up.


To be honest, I enjoyed the old game better. The numbered jet system is far too limited for my taste, and the whole game is slowed down to an unpleasant speed.


Some trivia about the various armors in the original Combat Heaven:

Gale Armor, when equipped with a sword, will do a spinning slash if you dash attack.

Javelin can't use swords, and will keep flying up even if the boost runs out (Just hold the button).


I unlocked that level shortly after I posted my comment... Dang, it's so hard.

Most of it is easy except for the round where they drop three quad tanks on you. I can make it there with close to full health, but three of those is so overwhelming. I feel like I get so close, but I make the next round, which I think is the last, and the last quad tank gets me early into the wave...
My advice is equip the missile weapon and pistol weapon... Take out the quad tank any way you want.
Go for the mech first, he falls quickly, then the tank. Shoot infantry from long range with the missile, they can't retaliate.
Wait on the left end for the mech and destroy it, then follow my infantry killing technique.
Three quad tanks, technique until otherwise known: Prepare for death
Last Round? Take out the mech, quad tank, and pistolize the infantry as fast as you can, rendering them immobile.

I want to add that Fox-Tail runs faster with the sword, and Fang-Neo can't change weapons while boosting, while the other two can.


guys i just figured out a special ability that comes with an armor!

the reason i used a spoiler tag is because its for an unlockable armor and i wasint sure if people think the unlockable armors are spoilers. ok so for fang-neo hold down the s key and your character will charge up his boost and when the boost is all red you will have infinity air boosts for a limited time!


Awesome find, super useful for level 3. It gives you infinite BOOST, period, not just air boost, and apparently doubles your speed, as well.


version 1.2 is the best!!

interesting tidbit...

the pierce gun can be used to add extra boost by shooting the opposite direction of the arrow key/directional letter you are holding...very helpful for when you must clear levels with non-upgraded armor


do the custom points do anything?


What LAW Said. We have yet to find a purpose for the CP in CHN...


How to unlock M21?
Also How to unlock Silver Fang?

casual observer September 22, 2007 12:09 AM

Yeah same as Anon ... how do you unlock M21 and/or Silver Fang?


Agreed with Anon and Casual Observer. I've tried completing M19 with Fang, but that didn't work. Perhaps you have to complete M20 with fully upgraded Fang, a feat which I have yet to accomplish.


what is so special about the TAF-009 Armor? Does it do anything besides slash, slash, double slash?


Silver Fang

unlocked when you beat M19 with fully upgraded Regular Fang Armor and you must beat three dark TAT soldiers after beating the first with little damage


beat M20 with a fully upgraded fang/silver fang armor and at least 50% health


InfoHunter, I have tried doing that with Mission 19, and have even defeated the three Dark-TAT's, but I still have not unlocked Silver Fang.


Ack, nevermind. I've finally unlocked Silver-Fang.

It bears an outrageous price tag of thirty-five million. >_>


oh yes, i think i remember trying to get the custom points to buy that, it took MANY times of clearing... mission 20 i think it was... then i finally got it. Ya so i dont think its maybe worth it trying to get that many cp but you can try i guess... just saying, it DOES take a while.


Hey i've killed that cyc robot in M9 a thousand times the fastest way possible w/ less loss of health too and i cant get it completed! :@ any1 completed this one already?


Hey, something strange is going on with the news on gamepure... i see japanese characters with the numbers 2008 and 1... and when i click it i get combat heaven next... maybe this means we might see the full version soon?


Ok i've completed 9 and 10 now w/ javelin w/o the armor boosts now what do i need to do for lvl 14? is it some sort of number or a certain tank i got to destroy b4 reaching the finish line or what?


So, is Combat Heaven dying?


Guess yes...¬.¬"


How enlightening.


I want to try to download the trial for the 2nd game.
Though when I am looking at the page, it says there is a premium and basic download.
Do I have to pay for the premium?
Are they both only demos, and if so, does anyone know when the complete game will be released?



Premium just means for better computers, that can handle better graphics/framerate. Both are demoes, I'm assuming a 2008 and 1 in the page means January 2008, a release date for CHN maybe.


Wow! It wasn't until yesterday that I found out that Combat Heaven had a full game attached to it! All I found was that endless 1 level flash that's on every other site. I'm having trouble unlocking M11 and M21. What are their requirements? Also, has there been a formal guide released that lists requirements and such?


For mission 11, you have to beat every other mission up to 20. 21 you unlock by beating it with fully upgraded Silver Fang. No guides, sadly.


Claxus, by "Beat" do you mean CLEAR or COMPLETE? And by "up to 20", does that include 20 or does it exclude 20?


I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure it was just clear, and that includes mission 290.


wow, now there's a new version of gamepure. It has a new look and it finaly has highlightable text! Im able to translate some of this now, and I also noticed that theres some sort of chat system in the website... I think. It has'nt been working for me alot though, so I guess Ill just have to find out more about this later. I also translated something on the page and It says something about combat heaven next in the early months of next year... once again, a reference to what i think means theres a full version of Combat heaven next coming up.


