never mind, on to


never mind again, onto 38. absolutley no one should need any help with 37 :P

garrettrub March 5, 2006 8:01 PM

i do need help on 37.
i cant understand squawk

no xes 4 u March 5, 2006 9:40 PM

(to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

This is making me so sick
What to do on 36
On the first pic, I could swear
I see 1, 2, 3, 4 there
Do you add them up or not
Or name what is next in plot?

Gosh, I'm stressed.


GOT 37

The trick to 37 is to look at the picture choice he made for the background.

Still dont get it? See the refleciton of the trees on the water...that should be plenty to get you through



i dont even know if squawk is a real thing and if it is, you don't need to know it

no xes 4 u

i like the song! you cant say much without giving it away and the phrase "think sequentialy" confused the hell outa me until i got it ...umm... 1-2-3-4, best i can do


No xes 4 u: That's the first time anyone's ever written a song for me. Thanks! :-)


Anyone on 39 yet? I deciphered the clue in the source, but it took me to a hint screen which I don't understand.


On 39, anyone got a hint of what to do with the thingies in the first pic?


so far on 39 im not sure if im right...

but once you've got the annoying hint page, notice some symbols there. now go take a CLOSE look at the first pic..."make the ling between yin and yang. do answers lie within?"...well i havent found any but im sure they do.


For 39, here's what I've found that might help, but I haven't been able to put it together yet.

Make the link between yin and yang - like a maze? It doesn't quite work, but maybe this is part of it.

Reflect on your deeds - mirror image?

I'm stumped.


ok im still not sure on the answer, but im closer. sharing time!

once you've "searched deeply" and found something(s) like what you saw on the hidden image, i think "the link between yin and yang" is pretty literal.

in the words of energytheif "That's a line of thought worth investigating... " and considering his constant cryptic hints, perhaps we should take note of this one.

also, thanks ally, you might be onto somthing with the "reflect" idea, i hadn't noticed that.

i still havent come across a correct answer, but i think we are on the right track.

PrincessGwyneth March 6, 2006 4:43 PM

OK, I'm on level 20. I have read every single hint for that level on this page. And I am still totally stuck. I know

all the names of the cars, and I have tried various letters, in various forms. The thing that throws me off the most is "bonk" being close...what?!

Can someone just give me the anser or a biiiig hint?!


The other thing on 39:

He said the clues were very carefully worded. I get most of them (even if I can't seem to put them to use). One I don't get which might be important is "These are the elements of your soul." Also the "Future & Past" part doesn't yet make sense...

I'm kinda just rambling now, but people look at things differently. Together we can find a solution! *grin*


Gwyneth, here's a big hint for level 20:

You know the names of the cars, but do you know the license plates?

Bigger hint:

You're looking for a 4 letter word.

HUGE (almost a dead giveaweay) hint:

Look at the license plates in the picture. Knowing the real plates, how would you get a letter out of each one?


Okay, this is all making no sense to me, but as for clues, being "carefully worded" on 39... Here are some interesting random thoughts:

"elements of your soul"? When's the last time we saw elements in a clue? No, not the periodic table, but the very last part, #38!

Did you note the background of that page? Hopefully you did by now if you read the above. So what? Well, "zinc oxide" is element 30 plus element 8. The product shown on the screen that contains this compound is a foot powder. A pun? (soul=sole?) I can't imagine the significance if this were actually a clue, but maybe someone else will find it significant?

On what seemed like a more likely approach, at least to me, I've tried using graphics programs to manipulate the images in a number of ways, and haven't found anything that looks even slightly promising. I tried pasting a reflection of the image sliced through the center vertically, horizontally, and on the line through the hidden points. Nothing there that I could see.


Hey! What's up with that?

I noticed that level 39 comes with an icon! While I am using I.E. 6.0, for some reason, the page comes up with a Netscape icon! That is to say, the url has one of these:
instead of one of these:
I don't have netscape, but I'm guessing it's significant.


