Hi all!

JavaJesus05! I made it through without solving R010 Green, R020 Green, R021 Green, R120 Green, R220 Yellow, R221 Yellow and R212 Magenta.


Brandon Starr December 17, 2005 6:01 PM

I know how the clock room works, but I can't solve it!

Brandon Starr December 17, 2005 6:48 PM

I just got stuck at the room with the arrows and so on, but I'm stuck!


Hi Brandon.

Excuse a question, but if You know how the clock room works, how come You can't solve it? What's the prob? Or did You do it already?

Have a good look at all the answers above. All You need is there!

Cheers! Doc.


could anyone give me a hint for blue room 1st floor with triangles, as well as green room 3 rd floor exactly above with different red shapes? i solved most of the other rooms, but i am bad at sliding puzzles.


The sliding puzzles are quite easy if

worked in layers. Start fixing

the roof, then the

walls, and finally

the bottom

The triangle puzzle is easy if

the background pattern is regarded

Cheers, Doc.

im_a_believer December 21, 2005 5:03 PM

Does anyone have a solution to the starfield puzzle (not hints or guidance - a walkthrough, please) as it is driving me nuts!


sorry doc, i already tried to work the slides in layers and to regard the background of the triangles - there is no logical order for me so far. same is true for the blue+yellow squares in the yellow room third floor.

believer: as for the starfield puzzle,

think about a 3-dimensional star constellation in the room. then,

consider each wall to be a mirror. if that doesn't help,

big left stars become small right stars on the opposite side.


I can't solve one of the green rooms: the one with the six rotating circles of each wall..

I've seen that on each wall two of the circles are rotating in a different sense from others but I can't figure out what to do with this info..


aghhhh...helppp...still stuck on map room with clock hands....helppp


Ok. Please help. I cannot do the clocks. Can anyone explain it in english? Without beating around the bush?


It took a lot of time for me to solve the clocks.

When you click the red hand on the top, all the hands move at different degrees. If you click a top green one on a side, it overlaps with the red one on the same side. You need to let all the hands overlap. So you need to choose a direction after clicking the top red one. All you have to do is clicking some green ones when they reach near the direction. Please repeat this trial, so all the hands gradually go near.

Dr_Xem@cs January 16, 2006 4:25 AM

Hey! There are lots of spoilers above for those who care to read, amongst them the correct solution to the clock-hand room.

There are also hints for finding a complete walkthrough for those who care to solve a simple webcode puzzle...

Cheers, Doc.

dangerzone February 2, 2006 12:47 AM

ok i am stupid and incapable of solving this on my own and i just want to finish it even though it is over my head
and i cannot figure out the actual link for the walkthrough (i have been trying diffrent urls for the past hour, and it is the only walkthrough mentioned anywhere on the internet and the hint page on woolythinking.com is not up yet
so can someone please post "THE ACTUAL URL FOR THE WALKTHROUGH" and not some cryptic clue because odds are i will be unable to figure it out (you have no idea how bad i am at puzzles)


Hi, dangerzone,
There is no place like this. You can get some large clue here.
All you have to do is asking for "a clue to solve your problem" not "the solution".
I hope you will enjoy this game.
By the way, which room are you stuck for?

dangerzone February 2, 2006 4:26 PM

well then can you post a LARGE clue on how to figure out the url for the walkthrough
because i was trying diffrent urls for 2 hours last night
and please make this simple for me because i have no idea how to figure out web addresses
and i most likely will not be able to figure out some cryptic clue like everyone here has been giving me
so can you just post THE ACTUAL url for me and not the one that takes me to that clue page



Hi, dangerzone,
I have also been checking the Internet and found there is no site
to tell us the solution, only some clue pages like this.
I think this is one of the best sites to help us to solve this game.
Have you read all the comments here? There are lots of spoilers which
give us large clues.

My mother tongue is not English but I'm willing to help you to continue
this game. There are more than 20 rooms. How many rooms have you solved?


hi jay,
Please help, i can't even see anything when i click begin. I tried the brightness button on the computer and still nothing. Help!


Hi lc, try changing the brightness and contrast settings of your monitor.

If that doesn't help, I don't know what to suggest (get a new monitor?) =/


What do i click, after i click the blue circle at the very start of the game, cuz i'm getting nothing but darkness.


You poor people stumbling in darkness! Do You see anything at all? Never mind the brightness! First room is almost pitch black! Is the

view of the room turning when You move the mouse? Can You see the

big shiny button?

Try it!

As for my walkthrough, try the Ankh game some time.