Claxus, I've already cleared or completed all mission up to 20 (excluding 11 itself). Still no 11 in sight...
I've completed all missions up to 10, cleared 12-14 and 16, completed 15, 17, cleared 18-20.


I guess you're gonna have to complete them all then... But don't worry, you'll get rewarded with more equipment, too, rather than unlocking the game's toughest level.


Completing 20 = Nearly impossible (That thing can take off half your shields in one hit!, though I am saving up for a cardinal...

A few other missions I don't know how to complete...The Completion Boss just doesn't appear...


Oh, you don't have to complete Mission 20 for mission 11. For completing it you get Mission 21. To complete Mission 20 you need to use fully upgraded Fang armour(default).

For the other missions, I don't know what to tell you but to keep trying different ways of beating them (I dunno? o-o) or different armour+stat combinations.


I've tried 20 with fully upgraded fang and dual Pierce. Though I'm sure it'll unlock something once I complete it, I can't seem to see how I'll accomplish such a thing.


this game is sooo addicting!!!!!
does anyone have any get rich quick ideas for people who can't beat mission 2?

andy the gamemaster November 22, 2007 7:41 PM

yes, play mission one over and over!!!!


I finished mission 20 with fully upgraded fang and dual Pierce, Finished it with full life with fully upgraded javelinand couldn't complete it. (this one I was just lucky)

I have cleared all missions but 21 and 11 and complete all the others but 14 17 and 20 what I need to do to complete them?

Any hints to clear 11 and 21 with one is easier? And what I would need to do to complete them?


fruster8ed, try to buy the rain gun or upgrade your armor, it should help


Ok, to complete mission 14 I shouldn't use fully upgraded armor... i will try the same with 17...


Ok, completed mission 14 and 17 by using low upgraded armor but can't clear mission 21...
OMG it never ends!!!!!!!!

ThunderSpirits December 15, 2007 12:18 AM

Because I've seen people going on and on about the infamous 3 super missions, 11, 20, 21. I'm almost completely sure you CAN'T get a complete for these ones. Those missions in them selves are giant boss fights for truely challenging yourself. How do you top those missions off for the complete challenge anyway? Goes double for mission 20. I mean come on that final boss is something else how do you top him off?

He belches deathrays, spits plasma balls of ultimate ownage that shave off half your lifebar each hit, takes swipes at you with gigantice claws and just so you can't exploit his limited attack arcs he also has a repulsor field that flings you back across the entire boss arena! How the flying crap do ya top that one off?


ThunderSpirits, if your armor is not completely upgraded, then you'll get the "Clear" version of the boss, who is much weaker and gives much less CP. If your armor is maxed out (And you've beaten the Clear version), you'll get the "Complete" version, which can slice off half your life in one hit, and gives out 123000 CP.

Basically, to Complete those missions, you have to fight a stronger version of the boss.


I defeated the mission 20 with fully upgraded armor and nothing happened. Maybe if you survive all the time without killing the boss? I'm still not skilled enought to do that

I already bought all weapons and armors (or almost all)


BLD-S05 (don't know how to write or read the kanji)
HMB-078 (don't know how to write or read the kanji)

TAF-009 (don't know how to write or read the kanji)

my weapon of choice is double pierce, it may be hard to use at first since it trows you back each shoot but you get used to it and use it as a boost or to dodge.
The longinus is very strong (it killed the first mission boss with only one shoot) but very slow (it need to be charged like the mega-man arm).

Most of my CP I got by beating mission 21 (over 20.000.000 each time) for it I use a fang or a silver-fang and two pierces don't upgrade anything and use the pierce shoot as boost to run/dodge/etc


how do you get taf oo9


and how do you make the 14 boss come out

WhiteKnife January 14, 2008 6:43 AM

I've completed almost every mission, except 11, 14, 20, 21. How is it that I'm missing so many weapons and armors there?

I don't get level 14, either I'm doing something wrong, or it must've something to do with the no-Fang upgrade, which I'm not doing.


Mission 11

complete missions 1 through 10

Mission 21

I found this kind of odd, but here is how i got to it. I kept trying to beat mission 20, and I finally did. Then I did again and couple more times, and then i noticed the level clearing prize change from 123,000, to 666,000, you have to beat the 666,000 to go onto mission 21. the thing is though, you can change armors, or change your upgrades or else it switches back to 123,000 one.


yeahh ehh how do you get that pierce thing???


To complete Mission 20 you need to use fully upgraded Fang(default) armour

Jikkuryuu February 5, 2008 9:05 PM

Combat heaven next is available to play at game-pure.
It's pretty different, I'm not fast enough to play it well. Good luck all!


CH Next is only in Trial Version status as of now, and it's far less deep than the original as of now. The CPs also have no use as of now, and weapons that are unlocked are automatically owned.

I prefer the original, if you ask me.


How did you complete 11,20,21 ?
I've completed all except 11,20,21 still clear.

Things I've not got are Tempest and Fox Tail.