Never mind, it seems to just be my computer, but I don't know why.


Ally and Phlakk: You guys are definitely on the right track!


level 36
I've tried several cominations and I'm stuck I was positive it would be
to bed
but using it as a htm and jpg didn't work.


hey do you ever get the feeling that what you're looking for is staring you in the face? grr. any new thoughts on 29?

after finding the page, making the "links" and "reflecting" im still not finding anything. apparently we need to pay close attention to the first page's clues and think "outside the box" whatever that means.

perhaps there's somthing to "do answers lie within?". like the alternate meaning of the word "lie"...or maybe there isn't anything and the answer is "NO!.htm"

anywhoo, if anyone comes up with anything helpful...HELP!


Level 39

I'm totally stuck too (I have been since the night these levels came out - LOL). Here's what I have so far:

According to Energytheif, reflecting is definitely important. I couldn't make any sense of the black lines, so I tried taking them out completely. Here's the result of taking them out, connecting the link, reflecting, and overlaying the image:

I don't know! And I hope the rest of the levels aren't as evil as this one. I'll be on this puzzle for years! :)



Great effort! I will tell you that the black stuff is important. Why would I have you draw new lines? Hmmm... and that's all I'll say about that one. :)


okay, before we all start banging our head into the keyboard, there is an answer to level 39 and its thourougly satisfying when you get it.

firstly, he means reflecting in the way we ar all thinking...but not nessacarily the way we were trying.

second, i had the lines wrong, which took me a good hour this morning to stumble upon..i get the feeling that lots of other people might have them wrong as well, so dont get stuck by thinking the lines are in the right spot.

third and lastly, energytheif, thanks for the help, i NEVER would have goten this without such nice hints...but you are still evil.

and now i venture forth, to level 40, in search of a new pain in my arse...


what is the url for the last puzzle that was up before the new ones? I seem to have lost the address. I really hate to have to do them all again.


Weird, I got 39 now, but the answer was exactly where I expected it to be, so I don't know how I missed it before. I guess I needed a break to clear my head, because I keep overanalyzing these things.

On level 40: Jeez, energythief, did you put thing together yourself?


ok i have read the spoliers for nubmer 35 but I am still at a loss?
Any Help would be gladly taken. I must be dense today.


on 40, anyone know who's on the pic? And, is it significant?

I've found 3 eggs, but they don't seem to lead anywhere. Hints will be appreciated.


Okay, #40:

Well, if you don't know what it means, try Googling the phrase and find its original source.

Um, that's pretty much all I have. I haven't solved this one yet, but it has several parts to it.

Okay, I have one more hint, although it hasn't done me any good... Excepting the first picture (which, if you view it large is made up of pictures from elsewhere on the site...or is it? Does anyone have the patience to verify this?), the others can all be found elsewhere on the web, and so can be identified. I don't know if this helps, though, as I'm stuck.


Well, that makes two of us.

What I'm asking myself right now is: Where is the president?


level 39
after 2 days I'm still not getting it. I've tried connecting what you need to look closer to see in a couplw of different ways, I've flipped and rotated the images. I've tried filling in the background with another colour and saw alot of things simular to what you need to look closely to find but if that was how it was meant it didn't help me.


on level 39

you dont need to fill it in, and reflecting is very important, but you dont nessicarily have to reflect the whole image. the lines are important as well.

on level 40

finaly friggin got it! it sucks, but you gotta look closley to find what you're looking for, and once you find that...well, i found wikipedia to be usefull!


Thank you phlakk, your hint and one given to another person by energythief on his forum finally got through. On to 40 and it doesn't look promising, but I'll see what I can figure out before checking out hints.


not a problem...sooo...who wants to help with 43? i've got nothing...


energythief you rule....39 is very nice...i got it without any hints...for those of you who aren't so fortunate

Assuming you have found the yin yang picture you are looking for the symbols that are on the yin yang in the crazy picture.

