Aust rules April 18, 2011 5:27 PM

Here's some help if you need to finish the Statue completely:

Try to find Science Items all over the playing area. They usually add 100-500 points to your Researched Tech Points.

Hope This Helps!



A new occurance:
It's my 4th time playing and something happened that I never noticed in previous games. When my 'retired Chief' finally died on of my existing villagers became a 'retired chief'. Very strange. Has anyone else noticed this?
Still no answer on 'end of the world' and 'infinate energy'?

Thanks all

dawiccankitten April 19, 2011 11:56 AM

no idea on infinite energy... and no i haven't had that happen to a cheif.. although rascals name and occupation changed for me.. his name was actually Rascal then it was something else and "untrainted" then it became a name and "rascal" as occupation... it was really annoying.

Aust rules April 19, 2011 8:36 PM

ok weird event word for word. Little (villager) was curious about the masked people, so (villager) decided to post a hiding spot and was caught by a heathen!
Run Away/
Talk to the heathen (i did this)
anyone else have this happen

dawiccankitten April 19, 2011 11:41 PM


yeah i had that happen. i talked to the heathen i think...and i got a new villager...a kid that had adept devotion. i had a similar one happen when they snuck into the pool and instead of running i had them confront the heathens -.- i lost a villager. that was on my first game, the second one i gained the villager.

and rascal does -not- stay when you do the map thing. he'll be there for a lil while....but not for too long. i think i timed it so he stays just a little more then the butterfly thing unfortunately.

Aust rules April 20, 2011 6:15 PM


Yes there is.
Choose the villager you want to have max devotion, click the box in front of devotion, and set them in front of the statue.

if you dont know what the statue is, its the "Ball" or "Hand" on a base in the middle of th tribe.


Hi, everyone :) I cannot seem to convert my orange- and red-masked folks. I have achieved all three stages of each technology, I've solved all the puzzles, I have all the trophies except 1,000,000 food, and I have most but not all of the collectibles. Everything is built, my population stays around 100, and I have more than enough food. I have used the earthquake 8 or 9 times on the heathens and they have lit up. I've waited for the light to go off in between each earthquake. Then I hit them with three earthquakes in a row without waiting for their lights to go off. What am I missing? I would be grateful for any help you guys can give. Thanks :)

schnookumz03 April 21, 2011 2:32 PM

I tried reviving a skeleton, and my villagers spirit seemed to flow down..but then they didn't revive. All the other villagers came to celebrate, but the guy didn't even get revived. Does this make any sense??

dawiccankitten April 21, 2011 3:23 PM

Claire unfortunately it takes for bloody -ever-... and if you have reached your max population of 100 they might not let you convert any more. so you might have to wait til some of your villagers die.


I've come across a glitch that I can't seem to find the solution to! I have a villager who is nursing, but the clock never decreases. She's been nursing for awhile now, but time never changes. I've tried using the youth power, but that doesn't work and she's already been revived a couple times.
Has anyone else came across this?


dawiccankitten you were right, I should have stuck it out a little longer. After just a couple more earthquakes they started converting. Thanks for your answer!

Anonymous April 21, 2011 10:53 PM

what is the log below the "prison" for? it says it could be for lumber but for what?

dawiccankitten April 22, 2011 5:46 AM

no problem claire lol i must have done it about 987987987 times and cussin it out the whole way myself

jli have no idea -.- ive been wondering that too

guest if you used the clock on the villager before and made them young again they will hardly ever drop the kid again. i've found if you randomly speed them up when they get eldery they will eventually drop the kid before they croak. its hit and miss though i've only done it with two of them so far. i have three left to go.