My walkthrough is hid with inspiration of this game!

Cheers Doc.

dark complex = hard February 16, 2006 8:58 PM

ok, i need help very badly. There are 5 rooms that are KILLING me. Can someone please help me with these rooms:
1. The one with 4 blue pieces of circles on each wall and 2 can be in the center at each time and some overlap eachother.
2. The colour "planet" arrow one.
3. the star one.
4 the one where half the walls are 3/4 purple and 1/4 yellow and the other half are the reverse and you can rotate them.
5. the one where there are some different shapes on each wall and you can change their colors.


Hi, dark complex = hard,
almost all the clues are here. Have you read all the comments above?
English isn't my mother tongue, so please forgive me if I post misunderstanding comments.

As for 1., read the comment posted by Mr/Ms. KeithW (November 25, 2005 01:54 PM).

As for 2., there are some posted by Mr/Ms. Amor Lassie (November 26, 2005 02:57 PM) (November 26, 2005 04:43 PM) (November 26, 2005 07:12 PM), and by Mr/Ms. Glazius Falconar (November 26, 2005 07:51 PM).

As for 3., read the comment posted by Mr/Ms. Harukio (November 26, 2005 12:44 PM).

As for 4., I found no comments here. It's not so difficult, I think.

As for 5., read the last half posted by Mr/Ms. kevin (November 26, 2005 01:01 PM), and the one by Mr/Ms. Glazius Falconar (November 26, 2005 02:21 PM).

Good luck!


Yukka - individual comments are linkable, and I've gone through and created links for the comments you referenced. Cheers!



The fourth room is easy, when

you think that colours needn't be blended. Isolate yellow and purple!

Another way to think is that

there are two opposite poles around which colours are centrated. One pole has a

clear mark!!!

The separator of

yellow and purple is an equator. Find a way to connect this equator so that it goes through every wall

I'm not very bright at this, but this one I solved in one minute without clues... It is really very easy!

Cheers Doc.


OK ive basically given op on the final puzzle. Its been like 3 or 4 months...i just want 2 solve it....could some1 please send me the solution. i get how the puzzle works ...there is just 2 many combonations.
thanks in advance.....Jason


I'm new to the Dark Complex and I'm stuck on the first red room with the symbols. Can anyone help?


Never mind, I got it!


Hi, jason,
The final puzzle was so difficult for me, too.
There are good hints here. Please read the comments posted by Dr_Xem@cs (December 11, 2005 01:55 AM) and by Mr/Ms. Amor Lassie (December 11, 2005 04:40 AM).

I think the best way of thinking is "drawing maps of three beams."
I drew four wrong maps and one correct map. Just trial and error!


can somone that has beat this plz tell me what happens in the end when you beat it because i've spent WAAAYYYYYY tooo looong on this thing not to know how it ends!!

Is there a video clip or what?!


hey guys i dont really mean to be a lurker but i appreciate all the hints and whatnot and i especially appreciate the detailed gearamids solution but can anyone post a coherent solution to the starfield. Ive tried imagining a 3D constillation and the mirror dibdab but nothing seems to work...anyhelp?


Yukka, it is a pseydonym, and like Krazy Kat, it really does not matter ;)


Hi, Kevin, I have no video clip, but I can give you some help.
Which room is your bother?

Hi, Woody, I thought about the starfield like this.

At first you guess the colors of 6 sides. Which side has which color?
You can guess it through this game. Then you find the nearest star/stars
to each side. The biggest one is the nearest. Its color is the same to
the nearest side.
As for three stars in an L kind of shape at the bottom of the field,
the star at the corner has a mixed color. It is a big hint.

Hi, Amor Lassie, I have understood a pseudonym.
You mean I don't have to use a prefix, don't you?
I'm a foreigner.


Yukka, yes, I think that you don't need to use Ms/Mr prefixes. At least not in my case. And btw, I'm a foreigner too (read: not from US).

Kevin, here is what I can remember. It is so long ago when I played this:

In the end you just do some clicking in the white room and you see some circles rotating. Then you get redirected to 'Hall of Heroes' posting form. So not anything fancy. But for me the most rewarding thing was to know that it is finally over :)


Hi all!

I found it nice to be quoted! Also I found it nice to see Amor back in the forum!

Well, for the star puzzle I figure the "guess wall colour" method would work just as fine as my method. What I think is needed for the puzzle is

to establish which star in the cluster gives which star image on which wall, and to set one unambiguous color to each and every image. Maybe I'm wrong, but I solved that room several times (at least 10), and I haven't failed one single time with my mirror method...