+ -> + -> - -> -

reflect on some of those lines and the answer lies within _____(.htm).


ok... so i've been looking at this puzzle (#39) and i have no idea.... i can't get anywords out of it at all...

am i supposed to connect the pluses to each other or the pluses to the minuses and how am i supposed to reflect? i assume i'm supoosed to do that over those lines.... GAH!!!


bink115 look at phlakk's post to me above and keep in mind that Energythief said on his forum that we need to look outside "the box".

Can anyone help me on 42. I'm clueless.


gmcmom and everyone needing 42 help:

its a serious pain, but all that info in the source needs to be worked figure out which floor, first and last names, what clothes, and which weapon each person belongs to. it takes a while but it's fun, and very satisfying!

once there, each combination of first name, last name, clothing, weapon and floor# (in that order(no capitals!)) will give you more info to figure out the answer...which is almost an equaly big pain


yeah, I had tried that phlakk, but obviously my answers were wrong because none of them worked for me. Back to the drawing board. At least I know I'm on the right track, thanks


wah!! i have been but nothing makes sence...maybe it's cuz i'm trying to combine clues.... can someone be like "these are the clues you need....ignore all the rest?"


haha. blink, i feel your pain. if you really need the help get an account on the enigma forums and pm EnergyTheif. he is really very that evil, cryptic, EnergyTheif kind of way. :P if it wasnt for him, i'd still be on 39 myself.


or someone here could tell me...somehow i don't think his hints will help me...i'm pretty dense...


besides.. right now i'm so fed up that i'd probally end up yelling at him if he just repeated hints i had alredy heard.... can't somebody just spell it out for me.... please?


Anna, regarding #40:

Turns out I got to #41 without ever figuring out who "the president" is. It may be just a red herring, as all the info to find #41 was on that first page.

#41 seemed awfully easy after the last few.


blink, get an account at the enigma forums and pm me, i have the same name on there. theres also lots of other poeple willing to help too. i just don't really want to drop hints on this board that would make the answer too obvious.


Okay, bink, this is about as big of a spoiler for #39 I think I could give without outright telling the answer:

Find BOTH plus signs and minus signs (two of each) (Really, the yin and yang sign is like a bonus clue; it occurs to me you don't really need it.)

"Make the link" means...imagine lines connecting each plus to a minus.

"Reflect"... Imagine you're looking down on the image with a mirror parallel to it; or even do so! (virtually, with a paint program, or literally, with a flat mirror and a printout)


Question for those who completed #42,



Brucker, you found the unadulterated image I stole for the bat?

You are a Google genius! But nah, that's not very important... think of it as poor Mr. Weir's last line of defense.


ok...thank you... i NEVER would have thought of that... like EVER!

now on to 40!!!

(well i got to 40...and now....

i MUST find the President!

ha! i have no idea)

incidentally if you google the incident linking the first page and the second... you can get a website that explains it to the amusement of me and my friends....


Hey bink,

You don't need the president to solve no. 40. It's a red ferring, as brucker said.

Study the mosaic picture carefully.

Now, I dread to ask, cus everyone says it's so easy, but ... can anyone help on 41? I've found the other pic and put them together ... I think ...


Anna this one is pretty low tech too. The most high tech thing I used was my printer.


Thx alot gmcmom, got it now! :-) Silly me.



You actually DO need to find the president... if you're familiar with the story, you'll see what I mean. And since you solved it, you obviously found him. :-)


Energythief, no wonder I was confused, then. He's not the President. I was unable to find out who the President was, and I don't think it's info available online anywhere.

Oh, and I've found the originals for a *lot* of the ones you didn't make yourself; it usually happens when I'm overanalyzing the puzzle.


CRIME NIGHT - level 42
how d'U numbered the floors? i've tried from 0 to 4, from 1 to 5, including poor Mr. Weirt, or not including him... many solutions, but none of them working.

