Ok nvm about my last comment sorry it was just a DANGER display, im very sorry


srry for a third post ,but I need to know, how do you complete 14 and 15?

also has anyone else notice that you

get rewarded 6 6 6 000cp on lvl 20?


I located my .sol file but don't know how to play locally. Also, TSearch works on my friends' computers but not on my own.


Uh... May someone make a small walkthrough on ow to get new armours? I only have Horizon, and I completed most missions, and am up to mission 20.


Where is version 1.2? I can't find it anywhere... or is it the one here?


Actually, can someone just tell me how to beat mission 11? I swear, it's frekaing impossible with those helicopters, and apparently without the Longinus I'm lucky to even get half health down off of a helicopter before I die. Also, how do I unlock Silverfang, if you get it before clearing mission 11? I've bought every other armour unlockable thus far.


------======Weapons that can't be gained.
BLS-913 GENOS A chainsaw like weapon.
HMB-079 ?? Mace weapon, doesn't work.
BLD-E14 Glanzen A beam sword. Does not work with any armor but the TAF-009 armor.
RGN-050C LONGINUS A rail gun, very weak.
PSR-X71 REQUIEM A beam rifle. Very powerful, pierces.
MSL-001 PHANTOM-TAILS A rapid fire rocket launcher. Fires 15 rockets in about 3 seconds.
TPC-020X PIERCE Sniper rifle. Increases vision, sends you backwards, rapid fire.
TSG-C014 TEMPEST Rapid fire shotgun.
GGX-035 MOMENT Heavy chain-gun. Takes time to fire, but has rapid fire.

------======Weapons that can be gained.
TBZ-013 AGONY A rocket launcher. Splash damage. Strong vs. Armor.
BMR-250 DESIRE A beam gun. Can kill anything in 1 hit, excluding bosses. Lowers boost.
NGP-003 ECLIPSE Javalin launcher. Sticks to an enemy and explodes after 3 seconds.
GRB-013 BOUNDARY Grenade launcher.
TMG-013S ANTARES Handgun. Better than basic weapon.
TGG-024 TEARS Chaingun. Takes time to fire, but has rapid fire.
BLD-S05 ??? A large sword.
TSR-002 HAWK-EYE Sniper rifle. Increases your vision range.
TSG-001 RAIN Shotgun.
TMG-001 THE VOICE Handgun. Basic weapon.

------======Armor that can be gained.
TAT-001C FANG Basic armor. Can recharge 2 weapons at the same time.
TAT-003 GALE Armor that increases vision, and has increased power with boost.
TAT-015 JAVELIN Defensive armor.

------======Armor that can't be gained.
SAT-070 HORIZON A weaker version of Fang. Increased vision.
AST-265 CARDINAL Armor that can hover, and fly.
TAF-009 ???? Agilic armor. Uses a sword, no other weapons.
TAT-001RF SILVER FANG Best armor. Most expensive to upgrade (over 5million CP to max!)

This is the list of every weapon and armor in the game. Things that can't be gained are the items that require a memory editor to gain (AKA: You can't get these items through playing the game normally.


Wait... You might be able to get some of the armor and weapons, but I have yet to find them out.


I opened stage 21 and didnt know how I do it =o=

I think it's something about $$, I had like $13000000. And I dont think it's about clearing all stages, I still have stage 11 and 14 only cleared. Though it's super hard on stage 21 =o=... The first round is 3 robort thingie from stage 19. Then next is 2 helicopters(sorry if i missed spelt it)and a big robort. Then! 2 big cars and a big robort. Then!!! 1 helicopter and a car and a robort?( Not sure..but I am sure those helicopter was the major problem for me on beating that stage


