Alright, I assume I must be stupid because no one else has asked about level 13. I can't figure anything out for it! help!


Level 15:

First part

You need to get to an image with the same name as the building

Second part

Read words in capitols for instructions

Still stuck?

Check flag level's source for "REALLY BAD" grammar


ok i'm on level 10.. whats this playlist every1 is on about? :s


ok some please help with 10, ur all talking about a playlist, how do i get hold of it?


19 hints (somewhat vague...):

First off, I'll say that there's nothing abnormal in ths level that I'd consider a sort of red herring...

What could you line up?

And how would you take a step to the left?

You did line them UP, right?

On another note, I find it amusing that the first sign says "d1d pl4y jo0 imag3puz?" instead of "d1d jo0 pl4y imag3puz?" but you'll see why they did it tha way if you've lined everything up and have the answer.


Ok, so this is what I have put in for 12...

9212018232112.htm ; 9_2_1_20_18_2_3_2_1_12.htm ; none of those worked, I tried shuffling the letters (can't seem to get any words) and then I took 'numbers' and made that into numbers 14_21_13_2_5_18_19.htm ; then I made the 2 a 'two' and put all htms as either jpgs or gifs! Still nothing! I also made all numbers into letters on both accounts... Help!!

Reply frustrating...once I get it I'll be mad at myself!!! oh number 12...waiting on lucky number 13


i'm dumb when it comes to this what is the persons name in the last supper thing? he is white with a big question mark "?" lol


ah-ha! ok level 10 is sorted... was a pain but i finally clicked lol... now i'm stuck on 11... this game may take me a while, love playing these things but an so rubbbish at them! step by step walkthrough for me please ppl! lol


Concerning opening playlists:

It seems the general concensus on jayisgames is to use .m3u as the extension, but since some people are having problems with that, I'd like to point out that .pls also works, though in a less aesthetic way.

For 15:

By looking at the source would you assume that this is a picture of the capital building?

'Cause you'd be wrong. This image, like the words in the title, is just something which sounds similar taking place of the real thing.

Got the new image? Read its instructions.

Just in case you forgot, New cage tea him hell

After you do go back 5, come forward again slowly

On the way you'll see THE and ANSWER, and (even though I can't find it where I believe it should be...) possibly IS.

If you've found those, you should be able to figure out what is THE ANSWER.


nvm i'm on lvl 6 lol


ASG, that's what google is for.

Scott, on 12:

Remember the first commented line in the source, and apply it.

You'll probably also want to apply it to the picture name and relate that to the picture.

If you can relate the picture name to the picture, you should be able to solve the riddle, as they really are fairly similar.

Starter on 13:

I'll assume you _see_ what's being talked about when ripperdoc says "the photoshop is AWFUL", but can you tell me what it _is_?


i'm sorry...

is the homophone from white house or capital building?? i'm so confused...and i feel really stupid...


Numpad: 11 is another good place to use google if you don't already know the riddle and answer. If you've tried that and think another search term would help, earlier in this thread Ben said about 11:

"If you have read any of Oedipus there is a riddle about this picture"


ok help wit lvl 10 plz i can get n e thing about n e thing


I give. I just can't get 12. I have the letters, I've entered them into various anagram finders, and none make sense. I even found another letter thanks to the tip to use .pls instead of .m3u, but it isn't really helping. Argh!!!


OY! i totally don't get 15...

is the homophone for white house or capital building? or what? am i totally off or what?


I love these HTML puzzle games, like not pr0n?

Everyone helps everyone, right?
Some people get ahead while others lag behind :-)

I'm one of the latter :-/

Sadly, I'm not chock-full of perseverance, so any interest I have in really seeing the end of these is fey.

Maybe I'll try this time.
Then again, maybe not.

The Last Dinero?


LOL. Max, not even close. =)

I figure you're working on the level with the picture of the last supper? Or the one following that one, with the two coins?


Thanks for the help, but I'm still not getting 13. Keep me goin' guys or I'm gonna end up studying!


dear you speak flag...?

in the Navy ships use different colored flags to send messages to each other...kinda like morse code...but with colors and such... google the flag alahbet...


Hints for 16, because I know people will have trouble with it:

dvorak keyboard layout

convert source hints

what constellation?

what tropic?

read the second hint again

I'm having trouble with 18...

This reminds me of those things you'd do in elementary geometry where you'd have to shade in all of the shapes with a certain number of sides to form a picture. I tried 4 sided shapes because FA is the fourth note in the scale. No results, though. I also considered FA as a hexidecimal value, but I threw that out the window quickly.


Level 16 hint please :(

I have translated the pic name, but don't you need a longitude? Tried the translation of capricorn too :/


Thanks Brink! But, like a few others, I'm stuck on 15!!

