FINALLY! i hath completed it all!
*waits for the next 16 levels*
you know there was something in level 30 i never understood.

the thing in the source with the different toothepaste brands. what was that all about?

or was it 29? i dont know...

anyway if anyone is stuck on anything just ask. ill help.

no xes 4 u December 6, 2005 1:12 AM

chakkers, you could do it, but since the human race just want their fun ruined, here ya' go:

The answer rhymes with the second word in this sentence!

How I found the answer? I honestly don't remember.


any help to level 3?

mooooomba December 6, 2005 8:02 AM

For level 33 (the last level temporarily!!! woot!)

The title of the page always helps.

Detectives always use magnifying glasses to scrutinize things in detail.

Blood puddles cover too much information, and we cant get rid of those even if we use transparency =( so ignore the blood puddles

Lets look for blood "droplets" or red squares to be exact.


no xes 4 u

^-^ yeaaaahhh.

I already had that answer myself, as it's the opp of capricorn. I just thought there was more to the puzzle than that for some reason. So didn't type it in the URL. So you didn't ruin my fun. I had already figured it out.

Cheers... On Lvl 18 now ^-^
Will tackle that tomorrow, for now I must retire to bed. I might have to call on your help again. hehe 'night.


yo i need a hint for the gif me a break one, I tried saving the picture as gif but it didn't work, i tried changint the sourck code but it diddn't work! help me plz! :-( :(

doomboy1000 December 7, 2005 7:41 PM

Okay I am having the biggest problem in the world with level 28. I have found the two secret word in the max and min images

the max is "relaxation" and the min is "together" WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM!?! I cannot figure out what the URL is. I have tried many things. Please give me the exact answer for 28 (level 29's URL)


doomboy1000 December 8, 2005 6:48 PM

k, nevermind about my other level 28 post, i guess it isnt:

relaxation and together because i frankly dont really know what the max and min are. i think the max is maybe 40, in which the secret word would be "serve" and the min secret word, given that i think the min is 3, is "together" and if i put 43, i get "map" I'm still confused though.

help ,me!!! December 10, 2005 10:08 AM

plz help me can some one just tell me the answer to level 15?
can they put the full email thingy and not just the answer so that i can copy and paste it ?
from me

monkey holly December 10, 2005 10:46 AM

im stuck on level 16, the one with the constallation thing. can some one just tell me the sraight forward answer plz?


the answer to level 15 is

the answer to level 16 is

im on level 17 can some on e help me plz?


can some one help?
ive got 17 but im now stuck on 18
by the way the answer to 17 is

u sure u wanna look?

fine the answer is trees

anyway im stuck on 18
i typed in the answer, but the it says


i dont no what it means
ive tried typing it in the url but i dont no were plz some one help me!!!


can some one help me on level 18 plzzzzzz!!!!!i dont get it!!!!


hey i really, REALLY dont get level 10 some one PLEASE help!!!


okay.. I need help on number 20. I cant seem to get it. It is seriously pissing me off. Please god help me. I got the names of the cars.. but dont have a dang clue what to do with them... ARG


Aggh! Level two is annoying. i dunno what to do...I'm clueless. Help?


Hey! Number thirteen...

it is really easy, just do a google search on flag alphabets. Some are different, so i suggest you look at a few before freaking out... like me x)

HUGE HINT: It's not voolah x)


i am getting really mad now
ive spent like 4534975689 hours on level 18 and I CANT GET IT
can someone just give me the flippin answer and not their friggin clues?!!!!!!
just type it out like this
ive worked my brains out
from a very frustrated


Sounds like somebody needs a nap... =D

...sometimes it's good to just walk away from a problem for a while and come back to it with a fresh head. Often times the answer will be come to you when your mind is furthest away from the problem. (I know how frustrating these things can be)


it's really not that hard Holly, have you filled the lines in with white, still want the answer??

the answer is...............1337


Made it!
I did it in a really short time and I need to thank you all for that. There have been a few occasions where I didn't have any clue of what to do and I came here to get a start... thanx again!


lvl30 (with the huge maze) - I need help...