I'm not so sure you're right, Redklonoa, I have pretty much everything in that list you made other than Silver Fang Armour and the TEMPEST gun. I have the mace, too, and it works for me, it shoots out a mace that goes back into the gun after it hits or has gone far enough. I'm still stuck on Mission 11, though... Not having any luck, those helicopters are just way too powerful in a trio. I do that mission with no upgrades because it will only take 3 pierce shots to each boss, but the low stats make me so vulnerable t te helicopters, and having upgrades makes battles longer and I don't usually get past the helicopters. And does anyone here have a messanger, because I don't like to post and wait a day or two for a response. x_x


A couple things of notice for anyone (yes I know newest comment is a month old, but I can't be the only one still playing):

- The mace is underrated. It's actually pretty fun to use since it's a close combat weapon that doesn't have a long reload time and actually seems meant for use in aerial combat. And it also hits stuff on the way back. The only drawback is it's low damage since it bounces off the enemy, but there's a way around this. Try this - with maxed out boost power (and hopefully use) fire it and dash like hell in the other direction into the enemies (best on flat stages). Note how the mace will eventually catch up to you, while still plowing through everything you just passed by. And if you time your jump right, you can fly over it and it'll go past, letting you repeat in the other direction.

- Longinus at full charge will take down a helicopter at full custom if shot in the black box from behind. Easiest way I've found to reach it is to charge right at the helicopter then dive before the blades hit you. Turn and shoot up. Works well with any other heavy guns (Agony, Pierce, etc.)

- Tank bosses are fairly stupid. Just fly straight up on top of them as high as possible and unload everything straight down. They don't move very far; just back and forth right below your position, firing the occasional missle. And if you're high enough, the missles will all bunch together anyway so you can still take out a volley of 10+ with 1-2 shots. Best it used with wide range weapons or explosives to ensure you can't miss, or that they'll drive into the explosion. Best of all, this is right over the weak point, so they die even faster.

- It's been said before, but lvl 13 is probably the easiest money maker. Just go to far left and keep firing long range heavy weapon to the right along the ground. Even Hawkeye can do this and you should be able to get that long before this mission. But with double Pierce, you can get a perfect timing that'll kill enemies right at the spawn point before they even touch the ground. After clearing the ground, just aim your target right at your radar in the middle of the lower right segment. It may take some adjusting to get the sweet spot, but once you do all you need to do is just hold down the mouse button and switch guns the moment you run out. The timing just works out perfectly. Even with a couple misses that need ground shots, it's possible to get a 500+ combo. At zero custom and full health, you can get about 10M per mission, which would be the easiest way to grab the endgame weapons.

Now can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to unlock the Silver Fang armor? I'm only missing complete on lvls 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, and 21.


Hehe, finally, I thought this place had died! It's good to see at least someone here... How do you have the Longinus, though? Isn't that for beating Mission 11? I can't get past that, it's way too freaking hard, but the level looks awesome and uses the theme song... I'm also struggling for that Silverfang, though... Does anybody have a messanger here other than Yahoo? Speaking through comments is rather slow...

shadowdemon December 31, 2006 2:06 PM

Hey guys, I'm totally stuck on level 12. I read the part about finding the little blue marker marked goal, then let time run out. It didn't work, still stuck. Is there a number of kills you need to get, or what?


You need 20 kills, then go to the blue marker.

There's another mission like that, I did 40 kills, but I' mnot sure, I just know you need more than 20 kills, so either 30 or 40 kills.


I just realized for the early levels that hawkeye is unbelievably good. Before i had used the explosive spears to kill them where as the hawkeye takes down everything so easily. Its the best versus the pesky helicopters since it downs them with 1 shot



So maybe this place is dead, after all...


Ahem! This won't be the last comment left here, I'll guarantee it. Older games just don't receive the level of interest that the newer games receive, though, so you have to be patient. =)

Dyslexic Q-Thief January 12, 2007 2:34 PM

128f has been down for a few days now. Is this the end of Combat Heaven!?


;_; Now I can't even play it


Can someone host this game elsewhere, so we can still enjoy it? And, perhaps, provide us with a method to port over our saved data?

I had this game as my home page when I opened up IE. At least, until I found out that 128f.com went down in smoke.