I figured out the capitol.jpg part, but I don't understand what to do when I go back through the levels. I looked for capitals, but I can't make sense of anything.


oh thank god!! i finally passed level 12.. thanks to scramble125 for suggesting the anagram finder.. i was trying to do it by hand


Could someone please just give me the straight out answer for 12?

I've tried everything everyone has suggested here and I still can't get it.


Blah I'm so stuck on level 15. I think I know what the anagram is but when I put it in it doesnt work. Does it have to be in all caps? Does the extension have to be in caps?

It could be that I'm just be completely off.


Oh, don't worry, I got past 14. I'm onto 15 now.

This one is a bit hard, could someone please give me some help that isn't vague?


Okay now that I think about it, I think I'm completely off on level 15.

I know I have to go back and find the capital words so does that mean I take ALL the capital letters or just the first letter of the word because some words are compeletely capitalized.


Ok, I'm still stuck on 10, and yes I know how to open an m3u, and no I'm not typing in the names of songs. Here is what I am trying

unters.htm and untheers.htm (since THE in the tea party is all caps but neither of those work what am I doing wrong?


OMG I finally got level 15. I feel so stupid now LOL.


Cherry -

care to share any tips? i'm still stuck, and seeing as I'm trying to avoid exam studying, tips from anyone would be helpful :-D


Mike, hint for 18:

FAFAFA should be taken as a whole, not as "FA" three times.

It's computer-speak for something.

Surprisingly, it's a number.

Last hint: You may have to dig a little DEEPER to get through this one, since all those black lines are in the way.



The answer is a word in all capitals

I hope that helps.

Anyone care to help me with level 17?


Nevermind, I got it. Going to bed now, gnite!


Energythief, if you read this, your reliance on specific extensions were annoying at first but became a hinderence:

On level 14, if you put the wrong extension in first, .htm, then internet explorer saves that webpage, and when attempting to put in the case sensitive right answer, .HTM, internet explorer just reverts to the non-case senstive version it stored. I have to do the next one on firefox now. Please, if you make more puzzles, don't use it again.


Put a - in the right place in the written out version of the right answer number


Use firefox if it isn't working, web addresses may be case-sensitive, but internet explorer isn't


Sorry to be posting again, but I am really stuck on twelve. It's driving me insane.

I have got the letters, written and in numerals and turned them into letters.I then took these letters and put them in an anagram server. Theres nothing there!

PLEASE HELP! I'm desperate.


I've made it all the way through to lvl 21, but this is just to much! I've got a couple of things, but I can't get an answer out of them.

I see the red dot in the bottom right corner and I've found the coords... what am I missing??

Kel-Laydee November 22, 2005 8:24 AM

I am soooo stck on lvl 15 i think I am way to dense to figure it out

I havent even found the 2nd image some ppl have talked about I have tried using homophones for the whitehouse and have tried witehouse.jpg wighthouse.jpg wighthows and witehows and i am so totally stumped ive read all the hints here and non of them have given me much of an idea except the one Ive presented above!

I hate puzzles like this but this one seemed doable i dont want to give up now!! I would love anyone if they could help me!! ;-) i would like hints rather than full blown answers but if u r too vague i will NOT get it!!! lol I am blonde!


Woo Hooo! On to 13!


W00t got # 10 atlast
click to reveal answer for 10!

You sure?

it is...



Argh. I'm still stuck on 15. I just cannot figure out the word. Is it all in one level or do you have to go find something from each of the levels? I'm not entirely sure what it is I am looking for :(


Ok, I got through 16 fine, but I could use an arrow in the right direction for 17.

I tried "movies", but it said to try again. Does that mean I'm close, or just wrong?

Reply i getting somewhere?

I have "ANSWER AWFUL"..I'm trying stuff like "ANTSAREAWEFULL.HTM" Tell me if I'm close!!


Need help on 21... (*nudge Innocent_Joy)

I know it has to do with wingdings3, the plates on the cars, and google. That is all I know.


redab37 you are super close...

The answer is only one of the capital words. You don't have to put them all together.


Ok, on 17, I think that what they have in common is

that each of the movie posters has a drawn illustration instead of a photograph. But if that's it, how do I word it? I've tried a number of different terms, and none work. Am I totally on the wrong track?


Sheesh, the answer is right in front of me, and I can't figure out. I think I've typed almost every possible combination for level 15.


Enough people are still stuck on level 15 that I'm just going to give a complete walkthrough for it.

  • "Whirr ewe too dents too sea thee weigh?"

  • Everyone loves homophones.

  • The picture is capital.jpg.

  • The building is the capitol.

  • Look at the picture capitol.jpg.

  • Ignore the picture and most of the text.


