I actually cleared the mausoleum before destroying the blocking totem. I just dropped my builders on it, chased the blue masks away by talking to them, & lured the orange ones away with the kids or nursing mothers. This was one of the first things I did when starting the game. When I got my first master builder, I had him dismantle the blocking totem, & none of the heathens came to stop him.


My last purple heathen disappeared towards the beginning of the game and now that I am able to complete the challenge I still can't find him anywhere - please help?


Ok so I have done everything that needs tobe done and now Im working on getting all the trophies. There is one that says "you have reached a population of 100" but for right now i can only go to 90 how do you get to 100?


you can use the butterfly with the kids arround the yello mask they will keep them in the same arrea... try arround the chef that is sitting in the jungle or in the place were there is the seconfdfire near the lake or the pool... i used them all the way of the game to keep the kids out of the way including the one with the mask.


I have converted all the blue masks. I know to gain devotion, the villagers have to "honor" the statue. How can I start a villager honoring with out having any devotion experience?


I have all the disciplines,completed all the puzzles but cannot manage to get the last two god powers resurrection and earthquake. How do you do this (obtain them and increase yr energy).
Does this require collecting more relics?


During one of the island events early in my game, the chief joined my tribe. He aged and has been dead a loooong time, and now, of course, I can't do anything with my necklace (it says, "the chief's not home". only he never comes home, because he doesn't exist anymore...) Anybody experience this or find a way to finish the puzzle anyway?


The last two godly powers are completely population related. The last one (earthquake) comes at 85 population.


There is really very little way to get a villager to gain devotion if he does not already have at least a little bit at maturity. If they reach 14 and have even the smallest amount, set their main skill on devotion (by checking it at the details page) and then make them begin to polish the statue but yank them away and set them next to it before they complete the polish task. If they do not begin devotion, then try also to set them so they "see" another master devotee in devotion mode. If none of that works, put that person on your "destined for the mausoleum" list.


How do you increase Devotion after all have been converted?

halfjillian February 24, 2011 10:58 AM


I am trying to complete the speed building contest with the master purple masked heathan. I have tried to place the speed symbol on my master builder and then place him on the block to build, and also I have tried placing him on the block to build and then placing the speed symbol on him. Either way I do it he seems to start building and then just disapears and I find him somewhere else on my map. He never finishes the contest? Please help, what am I doing wrong?

joethezombi February 24, 2011 1:26 PM

here is a very simple way to demolish the hungry totem:

The noni guards can't see your villagers from the bottom right corner of the hungry totem so just drop all of your builders there, on occasion a random heathen when walk up to the totem, if this happens wait till they go away and just do it again


Just discovered something great for those you out there that are wanting to increase population beyond 90 villagers. When you "Grant Youth" the villager regressing will ADD one to your population. Go figure,aye.


To "halfjillian" I had problems with that too.What I found out through trial and error was: (this is regards to converting the "Heathen Master Builder")

You have to put the "warp speed" on the "Master Builder" NOT the Heathen Master Builder. Grab him quick cause he zooms off verrrrrry fast. Place him on the building site quickly and the contest starts. I had to do this several times cause once the Heathen Master Builder starts the contest and your Master Builder didn't start it first, the contest is over before it even started. I hope this helps and I was clear enough. Good luck!


To "Feebs" in regards to increasing devotion. This is the way I found that works for me.

I clicked on the "skill:DEVOTION". By doing this the villager goes to the hand as an action and HONORS the statue. Just discovered this.


Sorry everyone for misleading you on increasing village population. It only worked twice when I regressed age that my population increased. Subsquently it no longer works. eeeeek! I have tried numerous times since. What to do?????


Hellllp!!!!! Anyone!!! I have earthquaked my heathens 5 times and even tried when the lights were on above their heads and no go. What to do?????


Okay, I've been playing V-V after the 1st one came out and I have no clue what to do with the panned gold. It would be really nice if anybody could help, thanks :P

Debbie Backofen February 24, 2011 9:07 PM

Help, I can't finish some of the puzzles, I seem to have lost my heathen master scientist..Where did he/she go and how can I finish if I don't find him/her?