There is really no such thing as a video clip or any fancy stuff, but believe me, after having solved all of the rooms, and completing the raybeam puzzle the reward of seeing the 6 doors opened up in the white room is more than enough!

Shouldn't one feel free and want to escape far away when having evaded such an intriguing lockwork? Immediately one longs back to enjoy the beauty of this game! It is really a stupendous game!!!

Cheers, Doc.


Hi again!


looking at the star puzzle right now, it strikes me that there are two stars that reside a little farther from any side, i.e. they are closer to the room center than the other stars, eg. the bottom "L" shape
As far as I understood in Your method one needs to blend the colours in the walls closest to the star one wants to colour, but how did You proceed with those middle stars?
As far as I know about colours there are three base colours, and three blended colours. Are the blended colours to be blended in stars as well? And what colours will we get then? Or should the guessed colours only be among the base colours?
I'm sure You have an idea, but I can't figure it out. Take no offense please, I'm just curious.

Cheers, Doc.


Doc, I have been busy with other games and forums on Jay is Games. Return to Archipelago was very nice. Remember that Jonathan challenged you to do walkthrough for that 8-)

Btw Doc, I think that Dark Complex has been around long enough for you to reveal the URL of your Dark Complex walkthrough.


Hi Amor, long time no see!

Maybe You're right. Still, I think my little puzzle is quite a little challenge for those who really want to get the solution! I might give some more clues away shortly. I will reorganize my site only to contain walkthroughs since I originally used it for more personal stuff that I wanted to keep secret.

I do remember Jon's challenge, but I haven't had the time or the lust yet... I'm a little busy doing other stuff right now, coding my genealogy browser, just to mention one of my many projects... Still I stop by Jay to have a look at other games, and I really admire all the work presented in the Minigolf game!

See You all shortly, with some clues for THE WALKTHROUGH!!!

Cheers, Doc.


Doc, do let people have some hints since your walkthrough is really not too easy to find. And what comes to that Pow Pow's Mini-golf, I still can't make it run on my computer. I just hate Shockwave :(

Kevin, I checked the ending since I found a cookie for one unfinished Dark Complex on my computer.

So there are just some saw edged circles (instead of plates) spinning within each other and then you get drawn through them to the posting form where you can add your word of wisdom on the Hall of Heroes.


Oh my, forgot to put spoiler tags :P
[Edit: Fixed. -jay]
But remember, it is the journey and the feeling of success that matters, not the fancy ending.


Argh! I'm stuck on the blue rotating pie pieces (pieces o' sixteen?)
First I tried to combine all four.
Then I tried to match the overlapped shapes. Nothing.
Then I tried making them all disparate. Nothing.
Then I visited this site and checked the spoiler, revisited my solution, and verified that everything matched. Nothing.

What the h#@l am I missing?


Hi, Dr_Xem@cs, my way of thinking about the starfield is not so logical.
It happened to be correct.

I was sure which side has which color. At first I decided the color
of the star at the top of the field. Then I thought about three stars in an L
kind of shape at the bottom. Two of them are the nearest to a side, and two of
them are the nearest to the next side. So I guessed the star at the corner has
a blended color of two sides, which is the bottom color. Thus I decided four
colors (three base colors and a blended color).
As for the rest, I gave another blended color to the nearer star to a side, and
gave the achromatic color to the last one which is in the middle.


Anyone have an understandable solution to the globe puzzle and the blue room with the spinning white peices that either overlap or fit in somewhat...hard to explain however i would love some help with this

Also with the starfield puzzle thanks for the help guys if anyone needs help with this basically what the "L" thing means is

If you look in the floor there is an L shape of stars close towards the center of the room and if you look on the cieling it is the same L only in the distance...basically what this means is you are looking at the constillation from a top and bottom point of view... fill the floor and the cieling in corresponding to each other and then think of the walls as 4 new views of this constillation you just saw from above and below in other words flip the contillation from the floor onto a wall and youll be able to see part of the L close to you and another part far away ... do this for all walls and you have the puzzle solved...


Ahh, see what You mean Yukka.. still it seems we end up in similar solutions different ways, only I think what matters is that

all images of a star is equally colored...

I said earlier that there is a good idea to have a look at the ANKH game, In this game You are supposed to look in the

html source for clues to the solution. So, the URL to my homepage is somewhere above or

Now another clue I gave earlier was that

one needs to look at the right source. My homepage consists of several frames, and they each have a separate source. If You are not familiar with how to get the source from a frame

try clicking with the right mousebutton

Then dont worry that the page is in Swedish, that's not the point. There is

some Javascript code somewhere on the right page which will give the answer...