  • Cap words are in all capital letters. "Cap" would not count, "CAP" would.

  • In the playlist, you'll see "THE"

  • In level 11, you'll find "ANSWER"

  • In level 12, there is nothing. I believe there should be an "IS" to make things clearer though.

  • Level 13 has "AWFUL"

  • Level 14 has "HTM"


  • You did remember the toad, right?


For 20 (which is what burky meant by 21) with the cars:

wingdings3 is a red herring, it has nothing to do with this level.

Recognize any of the cars? some movie buffs might recognize them all.

Use google to identify the cars and their license plates.

For 21:

Find the coordinates of the real image, which you get by viewing the image.

These are the 24_25_coordinates.

The answer is a six letter word.


I've been stuck on 23 for quite a while now... Has anyone gotten there or further and could give me help, please?

Reply i have up to 20...

WARNING these practiacally GIVE you the answer... if you don't want it handed to you DO NOT READ THESE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

step by step from 15

for 15

the title of the page is a homophone. so the second picture is a homophone of the first.

once you get to the second picture read the words in all caps.

it says go back 5 and find cap words. if you go back 5 puzzles you get to puzzle 10. no go through all the hints that you looked at to solve the puzzles in the first place.

if you still don't get it....don't go on if you don't want the answer...

you come up with "THE ANSWER IS AWFUL.HTM

for 16

if you translate the hints in the source code to dvorak keyboard setting you get lattitude opposite of the pic.

the pic is a constallation in the northern Hemisphere.

that constalation is in the Zodiac.

every zodiac sign has an opposite.

for 17

all the movie titles have something in common.

WILLOW, clockwork ORANGE, nightmare on ELM street, and james and the giant PEACH

for 18

you have to take the picture into paint.

the black lines are in the way, you have to get rid of them, or at least make them not show up.

it's opposite land. make the black white then the white black.

for 19

the signs the guys in the picture are holding are not entirely in 1337..

they each have only one letter that is in leet.

so line those up. like the source code says.

then figuratively take a step to the left. (or a letter)

now read them up.

but i have no clue on 20 at all...i don't even know where to start.

it probally doesn't help that i don't have the wingdings font they speak of.



Still need help with 20...

This is what I have so far:

-Names of all the cars (in the movies/shows)
-Licence plate numbers
Tried to use the first letter in each licence plate to spell something but it didn't work.

Don't know where to go now.



what is the red car from? i don't have any idea.


that's for number the way...


I had trouble with that as well...

Stephen King's "Christine"

I still need more hints for 20...


use the placements on the Licence plates in connection with the numbers of the pictures and the actual licence plates.

thatnks a bunch!!!


Thank you so much bink115! Finally got it.

Reply if i could only get 21.....

scramble125 November 22, 2005 2:39 PM

21 was far easier to do than some of the previous ones (surprisingly).

It looks all grey. but. it's not. there is one single pixel that is different.

You're going to need to save the picture and find that pixel's location (paint is easiest for this).


I need help on 23! I'm so close, I can taste it...

I have the

name of the star, and the constellation that it's in.

Now I'm stuck!!


Also: For 21:

look very closely at that image...what's there, and where is it? Use Photoshop to help you...


I'm still stuck on 12 even with all the hints. The letters just don't make ANYTHING! I'd also like the outright answer.



There are 11 letters in total. When rearranged they spell something which is reminiscent of what's actually in the pic. If you don't have all the letters, the anagram won't work.

Good luck.


for 12...



ok... i knew that.

but i can't figure out how to put the coodinates and get to the next level. i get (381,654). but how does that fit?


bink115 you are on the right track...

The answer is 6 LETTERS and you have 6 numbers...
Let me know if you need another clue

I also need a hint on 23...
I already know:

-The name of the star
-The name of the constellation


bink, super spoiler ahead

They represent letters
it's a six-letter word you're after



There are only 10. I've triple checked all the band names and titles. I guess I'll have to walk you through my thinking... Nine Inch Nails - The Wretched gives you 9; U2 - One gives you 2 and 1; Matchbox 20 - Unwell gives you 20; Blink 18 2 - Adam's Song gives you 18 and 2; Extreme - Everything Under The Sun 3: Who Cares gives you 3; Rush - 2 1 12 Overture gives you 2, 1, and 12; Satriani - Dreaming gives you no numbers. All the numbers given (9,2,1,20,18,2,3,2,1,12) translate into "ibatrbcbal" which can NOT be turned into another word that relates to pink elephants/drinking. I've ripped apart every band/song title and can NOT find another number.


I'm still stuck on level 19. Help?



for the last one,

my browser shows:
Satriani - Dreaming #11.mp3
Which gives you 11.
That's the number you're missing. Perhaps it's your browser?