Hi all.

Somehow I have 109 people. I would have had 110 if one hadn't died while I was away. :( I think I was able to get that many people because I kept having babies ALL the time until it said there wasn't enough housing to support more. Then I converted all the yellow and red masked heathens.

Also, I have all trophies but Jenga, which I guess I can't get now, and the triplet trohpy. I guess I'll have to let some peeps die to get them to have more babies.

Anyway, fun game!

chickenlulu February 24, 2011 9:34 PM

Best hint I have seen is how to dispose of the "rascal" in the orange mask.

use a child to get rascal attention. While child in hover mode slowly guide rascal to place out of the way. When you have rascal where you want to keep her/him, then before letting go of your tribe child press the M key. This will bring you to the overall map. Click done and your child will hover and keep rascal in place. this info was obtained by another post i saw on this blog.

chickenlulu February 24, 2011 9:38 PM

Hint for rainbow totem:

Use fog of doom so heathens can not see you dismantle it. it took me 2x using this to complete the destruction

halfjillian February 24, 2011 10:44 PM

To "Alfran",

Thanks so much for the help with the master heathen builder. I did what you said, (had a hard time catching the little guy", but I did and I won the race. Thanks again.


I've noticed that several have had the same problem I have. Can't get my Master Builder to complete the building contest
(Puzzle #9). Drop him on the project, put Time Warp on him, he runs away. Very frustrating because then I have to wait for TW to fill again. Has anyone solved this problem yet?

Cool Man 48 February 25, 2011 4:28 PM

What's up with the statue missing its eye and how do i get it?

anonimous078 February 26, 2011 8:11 AM

Hi! I've started to play this game short time ago but I'm struggling with a problem: food. I can't get any nonis because my villagers are always scared by red and orange masks. Is there any other place where I can get food? If not, how do I do to dismantle the FOOD TOTEM?
Please answer me ...


Thanks alfran!


For the time warp/building puzzle I had to put time warp on him, catch him and then drag him back onto the puzzle. he does run away after you put time warp on him but just move around and find him as quickly as possible (he'll only show up in quick "flashes")

szymon100000 February 26, 2011 3:36 PM

Hi! i have a question.
To have a master builder, can you train them by trying to beat the "Master Builder Heathen"?
You have to make a create. Will that give Building XP?


JulieKnows February 26, 2011 4:59 PM

Hey guys, have read _ALL_ of the comments, and none of them are answering my problem:

The blocking totem was one of the last totems i torned down, because it took me a long time to train the master builders. my villagers began to die, and their dead bodies laid in front of the mausoleum. Then, when i had finnaly brought down the blocking totem, and cleared the mausoleum, some of the first dead bodies had dissapered. I think that about half of my dead were gone, and only 1 of the first 5 villagers you choosed, are in the mausoleum.

Does anyone know why? Is it might a glitch?


KATE I'm intruiged about your problem? as someone who has spent real time hours staring at a piece of beach, or a field, or constantly scrolling all over the place waiting on collectables, how is it that one every 3 minutes is a stretch for you? That seems kinda good to me, and I've played all the VVs. Does using the mac version mean you normally get really frequent collectables on each game? I have before spent 3 hours at a time staring at a pond waiting on fish scales and not seen one!!
Sometimes they come frequently for me, sometimes it seems like forever!


I have tried using the the god power revived on my villager who died and used it at least 4 times on them and they walk back over to their remains and stand there for like 2 seconds and than they are dead again. Can any one help me here and tell me why this keep happening?


I dont understand how to when your villager is weak to make them healthy. Does anyone know how I can do it? I'd realy appriciate it alot!!!!


Finally, I reached energy level of over 800 yesterday and had the earthquake ability. I used it on the heathens then waited until the lights over their heads went out and did it again. I did this 6 times with no luck at converting them. I went to bed rather disappointed, got up this morning and my energy level is now 789 and do not have the earthquake power anymore. What did I do wrong???