So far I guess I have helped most people.

Cheers, Doc.


Amor, forgot what OS you use, but I seem to have had the same prob with shockwave also, but I used Konqueror. I think I managed to tweak my Netscape/Firefox to run Shockwave.

It might also be that the Minigolf game uses features not yet released...

In IE it works fine, nice 3D graphics.

I just hate digging snow! It is falling in masses here! Gonna have to get out soon digging it away...

Cheers, Doc.


im stuck in the room with the eyes, a room with caterpillar things moving on a blue wall in a red room, and in a green room theres a puzzle with red walls and these strange circular things that you can click on with 4 on each wall.
can anyone help me? ive only completed like 2 puzzles.



Please post the walkthrough URL


if anyone is still looking for a hint or spoiler here:

When looking through the 'peephole' in a finished puzzle room, watch for which of the colored circles passes over the white dot in the middle. It most likely has something to do with the ending of the puzzle.

brainmist March 15, 2006 1:21 AM

I think I may have headed the wrong way out of the first room; I keep finding puzzles that seem like training steps to ones which originally stumped me. Which means, for the most part, that things are getting easier. Not easy, though!

I'm still stuck on the red room with a blue 4 square background, overlaid with spinning red symbols. I was sooo excited when I realized that on some walls, there's only one small-axis spinner...and then discovered it didn't hold true for all walls. I missing something obvious, I'm sure. Small hint, please?

Jon, thanks so much for providing these puzzles; they're really above and beyond (although I could do without the 3D interface...vertiginous!)

As to hints...I want to admire the genius of this puzzle. That doesn't happen if I can't move beyond a room. Michello, your complaints seem a bit like sour grapes at not getting second; really, does anyone care?

brainmist March 15, 2006 9:16 PM

Okay, I clearly made that puzzle harder than it really was! Nix my request for aid, please.

Working on the end game. At last!


I'm so close after so many hours of sweat and labor. but i need help. I couldnt find any help or figure out how to get the walk through.
In my quest for knowlege every one kept mentioning peepholes. What are those? how are we suposed to figure out the color each lens is suposed to be...?


I don't find the solution in the yellow room with 6 circle on each face.

Same for the room with RGBYPC tetris bloc and the room with breakage-brick


I find for tetris and breakout room.
But I couldn't find the solution for yellow room with 6 circles on each faces,and the blue room with blue parts of circle(I don't understand the explains)


I finished all color room.
But,how to know the beams direction???
And how to use the orbits picture,appear after having solved the room???


hmm.. beginning to wonder if the walkthrough exists.. *tear*

well i just got started on it and im already stuck on the first rooms.

Blue room: Each wall has one floating triangle on it. and the wall itself has a pic of a triangle as well. and i see that u click on them and they start flying around then um.. im lost. any help?


wow nvm.. solved what was wrong.. for some reason most computers i try that game from dont work. the thing starts up fine, but then I dont see all the shapes, or it doesnt work properly. for instance, the triangle one is supposed to slide to the empty space, when instead it goes haywire and the triangles start to fly around. lol. anyone else have this problem?


oh my, i think i'm really stupid. i don't even know how to get to these rooms. i'm stuck in first location...

Dr_Xem@cs March 27, 2006 3:00 PM

Hi all!

You will find a HUGE spoiler here:

When visiting my homepage

how to find it will be the least of all problems

never mind the language. There is a hidden link in the largest main frame,

which is actually a javascript code. When clicked it gives You a new window with

spoilers to some games I have been through

After this spoiler I won't write any more spoilers. This should really be satisfactory for anyone. A small drawback for people using Konqueror is that

these javascript codes don't always work.

Good luck now! The walkthrough will soon be in Your hands!!!

Cheers, Doc.


can give the direct link to the walktrough???
I don't find this in your swedish site,I clik in all links on pricipale webpage without find the good link.

Help me.

how to use,the RGB planets orbit on the resolved room????????

Neur0mancer April 13, 2006 3:58 PM

Internet is an expensive habbit... is there a downloadable, exe version??? Flashget and flash saver won't work!

Dr_Xem@cs April 14, 2006 12:45 PM

Hi NeurOmancer.

Try this trick: Suppose You use WinXP or Win2K and You are a user called "User" Open the folder "C:/Documents and Settings/User/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files" (Replace "User" with your login ID). Search for "TheDarkComplex.swf". Now drag this file to the Desktop, or a folder of Your desire, doubleclick it, and enjoy!