I've go the maze done, and I have like 5 riddles, and 3 sentences; I don't know which to follow...plz help!! -oh, and if it's one of the riddles plz just give me the answer, thanx


nvm I found it

what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries

one thing..."mom" blocks the work more a little bit, I'd show u guys but I don't know how to upload pics...


stuck on 13


On Level 31:

I've found the anomalous error page and I realize that the crux of this level lies in the interpretation of the fortune cookie message, but what the heck am I supposed to be getting out of that?


ziggy i know what the answer is but whenever i type it in, it says


thats the thing i dont get plz help

doomboy1000 December 23, 2005 1:33 PM

For everbody (yes that means you) who is having trouble on all levels up to 27, here is the walkthrough:

Level 1:

its pretty simpler just click on the red ball

Level 2:

there is an eye, and the sea. say them together fast, and you get eye-sea: the answer is icy

Level 3:

the title is gif me a break. a gif is a type of image. so right click on the properties of the image, and copy in the "Address (URL)" of the image into the browser to preview it. change the .jpg to .gif and you get a different image. you'll see "bucket.htm" which is the answer

Level 4:

you will need paint for this one. save the image, (as a .png) and open it up in mspaint.exe. use the paint can and fill in the word deeper any color but white and you will see the answer: lies

Level 5:

here you have to find the missing man's name. honestly, just google it. you will find his name is judas

Level 6:

judas stole 30 silver coins from the Lord, so find silver's chart number on a chemical chart thingy. it is 47. just like it says, 47 x 30 = 1410. thats your answer. 1410

Level 7:

this is a sequence of numbers. the previous two of any number add up to that number. 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, and so on. find the tenth number, and you get 55. put that in, though and you get the message not-exactly. but why is there a dash? because you have to put a dash in the answer. not 5-5, but fifty-five. the answer is fifty-five

Level 8:

"You may only pass, if you control a key. What kind?" well, "control a" (do it now) will select everything on that page. easy enough, or you can just highlight it. same thing. either way, you get a creepy highlight inversion image, where there a apperes to be a monkey boy thing. well, theres your answer right there. A mon-key. the answer is monkey

Level 9:

watch the image for a while and you will recieve a quick message: thin extra dull Liz new cage tea him hell. say it wuickly, and you get 10 extra dollars nukehtml. or nuke.html. frankly, i dont know why the 10 extra dollars is there, but put in nuke.html (dont forget the l)

Level 10:

check the source, and it says check my_playlist, indicating a file. just like on level 3, where you previewed that iage, you can do the same to download files. type in and windows media player will start up. ( an m3u is an mp3 playlist file) you dont need to hear the songs, but the title of the page says Going down" so look at the letters going down: hunters.htm is the answer

Levels 11 - 20 coming soon, once i no longer have writers cramp!

no xes 4 u December 23, 2005 8:06 PM

Actually, doomboy1000, it is "the next riddle is nuke.html"

Anyone can make that mistake.



/rip/stargold.htm isn't working. Nor is anything else like that. What am I doing wrong?


Wow, that was dumb of me on 19.


can someone help me? i have got the answer to number 18 it is


but whenever i type it in to the thingy, it only says /forget/something? ive tried to type thids in to the thingy but nothing seems to work.
plz help


Holly try this

View Page source

Replace toad with rip then enter the number :)


HELP! I am so lost on level 19. I have looked at all the hints here but still have no idea what I am doing wrong!!


hey everyone!
after beating all the enigma puzzzle that energytheif had put online so far, i decided that i liked this kind of thing so much, i would make my own! right now i have only 14 levels but as we speak im adding more and more!
click the link, linked to my name to try it out!


thx sarah!


im stuck on level 20 can some one help me please?


ive tried searchibg the cars on google but i cant find any of them


for #19 i put in

but it doesnt work!!!

Jens Dassen January 4, 2006 7:39 AM

Help for level 19




pho are you sure that the answer is stargold and not


? try it

Lori Buono January 4, 2006 12:09 PM

Okay, I'm on 15 and have read the part about finding a picture called "homophone of picture on page".htm. But where do I find that? There are lots of them on the Internet. What specific one are you talking about?

Also, one of the posts above said "the building is the [again, homophone of picture title], but it's not."



yeah i thought of goldstar today and i got it! and now i just read your hint. thanks though!

help with #23?


level 23?? I have about 4 answers ...none are working in .html format....

a little more help plz


Regarding 23...

I have found the pistol star to be the brightest star.... It is also coincidently at the RA 17 and is in the Sagittarius constellation (also at RA 17) but i have typed everything from orion to NASA to pluto into the htm....someone please just give me the answer..


finally got 23...

not sagittarius but a small constellation below and to the right


Can anyone help with 19? I already know the answer (unfortunately, because I clicked on the spoiler that said "Help with 19," not realizing it was the answer.) But I don't know how anyone got the answer. What was the method. I know about 1337 and how to translate. But how to "line things up." Don't get it.