I have completed all building works... anyone know if there is still a way to use 'earthquake' to rest a build and start again?


As to the Building Contest puzzle...the tip to use the time warp is great. I see many people having problems catching the villager after they put time warp on them. This is what I did and it worked the very first time. Put you game on pause (space bar) apply the time warp and pick up your villager. Unpause with the spacebar. Hold the villager for a moment. he will start shaking his head really fast. place him on the contest and he starts right away. I did all of this at the site and it made it much easier.



If you will take the weakened villager to eat, they will get healthier. Keep doing that over and over and eventually you will get them to the "healthy" status.


Please help!I have completed all of the puzzles and I have converted all the heatens , but I still can't found the heathen chief!!!what's the problem???


I need help on dismantling the knowing totem.
Can you help me?

szymon100000 February 28, 2011 10:43 PM

Well, what I did to help me get A master builder, was convert the heathen one. Here's how:

First, I trained a builder by fixing out huts, and trying to upgrade my statue. (Not very much a spoiler, is it?) Because of this, one of them fixed, and fixed, and fixed... huts. He got to adept (low). Then, the statue... I got the

time warp,

and when during the building contest, I "sped things up". Lastly, he was an expert, and I can polish the statue, I have the nursery... etc. I trained my builder before his death, teach the students. The students grow up, and you know the rest. I'm still working on this method. (You can also use the G/god power

Fog of Doom (or Death).

Note: Do not use

Time Warp

on the heathen.
Hope I helped! ;)

szymon100000 February 28, 2011 10:46 PM

Oops, forgot one thing.
Knowledge Totem:

Do dismantle the Knowledge Totem, first dismantle the Hungry Totem, so the aggressive heathens won't get in your way. Then, get


G/god power. Have some people dismantles the Knowledge Totem, and use lightning when heathens chase after you. Not necessarily the way I did it... I think. (...)

Your welcome!

Anonymous March 1, 2011 12:26 AM

Ok I've converted all my heathens, it seems like it took 50 earthquakes or something. How do I use the earthquake to reset a project? I've tried putting the earthquake on the object but the villagers just gather around celebrating. Also, I used the revive on one of my recently deceased, but they appear like a ghost then they're bones again. What am I doing wrong?


Please Help... i have been trying this on about my 5th try i cant seen to get enought food to keep my people alive can anyone tell me what im missing and i have the food totem taken down....

master builder needed March 1, 2011 2:33 PM

how can i train my builder, only a small amount is needed to turn it in to a master.Should i just keep clearing the blockage, will that give me exp ??? and btw does the building challage give building exp

Beckster March 1, 2011 3:25 PM

I have two esteemed elders teaching in my nusery school. Is one skill better than another to have them "focused" on?


Sorry , but i have exactly the same problem with Alex , i can't find the heathen chief anywhere , despite that i have completed all the puzzles...!!! please help me!!!:D

HoongaOhwuh March 2, 2011 2:52 AM

I have an easier solution for Puzzles 6 & 7 -

Mausoleum & Blocking Totem

You do not need to dismantle the blocking totem to open up the mausoleum. Rather, send a bunch of villagers to the mausoleum and they will start undoing the blue villagers work.

To stop the blue villagers, talk to them until they have lights, then talk to them again so they run away. Your villagers can then tear down their construction for a few minutes undisturbed.

Later, when you have a master builder, no one will hinder you when you want to knock down the blocking totem

(except the same orange kid who wants to ruin everything - use butterflies on the lake for him/her).

Christy March 2, 2011 4:51 PM

the gold for the eye disappeared while my villager was taking it to the statue...what do i do now?

Tess508 March 2, 2011 7:09 PM

Converting heathens?! Wow, LDW, way to promote religious tolerance. What should we look forward to for the next game of family fun? Genocide?