Dyslexic Q-Thief January 19, 2007 4:29 PM

I've been able to find a few copies here and there, such as the ones on many flash game portals. All of them seem to be older versions without the custom point element, but if you are dying of Combat Heaven withdrawal, they'll do.


Meh, I know about those versions, it was the first I ever heard of Combat Heaven... But it just doesn't stack up to the real thing, there's no various armours or big and heavy bosses, there's no goal other than to survive for as however long you can. It's just another flash game, unlike the 128f version. The jet is too limited for my taste, but maybe 128f will come up again some day. They have to, they made the best flash games, I don't expect them to just go down... or who knows, perhaps they announced a website change... In a foreign language. but up till now, we can only sit and wait to see how things unfold and go along with it. More days without Combat Heaven... The only game I've ever played that I never seem to get tired of. I can only use the computer on weekends, I looked up to it every friday during school, now there's nothing like it to loo kforward to. And maybe I shouldn't ramble anymore 'cause nobody cares.

Dyslexic Q-Thief January 20, 2007 1:02 PM

Update: 128f appears to have a sister site, 128N, which, as far as I can tell, is some sort of story writing community. Judging by the fact it is still active, and that it still has a link to 128f, it seems to me that 128f is having some sort of hosting trouble, rather than it somehow going bankrupt.


Actually, I have the full version up on board, just that I've no funds to get some hosting up. If anyone's willing to host Combat Heaven, and give us all another chance to go up against this great game, I will pass it to them.

If not, well, at least I can practice.


Looks like Jay's got the file from me. Hope it gets uploaded soon.

At this stage, I believe it's prudent to post up some stats from a replay, and some requirements, too, since I'm back to zero in terms of battlefield achievements, now. A far cry from my previous run, but we'll see.


Mission 1:
Clear: Destroy 20 enemies.
Boss Trigger: Destroy more tanks than missile launchers.
Boss: Unicorn Super Tank X 1. Aim for the engine-box to do more damage.
Mission 2:
Clear: Destroy 30 enemies.
Boss Trigger: Ensure that you've NO points devoted to your armour. Instead, devote those points to your jets.
Boss: Cyclops Mech X 1. Aim for the head to maximize damage.

Hope the two missions I've outlined here will help.


Aw, man, that's awesome, but now I've lost all my data, where I had everything completed... Now I have to start from the beginning and complete everything again... And earn the millions of points I had all over again. Now it's back to the drawing board with no Cardinal Armour ;_; Thanks for te hosting though, man, brings memories of when I first played and it was hard to kill stuff, but actually, I've unlocked level 16 already in a couple of minutes but all the ones I have still to do in between and getting everything complete... As soon as I get pierce, I'm spamming that level 13 trick.

Dyslexic Q-Thief February 9, 2007 4:20 PM

128f.com is back! Sort of. The creators have revived it under the name of "Game-Pure". It doesn't have Combat Heaven on yet, but it's a good sign nevertheless.


Do you have a link to the website? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Ichimaru Gin February 16, 2007 10:46 PM

How do you complete missions 9,10, 14 to 19


People have suggested that the amount of health you have, the time you beat a level in, the score you beat a level with, and the number of kills in a row, all determine whether or not the boss shows up. Does anyone know for sure, because the bosses are pretty much showing up randomly for me.


Uh... I stil ldon't know the link for 'Game Pure'...


Combat heaven has been re-uploaded at game-pure.com


Thanks, Neo, for the update. I've updated all the links above to point to the Game-Pure site. And thanks to Dyslexic for the initial note about Game-Pure. We are definitely going to have to keep our eyes on these guys! =)


Hi there everyone,I came here quite by acciedent.
I was lookin' for some tips of completing M11,20,21 and entered here.It seems almost impossiable in ver 1.2,right?
here's some thing I want to share with you:
1:Helis' got 2 weak points.One is on the fule box at the bottom(yeah you talked about it a lot),but you can also try to shoot them from the above.
2:Clearing M11 with out any upgrads brings you at least 10,000,000 cp.I know this can be done by AST-265 CARDINAL,equiped with PIERCE x 2.
3:It seems some Missions need a Unupgraded Armor to get bosses(M9,10,and so on)
4:Finishing that poor New TAT soldier with TAF-009 without lose too much HP,you'll get 3 New TAT soldier instad of 1 New TAT soldier and 2 Old TAT soldiers.