But at least i know who's keeping a giraffe and who's drinking tea.

oh, i'm new on this forum, Hi everybody!


hey nemo, join the party :D

well not much of a spoiler... but i actually drew out the 5 floors (mr weir on the bottom floor) and just made a whole lot of notes on the possible floors that the diferent things and people could be on. eventually just narrowed it down and got it on my second try. going completley crazy with the two clue pages on 45...anyone? help me!! i get the feeling this is somthing more than googling. :P


On 42: I've helped the police, found 5 clues, and I think I've found the answer for #2 and #3, and maybe #5.
Hint for #1 and #4 please?


Oh nemo, I think there are more than one possible combination, but there is only one that will lead you to the clues. At least, the first combination I tried didn't lead anywhere, even if it fulfilled the requirements from the source.



for #1 it may take a little google searching, but think "police". for #4 it actually should be written as MIX, not mix. not great hints, but you'll get em. %2 was actually the one that really got me for a while...dont know why. :P


can anyone help me on 44. Maps are not my thing. I've lived in the same town for 25 years and I can still get lost.


think of where Cesaer is from


I'm usually very good with maps, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to be looking for. Sure, it should be obvious where you start, but where do you stop? I must have missed a clue because potentially, you could go anywhere, in theory.


Oh, wait! Another smack-myself-in-the-forehead moment! Energythief gives you very precise directions, right in front of your face!


Brucker and Phlakk:

Thanks for the feedback! I've fixed both mistakes.


Still need help on 42 #1 - googling doesn't help much I'm afraid. Any hint will be appreciated.

L.A. is Los Angeles to me - the city - is that correct here? Has this something to do with LAPD?

Btw, good hints on #4 phlakk and gmcmom ... well at least I've learned a lot about salads. :-D



how would they say that over the cb radio

it needs to be a number

If all else fails

google L.A. police codes

can anyone help on 44. I think I've figured out the direction but I'm either getting them wrong or missing something in that location.


Thank you gmcmom, I needed that. :)
Now to the safe ...


OK, on 44:

Found the starting point on the subway map, given the address from #42. The music from #43 tells me in which direction I'm supposed to go. At last, the clue in #44 tells me where to go after reaching the destination. But how do I figure out where the destination is? There are so many alternatives. Is there a clue somewhere that I've missed?


gmcmom and anna:

Read my last comment.

You don't need me to spell it out for you, since energythief already has.

Like me, you probably just didn't finish reading the directions because you thought they were over.


brucker, I found the directions you're talking about, my problem is that I can't figure out the famous place. Everything I've tried that's supposed to be near that location didn't work. Is it a well known place or is famous a play on the name?


gmcmom (level 44) -

It's 1 word. That confused me for a while.

I used Google Earth to find it.

Anyone have any thoughts on the level 45 hint screens? Do I have to name the statue?


ok any help on 35 would be great.

I have been to moth and I think I have some idea what I am supposed to do the with smallest its between small and elfin. then with the rest I am lost.

I have been round and round with this for days......begging for help!!! Bangs head trying to figure this out I know I am going to feel stupid when I get it. lol


odoc69, things are not what they seem on first sight.

You need to read the questions a little differently

There are great hints for lvl35 further up on this page too. :-) I'd never have managed this level myself without them.


did anyone get 44 using something other than google earth. my computer won't support it, which sucks because it looks really cool.
odoc69 anna's right there are some great hint further up.



I know about the hints above that isn't the problem. I have read them and am still not getting it. I think one of the problems is I think more along the lines linear then creative. I am not always this dense. :-)


So does anyone have any idea about 45?

There are all these clues...but where do they lead?

we have got to the two clue "eggs", but lost on the code found in the source code. What is energythief talking about!?


staralfur March 20, 2006 1:24 PM

on 42

pls give me a clue about what strikes as odd in my math


YAY I am past 45..but 46 isn't any easier...


staralfur, think back to the numbers you used to get the total. One of them may not have been correct.