something i noticed when i had no less than 9 women (rebirthed) stuck on 123 mins for 2 days, as i had no more women able to have babies, I tried time warp on older ones. Making sure they were set to parenting, and choosing as young as possible. It was hit and miss but i got quite a few little ones b4 the old mums skipped off to the mausoleum. Sometimes with the bundles of joy, but hey it was worth a try.
Testiment to the power of the oldies.. hehe


ohh ad lib to my previous comment..... unfortunately most of my babies turned out to be male... ratio 5 male to 1 fem. not sure if it was coincidence or par for the corse... (punishement for attempted cheating) lol


ive had good luck with ur suggestion... so far 6 of my "stuck" mums have dropped their bundles..... took a few goes tho......... its all good. im tempted to try it with younger mums to speed up their time with child... see how it goes

dawiccankitten April 22, 2011 2:43 PM


i haven't tried that yet. its worth a shot though! i don't have the time warp on my new game yet tho


How can I divinely stop my own lightning?


I know another way to take down rainbow totem. You use bees to drive the red one a bit away from the totem, and have several people dismantle it, until it is fully dismantled.


to Guest posted Apr.23:
Are you talking about the trophy for divinely stopping your own storm? If so then it's not lightening you use. You have to have the tempest power. You will need at least 350 energy to accomplish this. Use the tempest power and follow with the sunshine power and you should receive your trophy. :)


I tried the time warp on younger mums.... it only seems to work on "elderly" (over 65)women. They get older by a few years by the time its finished but at least we get to keep their babies. I think the lesson here is there is a price to pay for "granting youth".



i have a problem... i have a nursery but whenever i drop an adult with 3 adept skill the chidern do come to play but after choosing an activity they just wander off again.. they dont really learn anything.. i even checked the box on the deatils page for the children preference...

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help i'm lost...

dawiccankitten April 25, 2011 4:32 PM


i think perhaps the 'learning' is more for the "babies" when they are nursing... the nursing mothers will go the nursey too. i am not 100% sure though


I think the nursery is pretty much for show. Never had kids learn anything from it. Tried several times when I made older villagers younger that had no devotion and they never learned. Never had nursing mothers go there either. Are you thinking of VV4? In VV4 the mothers went to nursery. Just wondering.


dawiccankitten and others:
Yes it seems that 'teaching' doen't really do anything. I have not noticed an increase in any childs skills. On the other hand it is a nice way to get all the children and nursing mothers in one place to clear the screen to make searching for collectables a bit easier.
As for mothers nursing forever, it has happened so many times now and seems totally inconsistant, Sometimes they finally release the babies and sometimes not. If they die and are revived sometimes they are still carrying the babies and sometimes not. Seems like a true glitch. (I don't believe it has anything to do with the population).


As for the wood below the food hut that looks like a broken bench, it just seems to be there. Working on my 5th game now and have not found anything that can be done with it.



Just starting my 5th also but have NEVER come across nursing mothers that didn't release their babes. I wondered if it could have been a glitch also. I purchased my games from LDW directly, which was before I ever came here. I now think I'm glad I did! Now that I'm about to post, the old adage rolls thru my head...never say never!! ;D
p.s. never (ha) found use for wood below food hut either.

dawiccankitten April 27, 2011 11:46 AM

alright so...i know in order to make a villager "honor" to get the devotion up they -HAVE- to have more then the normal run of the mill start.. ie having more then a sliver of the 'talent' already there... i had two of my Master Devotees have a child... now he's of age to work and he won't honor no matter what i do. i started him building/polishing but that's all he does he doesn't honor at all.... so what do i do

Aust rules April 27, 2011 12:15 PM

YES! apparently i had my tribe unpaused for 2 days and had over 300,000 tech.. researched everything... FINALLY GOT TIME WARP! so yeah...... basically i dont need much more help..