Tip!!! M11 boost into air above 3 tanks and use Longinus
to shoot down from that position a hit per tank that's
enough^_^. For those helicopters stand ground below them
and fire Longinus upward then boost left or right(If
you boost correctly the bombs won't hit you)(I've tested this by SilverFang)
M20 boost into air in front of boss where you can see
it's arms and high as its head ,float right and shoot its head when it fires beam and back to last position quickly.
If it smash arms 2 steps, boost right quickly because it's going to shoot plasma ball then shoot its head again and again until win.


Personally I found the original to be quite fun, but in Next, like JJW said, there are a few flaws regarding the elements of obtaining weapons and suits in the game. However I still find both to be quite fun, even though Next is a trial version right now. Especially the midair boost limitation, making the game much more challenging and entertaining. That would be great if Tonowi could bring some old elements refering to the "shop" you buy weapons in, and if someone could explain why combat heaven next hasn't been released yet, when the release date was hinted towards early 2008. Is it not going to be exactly quarter 1 of the year?


I beat M20 by Fang(default) at full life for
weak and strong boss but it still not complete Why? T_T
How to complete M11 M20 M21 ?????


ok everyone, I've done some research about Combat Heaven Next, and I've noticed several times a forum, and in the forum I found alot of text directly from the game that I could translate, not many things new I found, but I found the english text for the VERY last mission commentary.

Clear conditions: Complete annihilation of the enemy force conditions: = Complete clear. Therefore, the normal clear conditions can be satisfied only reward Complete: CP 5000
Enemy forces: Unicorn �- 1
�'Unicorn �- 1, �- 1 Cyclops
�'Cyclops �- 1, �- black TAT (Power Cannon) 2
�'Unicorn �- 2, �- black TAT (Power Cannon) 2
�'Unicorn �- 1 �- 1 + + Cyclops black TAT (Cannon Power) + 1 �- �- 1 red TAT (Bazooka)
Also, always TAT (machine gun) is the emergence of a machine to keep enemy forces during a Complete: None Commentary: Heaven has already promised Combat-stage and became a nightmare.
TAT ONPAREDO weapons or large.
Armor defenses go high or large weapons TAIL strong go-FOX is your favorite.
the CAPITALIZED words are not always translated correctly.
Im not sure if you already knew this before, but the red machines that jump occasionally are Unicorns, and the Big orange robots are called Cyclops, and I don't think I saw a Red TAT soldier before... Also, a big thing, there are 5 waves. That means it must be possible to finish this level.

oh, and here's a treat, I also found the translated part for mission 21 for combat heaven ver. 1.20.

Mission21 (aka M21, timber chute)
Field goal: the enemy forces and-destroy enemy forces: Unknown enemy forces (�' rival GURIFON �- 2 �- 3 �- 1 �' Cyclops Unicorn Cyclops �- 2 �- 2 �- 1 �' rival Unicorn GURIFON �- 1 �- 1 �- 1 �' rival Cyclops GURIFON 1 �- 1 �- 1 �- Unicorn)
Complete conditions: Complete unclear when reinforcements: Unknown Difficulty: �"� �"� (without notation. Complain no deluxe)
Pay: 10000000 CP
Consideration: a nightmare to go on stage. This is made clear to people what's presence?
Anyway, the first thing away early to GURIFON. Demons power of the propeller and depth charge.
Also, high durability is a rival to the back burner so that you keep.

Ok, that's it for now.


sorry to double post, but I was playing combat heaven 1.20 and I can't complete mission 9, I tried alot...


Uhm...crap. I've been playing this game locally on my mac for a while, trying to get enough money to get the Longinus inorder to clear M11 so that I can unlock M21 and hopefully unlock all of those other wonderful weapons and armors I keep hearing about. But I go to play it today and when I click continue both save slots are blank!

Does anyone have the .sol of unlocked M1-20 (i'll re-complete if I must because I forget which ones I had cleared only). I think I had about 2 million CP and these weps (voice, antares, tears, moment, rain, hawk-eye, pierce, boundary, eclipse, agony, requiem, longinus, Normal sword,glanzen, and the saw and ball guns)
I didn't really unlock any armors.

BIG thanks to anyone who has it or can edit a .sol to achieve this.


what,programs do you all use to run it? I use SWFopener but after I save my progress a few time. My save files get erased. Does that mean I have to go to the site every time?

TAF-S1D08 March 10, 2008 10:57 PM

Can anyone help please? My save files keep getting erased. I used SWF catcher to save the game to my pc, and SWFopener to run it.

It plays just fine and I have no trouble saving, but after a while my game just resets itself. Do I need a different flash program to run it or do I have to stick to playing online?

This is really starting to get to me, I've had to start over three times now, and the last time I got as far as opening lvl.9 with JAVELIN and a maxed FANG.

TAF-S1D08 March 13, 2008 6:26 PM

mission 12's boss scared me a bit. I really didn't expect him to just pop up right over my head like that. He actually made me hop off the ledge and back down into the horde of ground troops. Things like that make me love this game more and more.


how do you get tempest and is it in combat heavan 1.2 because i cant find the gun

Simeicosis June 27, 2008 7:55 AM

Hey, guys, I found this walktrough a long time ago, and currently is the best I've found.