There is a small hitch though, with this method You won't be able to enter any fancy comment when You're done, since the Flash object looks for the HOF (Hall Of Fame) at the swf domain, and unless You have a HOF of Your own which I doubt the only joy You will have of this is that You save the artwork for Yourself.

A more complete way is to empty the Temp folder before reloading TDC, and then save all files appearing alongside with the swf, and thus get the complete environment, as format document etc. This will also erase all cookies and other cache stuff You might want to keep, since I guess You have a modem connection. The HOF will still remain on the Internet though...
This the most basic main stream ripping method should not be any offense to anyone when published. I sometimes meet the opinion that this is illegal, but I cannot see why it should be illegal to copy a file from one location at my hard drive to another of my choice.

Cheers, Doc.

Spacemonkey April 16, 2006 3:09 PM

Thanks Dr_Xem@cs.


Could i please have a link to the walkthrough also? I've only got about4 rooms left but Ive tried everything i can think of an i just cant do it.

Christopher McNeil May 25, 2006 5:19 PM

so far I havn't been able to do the starfield. The directions have been very bad. Look again. If you go from the button, the first screen does not match up with the next screen, going counter clockwise. The Upper Middle star (in the screen to the left of the button) does not match the screen to the left of it.


Well, I have no idea how to solve 2nd green room (with stars).

On each face two stars spinning in different directions than others. Each face have similar one. So, there are tree different face types.


Hey DmD,

Here's the answer...

Each star/cog/gear-thing should be spinning in the same direction as all the other cogs in the same position in the pyramids on all the other walls. Click the ones that aren't.
Huh? Explained another way...look at the cog at the top of the pyramid... it should be spinning in the same direction as all the other "top" cogs on all the other walls... except for one! Click the one that's going the other way. Repeat for all other cogs.


i solved the starvied

its a 3d starchart and you have to color all stars differently to solve it.

if when looking at a corner 3 stars meet it means its the same star so color it in the same color.

smaller stars are further from your current view.

master_flea June 13, 2006 11:38 PM

OK, the "map" room. Or the "sphere faces" room. Or the "two arrows" room. Or rg0 (the closest yellow room to the start).

This is the only one I haven't completed so far. Please help me. I just don't get it.


OK, I've lined up the faces, and have them laid out as a cube. Next step?


OK. Had a couple of days off to do Return to Archipelago (oh, and work and exams) and I came back to the map room and finished it in 5 minutes.

I actually made a paper cube with the faces drawn on in the corrected order/orientations and used 6 colours of drawing pins to simulate the arrows.
Makes it a whole lot easier

Tomorrow I'll do the metapuzzle.


For those who may be struggling with the yellow 'planet and arrows' room:

Pay very close attention to the edges of each globe picture. They are key to figuring out which ones are 'side by side'.

No, I haven't solved it, but one previous hint about the arrows and what I just figured out, I'll be well on the way to solving it once I finish sketching.


Hi Jay,

First-time poster here.

Initially, I'd like to say: thanks.

Thanks for such a wonderful site.
Thanks for doing the leg work and bringing such wonderful games together on one site
..and finally thanks for taking my life away! May I have it back? =)

As far as TDC goes...I have spent three days on it and still have not finished. Perspective is everything! It is interesting how some of us see it as a 'cube' and some see 'the inside of a room'..much like that old 2D-cube-optical illusion-thingy we used to draw as kids.
Likewise, some people breeze through rooms/cubes which others find incredibly difficult and then stumble on those that others consider childs' play...

Which brings me to the point of my post. =)

My pea-sized brain can't muddle through the following rooms:

(Assuming 0 is blank; 1 is half; and 2 is filled)

1B 0R 1G (Cyan) room with green semi-circles
2B 1R 2G (Cyan) room with red dots and half squares

Both rooms seem to be similar in that a click will re-orientate the shapes on that particular facet but may/may not affect neighbouring facets...

Are they 'mazes' like the 'eye' puzzles or more of a match game??

Any help is appreciated!

Sean McKenna June 19, 2006 6:21 PM

I just beat the yellow map room with the globes and pairs of colored arrows. If you're stuck or confused, this should help:

First thing, I have a nearly photographic memory and I still had to draw this one out. So... if you haven't done that yet, do it. Second, I was very confused by people talking about the "faces of a sphere," and each pair of arrows needing to point to one face. I don't see how anyone could understand that, as there is no such thing as a face of a sphere. A sphere has a continuous surface and therefore has only one face... its entire surface.