Aust rules April 27, 2011 12:17 PM

no one died.... AND i got wise trophy


On my experiences so far is that if a villager has no devotion and ALL the heathens are converted then those villagers without devotion will remain that way. There may be an event box that may make you decide something and that decision might create devotion but it hasn't happened for me. Just a thought...

dawiccankitten April 27, 2011 6:10 PM

that sucks something major. going to be hard to get ten masters of everything if i don't have the ability to do devotion *sulks and kicks the game*


Took a very long time for me to get 10 masters of all skills. I divided the talking to blue heathens amongst 12 to 15 villagers so that they are at least trainees then pick your best ten and work on everthing else. My first tribe I had a master devotee and several trainees but I finally managed to get 10. Today I got an event box come up that said (not word for word) my villager kid found a toy that she believed belonged to a heathen kid and I had to make a choice between keeping it or returning it. I returned it and now my 4 yr. old is a trainee devotee. Remember, there's always hope!! :)


I need help!!!
My energy is stuck on 799, I cant make any more babys because ive reched my max population of 90, plus i dont have any more blue masks to convert, only red and yellow and i need 800 energy and the earthquake for that! is there any other way to make my energy increase?
also collecting new relics doesnt work either.


On puzzle 9, I tried warping my master builder to make him go faster, but then he disappeared, and he was fixing a hut. Do you know why he was doing that?

dawiccankitten April 28, 2011 9:55 AM

yeah i did that.... or something similar.. i had an adept that once it got toworking age turned into a trainee... problem is i'm all out of blue heathens on this game >.


to Aly:
Have you converted all the purple heathens? Do you have all the relics? Duplicate relics won't increase your energy but if you don't have all 24 then you need to find one you don't have. That should increase your energy by 3 which will give you your 800. If you still have purple heathen to convert that will give you 5. Other than that I'm not sure what you can do but maybe someone else has ideas!?!


to dawiccankitten:
Maybe you'll get an event box like I did or as you convert some red or yellow heathens,they may have some devotion. In my first tribe after "Rascal" converted, she had some devotion and now is one of my 10 masters!

dawiccankitten April 29, 2011 12:57 AM

LOL i made a new tribe...and i'm making sure every one of my adults *with extra's since i got a few early converters and one deserter from an event box* talk to the blue guys... *they have stuff!sorry geek moment*

my rascal is a girl in this one....she's been a boy in all the others LOL

and totally random. all three games ive done so far, i've gotten a barrel of babies event box.its amusing!


Out of 5 tribes I have yet to get the barrel of babies. Do any of them come with any devotion? I've had one male rascal and 4 female. My female rascals are meaner than the male,LOL,though they end up becoming master villagers in the end (3 did)! I'm glad now that I couldn't get rid of them when they were 'rascals'!

dawiccankitten April 30, 2011 3:33 PM

i think one of the babies out of all of them did..i got like 4-5 in each barrel. what im doin with this particular game is pausing it *usually about 2 hours RT time for the lights to go away in fast mode* using my villagers in a rotating status on the blue guys, pausing it again etc... it's slower going in the beginning but then you'll get your guys with devotion..i think i have 6 or seven right now just gotta get the others >.>

Anonymous April 30, 2011 4:36 PM

What happens when you just deleted your whole tribe which was super far? That makes you mad, right? Lucky it's not you. LDW, can you take that button off or put it somewhere else? I almost always click on that instead of quit. Ugh I'm super mad.

the_BeliEveR_ May 1, 2011 1:29 AM

Why do some of my villagers keep doing exercises and suddenly improve on skills?


to JIGuest, Apr. 30,
I agree the 'start over' button is in a bad place. It does give a second chance by asking if that's what you really want to do but if someone is hurrying then it's really easy to make that mistake. Another easy mistake is when you're switching tribes, so easy to hit the delete button. Thought of contacting LDW directly but it won't change the games already made. Might be good idea though if they're considering making VV6. Just wanted to let you know that it has happened to me once and close on several occasions. Don't know if any messages here get forwarded to LDW so you may want to go to their site and contact them directly.

That's pretty much how I've played too. If there's other things to do like building,etc. I play but for the most part I just get the experiences started and pause so that when I come back to game I can start all over again. One game though, the heathens were converting very easily. 2 and 3 @ a time. That tribe is still going but I doubt I will get trophy for 10 masters. It'll be a very... long...time.

dawiccankitten May 1, 2011 10:20 AM

that one, the triplets and both collections i can never get....the first game i got the regular collection...the second game i got the science one.... i just can't get that last bit...nor can i get 100 villagers but damnit im gonna get it lol


I collected all 4 pieces of the necklace and assembled it. When I drop a villager on it I get a message "there doesn't appear to be anyplace to take it". The heathen chief is there, walking around. Any suggestions?