Any hints on 46 would be great.


You guys made it to 46? I just have not a clue on 45. (Well, actually I had a few thoughts, but they led nowhere.)


level 28. What do you change the directory to!!!! This has been killing me. I feel like an idiot for not getting it right away, when no one else had to be told at all.

mikealti March 20, 2006 9:35 PM

brucker, on 45...

the red and white pegs are very important, do you notice anything about them??
Anything interesting?

on 46...

what about the last levels clue pages were different than all the other levels? Remember, these riddlers make no mistakes...everything is very deliberate. think in "html"

brittykitty March 20, 2006 11:45 PM

stuck on #4, I pasted it into paint and now im stuck as to what to do, I tried everything Imaginable im sure =( any hints?

brittykitty March 21, 2006 12:21 AM

stuck on #4, I pasted it into paint and now im stuck as to what to do, I tried everything Imaginable im sure =( any hints?

goldlocks March 21, 2006 12:32 PM

I'm still stuck on 34. Don't know what to enter... I've tried anything with

loner, lone, alone

guessing it had something to do with the one R. Am I totally misplaced?

@brittykitty: See the bucket? What color is it? Try it on the pic.


Okay im on lvl 20, ive read evry hint on the page ive

found out the number plates i think. Tryed useing letter 1 from the first one 2nd for the 2nd ect, ive also tryed doing the same with the numbers on the plates in the picture. These are the number splates ive got : 1. Evil 58
2. OFP 857
3. CNH 320
4. Knight
are they right?

goldlocks March 21, 2006 12:43 PM

OK, found it on my own. Seems I WAS on the wrong track. Search for


. It's obvious how to continue!


mikealti, your hint on 45 isn't helping me, unless I'm still missing something.

I already found the pictures of the statue and the gate, if that's what you mean. I've read the source code of all the pages and made nothing of it. The gibberish on #2 seems obviously important, though I cannot decode it. I suspect the name of the picture in #1 and the background colors are also suggestive.


I have a question, I am new to this and was wondering what is meant by 'the source'? I have made it relatively far but some of these just don't make sense, like lvl 26. anyway, any help would be appreciated


brucker, on clue #1

The picture name, the title and the 16th casualty all points in one direction. Dunno if the colors have any significance.

On clue #2, I'm lost. Hints are welcome.


please someone help me on number 24! im toally stuck what do the arrows mean what direction do i go?!


Ok y'all - it isn't gibberish...

Energythief helped me with this one...think about the words on the page of clue two - then relate them to the "gibberish"

you'll kick yourself when you figure it out


anna on clue # 2 think of them as the first syllable of words. The are a word list, not a sentence. (that's what messed me up) What word would work on all to finish them.


OK!!! What the heck??!!! I don't know where to start on #28!I know that the shapes have something to do with dice, but that's about it. I've never played dungeons and dragons, so if this puzzle has something to do with that, I'm screwed. Can someone please tell me what to do?????????


ok umm level 27, people are saying stuff bout connecting letters on this wierd flowery background. i however am presented with a game of abalone. how do i get from this stage to the "connecting letters" stage


hmm i havent posted in a while.

level 45

im sure you've all found the clues. #1 keeps quite well in theme with the name of the image. find that out, you're halfway there. #2 the code...isnt a code. and the "somthing's missing" has a lot to do with it.

level 46

mikealti's comment + chat in source + battleship = _____.htm


can anyone give a staright answer to level 14?

i tried toad/CIVIC.htmbut it wont work


debbie you are capitalizing the wrong thing in the address...



You have the right idea, you're just dyslexic about the directions.

Can someone give me a straight answer for#28?



look up chiarascuro" on google and once you have studied up, take the picture of the abalone game and play artist yourself. you may be interested to find what lurks in the shadows


for level 14 i put in
and it just asks me if i read the source correctly, can someone tell me why?