Anonymous March 3, 2011 10:28 AM

I have read through the walkthrough and read everyone's comments and have started two previous games. Compiling the "best" advice from all sources and using my own discoveries, I have come up with a stress-free and entertaining way to succeed at this game. I am not all the way to the end, but current progress suggests my plan will succeed! :)

Villagers chosen at the beginning:
All 24 yrs or younger.
All runners!
18 yr old male
11 yr old female child
2 nursing mothers
1 non-nursing female

Then quickly do the following:
Convert the doctor.
Lure orange masks with pregos and freeze. :)
Build grainery.
Destroy hungry totem.
Use child to collect mushrooms/relics like crazy.

Set male to farming, female to building love shack, doctor to building statue (when finished, to love shack). Spread devotion skill to all eligible adults always. Have 2 more children with original pregos. (Population is now 10).
Send builders to small hut. When 2nd set of babies are born, set mothers to research.
Note: Do not destroy knowing totem! (Why? To keep the two red masks in check throughout, and away from the mausoleum!)
When lightning is available, start the fire and destroy the pain totem.

Buy next level of tech skills in this order: construction, learning, science, spirituality, food mastery, medicine.

To initially train a builder, send to the mausoleum until "trainee" - skill is picked up faster there, and only blue masks are there. Then send trainee villager to build whatever project you're on. To train a farmer or scientist or doctor faster, "babysit" by clicking, and watch for the "this villager has improved ..." Then pick up and drop to start learning again. (Food isn't deducted from the bush or farm until it is dropped at the grainery, and research points are gained when the skill is increased.)

Repair the aqueduct as soon as you have a master scientist.

CROSS TRAIN! (For the women, I trained each in all skills to trainee, so she would be ready for any task once the baby was weaned.) As soon as any villager hits master, move to another job.

When enough children are present, destroy the hollow totem. When energy is high enough, refill the lake immediately after a storm.

I have converted some of my blue heathens, and two of the purple, but I have decided to wait until my population is maxed to convert any more.

Current state of the game:
Population: 35
# of "Candidate" villagers for Jack of all Trades (so far): 13
# of children: 22
# of yellow heathens: 7
# of blue heathens: 8
# of purple heathens: 2
# of red heathens: 3
Chief: 1 (I've realized he's a runner-hater, so he's going to be teaching devotion later! lol)
Oldest villager: 36
Energy: 425 (Relics collection complete! I think having only relics available made the rares easier to come by. Also, use the spacebar for pause! I forgot to do this once and lost my golden urn the first time it came around. *cry*)
2nd level of each skill purchased so far.

The children were causing a problem: When a game of tag or jumping contest would begin, Rascal would get free. Solution? EASY! Freeze all children in convenient locations so they can be pulled down as necessary when a mushroom or relic appears. (Looks really cool from map view!) :)
NOTE: Floating villagers DO get sick, so keep an eye on the detail screen.

Rack up tech points to buy last level in this order: construction, medicine, spirituality, science, learning, food mastery. When energy level hits 700, I will start rejuvenating as needed and also destroy the knowing totem so I can start the tech collection. (Well, first the blocking totem, so I don't have to deal with getting the reds away.) When that is complete and my population is at 100, I will start converting heathens again. I am also holding off on building the clothing shack to save it for the jenga trophy. The rainbow totem CAN be destroyed without it, but it takes a LOT of bees and patience. (I did it in my last game before starting this one.) The Rainbow totem can be done at the same time as the Knowing. As soon as this happens, you will no longer have the blue masks blocking up the mausoleum, so future building skill will have to come from polishing. But it's been nice so far to have a sustainable building skill project!)

So by my count, I should be able to get 121-123 villagers overall, depending on the chance of multiple births with my last prego. :)


I am wondering why my dye pots have not shown up i demo the rainbow totem and built the clothing hut. HELP


Please help! I've followed the hint for the building contest (Puzzle 9) and when I put the time warp on my character, he just runs away and does something else! I have tried many characters and tried the power before and after starting to build. Why won't it work! Thanks!