First tribe has all trophies except--million food (only 290,000), 50 island events (14),cured 100 villagers (66) and lit fire 50 times (9). Those will take forever. I've always had my population maxxed @ 90 and then converted red and yellow heathens, making 100 (2 tribes). My others aren't complete yet. Not sure how I reached the 90 but will pay attention with my other 3! Never got over 100 villagers.

@ Susan: Have you done the blind totem (upper right corner)? If you have that done and the chief ia sitting in there then any villager should take the assembled necklace to him. The chief has to be sitting in the circle not walking around. Hope that helps.

Rachel May 1, 2011 5:23 PM

Yeah, I knew it wouldn't change the past games. But I hope it's in a different place in VV6, agreeing. Well, thanks, QC.


my master builder died and i only have trainee builders how do i get them to become master builders if i have all three huts and the nursery already? and how do i get moree energy (right now it's 225)

Anonymous May 2, 2011 12:13 AM

How do you get the chief to come back if it says he is not home.


to jazz: Have you finished puzzle 7 (tearing down blocking totem)? That's the only thing I know that you would need a master builder for. You can increase trainees' experience by checking construction for them and have them polish the statue and fix the huts. This takes a long time though. An adept builder will work for the challenge with the heathen master builder and once that puzzle is done then you will have a master builder convert and he/she can tear down the blocking totem. Energy is increased with relics (by 3 each),having babies or heathen converts (by 5 each) and using tech pts. for spirituality (level 2 & 3) along with building the statue. You'll also need to buy construction for the statue.

JIGuest, May 2: If your chief is roaming around meditating or looking for scraps of food then just wait. Sooner or later he'll return to forest (upper right). That's when you can give him the completed necklace.


villagers will spontaneously do exercise and if they are successful then they gain experience in construction. At least that's all mine have ever said.

Jessica Sellee May 2, 2011 11:04 PM

One of my villagers is losing devotion. How do I raise it back up?


What do i do when a villager dies, is there supposed to be an automatic grave? i just played this game and the last i played was the very first one. When i try to drag an adult to the skeleton, they just ignore it.???

Anonymous May 4, 2011 9:12 AM

The master scientist heathen has vanished...what do i do? I need to complete the proof quest

dawiccankitten May 4, 2011 10:08 AM


on the bottom left of your map you see that area that's all covered over with stuff? The stone cave looking thing that the heathens are working on?

That's the mausoleum. once you have that unblocked (and unless you do it early early in the game it takes for freakin ever) they will put the bodies in there...if not the bodies wil just sit on the ground, but they will go away over time

dawiccankitten May 4, 2011 10:20 AM

in regards to getting master builders...

there is the statue thing, and it does take forever to polish it...and if you haven't unburied the crypt yet, i would just randomly toss my people on it after chasing the heathens away... course now in this game i did it early LOL so im going to be cussin myself out later

Rachel May 4, 2011 7:25 PM

Same commenter on April 30, QC. How do you get your people to sleep? Can you? One of my masters is weakened, no one heals her, she hasn't gotten better and I'm afraid she will die. How do I help her?! I really don't want her to do die!!


Hi folks, Im happy to say I have completed a game with ALL trophies except for "island events" and relighting the fire 50 times, which I am still working on. Might take a few weeks but I will get there. I found that when a villager teaches the nursery, the kids do gain an increase in their preferred skill. Seems to be only after they are released by their moms. In my new game I am still having trouble finding all the lab items, that rotten magnifying glass is very ellusive.