I've been thinking about making a combat heaven section in the wikipedia, do you think is a good idea?


I've always loved something about this game... I could imagine it being an anime or some OVA, I've always loved the theme of the game... I dunno, I just always wish and imagine this being more than just a game...

But Simeicosis, I think that's a great idea. I'm all for that idea, and I could help to, being a huge fan of this game. But I'm also curious now, Game-Pure hasn't updated for quite a long time now, do you think they're 'dead'?

Simeicosis July 16, 2008 7:37 AM

The truth is that I don't know what's happening with gamepure, I don't visit it currently since I bought a new computer, so I lost all the progress I had. As I said before, I don't know if gamepure is dead, but at least, we can still play to combat heaven (and combat heaven next, but I prefer the original)

Anonymous July 28, 2008 12:03 AM

fighting bosses is determined by your health. if its above 75%, then it'll appear


I need a guide or something to get the completes, some one have a item requirement list or something?


I second the need for a guide to be created. In fact, go to my deviantART page very soon for a buying and upgrading guide (it will get updates as I figure stuff out FOR SURE) to the armors as well as how much weapons cost.

What comes immediately following will be whatever data totals I can surmise through looking through these three pages about getting the bosses to appear for the completes. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated so that we can all give back to the community for this. Thanks much.

~ Daniel J.


I am currently throwing together a rough weapons and armor guide for Combat Heaven.
First off, I'll give a concise but informed-enough description for each weapon or suit of armor, and then provide the numerical figures to buy them.
Secondly, I'll give the amounts to upgrade each armor incrementally, so an upgrade run may be planned by those who play.
Thirdly, I'll look back through these pages to get and list the contingencies to get certain armor suits or weapons to show up in the shop. Confirmation of these points would be appreciated, and you can e-mail me with that.

Example -- TAF-009 Armor

To get the TAF-009 armor, you obtain the other armors except for Silver Fang and then max them out. That triggers this one to appear in the shop. At that, you may then remove your CPs from the other armors and sell them back to get this second-most-expensive armor (to both buy AND upgrade/max out).

You shall find this very soon on my deviantART page.

A general mission walkthrough to trigger the bosses (and thus, enable a COMPLETE) will come later. For that, I would ALSO like confirmation of the contingencies to trigger the bosses. Thanks much, as I'm doing all of this for you guys here.

~ Daniel J.


the way you get the taf armor is by beating lv 20 with every armor that you have.


no,dj death trap is right.


Does anyone know how to complete mission 17


does anyone know hot to complete missions 14 and 17?


It's been a while, but just so you all know, gamepure isn't necessarly dead. They still add games. You see the ad on the right, "Ullucus Heaven"? It's more important than you think It would be. If you click it you arrive at Ullucus Heaven, a site I believe is partnered with Gamepure. There is a gamepure Tab. In the tab is a list of all the games from Gamepure, including new ones recently added. I've actually discovered this months before but I decided to say that so you can check periodically. Sadly, there is no sign of a full (not trial) version of combat heaven next. We can still keep waiting though...

Who cares. May 27, 2009 4:24 PM

anyone know how to beat mission 12? i play it, but it never ends.


kill 20 of 40 guys, and go to the right of the map, and hit the exit

ThePwnzoro June 23, 2009 5:38 AM

Hey, it's been like 2 years since iv'e been here (God I was such a N00B!) and it's good to see people still playing. CH is a great game, ang fits my criteria (secret stuff, stuff to buy, and blowing up stuff)

I've just received the TAF-009 armor, it's damage and versatility is low, but it's so cool no be a ninja-dude, (if only I had some shurikens) An addendum (is that he right word?)to claxus, for mission 15 to get the Cardinal armor, boost to the top FAR from your boxes. I tried it near the boxes and I kept losing >.

Salarzaar_Xionon July 16, 2009 8:37 PM

Well hi im new to this site but i have played Combat heaven before but not the full version one. i just felt like playing it for old times sake, only to find times has changed and there is a full version one!(the 1.2V version). so i played it for a few hours yesterday and a bit today (finaly got to lv 20), and practally read your comments above, finding myself quite lost... C-H seems to be alot more than i expected. But then now there is this "C-H Next" version . im just wondering if any one knows of any progress on that? and yeah thats about it.
oh yeah how do you kill that boss in M 20?

Salarzaar_Xionon July 16, 2009 9:03 PM

I just got the sliver fang armor in the 1.2V!


is there some sort of document or anything that has all the mission translations


I've been playing this game forever. I keep re-discovering it, and I'm glad I found a group of people who are still actively playing this lovely game. I do have a question though...

How do you (yes, I am one of them):
Unlock the mace weapon
Unlock best chain gun (the one up from TEARS)

My standard setup is Cardinal and two Pierces for anything. I adjust the upgrades as needed. I found that Cardinal and DESIRE don't work well together because it uses up boost fuel.