Have fun!I wish someone will complete M11 or sth and post up.
(ps:English is not my first langhage I wrote this with a dictionary haha,sorry for mistakes)


how do i find my save file of this on my comp?

shadowdemon March 28, 2007 12:34 PM

Hey guys, I can't seem to trigger boss fights for 10, 12, 14, or 17, everything else is complete but 20 (which I've cleared), and 21 (which isn't even cleared yet). Could anyone give me some advice? And oh yeah, I haven't unlocked 11 yet.

Nathanmini March 30, 2007 8:20 PM

does anyone have access to a download of this game? i've been desperately searching for one. i've taken the .swf file from my temp internet folder and put it in my documents but the save file never keeps, anyone have any idea how this game saves?

Whatever April 3, 2007 3:06 PM

Oh, and how do you get the Silver Fang armor? I've cleared 11, 20, and 21, and have completed all the other levels.


I got access to Silver Fang after completing Mission 19 with TAF-009. But I'm not sure of that. Maybe I unlocked it with something else.

Whatever April 5, 2007 1:16 PM

I see. It doesn't matter what armor you're using, but you have to get the three "New" soldiers on level 19. Thanks.


.... Hey, can someone help me a bit? Not really game related ,but I can't stop the window fro mscrolling when I play (I use arrow keys). How do I make it so arrow keys don't scroll?


Fine, ignore me ;~;.

But I have a favour to ask... You know the game Soldat? Well, I'm going to make a mod for that game based on Combat Heaven, but I need someone to help rip a few sprites. I know probably know one cares about this game anymore, but still...

I need sprites of at least all the enemy vehicles (not infantry, as well as bosses (not the infantry boss). That's actually all I need ripped, since for the guns I just need pictures of them to redraw them, but the vehicles I need ripped with no background, just on a white background...

thanks i nadvance, maybe... if anyone decides to support this project.

Gerbah May 7, 2007 5:43 PM

Hey, which mission do I need to complete (or clear, if it is that kind) in order to unlock this fabled PIERCE rifle? It sounds mighty tasty.


Ah, never mind. Figured it out, for those that want to know here ya go:

Clear (no need to complete) up to mission 18 (I haven't unlocked 12, so some aren't required it seems). A mission called D-U-E-L will show up, the fight is fairly easy, and if you clear it (again, no need to complete), you can get the fabled PIERCE, it is also cheap. Have fun.


Uh... Missions have names...? In English? o_o Where?


Oh, never mind, it's just the only mission with a title... Anyway, I ask for the third time. Anyone with MSN/AIM here who still plays this?

And thanks Gerbah, finally unlocked Pierce again. All I needed was one gun to buy after the people changed websites T_T


OMG GUYS! Check out GamePure! They're working on Combat Heaven! Either they're updating Combat Heaven, or releasing a whole other sequel, BUT GOD I CAN'T WAIT. "COMBAT HEAVEN NEXT"

Someone help me calm down...



If ANYONE AT ALL is still reading this, please tell me how you unlock the Silver Fang Armour?

I'm begging you. I've unlocked everything else, even mission 21.




I'm in the same position as Jeremy here. and I ask for a fourth time, anyone with MSN/AIM here who still plays this?


Playing through a second time, it seems that clearing M20 with full upgrades (666000 CP) got me the Silver Fang. Maybe owning some of the previous armors did something, maybe not.


does anyone know how to complete missions 11, 20, and 21?