Nemo07 ... your file must have been corrupt after you downloaded it.

Look below:

Satriani does give you a number
Satriani - Dreaming #11.mp3
Number 11


ok...on 12... for nemo.

Satriani - Dreaming gives you 11....

and on 19....erm...

line up the numbers and see read the letter to the left of them. if you read it as it is. you should get the answer for the next page. read from the bottom up. each sign forms a word.


Ok, I got past 12 thanks to the outright answer (I still don't see where that last number came from).

14 seems to be broken... doesn't work. Taking the plus out and/or making .htm lowercase does nothing either. I even tried adding the bills together and THAT doesn't work... I love how I'm following all the clues EXACTLY and being given nothing in return...


Oh my gosh, I got it! Thank you!


Nemo...for 14

You took off part of the URL. Your missing /energythief/ before toad.


lol. nemo,

just drop the plus.

and um...maybe your browser messed up the playlist for the one prevoiusly. and try not to get too frustrated. i know i am. getting too frusterated... that is. the guy that's been helping me figured one out and refused to tell me. i kicked him out of the room. consequently. he won't tell me the answer to 23....


Level 20?

I can't even figure out where to get the car names from; I don't watch many movies and don't recognise any of them. Yes, google, but "red car license plate 3rd" or variations thereof does not get me anything useful.


yeah, i had those issues too.. i had to ask like a million people.

the red car is Stephen King's Christine the bug is Herbie the car with the 01 is from the dukes of hazzard and the black one it Knight Rider.


level 13 is making me want to shoot things. repeatedly.
Help anyone?


If level 13 is the one with the flags then...

Do a google image search for "ship flags"


I'm stuck on level 21 and I think I want to give up.

I think I have the right cords but it doesn't spell out anything that makes sense. Is there a 6 in part of the cords? What is a 6 in letters?



There is a 6. Think back to level 12: a=1 b=2 etc.
The answer shouldn't 'rub you the wrong way'


Can I get some additional help on #20?

I have the license plate numbers... I think? BONT?



You've got one license plate wrong.
Which one?

The last one.
What should it be?

The real plate is KNIGHT


kat, for level 13,

go to google and type in flag alphabets....

that should help.


hey. i REALLY need some help on 24. i'm gonna kill something. i've been doing this for like 2 hours now.

i have like 20 words that i found but none of them work. is it supposed to connect to the Ding! in the title? or is that just to help me figure out that i'm supposed to play boggle? GAH i just don't get it!!!

scramble125 November 22, 2005 7:04 PM

Gosh. #23 is tough.

i saved the picture and stuff. I know i have to find the constellation. But i can't figure out how to word it (though i know what constellation that


is in.

Jeez. frustration!


on 23:

erm these hints are kinda obvious...

you have the wrong star... sirius may be the brightest star in the sky...but it's not the brightest star in the picture...

the RA 17 you can read in the picture tells you which star is right.

RA 17 is directions on how to find which star you are looking for. find a star chart and the brightest star with an RA of 17


I would like to get into this game but the only thing that bothers me is the hint thing. Whenever i look at it i feel like im kinda cheating but i cant help but highlighting it each time.


just wait till the hint option goes away...the first ones just teach you how to play the game. the later ones are harder


Andrew - if it helps, I view the hints that appear on each page as part of the clues to solve each riddle. In fact, some hints reference helpful advice with solving all riddles.

valkyrie_lisa November 22, 2005 7:47 PM

I'm lost on 19. Please help. Looking at what's to the left of the leet numbers, I have


, but that doesn't seem to be working. Where am I going wrong?


Can someone help out with #17?

So far I have:

The common thing is Elm, Willow, Peach, and Orange. But I need more hints.

Thanks in advanced.


I feel stupid... I can't seem to figure out 22 and no one else has asked about it. What am I missing? O_o


valkyrie_lisa... for 19:

read it the other way... you are so close. you have the right letters...but you have to line then UP

tony... for 17:

they are all types of...


Jasmine... for 22

erm... i didn't get this one either...there's no CODE exactally...but every letter stands for another letter.

the first "word" "yqo" is "the"


can some1 plz help with 13 (I googled "ship flags" and it didn't help. Thanx! (unless no one helps than- boo)


Okay, for #20, I have all the licence plates and names of the cars, and I have arranged them in order, but I can't find a relation. Any clues to help me?


23: How exactly do I find a star with only

part of the right ascension? Can anyone tell the rest of the numbers? They're not clear on my screen.


Never mind, got 23, on to 24!


Could I get some assistance with 23? Finding the brightest star in RA 17 wasn't too bad, but I don't know if I should be putting a certain name for the star in... or the star's number... or if the answer is case sensitive. thx