Virsteinn March 4, 2010 2:41 PM

WOW, M12's boss is HARD!!!

Virsteinn March 6, 2010 7:05 PM

I got a new get-rich-quick scheme for Combat Heaven. Play M8 several times with dual Pierce guns and either Fang or Horizon armor. Make sure you wait for several seconds to kill the tanks and rack up a combo by shooting the missiles. My peak CP gain was over 200k doing this.

Virsteinn March 6, 2010 7:06 PM

Oh, I believe that to get Pierce in the shop, you gotta kill your evil counterpart.


How do you unlock the horizon armor?!!!


My mouse seem to lag behind the game. I simply unable to play this but it seem fun and made me feel like Megaman X. =D

Light Of Omega February 9, 2011 6:12 PM

Haha been 3 months since the last commenter.

CH 1.2 Status: All weapons, All Armors+Maxed save for Tempest, and all Completes save for 11, 20, and 21 of course.

I found an earlier comment saying 11's completion was to beat it in 45 seconds.

IF IT'S TRUE, here's you best chance to get it:

Use TAT-001RF Silver Fang, with RGN-050C LONGINUS as your primary and TPC-020X Pierce as your secondary.

Now the hard part. The concept is to fully charge Longinus at the start of each wave, then shoot it so that it'll hit at least two bosses (Will instantly kill those two this way), then finish the 3rd via pierce. Once the 3rd boss is down, drain any remaining shots from pierce so it'll reload. Finally charge Longinus up, and repeat for the next wave.

In the first wave, to hit the first two (and crit dmg the 3rd sometimes), you have to aim to the right, and just a couple of degrees upwards. The ideal image of this is to be several steps away from the closest super tank, where you're far enough away where the angle will hit the 1st 2 tanks, but close enough to severely dmg the 3rd. If you manage to hit the 3rd, any shot from pierce will finish it.

2nd wave is slightly simpler. With a charged Longinus, start to move towards the falling cyborg at your right, but fire when it's right about to impact, and shake the ground, or else it'll ruin your aim and waste precious seconds. If you're close enough, it'll kill both, then you can use a couple of crit shots on the one to your left

I'll think of strategies for the last 3 waves soon

The timer starts at 999, and I've gotten as close as 945.30 D:

Light Of Omega February 9, 2011 6:56 PM

Oh and one other thing. I didn't see this mentioned in other comments, so did anyone know about CH 0.2? Not 1.2 but 0.2

It's is on right on the front page. If I were to describe it... like CH 1.0 in gameplay (survival) except that the character designs are more anime-humaniod than 1.2. Also it's only versus MG and Rocket type TATs.

When it starts it actually lets you pick between 2 control schemes

But one game design I wish I saw on 1.2 was that you can carry FOUR WEAPONS AT ONCE!!!! In 0.2 it uses a weight system, where each weapons has a point value, and it can't exceed the suit capacity.

In playing like I said it's like CH 1, kill until you are killed. The gauges work different here too. There's the health bar, but then a shield bar that protects your health until it overheats. The boost guage works similarly where it runs until it over heats. Ammo is "infinite" because each shot raises the shield bar slightly.

But for the sword...

... has much more stylish and useful combos, just try dashing and repeatdly pressing the mouse button


why haven't we made a walkthrough of what we know for this yet? put all the seemingly true facts of one person on it, then compare it to others, and whoever's idea works, goes on the walktrough. for example, i know full well, and i've tested it, that having fully upgraded armor increases the difficulty of mission 20, also increasing the price. Also, having fully upgraded fang on mission 19 will send in three more of the boss, instead of 2 more and two lesser enemies, and it will unlock silverfang.

[Why don't you make one yourself, Molle? :) I think you should. -Jay]


Also, for people who want to play offline there's flash Offliner, but not linking to it.


ok, replying to jay's suggestion, I'll list what i know.

Don't attempt completing missions until you've got at least a different gun, like the Antares.

Mission 1

Clear Conditions: defeat 20 enemies.

Complete Conditions: defeat more tanks than missile launchers, then defeat the upcoming Unicorn tank. a simple one for this is to just fly over it and shoot at the exhaust, while taking down the missiles.

Mission 2

Clear Conditions: defeat 30 enemies. Nothing different here, except that they're a bit stronger.

Complete Conditions:beat the mission with no points in armor, then defeat the cyclops mech, the same tactic applies, except that he's mobile, really mobile.

Mission 3

Clear Conditions: defeat 40 enemies. Now there's VTOLs and TATs,so still should be easy. I'll go over the enemies later.

Complete Conditions: Haven't completed this yet.

Mission 4

Clear Conditions: defeat 60 enemies. this time, it's now new types of TATs, the missile ones and the rocket ones.

Complete Conditions: I believe this is unlocked by a high combo, not sure how high,i got an 80 destroy combo, and then the boss showed up. the boss is a helicopter,the best way to fight him is from ground, because if you fly, you'll get hit in the face by the thing's propellers, and you will die. so stay low, hit the ammo box or whatever it is on it, and run before you get bombed or gunned down while it's dying.