DarkHeartZX June 16, 2007 2:31 PM

I'm not sure if this board is dead. I was just REALLY curious as to how to get the Cardinal.


This "board" is far from dead (thank you very much!), you just may have to be patient for a reply. ;)


I think you Complete misison 15 or 16 for the Cardinal.

It's the mission in the ruined highway where you have to protect three boxes.

Hint: Just keep boosting up into the virtual ceiling until time runs out.

typeZ-Sid- June 16, 2007 9:14 PM

um, lets see...this is my first post so i'm sorry if it's too long, i found this site while snooping around for info on combat heaven. As soon as i realized there was a ver. 1.2 i jus HAD to find it. i pretty much just started a while before posting this and i got some stuff i'd like to ask.
1:this may seem dumb but will i lose my save file if i turn off my pc?
2:can anyone tell me what downloader they used to download the game on their pc and where can i find it?
3:is there a program you need to play the game once you've downloaded it?
4:um,and that thing about "memory editor"? which one would you suggest using?

..that's it. i wanna try getting as far as i can before using the editor to get all the stuff that isn't available (if it's true about all that stuff that couldn't be obtained). well thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here. now if you'll escuse me, i'm missing a new episode of naruto for this, so that damn lv.1 unicorn is going down...NOW.



Hi typeZ-Sid -

No you won't lose your save file if you turn off your pc. Save data is stored in a file somewhere on your hard drive, depending on your operating system, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

SWF files are actually downloaded automatically and are stored in your browser's cache. You can find the file by looking in about:cache if you're using a Mozilla browser. You'll need the standalone Flash Player to play SWFs locally.

Note: Downloading a SWF file to play locally will not preserve your save data achieved while playing the online version.

We don't condone the use of memory editors or cheat engines here, so you'll have to find that information elsewhere.

DarkHeartZX June 16, 2007 10:28 PM

Hey, I beat the mission but it isn't completed. How do you complete it.


I've completed all levels except 11, 20 and 21, and I've cleared level 20; both the normal version and the full-armor version. I still haven't unlocked Silverfang, Tempest or Longinus, however. Does anyone know what the prerequisites are for those?


You have to keep all the box's health high enough... Just keep flying high until time runs out.

And omg combat Heaven is reviving. COMBAT HEAVEN IS REVIVING.

But I'm still waiting to see what GamePure was talking about when they said "Combat Heaven next"


Nevermind, I figured it out.


To get Silverfang armor, complete level 19 using Fang armor


To get Longinus, clear level 11

typeZ-sid June 17, 2007 4:19 PM

thanks for the info jay. I use internet explorer instead of moezilla,and i don't know about playing flash games on my computer otherwise. And about the memory editor, i'll still play even if there's stuff i can't unlock or not. again thanks.


Crap... Finally unlocked Silver Fang... But I need like 2 million more... Just to BUY it... Then the upgrages..

DarkHeartZX June 18, 2007 9:18 PM

I'm having trouble with completing Missions 10 and 17. Could someone please help?


It's interesting to see new replies here after so long. It's also frustrating to know that I'm still unable to complete 11, 20, and 21 this time around. Tempest and Judgment also nowhere in sight. :-/

Being lazy to find new ways, I used the same method to achieve completes on all missions except the ones listed above by using only the Fang and Pierce combo. The only thing I varied was the amount of upgrades I put into the armor. This effectively changes the life points number you see at the end of the mission. If full health/zero upgrades (3.0 multiplier) didn't do it, do the mission with full upgrades and get hit a few times. (

However, Manny's comment made me think that maybe the key to unlocking the last few items might have something to do with specific armor loadouts. I happily don the TAF-009 Zero-Type armor, only to be soundly beaten on all three non-complete missions. If anyone is still trying to get completes, I suggest trying with some non-optimum armors or weapons. I chose the Zero-Type because it doesn't allow any weapons, thus simplifying the number of armor/weapon combos to one. Too bad I can't beat those critical missions. :(


It's glad to see someone else who loves TAF-009.But I think it's tooooooo hard to beat M11,20,21 with it.I like the idea of close combat,but the best I can do is kill that helicopter in M10.
In M11 and M21 I can only hang in there for 2 waves.Well I think M20 may be possible if you don't mind spending at least half an hour on it.


if someone wants TAF-009 get all the availble armor and buy them all. TAF-009 is a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) armor, so no weapons are available for use. Its pretty much like Gale, and if you max out 009 stats your aerial finisher will become an Straight down Attack with Lighting coming out.