@ Rachel: Villagers don't sleep, they relax, look at clouds, etc. If a villager is SICK then and only then will another villager be able to heal. If a villager is WEAKENED and you want to improve their health then the only thing I know is to place that villager on the food hut REPEATEDLY. This is a very gradual fix and may take quite some time depending on how low the health gauge is. Once the gauge reaches approximately half way the villager should upgrade to healthy but you should continue to check often. Age and work play a role in this too. Overwork can weaken them and older villagers slow down and may be weaker. Hope this helps. :)

@ Suze: Lucky you. I have 4 tribes and have never got the children to learn in the nursery even after using 'grant youth' power. I've used masters for teachers and have checked all skills (especially devotion) for each child and never got the least movement on any of the gauges. I also have never had nursing mothers go to nursery like they did in VV4. I still have to get 100 sick villagers cured but that and the island events may take months. Tribe one is already 2 months old and I am still waiting!! :/

dawiccankitten May 5, 2011 6:36 AM

anyone have a problem with your villagers randomly honoring? i'm all squee cause it means i can get the 10 masters and all... and while villagers DO stubbornly do their own thing... usually if you have a box checked, like building or farmin etc.... they will do that....i got a builder who i constantly have to drag away from honoring to build my hut...

and has anyone noticed the huts take FOREVER....and everything else statue etc seem to get done faster no matter how many people you have on it? i had two on a statue, and like 9 on a hut and the statue got done first -.-

Aust rules May 7, 2011 3:54 PM

@Dawiccankitten yes i have. took me 4 hours to build my last hut and only 5 minutes for the statue

Aust rules May 7, 2011 4:01 PM

i finished my necklace and have 37 ppl & 560 somethin' energy...... just need mausoleum unbuilt

dawiccankitten May 7, 2011 11:35 PM

its crazy! i jus don't understand it at all -.- like i need the huts more then the statue people! build your houses!

tho i dont understand -why- in this game they 'get out of the rain' by running to the stairs....didn't they run into the huts in one of the previous games? or am i thinking of something similar?


Some villagers and nursing moms that ran from rain used to head for the first built hut or under the tree near the water in VV3 and the tree of life in VV4 but in VV5 they go to the stairs which I think is dumb!! The nursery is dumb too cuz it serves no real purpose like VV4 did. Even in VV3 the chief would teach the kids and they actually learned something. The huts and master builders take so very long to get done in this one. Those are the things I really dislike in this game. Huts go up faster if you put alot people on it but if you're trying to make master builders (especially for the trophy) then you're defeating your purpose. Makes the game drag and becomes boring. My opinion. %/

dawiccankitten May 8, 2011 9:43 AM

helli had like 12 people on a hut and 2 on the statue. most of my master builders where on the hut *i needed to up my population* some master builders i switched out to do something else like research and such, and i had two adept builders on the statue and they finished before the hut was done....-and- the hut was like 50% done by the time they got there to do the statue! -.-


Well, I'm about done with the game, so I started experimenting random stuff, such as turning various people young.

I had an Adept Parent, but the weird thing about her was that she was carrying around her baby and nursing when she was 56. Most of my parents only had children before 50.....
I took a risk and used the youth on her, even though I knew there was a possibility that the child would vanish.

Surprise! She was a 5 year old lugging around a baby the same size as her at her feet. She never played with the kids except for tag, and then she got frozen at 30 minutes till done nursing. She runs with the mothers to the staircase, too!

She's 9 now, and I doubt she's gonna let go of that baby till she's 18. Just wanted to share a weird happening to you guys! :) Good luck finding out the weird extras of the game!


P.S. How do you get Master Devotees once all the "heathens" (hate that word) are converted?

dawiccankitten May 8, 2011 8:53 PM

well if they have any devotion ...and i mean more then a sliver.... they will "honor" at the statue..but if you don't have any people with more then a silver, then you can't get one unfortunately. just clicking 'devotion' doesn't do squat >.

dawiccankitten May 9, 2011 11:03 PM

if you used the grant youth there's a chance she'll be runnin around with the kid til she's really old too. its what happened to mine. one they get eldery just randomly use the time warp on them....they'll drop the kid eventually


For puzzle 5, a master builder isn't required to start the construction, as I started it with an adept builder.

the_BeliEveR_ May 10, 2011 1:54 AM

I need help... I already converted all of the heathens but my population is only 98...and whenever I drag a male villager to a female villager (or vice versa) it says that there isn't enough housing for a larger population even though I built all of my huts...Pls. Help..

dawiccankitten May 10, 2011 7:38 AM


if you don't have both collections completed i don't think you can get to population 100


Thanks! I was just about to ask about that! (: So, if you complete both collections, your max population will increase?