Mission 5

Clear Conditions: defeat 40 enemies. now, it's TATs only. line 'em up and gun 'em down. Also, new terrain, always a nice thing to see. try not to run into a wall.

Complete Conditions: I just completed this now, I believe you have to get a double kill on the last kill. but if that doesn't cause it, don't get mad at me, I don't know how I did it. So if that doesn't work, you might need fully upgraded fang, which is much later.upon completing the conditions, a cyclops and a helicopter appear, and they are tough. try to take down the helicopter first, it's more dangerous, as it limits your flight abilities, making fighting the cyclops harder. Once it's gone, just take on the cyclops as usual.

that's my walktrough for the first five missions. I'm adding more now.


the second part, covering missions 6-10

also, the complete for mission 3.

I think this is combo, so just kill fast, then defeat the TAT trio, who are more powerful than the others. you won't be able to tell the difference between them and the normal ones, except that they just don't die like the others.

Mission 6

Clear Conditions: defeat 50 enemies. Now there's minelayers, along with the others, there should be no problem. Also, these are all of the lesser enemies, so you'll have to get used to them, as you'll be seeing them often.

Complete Conditions: I believe this is also the same as with mission 4, being combo related.just get as high of a combo as possible, then defeat the pair of helicopters and the cyclops. Once again, the helicopters are the difficult part, for the same reason, plus, they hurt a lot.

Mission 7

Clear Conditions: defeat the Unicorn tank. now you go straight into boss fights. however, now that you're alone with the thing, that doesn't mean it's easier. it hurts more than before, so avoid or destroy the missiles.

Complete Conditions:beat the mission quickly, I think, then defeat the cyclops mech and company that appears.

Mission 8

Clear Conditions: defeat 3 unicorn tanks. This is triple trouble here, but their AI should point all of them in the same way, so you can continue using the same tactic, but now there's three times as many missiles, so you'll get a really high combo if you use something like the pierce.

Complete Conditions:defeat it fast, causing two more and a cyclops to appear. These ones are incredibly weak, more so than the one in mission one.just take them down, and be done with it.

Mission 9

Clear Conditions: defeat the cyclops mech. This time it's only the cyclops, easy enough.

Complete Conditions: I believe this is from not getting hit. also, haven't completed this yet,

Mission 10
Congratulations on hitting double digit missions! things get harder and more varied past this point.

Clear Conditions: defeat the helicopter. now there's only you and a helicopter, great for practice.

Complete Conditions: I haven't completed this yet, but i think it's time related, so aim well, and fire often.

that's my walktrough for the second five missions. I'm adding more now.


Mission 11

The first of the three trouble
missions. I haven't unlocked this yet on my
latest save, as the others are gone, but, i
do know that it's really hard.
You unlock this by completing, not clearing, but completing missions 1-10. Don't even try this until you've destroyed everything else except 21, because everyone will murder you on this one. There is no known way of completing it, but it has been done. I think the first time I played this mission, I completed it, might've been 21, though.

Mission 12

Clear Conditions: defeat 20 enemies, then go to the exit.

Complete Conditions: defeat 40 enemies, go to the exit, then defeat the Red TAT.
This is the guy you'll find in mission 19, so use your mind more than usual, and lure him, his AI is a lot better than that of the regular TATs, but simply running away and firing while he comes for you works, but make sure you're far from a wall, or he'll destroy you completely. remember, he's near endgame, so expect to die often.

Mission 13

Clear conditions: Survive the time limit without the box being destroyed.

Complete Conditions:survive with under half the box destroyed, then beat the Red TAT that shows up while defending the box. you can either really defend the box while fighting him, or entirely avoid the box by going away from it. the choice is yours to make.

Mission 14

Clear Conditions: kill 40 enemies, then head to the exit.

Complete Conditions: This is one of the ones people have trouble completing, i think you might be able to do it by getting 80 kills, but I'm not sure.

Mission 15

Clear conditions: Defend the three boxes until time runs out

Complete Conditions: haven't beaten yet, probably done by having the boxes take little to no damage.

That's it for 10-15, now, 16-21.


And here's 16-21

Mission 16

Clear Conditions: Defend the armored vehicle until it gets to the exit.

Complete Conditions: have the vehicle get to the point in great condition, then defeat the cyclops and two helicopters that show up. They hurt a ton, so try not to get hit, might be goo taking down the cyclops first this time, so you have more ground space for the helicopters, as they're more dangerous than the last couple of bosses you've fought.

Mission 17

Clear Conditions:defend a point against enemies.
Complete Conditions: I believe you have to not get hurt, and I don't know what the boss is.

Mission 18

Clear conditions: Defend 3 armored vehicles.

Complete Conditions: Defeat 95 enemies while on defending the vehicles, then proceed to defeat the cyclops and two red TATs. it's a really hard fight.

Mission 19

Clear Conditions:defeat the red TAT in one on one battle. defeating him with fang will cause another to appear with two brown ones, who respawn.