Concordat June 29, 2007 12:45 AM

Hm, I managed to get the Silverfang using the Javelin Armor on the DUEL mission. In fact I've been using the Javelin for most of the missions. One thing I noticed about it is that your second weapon doesn't reload while you have it put away, you have to take it out.


Aww man, a dark day indeed. 128f has been shut down permanently. We may never get to see Combat Heaven in its full version ever again. A new website opened up containing all the games on 128f, including Combat Heaven. (which had a different button layout, i hated it) but I forgot what it was called. all hope is lost.

[Edit: um, dude, the links above point to the new site Game-Pure. What the heck are you talking about?! -Jay]


can anyone tell me how to get unlock AT 4000....thanks a lot

Sion Sheevok July 11, 2007 5:05 PM

I've completed M1 and cleared M2 - M20, except M11 which is locked. After clearing M20, M21 opened up for me.

Odd thing is I was able to complete a lot more missions when I played before without my armor upgraded so much... odd.

Can anyone get that thread, the one that needed to be translated and listed objectives, posted in here? I need to figure out why I never get any bosses and completes ^^().

blarabies July 11, 2007 9:58 PM

level 20 is so easy you just

use javelin armor, preferebly everything modified about half way. use the pierce rifle. go to the most upperright corner and keep hovering there and shoot away with the pierce rifle. aim at the head of neck. may take awhile.


Well at this point I've managed to complete everything except the ones everyone's having trouble with: M11, M20, M21. All cleared though.

For anyone having trouble with completing missions, I suggest using Pierce once you have it, then Requiem to replace it once you have that. Use Horizon, Fang, or Silver-Fang, unupgraded. Fire until the weapon is empty, switch to the other, repeat as necessary.

That's pretty much how I managed to complete every mission once I had access to those weapons. I cleared every single mission before I started completing any. Completed M1 unintentionally the first time around.


TAT-001C Fang: Reloads weapons when not in hand. Prolonged, fast boost.

TAT-003 Gale: One weapon only, special attacks with swords. Boost isn't prolonged, walks quickly.

TAT-015 Javelin: Extremely prolonged, slow boost. Extensive armor.

TAT-070 Horizon: Reloads weapons when not in hand, extended range on all ranged weapons. Prolonged, fast boost. Weak armor.

AST-265 Cardinal: Prolonged, fast boost. Hovers in place while airborne.

TAF-009: No weapons, special attacks with armor. Boost isn't prolonged, walks quickly.

TAF-001RF Silver-Fang: Reloads weapons when not in hand, reloads very quickly. Prolonged, fast boost.


If someone can advise me, I'd appreciate it.

I have cleared levels 1-10, but I cannot complete level 4, 5 and 6. The bosses just don't appear. What do I need to do?

Also, I cannot complete level 12. I killed 229 guys, but my time ran out and it said the mission was a failure.

Does anyone know what the mission objectives are?

Randomness July 21, 2007 5:17 PM

When i open it i cant play because when i go right the scroll bar on the bottom moves and makes it really hard to do it because the page moves, any idea how to fix this?

[Edit: Use a better browser? Open the window full screen? Turn off any auto-scrolling preference for your OS or browser? -Jay]


Well, I don't know how to complete those levels, but to beat level 12, you have to kill 30 enemies and go all the way to the right (over the wall)

I don't know how to complete any of them, since they just randomly came for me, but try using default amour with no stats on. It seems to increase the boss appearance rate.