Got Level 19, finally. I didn't realize HOW I had to line them up.


plz can some one help me on level 20?i tried searching the cars on google but it dodnt work plz help!!!!


ok got to 34.....this is awesome...cant wait for the next 16 levels...then i will spend another week straight in front of my computer...until then...awesome!!


To ME:

Do you recognize any of those specific cars from any media? They have very specific names.


someone tell me the answer to #23 please. =)


For the love of god. I've tried everything for level 12.

Can someone please just tell me the answer?

Or at least confirm:

"ibatrbcbal" are the letters that need to be put into an anagram solver? If so which anagram solver because the 10 million ive tried just arent finding anything. Please help.


I have problem with number 21. I know the answer but I don't understand the clues. I have the coordinates but then what? How did you solved it?


hey im on the one with the 4 cars please ive tried everything that came to my mind please could i just have the answer?
from gen


I have been on 27 for three days. I have read the hints and am just not getting it. I know what Chiaroscuro is, but can't see the connection to the abalone.jpg.
Some with a lot of hints I got very quickly on my own this one has very few hints and must be easy for everyone else.


Dang can't figure out 24...and i'm pretty sure i've looked through all the comments about puzzle 24... please if anyone has any hints... tie them to a base ball and throw it directly at my head while i'm not looking, thanks.




can someone help me on level 11

and the sphinx


what is the answer for 16, I know

the code in the source is in devorka and i changed it to normal and it says the opposite of the pic. I put in libra in all formats and it doesn't work, please help


HELP...still stuck on 24.

I have the webding code but i still can't make a word out of this boggle.


I finally got 24. Whew!


I'm styck on 24. Please help me!!! 10x.


im stuck on level 30. i'm not sure what i have to do

garrettrub February 26, 2006 8:41 AM


The next set of level for the enigma puzzle are now availible.


can someone jus give me the dang answer to level 20?


Can I just ask where do you find all those words for puzzle 15's answer??
And now for a really stupid question (don't hit me, please): what is "the source" afterall?


I've read somewhere in here that there is some way to get a pic of the right side of the letters for puzzle 29. Where is that? I've racked my brain & can't figure this one out.


what was 26 i have no idea how to do it

Elwood Wells March 1, 2006 7:13 AM

The next 20 levels are up and running. I can not do 34. It has two tigers and a large R in the picture. I goggled tiger tiger then got to Kipling and Mowgli al unsuccessful.
The text has group dynamics and I goggled that to find that tiger is the non-conformist predator in a group. Tried several possibilities Nothing seems to stand out at all.

mikealti March 1, 2006 2:13 PM

Back to it!

Been waiting a long time for this.


some help with level 29 please

catherine March 1, 2006 6:01 PM

Can anybody help me with level 14!!! my gosh I've been on it for ever!!

leonskala March 2, 2006 4:45 AM

On 28, 2nd part:

I put the image on paint and inverted the colours but the only message I got was that the max min operation was probably impossible... I don't know what to do next!! Help, please!


garrettrub March 2, 2006 11:56 AM

well EW i have to help you considering i need as much help as i can get at 35
the title of 34 is group dynamics, no?

animals have different names for groups of them


I need some help on 29 ... i think the possibilities are:

3. PF
4. NM
7. EB

But if that's correct, i have no idea how to make a word out of them.

2leonskala: Are you on 'egg' #1? Then you need to find 2 more 'eggs'. Think of what you are able to do with the figures that you see on the picture, read the source, and apply some math.

bink115 March 2, 2006 2:40 PM

for 34:

yeah i get that groups animals are called different and i googled it and apparently the correct name is a streak or an ambush.... neither of which work....

bink115 March 2, 2006 2:47 PM


you're missing one possibility for the third letter.... go look at it again...

and 1and 5 and 2 and 6 are the same letter but not the same as each other...


bink115, thank you so much! Now to the word search ... :)

garrettrub March 2, 2006 6:30 PM

there are more pictures on 34


duh! why didn't i think of that?!?!?!


on 35...

i think i have all names of the 4 butterflies... but i don't know what to do...are the egg larva crystallis and butterfly stages named something else? i don't know much about butterflies...


yeah...was totally ion the wrong track...and kinda still am...but apparently

energy theif doesn't want the literal answers but now that i have them i can't think "more creatively"


In 29 do the letters spell a word as is or do you need to rearrange them after you've figured out what they are?


Feeling pretty dense at the moment - can't think of a creative answer on 35 ... hint, anyone?