Look at it like this, each circular background image is a 2D representation of a hemisphere. There are 6 images of hemispheres with their centers on 6 evenly spaced points on the globe (i.e. north pole, south pole and 4 points on the equator with 90 degrees separation between them). With this in mind, it should be relatively easy to form a picture of the entire globe. Once you've got the globe down and can identify the positions of each hemisphere with respect to each of the other hemispheres you are ready to solve the puzzle.

Help with the globe:

If this proves difficult, first remember that each of the hemispheres has an opposite (since they are evenly spaced)... so, the correct set of two pictures of opposite sides of the globe will give you the best full image of the globe.

Also, notice that the curved continent outlines only appear curved (or the straight lines only appear straight, depending on how you look at it). Each continent is actually a very simple shape drawn by straight lines on the curved surface of the sphere (two are triangles and one is the shape drawn by two line lines of longitude or latitude).
There are only three continents!

If you are ready to get to the next puzzle, looking at it this way should allow you to solve it pretty quickly:

You must have the image of the full globe in your head or on paper somewhere to solve this puzzle... unless you have REALLY good luck. With that:

Forget about where the arrows are on the cube, instead remember the 6 evenly spaced points. Each set of arrows should aim at one point. Each hemisphere shows 5 points total (center, top, bottom, left and right) and you can aim the arrows on any one hemisphere at any of the 4 outer points. Each of the 4 outer points of each hemisphere is actually the center point for another of the hemispheres.

Now, just work one color at a time and make sure each set of arrows has its own point to look at. If you have two sets looking at the same point it won't work.
Good luck guys!

Okay, one more. Only use this one if you are sick of this puzzle and don't care if I spoil it for you.

So, take Amor's example where each red arrow points to the right. Then each red arrow is pointing at the center point of the blue/green hemishere. So, the points on the right of both hemisperes with red arrows are actually the same point as the center point of the blue/green hemishphere. And so the top point of the red/green is actually the same as the bottom point of the red/purple.

So, start with the reds and then aim the other pairs of arrows at whatever OUTER point they have in common. If two same-colored arrows are on opposite sides of the globe (not necessarily opposite sides of the cube), they will have ALL 4 outer points in common. Just do those last and use the points that haven't been used yet.

I hope this has been helpful.


oinasia - thanks for the kind words! You're very sweet.

Jonathan certainly has a way with puzzles! I love his work. But it's been so long since I played this game, that I simply can't remember(!). Maybe I should play it again someday soon, I would enjoy it as much as I did the first time! =)

oinasia June 20, 2006 5:32 AM

What? No help Jay?!

You mean I have to muddle through them myself?
Two rooms/cubes to go ( I think)...I am leaning towards a maze/specific order for the above mentioned rooms just can't seem to find a sequence!

The room/cube starts off with a red dot surrrounded by two red ' brackets'. Clicking swings the 'brackets' around the dot into various configurations..too many clicks and it resets to the default state...ring any bells?


Hi guys,

I must say I get a sadistic kick out of watching people struggle with my puzzles - bwahahaha!

But here's a spoiler for oinasia...

Both of the puzzles you mention are simple "memory" puzzles. Ie. click two of the same shapes in a row to get them to "stick". Click a wrong/mis-matched shape, and you'll have to start all over again.
The twist is that with the second room you mention, each wall cycles through 3 shapes, so you have to "prime" them first, so that the matching shapes are all accessible with only 1 click apart. Does that help?

Jon :-)


Dear Sadist...er I mean Jon! :)

Thanks for the hint. Here's to another night without sleep!

Cheers and thanks for the game!




It took me about 90s with your hint Jon - thanks!
Typically I couldn't see the forest through the trees and was trying to

see a patern through all 6 facets rather than three pairs!

Thanks again


I just solved the 3D starfield puzzle in about 15 minutes and I saw some folks still needed help, so:

I just read the other hints, they are very good. They may be a bit confusing if you haven't solved it yet, though. There appear to only be six stars which are not so much reflected but are shown from 6 different perspectives from outside the field. If you look closely, you'll be able to tell which is which and match up stars from face to face.

I was a bit confused about which stars were allowed to pass in front of which others. It seems as though the large stars are the ones closest to the face that they appear on, but they pass in front of the other stars...