Randomness July 21, 2007 7:15 PM

Jay i dont know how to do that XD can you please tell me how :)


I've now managed to clear all 21 levels, but I still can't complete levels 11, 20 and 21.

Does anyone know the conditions needed to complete the problem levels?


Does anyone know how to complete missions 14-18?


Well, from what I know, to complete any of the missions, it seems you have to have low stat armor, a good amount of health left, or defending all of the boxes or trucks to complete them.


Urm... so much stuff, so many questions in my mind, like WHAT THE HECK IS A BOSS?

And while i'm making a post, can someone tell me why JIG took over my link to Arcadetown?


oh, and if i get a boss on a level can i come back "Fully equipped" without the boss dissapearing?
For instance, a level requires full boost cap and a certain weapon for the boss to come back. Can I come back with full armor and a cool weapon after the boss owns me?


I think you'll always need the same requirements, but you can always use any weapon.


What if i dont know the requirements?
What if it depends on actual performance on the battlefield, not armor stats?
Its hard to keep track of that kind of stuff.


And for newbies I'm pretty sure to get the lvl 2 boss is
to have 50% boost regen, weak spot is the head, I think. Use a hawkeye.


Third post! (sorry, forgot what i was going to say in my last post)

Anyway I need help with the eclipse, which is the explodong arrow gun right? how do I get it?


Well, I don't really know anything about requirements, but just try defending all the trucks and boxes, and keeping at 50% stats.


Yay! just want to celebrate my win on 3 tanks with ONE "the voice" I had .85 gealth left.

And how do i get a pierce?


Just some stuff.
Something that hasn't been posted yet: UBER GODLY SPEEDZ.
Double tap is boost right? in stead of: tap tap hold, do tap tap realse reapeat really fast, is a while you have a speed that could carry you across a mobile escor misssion in seconds.


GUYS, CHECK OUT GAMEPURE! Combat Heaven Next seems to be coming out soon! It looks more flexible, more customizability and actual levels, and even conversations, but they're in Japanese... But look at it. Man, I can't wait...


It looks more babyish, you know, japanese anime small kids, and, you know, I'd rather play combat heaven 1.2
unless it's worse than this new version.


Well, look at 1.2's opening screen, it doesn't look that babyish, but it still is a bit.

Combat Heaven Next looks like it might have better gameplay, and in the gameplay doesn't look as childish as the menues and such. It seems this new one will have skills, too. The armours look pretty cool, as well.


err.. i guess your right, but the graphics are still worse-ish but gameplay looks better, and looks like there are different kinds of play, instead or rushing back and fourth on a field, i think in this version you can move around a building or something to give a more mission-like feel, good work game-pure.


The asthetics are indeed a little more chibi than I would have liked them, but the gameplay seems a little better. There will probably be implementation of platforms and the like.


hey guys, theres a new release date for when the new version will be here! It says, 2007.9.8 which i am sure means september 8th! 6 more days till it comes out! (or less, whenever u are reading this)

also, i had the effort to translate the first 3 song titles on the sneek peek of the game (had to use japanese characters from another website to paste into a translator, cant translate images!) Ok, so the first is called, "main theme", the second, "battle stage", and the third, "POS theme". what does that mean? im not sure what they mean by that last title.


"Battle Stage"? "POS Theme"?

The POS theme is probably for boss battles, from how it sounds.

Dyslexic Q-Thief September 3, 2007 5:31 PM

The "Po" is actually a "Bo", but it's really hard to see that at that size. Also they've released a new movie.


The Fox armor at the end of that movie was a little odd, but the new game looks great. I have a feeling that it may turn out to be a regular platformer, though.


that fox armor at the ending of the video sure looked like the fox on "fox action" found on gamepure.


Hm...I seem to be having a little trouble with the game. I can't seem to unlock Mission 11...I've tried everything on Mission 10, still can't unlock it.