Complete Conditions: Defeat him with fully upgraded fang armor, then beat the three more that appear.

Mission 20

Clear conditions: Defeat the great monster.

Complete Conditions: Honestly, nobody knows, but having fully upgraded armor will give you a harder version to fight, giving 666000 points instead of 123000.

Mission 21

Clear conditions: Defeat the bosses.
All of them.

Complete Conditions: nobody knows, but it's possible, I've done it before I think it was from beating them fast. It was pure luck for me.


And now armor.

Fang: It's the armor you start with, and the one you'll use for most of the game.
it's kinda weak, but not specialized in anything, making it powerful. also, it reloads your offhand weapon while you aren't selecting it, making dual-wielding one weapon more reason able, and it's cheap to upgrade, and eventually, very powerful. Also, it's required to complete some missions.

Gale: This is a suit for those who like a challenge or want to go blade crazy. it holds only one weapon and is weak defense-wise, but you'll move fast, very fast.

Javelin: this suit is for those who don't have the cardinal yet, or for when you need extra defense. You get to have two weapons, and when you fly, holding up makes you fly up like the thing was a jetpack, which it is.
However, it does not reload offhand weapons, and moves slow.

Horizon: you'll get this as you move through the levels. it's basically a weaker fang armor, but with added vision. very useless. also doesn't reload offhand stuff like fang. (offhand reloading is very important.)

Cardinal: this is basically a super javelin, able to actually fly, while using little to no boost power, great for aerial combat, as you can just hover over the enemies.
Just that makes up for the non reloading.

TAF 009: This armor is... odd. You unlock it by maxing out every other armor (you don't have to have them all at the same time, so go one at a time. also, silverfang does not count.) The thing's fast, kinda weak, and has only one weapon, and accepts no others. It is a plasma blade that can perform a 4 hit combo, so it's pretty dangerous, but make sure to back off every once in a while.

Silverfang: This is undoubtedly the best armor in the game. Think of it as fang, fully upgraded. now increase the damage you do with your weapons and double the defense. That's silverfang, unupgraded. the only problem is it's seemingly absurd price, at 35,000,000 points. It even has the auto reloading, though, and has the same boosting powers as the fang. So, it's well worth the price tag.



The Voice: Your starting weapon. It's a little teeny weeny smg, really weak, but it fires fast and has a high ammo count of 50, but its really really weak, it can't even kill the first enemies instantly, unlike every other weapon. dump this thing as soon as you can, and never go back.

Antares: This thing is like the voice, except it's cooler.
it has only 15 shots, but it fires fast, accurately, and hard. this should be the next thing you get to replace the voice, because this is better. it even reloads fast. you get it from completing Mission 1.

Rain: It's a shotgun. enough said. it's kinda weak, but very powerful at close ranges, obviously. It should be the first thing you get. it's cheaper than the Antares, and you start off able to buy it.

Hawkeye: This thing may seem nice, but in reality, it's worse than even The Voice. sure it has a long range, but it's weak, holds few shots, and reloads slowly. it's not worth the money.

Boundary: it may look like a revolver in the menu, but it's a grenade launcher, and honestly, not a very good one. it's pretty strong, but hard to use in the heat of battle, as you expect your bullets to go straight. I've even killed myself a few times using it. it's pretty scenario dependent.

Eclipse: you thought grenades were enough, but no. This thing's a freaking whaling gun.
limited to a measly 3 shots, you need to take aim with the thing,also, the projectiles go on forever, so it's viable for mission 11 at times. anyway, on to what it does. It shoots a harpoon that falls, and upon hitting something, blows up 3 seconds to get kills from the grave with, hit that giant alien, then get blasted with a laser to watch him die as you die. you'll still fail, but hey, you got payback.

Agony: it's a rocket launcher, there isn't much more to say. it's like the boundary, but weaker and more accurate.

Requiem: it's a laser rifle that uses your boost to fire. very useless, though kinda powerful. not at all worth the price on it.

Longinus: this thing is what all true warriors strive for. in return for your boost power, you get a railgun, capable of demolishing anything at all, if given the time. you get this by clearing mission 11.

Tears: it's a better version of the Antares, and it's also a gatling gun. sure, there's a short wind up, but it's pretty good, until you get the pierce.

Pierce: You know that red TAT from mission 19, the duel one? yeah, this is his tank gun.
upon firing it, you'll be blown back a foot or two, but if there was anything better than this thing, it'd be a fully charged longinus.
the thing hurts, holds 6 shots, and as the name states, it pierces enemies. also, it reloads fast enough so that with fang or silverfang, you can walk in with two of the things, unload one, and then unload the other, and the first will be done reloading as the other one finishes unloading death upon your enemies. It's a great weapon, obtained upon clearing mission 19.

BLD: it's the first sword you get, and the only for a while. while it is fun to slice stuff in half, it only really works on tank battles, because the thing's big enough so you can get a bunch of hits in. It hurts hard.

Glanzen: This is the other sword. just the same as the other, but cooler looking, pricier, and of course, deadlier.