This only makes sense if the faces aren't reflections but external views. So when you look at the bottom face you are looking up through the starfield (or down depending on how you look at it) from outside. So, each of the 6 stars simply needs to be a unique color. Obviously then you'll need one star of each color on each face as each face is a view of all 6 stars from different perspectives. Now just pay attention to positioning and notice that some stars carry across multiple(3) faces. If a star carries across faces, what does that tell us? With this, and possibly some of the other guys hints, the starfield puzzle should be yours for the taking. Have fun!

oinasia June 20, 2006 3:15 PM


I don't think I have ever even finished in the top 10000 on a game before! =)
Jon, if your goal was to make TDC harder than TDR…well done.

By my calculation it takes a little over a day on average to get a new hero!

I must say, though, I couldn't have done it without some helpful hints from here and a mountain of paper cut into cubes!

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming:
i.e. my life! =p


oinasia June 20, 2006 3:19 PM


The most helpful hint I got on the 'starfield' was to imagine you are inside a room with the walls and floor/ceiling covered in mirrors.

The starfield casts reflections but is invisible in the room - kind of a reverse dracula...

Does that make sense?



the mirror idea just doesn't work in my head because of the fact that I mentioned about which stars pass in front of the others. Also, the mirrors would have to only reflect the invisible stars and not the other mirrors or else you'd get the wierd never-ending mirror reflecting off a mirror back and forth. If the mirrors don't show the other mirrors, then when you look at a hard angle at one of the faces you should see nothing on it as the reflection would have to bounce off two mirrors to get to your eyes. Either 1)the mirrors are very selective about what they reflect and how they reflect it, or 2)these are simply six external perspectives of the same starfield (much like the map/globe puzzle). I think number two is more elegant and accurate for what I see... but it doesn't really matter what the room is a representation of, but that you can solve it with however you interpret it.



i thought i had just finished the game, but I realized I had lenses the wrong colors. if you are stuck on the last puzzle and the white room, here is a BIG hint:

Use Satirus's map, it is excellent and super helpful to get a full image of the cube in your head. Kudos Satirus! BEFORE you start making pathways for the light, check out the dark room (1/2, 1/2, 1/2) from the different lens rooms (1/2, 1/2, x; in all combinations). The dark room will show you what color the lens should be in each room (for example the lens in the red room should be yellow). I'm not working on it anymore tonight, cause I spent way too long "finishing" it incorrectly already. Tommorow I will have it solved for sure, though!

Awesome game Jon, I have enjoyed playing it and will enjoy the crap out of finally beating it tomorrow! Is there another sequel in the works, or is this as far as it goes??



I was completely wrong about the last puzzle.

The symbols in the dark room change color depending on what color the lens is... I'm stuck again.


Yippee! Solved it, couldn't wait till tomorrow. So, I was in fact COMPLETELY WRONG about the lenses in my hint. This will probably be my last post unless anybody wants to ask or tell me something (I'll check this page for a few weeks, I guess). I just have a final spoiler correction cause I can't stand that my last hint was wrong :p

For the final puzzle, the symbols in the dark room seem to appear once a light beam passes through the lens on the opposite side. They are a reflection or something and didn't matter for me. I ended up just basically guessing and checking to see when the planet/circle thing in the dark room filled. So when the planet/circle of a color is filled, the light beam of that color is passing through the correct lens. I just worked that out and pushed through short segments of each path back and forth until all the planets were lit. I'm sure there is a more elegant way to solve this one, or I imagine there is, but I couldn't figure it out; though, my light rays did take very similar paths around the cube. Maybe they were even the same path. I don't know, maybe when I go through again I'll figure this one out.

Thanks Jon for the great game. Thanks Jay for this great site. And thanks to all the people who posted hints about the map/globe room and the final puzzle, cause otherwise this game might've taken me years!


oinasia June 21, 2006 4:38 AM

You're right (about the mirror room) Sean.

It goes back to my earlier post about perspective aand how different people can view the same thing in different ways...

Anyway, I choose to think of them as "magic mirrors" and that was enough to wrap MY head around the puzzle - might not work for everyone..

Good luck with the beams - not long now!


Fish Boy June 26, 2006 1:22 PM

I'm REALLY stuck with the


Honestly, all your hints are really kind of vague to me (or i'm just stupid....yeah....)

I just don't get it at all!!
I had two sides. I tried the mirror effect. I got two white stars on the same wall, yet i need different colours. I applied the "three-way-star-system" (one star is coloured, and when you rotate you see that star jump, it must also be the same colour there)

Doc, could you please post your walkthrough, or just give us more hints, cause i'm really dumb at these figuring-out things. (i completed about half the puzzles on my own, the other half have me completley stumped...not to meantion the fact that i'm lost in the maze of rooms lol)


Fishy Boy,

For the starfield...