Khanada May 13, 2011 11:27 PM

My first time running through the game. I have a population of 105 - which is maxed out - and two red heathens left to convert so I have to wait until someone croaks. Taking that time since nobody can officially reproduce to bump up the parental scores so that I can get my ten masters of all skills.

Anyone know how old the life expectancy is when you have maxed all your levels to 3? My oldest is currently 71.


I had 100 population on my first tribe and was missing one science relic for a long time so I know you don't HAVE to have both collections complete to get 100. What I don't remember is how I got the 100. All I remember is I had 90 and then converted the red and yellow heathens making 100. I think if I had both collections completed prior to converting the last ten then I would have maxxed @ 105,maybe more. Once you complete each collection your max pop. increases and when you have both complete it also increases. After you hit your max population, that is a good time to increase villager's parenting skills.(of those who have some to begin with)
@ Khanada: Never heard yet till now of 105 pop. w/2 heathens left!! Wow! My eldest so far is 78 and healthy!

dawiccankitten May 15, 2011 9:29 AM

yeah if you are close to the 100 and still have heathens to convert you CAN convert them to add to your population but you can't produce babies..i like it when its like unable to have babies cause i set them to parenting and get the skill up lol


Ummm... all you guys... I sort of have a problem that can or cannot be sloved every time I have and item and it's uncommon or rare, the little rascal wearing a orange mask runs toward the place where the destination of it is put back and the girl, Haapiti comes and scares the child that's why I dont have any uncommon or rare items I only have common!help

dawiccankitten May 16, 2011 7:35 AM

if you see the relic fast enough put some butterflies somewhere away from it, pause the game, pick up a kid and go over to the relic...unpause and let the kid start to run to the butterflies then pick it up and put it on the relic.... if you do the butterflies before you pick it up, rascal will play with the butterflies and won't bother your villagers. but you have to do it before you pick up the relic or your villager will drop it and go run to play with the butterflies

Ladycakes May 19, 2011 4:19 PM

So I have finished all of the puzzles and I am working on the trophies. One of the trophies is for having 10-100 "events". But, I have no idea what an event is, or how to have one... Help please?!?


Its taking forever for me to have more than one master builder!!

ZombieDonna May 20, 2011 12:52 AM

Help please! I just unblocked the mausoleum and now the purple master builder keeps walking towards it with the intention of burying it again.

I don't have time warp yet. Is there a way to stop him? Am I going to have to unbury the mausoleum again?


@ Ladycakes:
An event is usually the orange boxes that appear on the screen telling you some event and sometimes giving you a choice to make. They happen randomly so it takes a very long time to get to 100.

@ ZombieDonna:
The master builder heathen (purple) will try to fill the mausoleum as you get nearer to finishing. Once you COMPLETELY unblock the mausoleum he/she will walk away. Using 2 or more villagers unblocking will keep you ahead of the purple master builder.


how to gain max energy faster and what if master builder dies? i have 1 adept builder but he's elderly and i have completed all of the building prjects except for the nursery.

Brianna May 22, 2011 9:19 PM

I was wondering, I didnt read everything above so IDK if this has been mentioned, but I have a master scientest and I thought that once you have a master at something, they can talk to the purple mask of their specialty (in this case science) But when I put him on the purple guy, the purple guy shakes his head. Help!


How do you convert yellow and red heathens? I have completed everything including converting the head cheif but can't figure out how to convert them. I have 560 power.

dawiccankitten May 24, 2011 10:15 AM

Brianna, you need to ultilize one of the walls in the the lab.