Meridian March 3, 2011 6:58 PM

How long did it take most of you to convert the orange and red heathens at the end of the game? That is all I have to do and I'm getting really tired of waiting for them to convert. I've earthquaked them about 6-7 times. It's getting boring now. Is there a shortcut? Maybe? I hope? I mean, come on. It's the end of the game. Let's finish it and move on already. Help!

saquera March 4, 2011 9:07 AM

to cool man 48:
to get the missing eye, first you need to clear the mausoleum, and after finishing it, a pan will appear at the left corner near the mausoleum. just drop an adult and he/she will bring it to the pot near the river. drop another villager and he will pan the gold and repeat it until the pot are full with gold. take it to the fire. after some times, it will change to some gold thing. just drop another villager and he will bring it to the totem


Help please- I have level 2 technologies on all but science which I have a level 3. I am stuck at an energy of 414 and when I try to create more babies I get a statement stating not enough housing available. I currently have 2 houses but do not have the foundation to build a third hut. Any suggestions on how to increase energy level? Thanks.

Bonadea March 4, 2011 3:26 PM

I always start my tribe:

1 girl, 6 yrs old to collect things.

1 boy, 14 yrs old

The rest 14 yr old girls.

I run over to the hospital right away and get one of the hethens converted for an extra adult.

About the time they turn 18 and are able to mate, I have the food situation under control and the 6 yr old is getting to old to collect anymore. It gives them all more time to work on their skills, especially the builders.

I pick the 3 that advance the faster as by builders.


how to get advanced to get earthquake n other goddess power plzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppp

Anonymous March 4, 2011 10:58 PM

You can't cheat on your first village, nevertheless if you have several you may "import" the godly powers from one to the others, you only have to choose the power (it imports the higher one only) pulse menu, change tribe, choose the other tribe and use the power, even if you don't have all the points needed.


Lightning trick

if you put lightning on the eye-missing statue that is standing in front of the forest, the chief comes runnung out of the forest!

Bonadea March 5, 2011 1:08 PM

I'm finding if I use the Earthquake power, I get relics to show up. It seems I get at least 1 good one every time.

I've tried using it in different areas to see if it changes anything. I've only noticed I have better luck using it near the science side, near the foot bridge or any where along that side.

veepower March 5, 2011 5:10 PM

Help!!! My heathen master scientist wont stop thinking when i try to do the proof on the board. how can i fix this??


my villagers are harvesting noni, but it keeps mucking up and about a minute after its in the food hut it just disappears and goes back to zero. no one has been eating it. can i fix it?

Danielle March 6, 2011 8:12 AM

I have collected all the pieces to the necklace, it has been completly put together. I place the eye in the missing eye statue and that area has cleared...BUT I keep getting a message that my cheif is not home to bring him the necklace, he never is!!! I have read that a few other people have had the same problem, but no solutions were given. PLEASE help....I spent a lot of time on this game (without the help of guides before) to be this stuck now lol

reesie80 March 7, 2011 12:44 PM

How do I help increase health for my villagers? They almost starved, but I finally got my crops in. Now more than half of them are weakened and moving very slowly! Help!

HoongaOhwuh March 8, 2011 12:00 AM

I followed the instructions for "Go, Speed Racer, Go", but

even though my villager won the building contest, the expected heathen conversion did not occur. My guy finished well before she did. She was impressed, but sat down to stare into space without converting.

Anyone else have that problem with this one?

D@nA KaM3 March 8, 2011 2:30 AM

Hi, have any one converted all heathens??? I just did and all villagers fixed the ugly village, the place where heathens were all the time by the end of the game...I always thought there should be a way to fix that ugly little village and now is beautiful, never thought i was going to happened by converting all heathens, it was a beautiful surprise to me.


For the Jenga trophy

I saved my nursery until after I had Earthquake ability. I built it up just enough, then started hitting it as often as possible. It seemed to take for 5% each hit.

HoongaOhwuh March 9, 2011 12:00 AM

Here is a trick I learned for a fast food refill, if you have at least 150 energy and several children.

Cast "Bloom" on the ground. Several mushrooms, including several red mushrooms will sprout, along with some irrelevent flowers. As soon as they are big, hit Spacebar to pause and quickly drop a child onto as many 'shrooms as you have children for. The 'shrooms don't stay long, even paused, so concentrate on the red ones if you don't have more than a few kids. Unpause and you will get several hundred food in a few seconds.