Ignore hints about the "mirrors" - that is totally incorrect.
Here's the solution:
- Each wall shows the same constellation of 6 stars, but shown from 6 different points of view. (Ie Looking up, looking down, from the left, right, front and back)
- The constellation is roughly in 3 layers: 1 star at the top, 2 in the middle, 3 at the bottom.
- Choose a colour for each of the 6 stars, and make the same star the same colour on each wall.
Hope that helps!


Fish Boy June 27, 2006 3:37 PM

Thanks Jon, but

Do the same rules of the 3 star rule still apply? (That is, when you turn, and the same star is there but on a different wall, its the same colour)

Great game by the way lol :D

Fishboy June 27, 2006 3:49 PM

Or could you just tell me one of the sides so i can try (try lol) to understand the logic, and i would have something to work from, instead of randomly guessing and confusing myself :D



Ummm... I can't remember the solution and I've lost my notes, so you'll have to work it out.


- When you turn, and some of the stars appear to "travel" to the next wall, that is just a coincidence... It doesn't necessarily mean it's the same star.

- The best way to solve this would be to make a map of the 6 stars in the constellation (draw a 3d cube, and map the star inside it). If your cube were sliced into 3 layers, then there would be 1 star in the top layer, 2 in the middle layer, 3 at the bottom in an L-shape something like...






*       *


When you've got a map, work out which wall is looking at the constellation from which direction and colour the stars accordingly. Try to isolate the star by itself at the top first, and its the easiest to identify from all the different views.

Jon :-)

Fish Boy June 28, 2006 2:55 AM

Thank you Jon!
I'll try that later on, hope it works. It's the only puzzle I have left to do.

Dave D. June 28, 2006 2:29 PM

Did Jon change something in the Dark Complex? I just loaded up TDC here at work to check on a flash of inspiration regarding the first room...

Specifically how the wall colors in that first 'puzzle' relate to the lenses and the white room...

Now, when I try to load it up, the first room comes up in its 'solved' state. Me confused!


I've figured out the mapping for the game (big spoiler).

For each room there is an identification based on red, green, and blue. It is either 0/.5/or full circle in each color. (I'll call it 0/1/2 in each, ordered r-g-b)
Each room (except the special rooms) has a corner with a puzzle that it activates. Once you solve the puzzle, clicking it will show the name of each room thai it is connected to (+/- 1 for 1 color).
Also, solving the puzzle opens some doors and triangles (for directing light). The sides with triangles have arrows on them. (I assume it is a guide for directing the light.)
The lights start at 100,010,001. You need to press the buttons to activate the light.
There are 27 rooms using the math.
If you organise the rooms using the method above, you don't need a map, only a chart.

I reccomend using the identification above to say which room you are stuck on (with th puzzle).


Here is the solution to the eye problem at r1g2b1

green eye, left red eye, blue eye, right red eye, left blue eye, top white eye


Here is a hint for the clock room (r2g0b1)

The direction the red clock hand on the top goes depends on how you are looking at it.


Here is the solution for the dot/triangle at r2g0b2

on the top face, select a triangle, then the diagonal to it, then an adjacent, then the diagonal to that. Do the same for the bottom


A question about the lens / lights:

Has anyone tried to get the 6 lens lit in the color opposite of each room? (lens in magenta room [red/blue] - green, yellow room [red/green] - blue, red room - cyan [green/blue] etc.)

I'm wondering if that is the "right" solution hinted at by Jon / the "beautiful" solution DrXem believes exists?


There are 2 ways to approach the lense problem:

1. Trial and error until you get them all right, or

2. (The intended solution)...

- You can change the colour of each lense, but not its shape.

- The 6 lenses are on the outside of the cube, projecting an "orbit" shape onto one of the walls of the inner room.

- You can see the "orbit" shape from the same room as the lense (obviously!), but you can ALSO see it on the other side of the wall by going around to the opposite side of the whole complex and looking through the little pinhole.

- So, light up a lense, then go to the OPPOSITE side of the complex, and look through the pinhole. The SHAPE of the orbit being projected by the lense will match one (and only one) "planet" orbiting the white sun in the centre room.

- Make that lense the same colour as the planet whose orbit it matches, and the planet will light up.
Repeat for all 6 planets.
Hope that helps.



Jon: OK - I understand the lens setup better, but now I have a good question:

Does the DIRECTION the light is pushed through the lens affect the SHAPE of the orbit?