RB you need a lot more energy and another god power to convert the red and yellow heathens


Hi - something wierd just happened (at least it think it was wierd?!)

I went back to VV5 after leaving it overnight. I had enough tech points to finish spiritulality and medicine. So i got the builders onto finishing the hand statue.

This left me with less than 5000 tech points and i only had about 1500 food and the fire had just been restarted, i had about 6 kids running about and about 6 elderly villagers.

I got called to the door and was away for about 10 minutes. When i get back - the hand is finished - cool.

But - - , the fire was out, all my elderly villagers have died, all my kids have grown up by 10 years and all have half full skills, my food is upto 23000, my tech points upto about 210000.

So did i miss something normal? or has something odd happened??


I'm trying to tear down the blocking totem but both my master builders are now elders and they're just not fast enough!! I've run out of building opinions apart from 'fixing the hut'. i've done this for a while but none of my builders have gained any experience from it!! what should I do!?!?

dawiccankitten May 24, 2011 3:10 PM


i can honestly say that's weird... ive never had that happen before O.o

have you finished the statue yet? if you have you can set them to "polish" it. it raises their building and you get power points to boot.

EZEEKOOL May 24, 2011 11:22 PM

Still nothing on 'End of the world' and 'infinate enrgy' Posted by: Ian | March 20, 2011 2:47 AM ?
Does anyone know this person? Is it a poser?

Anonymous May 27, 2011 12:11 AM

HELP!!! I don't understand the revive trophy, I only have 1 devotee left so do I have to wait for him to die? And once they take him into the mausoleum is it too lat? HELP!!


Does it matter which technology I upgrade first? If so, what is the recommended order of upgrading them? (for example: science first, learning second, construction third, etc). I ask because it can take a while to earn tech points so I don't want to upgrade science technology and then find I should've done one of the others first! Thank you.


@ JIGuest, May 27,
The revive power is for the lake. Once you have the lake filled and you use the revive power on it then you will bring fishing back for your villagers. As for your 1 devotee that's left you can use the 'grant youth' power on him/her if your goal is to keep them alive. This will take them back to being a 5 yr. old. If you use revive on someone who has died then it must be done before a villager picks up the skeleton. Once in mausoleum it's too late. Doing this won't extend their life for very long. They generally die right away again.
@Leyns: you should start with level 2 upgrades in construction (needed for garden) and level 2 spirituality (increases energy). After that it is pretty much up to you. Level 3 in constr. and spir. is important but takes a long time to collect enough tech points to get there. That's where it comes down to it being up to you. My opinion. Hope it's of some help.


I was wondering, have you attempted Ian's "recipe" for the end of world? I haven't yet and seeing as I don't have "infinite energy" then I hesitate to try. It would take some time to replace that energy used to do each step. It's been over 2 months since Ian posted and was hoping for a response by now.

EZEEKOOL May 29, 2011 2:33 PM

No, I haven't tried it. I never thought to try it without enough energy. I'll try it now and let you know what happens.

EZEEKOOL May 29, 2011 2:59 PM

OK I tried the second senario.
Did fog
'Borrowed' Earthquake from another game.
Had to wait about 1/2 hour to build up energy,
Did rain, lightening, and bees.
Nothing happened.
I guess only Ian can explain.
Lets hope someone can come up with an answer, if it truely works.

franco a. conopio May 31, 2011 2:10 AM

how to catch a fish in the lake


Tried the first one, also borrowed earthquake. Set villagers to devotion and gathered relics after earthquakes to build up energy again. Nothing happened here either. 'Borrowing' the earthquake power from another tribe could be a factor but I highly doubt it. Ian may be sitting there, reading this and having a good laugh. Aah well! ;/


I cannot beat the heathen master builder in this building challenge, everytime I use time warp on any of my master builders, they start building but then run around and don't finish the structure. any ideas?


is there a way to make your crops grow faster im out of food and i need them to grow someone help please:)