Ok I need help I can't figure out how to get the guys out of the pool long enough so I can destroy the rainbow totem. I also need to know how to destroy the blocking totem.

Please help March 9, 2011 9:24 PM

I have bought all of the tech, I am wondering about the dirty camp. help

Meridian13 March 10, 2011 2:26 AM

I'm curious. Does placement of the buildings - huts, clothes, etc - affect your ability to find collectibles? In other words, could the place I build a hut cover up a place where relics and science collectibles show up, so that I cannot see them to get them? Just wondering since I am playing my fifth tribe and I have yet to get all the collectibles.

Fuzzybrains March 10, 2011 3:44 PM

I found an amazingly neat thing today!!!

Drop a villager on the ledge under the Pain Totem and it will...

jump into the water - very cute!


Place 5 villagers there at the same time and watch what happens!! Such a surprise :)


hi well i downloaded the game through big fish games and was playing it on half screen closed it down tried to open it again a hour later and it wont open it appears on the toolbar and i can see the village but cant get it up at all HELP!!!


hi so i was playing the game on half screen now when i try and open it up again it comes up on the toolbar and i can see the village but i cant open it!! help!!

IM A SCARY HEATHEN March 12, 2011 9:27 AM

i did the glitch where you use powers in another game:

chose (power)click menu, change user, play.
you can use your powe in another game =D but mine keeps automaticaly to grant youth, whatever one i chose, which is my latest power

can anyone help me???

but if ANYBODY hears about vv6 TELL TELL TELL
this is my first comment, thanks for reading


Ok I really need help, I had a mommy who was in her 30s probably and she had triplets. She was nursing them for like 3 days so I got pretty desperate cause it still says nursing for 246mins. So I used the grant youth, now I have a 11 year old carrying triplets and it still says 246mins. Any idea what to do?

IM A SCARY HEATHEN March 13, 2011 10:53 AM

hey, i have another question,
now i have earthquake, can you use it in the orange/reds WHILE their light is flashing, or will it make no difference?????

Plus: is the golden child really true or just a rumor??? post a pic =D


The guide says to reset the yellow and red masks to wait until the light above the heads go off and then use earthquake... but while you are waiting the faith is slowly going down again and it takes much longer and more times... I just kept using earthquake as soon as my energy recharged while the light was still on and they were all converted after about 6 uses... took about an hour and they convrted 2 each time and they were all done... if I'd waited I'd be waiting an hour at least before I could even use it once again... so much easier to NOT wait.


If you can "lure" Rascal into the pool or into the lake, he will stay stuck in there for a long time. I guess he can't swim : ) When Rascal aggravates me, that's what I do!

Anonymous March 13, 2011 11:55 PM

ok so i made two rainstorms to fill the dry lake it worked BUT it doesn't show up on the puzzle page. did i do something wrong? oh yea and also when i put a villager in it, it says " no sign of life". PLZ HELP!


A note on puzzle number 10. To get the lake to fill, i only had to use the tempest spell once. If you do it right after a storm when there are already puddles, it will fill up and stay filled.

queenqueefis March 14, 2011 12:36 AM

I just want to thank ev1 for the great tips. I was having trouble with the building challenge. I did the pause with the spacebar and then the time warp, then I unpaused and dropped my master builder on the challenge site. Got it done so quickly. Great tip, Thanx!


OMG you are amazing. Suggesting the double pick up was the best idea in the world! Since then i have doubled on everything and things are so much easier! THANK YOU!


A few hints:
For the heathen asks for a tour event:

A few 'minor' articles were stolen, but I gained a believer. So worth it in my opinion, especially early on in the game.

Also if you are running low on noni:

You can make more by putting bees on them


Share tip:
After converting all heathens,i use power of blossom to the floral camp, there will grow up mushrooms soon, especially 'shroom. You can collect and increase mushroom collections. The camp became mushroom field.