HMB: This is the mace, it's a weapon as odd as the TAF armor. it fires akin to the flails of Terraria, firing a mace ball that comes back to you when it hits the ground or an enemy. but, you can move faster than it, so you can launch it, boost away, then let it mow down your enemies, and if timed correctly, you can jump over it, allowing for a second run with the thing, and it can continue going like that.

Phantom Tails: It's a "homing" missile launcher. it sports 15 missiles tat chase your mouse.sadly, the missiles are weak, and it takes a bit to reload.

Tempest: It's the Rain's Big brother. the thing's full auto shotgun death. sadly, nobody knows how to get it.

Saw: I can't remember what this thing's really called, but I do know you can get it. it;s like the sword, but you can aim it, and it slices stuff like butter through a hot knife.

There was this other gatling gun, but I can't remember it's name, and I don't think you can get it. I think it might be called the Judgement.

that's all I have for weapons.


[found out what the saw's called, it's the Genos. and the other gatling gun is the Moment]
Now on to enemies.

Tanks: there are two types of this weak enemy, and you won't notice one often. there's the basic tank, that shoots tank shells, that are kinda powerful, but easily avoided. they have a crosshair on you while they aim, and when it flashes and you hear a beeping noise, they're about to fire. then there's the missile variant, which shoots, well, missiles. they track you down and will only build in numbers if you don't destroy them.

VTOLs: there's only one type of these, but they're only annoying from ground level. they just hover up and down above you, and drop bombs. but they have large radii.they have only a little bit more health than the tanks.

TATs: there are 4 types of these little guys, all imitating you, and one nearly being you.
there's one with a rocket launcher, not unlike the Agony. then there's the one that has a unique weapon that fires 2 of the tank missiles. then there's the poor one stuck with the voice. poor guy, makes me sad I have to slay him.
Then there's the fourth one, gonna get onto him later.

Minelayers: These guys walk, jump and lay mines. that's all they do. Honestly, they're the weakest enemy in the game, cause their mines hurt less than a voice shot to the foot.

Now onto bosses.

Unicorn Tank: This guy is the first boss you fight. just don't expect him to go easy on you. he can run you over, shoot aimed tank shots like they're pebbles, and fire missiles like you have never seen. but they're pretty easy.
you can get under them and hope they don't run you over, or go over them and fire at their weak exhaust pipe.

Cyclops Mech: this guy has two arms to fire unaimed tank shots at you, and fires less missiles than the unicorn, but he has more health, and gets around easily. their weak point is in their jet, on their back.

Helicopter: These are the most mobile boss, he fires machinegun shots at absurd rates, drops those VTOL bombs like candy, and they can kill most anyone if you bump into their rotor. they have two weakpoints. the underside, (the grey box, and, you guessed it, exhaust pipe) and the rotor.
a good tactic is to stay flying, but still under them.then fire away.

Red TAT: this guy is you. Evil you. he has the Pierce, a rocket launcher, probably an upgraded Agony, and a missile launcher. they hurt bad, and their pierce shots count as entire tank shells, blowing up on impact. His armor slightly resembles the TAF.

Giant Alien Robot Thing: this is the last boss, and honestly, nobody know what it really is. it fires lasers, not like the requiem, no, full blown I'M A FIRIN MAH LAZOR lasers.then it shoots shockwaves at those who try to get at it from behind it, and it has claw attacks, and occasionally shoots death balls at you, but there's a weak point to him. if you go to the line on the ground right in front of his head, then fly up there until you hit the ceiling there, he can't hit you. With anything. so once up there, fire away. he gets stronger as you increase your armor strength, and at full armor, his reward increases sixfold. he is the boss of mission 20 and only mission 20.


I'd say that's done now.


Nevermind, I was wrong. First, the Genos is unlocked by completing mission 17, by going in with either upto 3 upgrade levels on your armor (they can all be up to that), or by using unupgraded armor, one of them brings out a helicopter.
The Moment is unlocked from completing mission 14, which is by having up to 3 points in any one armor stat, then clearing it and defeating the three red TATs. What I did was go in with javelin as upgraded as i could to complete, then went int with two pierces, then go onto the high ground, after killing anything nearby, reload your weapons, call them out, then snipe at them from the edge, as only their missiles go through the wall.

also, the Horizon DOES reload offhand weapons, and there's the Desire, which should instead take requiem's space in the current one, and actually, it's pretty useful, as it's almost all around better than the pierce, except in zoom and range. (it says it's higher, but wear horizon and fire it, you'll see it disappear just before it would go offscreen.)
also, I'm just speculating this, but the Tempest is probably unlocked from completing mission 21. I do remember it was that I completed, and if you do things a correct way( I believe combo-wise?) after you kill them all, it will say warning, then some more will show up, I think one of them was a red TAT. Anyway, it wouldn't be unlocked from completing 11, that gives you the Longinus, and 20 actually can't be completed. (trust me, I've tried, cardinal unupgraded, with Genos, fully upgraded, still with Genos (it's pretty fun, and it drains his health, like the Moment does.)