@gmcmom: The letters do spell a word as is.


For 35

He's mean on this one, if you haven't gotten the correct answers through research, they spell MOTH. Go ahead, try it

Like I said, he's mean. Try to think creativly:
For example of the following choices - big, large, giant, and humongous - big is actually small. Get it?


OMG - thx Dano!
*slaps forehead*
energythief - you are evil, EVIL!


Need help on 36...this is ridiculous

I got the puzzle completed that is shown and found the jpg pics with them and even found all of the clues. Here's the thing, none of the clues are related (from what I can think of) and there are not hints for the next url. HELP.


Yeah, 36 does seem to be really tough. Wanna compare notes?

I can't find anything hidden in picture #1 other than possibly a single black dot.

I couldn't spot anything for some time in #2, and then when I did, I felt stupid. But I still feel stupid, because the only significance I can think of that it would suggest seems too obvious, and besides (see last spoiler).

In #3, I noted that there are 26 of them, and the 5th one is different, so 'E'?

Picture #4 seemed obvious. So obvious that I keep wanting to look for something hidden deeper. (If I had written this puzzle, I would have changed #79 into a 'D', if indeed that's what's being clued here.) Is there something else?

Picture #5 seems to be a straightforward, fairly obvious photoshopping of the background, but

Put it all together and it spells nothing, it doesn't even anagram into anything. So what am I missing?



On pic1, look closer at the black dot. What does it remind you of? There are more of them around.
I've spottet them, but haven't figured out the meaning of them yet ...

On pic3, I thought number 22 of 26, that's a V. Dunno if that helps though.

And - hint on what you found in your second spoiler please?
I'm getting addicted to this ...

garrettrub March 4, 2006 9:44 AM

on the second i think it means the letter t, as 2 and 0 are blocked out by the white dots. 20... t is the 20th letter. if e is right for the 3rd then all i need is the leter for the first...


Help with 35 please. I've tried to think "creatively" but it's just no working and the hints above didn't make it through my thick skull.


gmcmom - perhaps this will help: Check the source of the "think more creatively" page. The comment is very significant. :D

Now, anyone made a progress on 36? This is the hardest level so far.



On #36, you're close, but:

You're wrong on #3. Which letter is changed?


I couldn't get #1, but there are at least 4 clues.


Actually (still #36):

I now understand #1. There are 4 clues, and you need them all to get the answer.


Finished 36 - phew!

for the first egg: there are four clues. Think sequencial.


I must not have a creative bone in my body as well as being extreemly dense because I'm still stuck on 35. I have tried

correct answers, going by name length, whether name relates to question and rearranging letters in answers (moth can be o.htm)

nothing works can someone tell me if I'm on the right track or give me the "hints for dummies" version

garrettrub March 5, 2006 1:48 PM

anyone have anything for 37?

Reply's what I have so far...

For the bones.jpg its obviously four dice numbered 1-4 in each corner of the picture. I figured they are letters of the alphabet or it is tellin us to go back and use the dice directory for the next url.
For bond.jpg, I actually found the actual picture of the bond he used and saw what he did different. All he did was photoshop an A and Z on the right there, the dots were always there, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. So im thinkin like use the letters AZ or it is telling us the code alphabet to use or somehting...I have no idea.
For bold.jpg, i too noticed there are 26 of em so it could eitehr be relating to e or v in the alphabet. could be just saying use "o" becasue that is the letter that is different.
For gold.jpg its obvious to use D as the letter unless im missing something.
Then for golf.jpg i see the "b"

I have used all the letters i think are represented in these pictures and came up with nothing. (dice or a b c d;a z;o e v;d; and b) i have no idea?!?!?!?! this is killing me.

some other possible direction for this puzzle:

im stuck on included the hint on the main puzzle about no paws for the weary...i think this might have some significance but im not sure.

let me know what you guys think on this...were in it together



1: This is the hardest one. You've found dices numbered 1-4. You need to find just one letter here. Think sequence.
2: garrettrub is correct.
3: Which letter is different
You've got 4 and 5 correct

Now get on to 37 and help us there ... :D


okay, stil realy not getting the hints for #1

i see the four dice, ive looked and ive looked at the pic put im sure theres no clues directly on it, so what are the dice refering to? level 28? levels 1-4? i suppose level one kinda looks like an "A" but i doubt that means anything. HELP!



name length is a good way. Did you also get the north and south meaning? Then you should have four letters.

Now, when you apply what you find, you will see a page with more directions on what to do.