Trophy about pool party
How to make it happen to have 25-people pool party? help.

Rebecca Harder March 14, 2011 10:58 PM

Hi, I am having trouble finding the last of the uncommon and rare collectibles. Are there any specific places that they might show up that I should keep an eye on?

Rebecca Harder March 14, 2011 11:01 PM

Hi, are they any specific places to watch out for relics and science items?

Frieda Frecklebelly March 15, 2011 2:29 PM

Here's how I make the game a little more enjoyable by getting rid of the yellow-mask child for pretty much as long as I want and without hovering a character.

"Kite" the heathen child (with another child or an adult) to near the bottom of the waterfall (by the mausoleum). Get the heathen child as close to the water as possible, then:
(1) quickly drop your kiting character somewhere away
(2) use bees on the heathen child (if you have him/her near the bottom of the waterfall, this will cause him/her to run into the water, then
(3) quickly use butterflies AWAY from the heathen child (I always do them near the fallen log in the open field).

All the other kids will run to the butterflies, but the heathen child will be "stuck" in the water... and he/she will stay there until (1) you call a storm, or (2) an island event happens. I accidentally discovered this "glitch" when I got so annoyed with the little rascal costing me a rare relic, that I retaliated with bees. Immature, I know... but what the hey. Note that if one of the blue-masked heathen children gets caught by the bees, he/she too will be caught in the water. Not so with an adult heathen, which will leave the water.


Like Frieda's hint to "lock up rascal" especially at the beginning of game when you don't have an extra kid or baby momma to hover and lock.

Pool party is rather easy. Place 5 adults (14 & up) in pool and watch what happens! For the star (trophy) you must have @ least 25 adults. For fun place 5 adults @ top corner of waterfall and watch what happens. Really cute!

Are you seriously stuck? You posted on the 1st you had revive power. You say you have earthquake power so I think you know how to 'revive' the lake.


Somehow, when I hovered one of my master scientists over my purple heathen master scientist, she became pregnant. I watched her for a while to see what would happen, but she just sat there with the baby. Now I can't find her and I need to draw those proofs on my blackboard. Is this a glitch?

Gummibear March 17, 2011 1:40 PM

Okay I am stumped. I still need to convert the master builder heathen, and i have tried twice. I followed the guide and used the power when you make one of your master builders young so they are fast. I first dropped my master builder on the challenge then i paused the game and used the power. i did this in both attempts. Please tell me if i did something wrong! I really need help! :(


Im on the tutorial, and Im supposed to mate, but the lvoe shack isnt finished. I try to build it but it doesnt look like theres any progress. o_O Am I doing something wrong. I havent finished the granary or taken down the bamboo yet.


So I dont know if this is a stupid question or not but my population is at about 35 people and when I try to have a baby it says I need more housing to support a larger population but no more huts pop up to build!!!!


hei, I just wanna ask.
I got 63 villagers in my game.

and have 1 puzzle unsolved.
it is about the dry lake.

i just have 679 energy, an it's not enough to use rain, and revive. how can i get 600 energy, after i used it for 300 ?

or should i just wait for the natural rain ?

Gummibear March 18, 2011 4:05 PM

Still stumped with the problem in my previous comment! Someone please help a girl out!


One of my female villagers seems to be "stuck" pregnant. My other women have had several children, but she is still pregnant with her first. The detail says nursing for 123 minutes, and hasn't changed in hours. Any suggestions?

pinky swear March 18, 2011 11:01 PM

how could you kill a heathen?

Gummibear March 19, 2011 2:58 PM

For those stuck on the master builder heathen puzzle... I may have an easier way to beat her. Just find an adult villager who likes running and make them a builder. Wait until they are atleast adept before challenging the master builder. I am in the process of teaching my runner to build by polishing the statue repededly. Unfortunately there is nothing left to build so I have him do that and fix the huts. Hope this works! :)


I completed all the puzzles and converted all the heathens, but i only have 99 people. How do you get more people?


I am also stuck with several female villagers pregnant for 123 minutes and years have passed. Any idea how to fix this?